1700-1799 (s)


03-03-1733/4 bur. Anne Solsby, an infant
18-05-1735 bap. Elizh, dau. Wm Solsby and Mary
20-09-1742 bur. Wm Soslsby [i] 42 [1700-1742]
09-03-1757 bur. Mary Solsby

13-01-1758 marr. Wm Solsby [ii] and Elizabeth Skeete, both of S
16-05-1762 bap. Eliz, dau of Wm and Eliz. Salsby
24-06-1764 bap. Thomasand William (twins) of William and Elizabeth Salsby
12-01-1766 bap. Edward, s of William and Eliz. Salsbey
02-10-1768 bap. Mary, dau. William and Elizabeth Salsby
22-03-1772 bap. John, s of William and Elizabeth Salsby
29-06-1777 bap. James, s of William and Elizabeth Salsby
26-03-1780 bap. Charles, s William and Eliz Sosbie
04-04-1780 bur. Mary, James and Charles, children of Wm and Elizth Sosbie
28-11-1784 bur. Wm Sosbe, aged 56 years [1728-1784]
03-07-1787 marr. Richard Gooding of East Malling, widower, and Eliz: Sosby of S, widow
manorial: 1761
PS/Ma1, 174-5: 3-2-1759: William Salisbury now residing in Snodland, c.7 years ago hired himself for a year to William Comport of Cobham, farmer, at a farm he occ. in Cuxton: served 2 years (Adjudged to remove from S to Cuxton with wife Elizabeth) [another copy at PS/Ma2, 5 (7-2-1761)
OA: 6-1-1770: gave Elizth Ward and Ann Salsby 1/6

01-05-1786 marr. Thos Sosby and Judith Avery, both of S
01-04-1787 bap. John, s of Thos and Judith Sosbe
PS/Ma3: 11-10-1790: now residing in Ryarsh; son of William Sosbe, a Certificate man from Cuxton to Snodland; born in Snodland (Adjudged settled at Cuxton with wife Judith and son John).

12-10-1786 marr. William Sosbe, bach. and Elizabeth Wallis, spin., both of S
19-09-1790 bap. Elizabeth, dau. Wim and Elizh Sosbe
20-11-1791 bur. Elizh, wife of Wm Sosbe, aged 28 years [1763-1791]
William a witness at brother Thomas’s wedding
OA: 26-10-1788: to Wm Sosbe Thatching the Poor House £1-14-9


26-01-1799 marr. Anthony Higgins of S and Elizabeth Salmon of S


Robert: manorial refs. 1753-1759


15-03-1750/1 bur. Mary, wife of John Sands
07-10-1753 marr. James Harnsley, bach. and Martha Sands
Joseph Sands: witness at S weddings: 06-11-1755; 09-10-1757; 12-05-1761
and manorial (defaulter) 1754


22-12-1764 marr. ThomasSanders of S, widower, and Anne Rowley of Town Malling
02-06-1753: provided sureties for John Covell
18-04-1759: made inventory for John Martin
PS/Ma 2/40-41 [03-09-1763] Thomas Smith of Birling hired himself to Thomas Sanders of Paddlesworth 2 years ago last Michaelmas
PS/Ma 2/66 [1765] ‘of Buckland in Luddesdown’
his servant: Ann Hills [1772-4]
OA many refs. 1769-


27-07-1760 bur. [-] Serjeant, a widow
PS/Ma 1/173 [03-02-1759] Mary Serjeant, now residing at Snodland, widow … saith that c.26 years ago she lived at Newhith … in a house of her own for a year and a half and that she paid assessment to the Church and Poor of East Malling for the said house [adjudged settled at East Malling].


