1700-1799 (t – v)


15-04-1716/17 bap. Sara, dau of William Taylor
21-07-1721 bur. Ann Taylor
26-02-1732/3 bur. JohnTaylor, ropemaker (died 24-02-1732/3). Will
10-07-1737 bap. James, son of Henry and Eliz. Taylor
11-07-1737 bur. Elizabeth, wife of Henry Taylor on Punish Hill
15-07-1737 bur. James, infant s of Henry Taylor
31-03-1744 marr. Thos Taylor and Hester Clacket of S
19-06-1744 bap. Thos, s of Tho: and Hester Taylor
April/May 1765 banns of Samuel Singyard of S, bach., and Hester Taylor of S

10-01-1682/3 bap. Elizabeth, dau of John Taylor; bur. 24-01-1682/3
06-05-1684 bap. John, s of John Taylor; bur. 28-10-1692
04-02-1686/7 bap. William, s of John Taylor; bur. 04-03-1686/7
U838/T359: 03-08-1708: alienation of messuage [‘Stalfords’] in S from Robert Taylor to John Taylor, gentleman of East/West Malling, which RT had purchased from John Crow II (also noted in manorial records) [other records of same: U47/38/T.23; U47/45/T.48]
witnessed will of Elizabeth Read: 15-03-1678/9
overseer: will of John Short: 25-4-1684
executor: will of Mark Parker: 6-5-1692
bequeathed ‘A Guiney to buy him a Ring’ in will of William Pound: 4-11-1710
Apprised inventories of John Crow i (22-03-1713/14); William Manley (8-1-1710/11); William Turner (28-12-1714)
Will DRa/Pw 8: 30-04-1731; proved 05-03-1732/3
manorial 1702-28
churchwarden -1704-

Manorial: 9-10-1735: Richard Taylor “ who dyed abt 12 years agow leised of abt a quarter of an ac. of land scit: on the East part of Certain lands belonging to D=Edwd Hall and on ye West part of Certein lands belonging to Ld Rumney in the Parish of Snodland and ye same are now some to Ann Taylor at ye Rent of 3d”.
manorial: 1712-13

24-07-1796 bur. John Taylor, aged 30 years, forced overboard by the foresail of Mr. Bensted’s barge, and drowned near the mouth of the creek.


13-03-1765 marr. Thomas Temple of Gillingham, bach., and Mary Butler of S
15-06-1778 marr. Thomas Hubble of S, widower, and Mary Temple of S, widow
Thomas: a witness at S wedding: 25-05-1767 (Chittenden/Knight)


19-08-1739 bap. Edward, s of Richard and Mary Tilly


24-05-1762 bur. Phoebe Tirrell, dau of Revd Mr Tirrell
‘Richard Tirrell Curat’ in register between 18 April and 16 May 1762


?-?-1742 bur. Eliz: Tomblin of Holborow
26-10-1744 marr. Henry Hawks and Mary Tomlin
22-05-1764 marr. Thomas Brooker of Luddesdown and Susanna Tomlyn of S
05-07-1783 marr. Daniel King of S, bach., and Anne Tomlin of S
12-10-1794 marr. William Nash and Ann Tomlin, both of S; Phillis T a witness
18-10-1759 alienation of messuage, garden and field c.1 ac. – occ. John Capon – from William and James Tomlin to Robert Austen and heirs
OA: Dec. 1777 warrant to take John Tomlin; to James Hadlow going after JT


PS/Ma 4, 6-7-1795: ‘James Evernden, servant to Thomas Towers of S, who was hired for a year at £6. 6s. 0d. a year, was discharged by the Justices by mutual consent, and he receiving from his Master two guineas in full of his wages.
Land Tax: listed as farmer to John May: 1786-1795.
CW: rents; Tho Towers for Mr May’s land 1785-179x.


