1700-1799 (w)


marr. 03-11-1728 Richard Waghorn of S and Hester Cox of S, by licence


bur. 09-09-1737 Ann Walker, infant
marr. 17-10-1791 Francis Kebble of S, bach., and Anne Walker of S, spinster
marr. 19-03-1795 Edmund Driver of Luddesdown, bach., and Mary
Walker of S, spinster
PS/Ma 4: 03-12-1792: Mary Walker, now residing in Snodland. c. 7 years ago she hired herself to her grandfather Thos Bennett of Birling. Served him 3 years. (order to remove her from S to Birling)
OA: 3-12-1792: To Oath & Orders to Remove Mary Walker 0-4-0


marr. 17-06-1746 John Walker and Ann Norise, both of S
bap. 28-09-1748 Mary, dau. John and Ann Waller


marr. 12-10-1786 William Sosbe, bach., and Elizabeth Wallis, spinster, both of S


bap. 18-04-1697 Frances, dau. John Walter; born 08-04-1697
bap. 21-05-1699 Mary, dau. John Walter, Labourer; born 18-05-1699
bur. 24-01-1703/4 John Walter, labourer
bap. 18-01-1703/4 Robert, s. of John Walter, labourer; born 10-01-1703/4
bur. 20-02-1704/5 Robert, s. of John Walter, labourer
bur. 13-09-1715 Elizabeth Walter, wife of John Walter
marr. 27-09-1715 [at Cuxton] John Walters of S and Elizabeth Inscum
bur. 14-09-1723 Ann Walter
bap. 01-09-1751 An, dau. John and An Walter
bur. 28-03-1758 [at Halling] Eliz: Walter of Snodland
04-02-1758 Apprenticeship of Elizabeth Walter to Thomas Gilbert of Halling, blacksmith
Manorial: 1711-1716
CW: 1771-2 made repairs to church and stocks
OA: 1772-3 made repairs to Brook gate and stile


marr. 27-02-1678/9 [unofficial reg. of Westminster Abbey]: John Walwin
and Mary Fekins
bur. 01-01-1681/2 John Walwyn
bap. 04-01-1682/3 Mary, dau. of John Walwyn, Rector
bap. 13-05-1684 John Walwyn
bap. 21-07-1685 Elizabeth, dau. John Walwyn, Rector
bap. 17-01-1688/9 Herbert Walwyn
bap. 25-08-1690 Catherine Walwyn
bur. 14-08-1691 Herbert Walwyn
bap. 26-01-1692/3 Robert Walwyn
bap. 24-10-1694 Bridget Walwyn
bur. 14-03-1709/10 Robert, s. of John Walwyn, Rector
bur. 29-05-1712 Elizabeth, dau. John Walwyn, Rector
bur. 18-09-1712 Mary, wife of John Walwyn, Rector
bur. 13-01-1712/13 John Walwyn, Rector; died 08-01-1712/13
marr. 27-01-1713/14 Robert Vigeon, bach. and Mary Walwyn, spinster, both
of S
marr. 04-02-1713/14 John Sisley of West Malling and Bridget Walwyn,
spinster, of S
Rector of Snodland; son of Robert of Northampton; matric at Oxford from St Margaret Hall on 14-04-1671, aged 17; B.A. 24-10-1674; MI chancel of All Saints, Snodland – includes a shield: “a bend ermine, in chief a dog, all within a border, impaling on a chevron three unicorns heads erased, and the crest a dragon holding a spear in his mouth”.
Bequest in will of William Pound: 04-11-1710
Witness: will of Mark Parker: 6-5-1692; will of John Short: 25-4-1684

bap. 25-06-1709 John, s. of Thomas Walwyn


bap. 02-03-1766 Samuel, s. of John and Mary Ward
bur. 09-05-1782 Elizabeth Ward, spinster
banns Dec 1785 George Ward of Paddlesworth and ElizathChepson of S
OA: 1770; 1780-82; mostly concerning Elizabeth, bur. 1782; some Samuel


