MEETINGS: 2019-2020

6 November 2019 George Meegan, who walked the length of the Americas during 1977-1983, will speak of his experiences and his efforts to preserve indigenous cultures

4 December 2019 An evening of pictures of Snodland and Kent, including any new ones which have appeared during the year

6 February 2020 David Carder will this year talk about ‘Bridges in Kent’

4 March 2020 Jeremy Clarke, Education Officer at the Guildhall Museum, Rochester, will talk on ‘Dickens and North Kent’

1 April 2020 Jeremy Hayes and Andrew Ashbee: Swedenborg and Snodland. Exploring Swedenborg’s beliefs and the Hook family’s dedication to his work.

6 May 2020 Catharina Clement, assistant at the Medway Archives and secretary of Chatham Historical Society, will talk on the Non-Conformists Chapels of Chatham. The Ebenezer Chapel in Chatham acted as a mother church to Snodland in the early nineteenth century.

All at the Devonshire Rooms, Waghorn Road, Wednesdays at 8 PM

Visitors welcome at £2 each