James: manorial refs. 1720-1731: yeoman
29-05-1721: assessor of inventory of Robert Curd
Q/RDz3/1-17 [28-02-1732] noted as former occupier of Courtlodge
U838/T.365: 18-10-1738: occupier of marsh called Hope’s [10 acres in S], formerly William Day and after of Stephen Manley
manorial refs: 1726-1732

21-06-1693 bap. Richard, son of Robert [q.v.]
03-01-1694/5 bap. Robert, son of Robert; bur. at Birling 04-12-1695
24-05-1695 bur. Isabel, wife of Robert, at Birling
03-12-1698 born John, son of Robert; bap. 14-12-1698
23-03-1700 born George, son of Robert; bap. 16-04-1700 (manorial refs. 1726-1732)
03-01-1701/2 born Mary, dau. of Robert, yeoman; bap. 27-01-1701/2
29-01-1702/3 born Robert, son of Robert; bap. 08-02-1702/3 [d as infant]
06-10-1705 b&bap Robert, son of Robert; bur. 13-10-1705
11-10-1705 bur. Elizabeth, wife of Robert, at Birling
Churchwarden at S: 1705
manorial refs.: 1703-1711
messuage and c.30 acres called Groves in S to sons in Gavilkind at death (recorded 1-4-1626)

death recorded at manorial meeting 7-10-1731: his share of Groves passed to his dau. Mary Savage at his death: she with John and George passed it to Thomas Whittaker recorded on 5-10-1732


06-10-1708 marr. John Hatch of Shorne, bach. & Jane Scot of S, spinster
11-03-1763 bur. Catherine Scott
1762 banns William Turner of Birling and Elizabeth Scott of S: Jan/Feb


08-09-1798 marr. James How of S and Susannah Scrantum of S
03-12-1799 bur. John Scrantum, labourer
OA: 2-2-1794: Mr Scrantum 8 weeks for Reb. Pegden; lived in part of Mulberry Cottage
witness at Wedding: 7-5-1796: Susannah Scrantum


26-03-1744 marr. Johnathan Peachy of Halling and Ann Skudder
13-02-1749/50 bur. Anne, wife of Tho,s Skudder
17-04-1761 bur. Thomas Scudder [at Halling]
13-10-1778 bur. Ann Scudder, a servant [of Martha Crothall – nb MC’s will of 11-10-1775 and of Jasper Crothall – will 12-3-1778]
23-10-1779 bur. Thomas Scudder [at Halling]
02-02-1780 bap. John Arger, s. of Hannah Scudder
15-03-1780 bur. John Arger, s of Hannah Scudder
OA: payments for nursing of ‘Dame How’ by ‘Dame Scuder’ Feb, April 1770
manorial defaulter: William Scudde: 8-10-1735
Thomas Scudder, licensed victualler at ‘Maypole’ in Snodland, 1737; in Paddlesworth, 1746; in Snodland, 1748 [Q/RLv 1/73; 1/80; 1/82]


16-06-1690 marr. Thomas Seales and Mary Gull, widow, both of S
12-07-1691 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Searles
08-01-1691/2 bur. Thomas son of Thomas Searles
10-04-1695 bur. Mary Searles
02-06-1708 bur. Thomas Searles


26-05-1766 marr. RichardSeaton and Elizabeth Lowance, both of S
07-12-1766 bap. Sarah, dau. Richard and Elizabeth
11-04-1768 bap. Elisha and Elizabeth (twins) of Richard and Elizabeth
18-04-1768 bur. Elisha and Elizabeth (twins) of Richard and Elizabeth
12-11-1769 bap. Thomas, s Richard and Elizabeth
28-07-1771 bap. Richard, s Richard and Elizabeth
21-12-1772 bur. Thomas, s Richard and Elizabeth
22-08-1773 bap. John, s Richard and Elizabeth (bur. noted in OA for Nov 1789, but not in church register) various refs. in OA 1789-90
03-09-1775 bap. Elisha and Elizabeth (twins) of Richard and Elizabeth
04-09-1776 bur. Elizabeth, dau. Richard and Elizabeth
30-03-1777 bap. Sarah, dau Richard and Elizabeth
PSMa2/83 (04-10-1766) Richard Seaton, now residing in Snodland, hired himself c. 7 years ago to John Winson of Ridley [Adjudged to remove to Ridley with wife Elizabeth; another similar entry p.95, 02-05-1767; 9-10-1767: acknowledgement that Richard Seaton and his wife Elizabeth are legally settled in Ridley.]
Many refs in OA 1769-1779. Richard dead by April 1781
Assessments £3: 23-06-1769 to 12-05-1778
11-06-1783 marr. William Squibs and Elizabeth Seaton, widow
A Luke Seaton of Birling and wife Elizabeth took Sarah Turner as apprentice 19-06-1769