05-10-1749 marr. Thomas Townsend and Esther Millin
01-08-1780 marr. ThomasTownsend of S, bach., and Priscilla Wingate of S, spin.
20-07-1783 bap. Thomas, s of Thomas and Priscilla Townsend
21-11-1784 bap. David and Sarah (twins) of Thomas and Priscilla Townsend
11-06-1786 bap. John (privately), s of Thomas and Priscilla Townsend
25-08-1788 bur. Priscilla, wife of Thos. Townsend, aged 38 years [1750-1788]
May 1789 banns Thos. Townsend of S and Eliz. Folkes (at S and Halling)
08-06-1817 bur. Thomas Townsend, aged 65 [1752-1817]
OA: work on the Brook: 1796-90
27-09-1820 bur. Sarah Townsend (of East Malling)
Tenant of Thomas Whittaker

21-04-1791 marr. Jeremiah Townsend of Birling and Jane Roots of S
16-07-1791 bap. John, s of Jeremiah and Jane Townsend
24-07-1791 bur. John, s of Jeremiah and Jane Townsend
16-12-1792 bap. Esther, dau. of Jeremiah and Jane Townsend


03-07-1697 bap. Ezra, s of James Tredget (born 2-7-1697)
manorial: tenant of George Costen : 1703-1715
U2102/T.10: 19-03-1723/4: noted as former occ. of messuage and 5 acres at Holborough (later Richard Fowle)


CW 1771 John Trimer paid 1s for a badger


07-04-1716 bap. Gone [Joan], dau of Edward Tupper
25-05-1718 bap. Robert, s of Edward Tupper
22-01-1720/1 bap. Edward, s of Edward Tupper
13-12-1722 bap. Benjamin, s of Edward Tupper
27-06-1725 bap. William, s of Edward Tupper
25-02-1727/8 bap. Henry, s of Edward Tupper; bur. 28-12-1728
22-12-1728 bur. Edward & Benjm, sons of Edward Tupper
03-05-1730 bap. Thomas, s of Edward Tupper; bur. 12-05-1730
22-04-1733 bur. Joan Tupper
manorial: 1716-28

09-10-1749 marr. William Tupper and Sarah Petman
18-02-1749/50 bap. William and Elizabeth (twins) of William and Sarah Tupper
15-06-1752 bap. Mary, dau. Will and Sarah Tupper
09-06-1753 bur. Elizabeth Tuper, a widow
05-12-1756 bap. Anne, dau. of William and Sarah Tupper
11-03-1759 bap. Sarah, dau. Willm and Sarah Tupper
15-03-1761 bap. Margaret, dau. Willm and Sarah Tupper
28-12-1763 bap. Philadelphia, dau. of William and Sarah Tupper
15-02-1765 bur. Sarah Tupper
26-07-1767 bap. Sarah, dau. of William and Sarah Tupper; bur. 27-10-1768
06-06-1768 bur. Sarah Tupper
05-03-1773 bur. Philadelphia Tupper
17-04-1773 bur. Elizabeth Tupper
28-04-1776 bap. John Hills, a bastard of Jane Tupper
01-07-1776 marr. Richard Martin of Halling and Ann Tupper of S (banns at Halling in June 1776)
30-04-1777 bur. William Tupper, a Labourer
20-05-1777 marr. John Hills of Chelmsford and Jane Tupper of S
15-11-1777 marr. John Tupper of Birling and Sarah Martin of S (banns)
10-09-1781 marr. George Hadlow of S, bach., and Margaret Tupper of S, spin.

PS/Ma 2, 110: 09-04-1768 Benjamin Tupper, now residing at S, born at Wrotham where his father was a parishioner. Served Elizabeth Lawrence of Eltham for 2 ½ years. [Adjudged settled at Wrotham with wife Elizabeth.]
OA: 1775-6: warrants for John Hills and payments to Jane Tupper
OA: 1777-82: payments to Richard Martin, etc. for lodging of Dame Tupper (widow of William), moving her, coals for, etc.

02-05-1710 bur. Thomas Turner of Tunbridge
15-05-1710 bur. Widdow Turner
23-05-1710 bur. Richard, s of Thomas Turner
manorial: Oct 1709

09-10-1711 marr. William Turner of S, bach., and Amy Manley of S, widow [of William Manley]
20-12-1714 bur. William Turner
Will dated 12-1-1713/14; witnessed will of John Walwyn 4-9-1712
manorial: 1712-13; ‘Emma’ Turner 1715-25 [descent to Stephen Manley]

03-04-1715 bur. Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Turner
DRb/Pi 29/42: inventory of Joseph Turner, cordwainer/[Husbandman] [£36-15-0]
Will dated 13-5-1715; proved 30-6-1715; no burial in Snodland register
dau. Mary
son Joseph
sister Elizabeth
mother Charity [in West Malling]
brother-in-law James Munn/Elizabeth = wife; son = Joseph
manorial: 1706-1715