bap. 09-11-1751 Elizabeth, dau. John and Mary Waren


bur. 17-07-1704 Anne, wife of William Wars, blacksmith
Manorial: 1716
Apprenticeship for William Ward listed as 1707


bap. 12-04-1747 Jane, dau. Richard and Mary
bap. 27-08-1749 Thomas, s. of Richard and Mary
bur. 08-09-1749 Thomas, s. of Richard and Mary
bap. 22-02-1767 George, s Elizabeth Warwick, a bastard
marr. 25-06-1767 George Crittel of Sandrige [Sundridge] and Elizabeth Warrick of S

Thomas 1682-1748, Rector of Snodland; induction mandate DRa/Ai 73(5) 14-01-1712/13 [until 1748]
son of Thomas Washer of St Dunstan’s, London, gent. student from Westminster School: 1700; Christ Church, Oxford: matric 25-06-1700, aged 18; B.A. 1704; M.A. 1707
1716: ‘Or Minister does not reside’ DRa/Vp
Manorial: 1716
01-07-1725: DRb/Am 2, f.131r: petition by Thomas Washer “that the barn belonging to the … Parsonage House of Snodland commonly called the fother Barn is at this time very ruinous and in danger of falling down”. Petition granted “exclusive of the said fother Barn there is sufficient Barn Room for to hold more than all the Corn, Hay, or that grows upon the Gleab or can be presumed to be collected in any one year from the Tyth of the said Parish”.
Godson of Sir John St Barbe of Broadlands, Hampshire; bequeathed £100 in Sir John’s will [d. 7-9-1723]
‘Of Sundrige, Kent’; 2nd son of Thomas Washer of Hennocke, later of Sunridge; mother = Catherine Bolles: Sundridge estate descended to T.W. I from Pynsent (= uncle)


bap. 04-06-1790 John, s. of Charles and Elizabeth Weatherell
bur. 04-06-1790 Elizabeth, wife of Charles Weatherell, aged 33 years


Administration Act for James Wells: 1727

marr. 23-06-1702 William Wells, bach., and Elizabeth Grandsden, servant, widow, both of S [she widow of John Grandsden]
bur. 16-05-1703 Elizabeth, wife of William Wells, Labourer
bur. 06-06-1704 William Wells, labourer
brother = John Wells of Staplehurst
dau. in law = Elleanor Gransden
Will: DRb/Pw 43: 02-06-1704; proved 02-09-1704
Inventory: DRb/Pi 18/48: 13-06-1704
Manorial: 1702


marr. 26-08-1765 [St Margaret, Rochester] Isaac Wenman, bach. of S and Elizabeth Hales of St. Margaret’s, Rochester, by licence
bap. 27-07-1766 Jasper, s. of Isaac and Elizabeth ‘Wenmore’; bur. 9-11-1766
bap. 11-12-1768 Isaac, s. of Isaac and Elizabeth Wenman
bap. 23-02-1771 Robert Wenman, s. of Isaac and Elizabeth
bap. 24-01-1773 Martha Wenman
bap. 27-12-1774 John, s. of Isaac and Elizabeth Wenman
bap. 15-06-1777 William Wenman
bap. 07-11-1779 Jasper, s. of Isaac and Elizabeth Wenman
bur. 14-10-1784 [at Cuxton] Elizabeth Wenman from Snodland
bur. 06-12-1784 Wm Wenman, aged 7 years
bur. 26-12-1785 [at Cuxton: ‘1784’] Isaac Wenman; died 22 December, aged 46
bur. 22-11-1791 Martha Wenman, aged 18 years
I.W. witness at S weddings: 14-02-1765; 13-3-1765; 23-12-1765
Will: DRa/Pw 16: 22-12-1785; estate valued c.£1000; divided between all 5 children
Apprenticeship: P29/14/1/67: George Edmeads [Birling?] to Isaac Wenman of S, papermaker: 1781
I.W. is son of William Wenman, brother [in law] to Jasper Crothall of Benenden, carpenter and his wife Martha. Bequest in will of Jasper Crothall: 12-3-1778
Manorial: borsholder in 1769
OA: 1772
Witness to apprenticeship of Mary Hales to William/Martha Wenman of Benenden


