The 1911 Project

Snodland Historical Society wishes to compile a collection of pictures of people who are listed on the 1911 Snodland census, also including the Ham Hill area of Birling. By 1911 it was common for photographs to be made of family members and many remain in personal or family collections.

We have been loaned or have acquired many examples, but should like to add to what we have. Pictures and information can be e-mailed to or, or brought to the Museum for scanning and saving. For some people we hold more than one picture, but no more than two are included here, although we hold paper and electronic copies of them all. Some pictures here have been taken from Ancestry Public Trees, for which we crave indulgence, and permission to show them.

The Plan

Each person is given a unique number from the census record: 1-4222 for those in the parish of Snodland; B364-B862 for Ham Hill (including Horne Street, but not Legge Lane).

Text will be kept to a minimum, but will show age in 1911, birth and death years if known, address, and any occupation given in the census. More detail is available via the genealogy database on the Society web-site:

The picture of the person can be of any date before or after 1911, of course, but the earlier the better. If known, the date (or approximate date) of the picture would be useful.

We will hold a list of the numbers, census names and addresses at Snodland Millennium Museum and will put the pages on to one of the computers for general viewing as well as keeping a printed copy. In due course we will hope to put the collection on our web-site.


Nos. 1-1582: Mostly North-East: High Street N side, Waghorn Road, Queens Road and Queens Avenue, Holborough Road, Holborough, farms etc on the Downs/ Paddlesworth

Nos. 1583-2890: Mostly South-East: High Street S side, Brook Street, May Street, East Street, Malling Road East side, Oxford Street

Nos. 2891-4222: West side of main road: upper High Street, Constitution Hill, Birling Road, Malling Road West side, Bramley Road (including Recreation Avenue), the Groves, more Paddlesworth

PART OF THE BIRLING CENSUS numbers prefaced with B B374-B862: Horne Street, Austens Farm, Sandhole Farm, Ham Hill