21-05-1731 bap. Thomas, s of Thomas Turner and Ann
23-12-1733 bap. William, s of Thomas Turner and Ann
18-07-1736 bap. James, s of Tho: Turner and Ann; bur. 20-03-1737/8
19-12-1737 bur. Anne Turner [‘wife of Tho: Turner’ in transcript]
24-11-1762 bur. Thomas Turner
U2012/T.1: Thomas Turner a former owner of Island Cottage

17-11-1752 marr. William Turner and Elizabeth Crips
03-02-1754 bap. Eliz., dau of Will and Eliz Turner
18-04-1756 bap. Wm, s of Wm and Eliz Turner
29-10-1758 bap. Sarah, dau. of William and Elizabeth Turner
28-12-1760 bap. Thomas, s of William and Elizabeth Turner
14-04-1762 bur. Catherine Turner
17-09-1763 bur. William Turner
19-07-1768 marr. Luke Seaton of Birling, widower, and Elizabeth Turner of S, widow
Apprenticeship of William Turner, aged c.12, to John Parker of Aylesford, barber/peruke maker: 16-12-1767
Apprenticeship of Sarah Turner, aged c.12, to Luke/Elizabeth Seaton of Birling, husbandman/mantuamaker


27-01-1713/14 marr. Robert Vigeon of S, bach., and Mary Walwyn of S, spinster
28-11-1714 bap. Mary, dau. Robert Vigeon; bur 6-12-1714
23-04-1715 bur. Mary, wife of Robert Vigeon
17-09-1717 bap. An, dau. Robarte Vigen
16-02-1718/19 bap. Robert Vigeon; bur. 12-09-1719
23-06-1720 bap. Mary, dau of Robert Vigeon
16-01-1721/2 bap. Robert, s of Robert Vigeon
06-12-1722 bap. John, s of Robert Vigeon
29-11-1723 bur. Robert Vigeon [will 21-11-1723]
17-12-1723 bur. Ann Vigeon
21-12-1738 bur. Widow Vigeon [at Birling]
U1121: 8-12-1722: occ. 3 pieces of land called Dogs Coupling [owner John May]
churchwarden: -1719-1723
property in Birling and 9 messuages near Chatham market


26-12-1780 bur. Anne, base born dau. of Jemima Winton
OA: expenses regarding Jemima Vinten: -11-1780 to -3-1781


30-10-1677 marr. Michael Vowsden and Elizabeth Cooper
01-12-1678 bap. Thomas, s of Michah Vowsden
17-08-1681 bap. Henry, s of Micah Vousden
23-12-1683 bap. Micah, s of Micah Vousden
11-04-1686 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Micah Vousden; bur 17-04-1686
24-04-1687 bap. Mary, dau. of Micah Vousden; bur. 5-9-1691
02-03-1689/90 bap. Stephen, s of Micah Vowsden
08-07-1695 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Micah Vowsden, whose sister was still-born [bur. 10-07-1695]; bur 02-08-1695
22-06-1693 bur. Willmore Vowsden
22-04-1701 bur. Henry, s of Micah Vowsden, farmer
25-05-1702 bur. Micha Vowsden, farmer
27-04-1704 marr. Ambrose Kidwell of S, bach., servant, and Elizab. Vowsden of S, farmer, widow
bequest of 20s in will of Thomas Pound: 27-05-1687
U838/T.367: mentioned as former occ. of Brockshaw (1 ½ acres) [also U2102/T.58]
U838/T.331: mentioned as former owner of messuage and lands [the Bull] (- Vowsden, widow)
02-05-1717: Mary Vowsden, widow, reported for blocked ditch (12 yards) alongside Paddlesworth-Snodland road, causing flood

01-05-1705 marr. Thomas Vowsden of Strood, bach., tailor, and Elizabeth Husband, servant, spinster
12-10-1709 bur. an unbaptised infant of Thomas Vowsden
12-xx-1714 bur. Tho: Vowjden
24-08-1735 bur. Eliz. Vousden, widd.
manorial: tenant of George Costen/Abraham Clarke: messuage, barn, stable, 5 ac. arable, 30 ac. marsh, 5 ac. waste in S [Bull] -1708-1713-