bap. 09-11-1705 William, s. of Robert Whetland, Wheeler; born 30-10-1705
bap. 05-12-1707 Robert, s. of Robert Whetland,
bur. 22-11-1710 Robert Whetland
wife = Joan, sister of William Everest of S: see W.E.’s will: DRb/Pw 44 [22-12-1704] and will of Joan Everest [110-08-1714]
manorial: 1706-1710
Birling memorial: Elizabeth, wife of John Whetland of S: died Oct 1746, aged 35?


‘John’: curate at Snodland from late 1724 to c.1730 [DRa/Vp: 1716 has ‘Mr White … Curat’]
‘William’: curate at Snodland 1722/3 to 1723/4 [DRa/Vp: 1720 has ‘William White’]
witness to apprenticeship of William Swan: 1730


U1515/E.72: 29-9-1741: Edward Whiting named on Snodland rent roll [Marsham Estate]


bur. 05-07-1796 William Whitfield, aged about 65 years, found drowned in the river

[Weebly; Weekley; Whibley; Whitby]

marr. 31-01-1736/7 [at Halling] John Whibley of S to Mary Philips of Halling
bur. 17-10-1737 John Weebly
witness will of William Rolph of Paddlesworth: 5-5-1700
4-9-1712: J. Weekley owed £30 by Thomas Walwyn: will of John Walwyn
apprised inventory of John Crow the elder: 22-3-1713/14
10-8-1714: will of Joan Everest of Birling: ‘to my daughter Elizabeth Wibley, wife of John Wibley of Burling, yeoman, 20/-.
28-2-1732: Q/RDz 3/1-17: noted as occ. of Courtlodge, Snodland
manorial: 1734-5
burial at Birling: Elizabeth Webly of S


banns Oct/Nov 1763 Thomas Jenner of Birling and Elizabeth Wickenham of S
marr. 15-11-1763 [at Birling] Thomas Jenner of Birling and Elizabeth Wickershen of S


bur. 30-09-1702 Elizabeth Williams, servant
bur. 03-10-1723 William Williams
bur. 25-08-1723 Ann Williams
bap. 01-08-1731 Thomas, s. of James Williams and Mildred


bur. 09-01-1791 Adam Wilson; died 06-01-1791 [pauper]
OA: 1772-1791 [very many entries]


bap. 30-05-1742 Sarah, dau. John Wingate and Mary
bap. 05-03-1744 John, s. of John and Mary Wingate
bap. 05-04-1745 William, s. of John and Mary Wingate
bap. 07-02-1747/8 Richard, s. of John and Mary
bap. 30-03-1750 Priscilla, dau. of John and Mary Wingate
bur. 12-05-1751 Richard, s of John and Mary
bur. 10-04-1752 John Wingate, a farmer [Inventory: DRb/Pi 56/5]
marr. 01-06-1762 William Lewis of Cuxton, bach., and Sarah Wingate of S,
bur. 30-03-1763 Mary Wingate [Inventory: DRb/Pi 57/12]
bur. 08-10-1752 Ann Wingate
bap. 10-05-1778 William, s. of Priscilla Wingate
marr. 01-08-1780 Thomas Townshend, bach. and Priscilla Wingate, both of S
1757: Mary Wingate owed 7/6 rent to George Wray [Wray’s inventory]
U47/38/T23: 14-10-1792: Wingate occ. house and land owned by Thomas Whittaker [=Covey Hall Farm]
Manorial: William Wingate 1708; James Wingate 1711

bap. 5-4-1745 [see above]
marr. 29-03-1769 William Wingate of S, bach., and Ann Newman of Wouldham, spinster
bap. 20-08-1769 Mary, dau. William and Anne Wingate
bap. 27-03-1771 William, s. of William and Anne Wingate
bap. 09-08-1772 John, s. of William and Anne Wingate
marr. 08-02-1776 William Wingate and Anne Mannering, both of S
bur. 17-09-1777 Anne, wife of William Wingate
marr. 12-07-1784 William Wingate of S, widower, and Elizabeth
Clemonds of S, widow
bap. 13-03-1785 Richard, s. of Wm and Eliz. Wingate
bur. 26-01-1787 Richard, s. of Wm and Eliz. Wingate, aged 2 years
bap. 08-09-1788 Eliz., dau. of Wm and Eliz. Wingate; bur 12-09-1788, aged 18 days
bur. 16-09-1792 William Wingate, aged 47 years: will dated 31-08-1792; proved 29-09-1792: bequests to wife Eliz. and children William, Mary and John
Manorial: 15-10-1782: noted as occ. of 3 messuages and c.110 acres in S and death of owner: Sarah Whitaker
manorial: 1776-87
OA: 1775-8
Witnesses at weddings: Sarah Wingate: 5-11-1759; 1-6-1762; Priscilla Wingate: 29-3-1769; 15-11-1773; Mary: 27-8-1787; E[lizabeth?] Wingate: 23-1-1788


bap. 31-07-1713 Catherine, dau. of John Wood
bur. 05-11-1718 Susanna Wood

bur. 09-03-1722/3 Hester Wood
witness to will of William Rolph of Paddlesworth
son-in-law is Richard Wood the younger; daughter is Margaret, wife of Richard Everest
Will: DRb/Pw 51: 26-04-1710

marr. 06-11-1755 James Wood and Mary […] both of S
bap. 03-10-1756 Jane, dau. of James and Mary
bap. 11-06-1758 Mary, dau. of James and Mary
bur. 14-07-1758 Mary, infant dau. of James and Mary
bap. 16-09-1759 Robert, s. of James and Mary
marr. 02-06-1781 Armigil Hadlow, bach. and Jane Wood, both of S
manorial: 1755-9
OA: 1769-77
OA: Oct 1780: To Jane Wood 28 weeks lodging Widow Tupper £1. 1. 0.

bap. 14-10-1742 Sarah, dau. John and Ann Wood
bap. 23-03-1744 Mary, dau. John and Ann Wood
bap. 04-10-1746 John, s. of John and Ann Wood
bap. 10-04-1748 Elizabeth, dau. John and Ann Wood
bap. 06-02-1752/3 James, s. of John and Ann Wood
bap. 27-01-1760 William, s. of John and Ann Wood
bur. 06-02-1763 John Wood
bur. 18-02-1780 John Wood, papermaker
bur. 09-07-1793 Ann Wood, widow, aged 81 years [1712-1793]
PS/Ma 1, p. 48: 2-5-1752: John Wood of S – last legal settlement at Halling by hiring and serving Nicholas Stevenson 1 year. [Adjudged to remove to Halling with wife Ann and children Sarah, Mary, John and Elizabeth.
manorial (defaulter) 1754-9

marr. 28-11-1760 William Wood, bach. of S, and Mary Bishop of Rodmill, Sussex


marr. 14-02-1735/6 Thomas Woodwar[d] and Mary Eason, both of this parish (by banns)
bap. 17-04-1737 Thomas, s. of Thomas Woodward and Mary
bur. 15-02-1738/9 Mary Woodward


George [I] (d.1713)
bur. 07-02-1793/4 Joanne, aged 9 years [d. Jane 1693/4] [1684/5-1693/4]
bap. 18-02-1694/5 David, s. of George and Joanna
bur. 09-04-1695 Joanna, wife of George Wray
bur. 06-03-1696 David, s. of George; d. 03-03-1696, aged 4?
bur. 24-05-1698 John Wray of Paddlesworth
bur. 12-07-1709 Thomas, s. of George, aged 22 years [1687-1709]; d. 09-07-
bur. 17-04-1712 George, s. of George, aged 21 years [1691-1712]; d. 14-04-
bur. 18-08-1713 George Wray of Paddlesworth
bur. 15-01-1721/2 Elizabeth Wray
apprised inventory of William Manley: 8-1-1710/11
witness of will of William Rolph of Paddlesworth: 5-5-1700

George [II] (d.1757)
marr. 18-11-1747 [at Ryarsh] George Wray of S and Mary Addison of Ryarsh, by
bap. 17-08-1748 Susannah, dau. of George and Mary Wray of Paddlesworth
bap. 12-12-1749 Margaret, dau. of George and Mary Wray
bur. 18-11-1757 Geo: Wray
Administration Act; Inventory: DRb/Pi 56/12
1754 Poll book
Manorial: CCRb/M2/ p.84: 18-10-1758: at death of GW, 1 tenement, 1 oast house and 4 parcels of land (c.4 acres) occ. Jasper Crothall [=Prospect Cottage]; other refs. at 1754; 1756
servants includes Thomas Carrier; William Golding
wife Mary formerly called ‘Mary Addison’ [U2102/T58]
Witness: apprenticeship of William Keble: 9-4-1755

Nicholas (1691-1745)
bur. 09-01-1729/30 Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas; d. 06-01-1729/30, aged 33
bur. 17-03-1734/5 Jane, wife of Nicholas; d. 11-03-1734/5, aged 33 [1702-
bap. 13-06-1728 Frances, dau. Nicholas Wray of Paddlesworth [= … Shelton;
died before 1780: U2102/T.58]
other children: George
bur. 20-06-1788 Jane Wray, singlewoman, aged 64 years [1724-1788]
1734 Poll book: Nicholas Wray of Tunbridge
manorial: 1713-35
U838/T367: 5-12-1740: assignment of mortgage. Lands etc. purchased from Chambers family by Nicholas Wray.
Noted as Overseer in May 1730

marr. 04-11-1769 John Wray, bach., and Anne Featerstone, both of S
bap. 04-03-1770 Mary, dau. John and Anne Wray; bur 28-03-1770
bap. 14-04-1771 John, s. of John and Anne Wray
bap. 20-02-1774 Richard, s. of John and Anne Wray
bur. 28-10-1781 Anne, wife of John Wray
OA: 1774-82

marr. 18-04-1757 Wm Knight of S and Anne Wray (a minor from Aylesford)
marr. 24-04-1758 Jonathan Peacheay of S and Elizabeth Wray of S
bap [privately] 15-12-1784 Eliz., dau. of Thomas and Mary Wray
bur. 05-12-1784 Eliz., dau. of Thomas and Mary Wray, aged 17 days
bur. 30-11-1796 William Wray from Cliffe, aged 20 [1776-1796]


bap. 21-09-1735 Hannah, dau. Thomas Wright and Mary
marr. 23-02-1780 Thomas Wright of Birling and Elizabeth Pearciful of Snodland, at Birling


bur. 19-05-1688 Deborah Wiborne
marr. 25-06-1688 James Wyborn and Alice Gilbert, both of this parish
bap. 07-04-1689 Matthew, s. of James Wiborne
bur. 20-04-1712 Dorothy Wybourn, widow
bur. 22-12-1713 Dorcas Wybourn, wife of James Wybourn
marr. 05-04-1714 James Wybourn and Susanna Furz, both of S
bap. 17-04-1715 James, s. of James Wiborne
bap. 30-12-1716 James, s. of James Wiborne
bur. 28-05-1723 James Wyborn
manorial: 1702-22
Witness to John Walwyn’s testimony about the Holborough pew in parish register: 12-10-1712