Thomas various refs. in OA 1769-1770 as pauper’s payments and for medicines, burial of his child Thomas (March 1770); carriage of coals to ‘Thomas Seaton’s at Birling’ in Feb 1770


OA: refs. financial help: 1770-1774
April 1782 apprenticeship to Mrs Halfhead
27-12-1788 marr. William Seaton and Mary Baldock, both of S


Edward. OA: 15-3-1794: ‘To Expences taking Edward Sellings £1. 6s. 6d.’
17-7-1794: ‘To Expences at the Quarter Sessions with Ed Selling 0-15-4’


14-11-1731 bap. John, s of John and Mary Seward
12-11-1732 bur. Ann Seward
17-03-1733 bap. Richard, s of John and Mary Seward
1734 Poll Book: John Sewer of Snoudland
Manorial refs. 1731-6 Snodland; 1739 Halling
a Dame Seward in CWA and OA for 1770


22-11-1736 bap. Henry-Newton, s William and Martha Shaw
03-04-1738 bur. Henry Newton [Shaw] an infant


18-02-1732/3 bap. William s. Richard and Elizabeth Shearman
18-05-1735 bap. Eliz. dau. Richard and Eliz. Sheerman
08-01-1737/8 bap. Alice, dau. Richard Sheerman
Manorial: 1754; 1759


03-05-1688 marr. William Sherry, bach., and Deborah Parker, widow, both of S
21-01-1691/2 bur. William Sherry
20-04-1705 bur. William Sherry, labourer
manorial 1702; 1704
witness of will of William Wells 2-6-1704


05-04-1709 bur. Simon Silas


two payment to William Simmons for his housekeeper in OA 1780


banns April/May 1765 Samuel Singyard of S, bach., and Hester Taylor of S


01-02-1731/2 bur. Frances Skeat
13-05-1733 bur. Anne Skeat [‘wife of John Skeat’ in Bishop’s transcript]
20-05-1733 bap. Mary, dau. John Skeat and Anne
20-06-1733 marr. at St Margaret’s, Rochester: John Skeet of S and Anne Love of Burham (by licence)
05-05-1735 marr. John Skeet of S, singleman and Anne Bright of S, spinster (by banns)
011-04-1736 bap. John, son of John and Anne Skeat
23-04-1737 bur. John, infant son of John and Ann Skeet
10-06-1739 bap. Elizabeth, dau. John and Anne Skeet
13-01-1758 marr. Wm Solsby of S and Elizabeth Skeete of S
manorial: 1714-1738

24-02-1733/4 bur. Mary, dau. William Slades and Mary
22-02-1735/6 bur. John Slades, an infant
22-09-1737 bur. Mary, wife of Wm Slades of Birling
25-12-1743 bap. John, s. William and Susannah Slades
20-07-1746 bap. Isaac, s. William and Susannah Slades


27-07-1760 bap. Ann, dau. David and Ann Smith
27-02-1763 bap. Mary, dau. David and Ann Smith
13-04-1766 bap. Sarah, dau. David and Eliz. Smith
05-01-1773 bur. Sarah Smith
PSMA1/173 (3-2-1759) David Smith now residing at Snodland, hired himself for 1 year to John Newman of Birling; served that year and continued in his service several years afterwards. (Adjudged settled at Birling: to remove there with wife Ann and son William)
OA: April 1771: Paid Mr Smith Seaman Martin’s rent £1. 14s. 0d.
Assessments: from 17-12-1772

05-01-1705/6 bur. James Smith, paper-maker

1734 Poll Book: Richard Smith of Paddlesworth

18-10-1762 marr. Thomas Smith and Elizabeth Broad, both of S
10-10-1778 bap. Mary, dau. Thomas and Anne Smith
18-10-1782 marr. Thos Smith of S and Eleanor Boleton of Birling (by banns)
PS/Ma2/40-41 (3-9-1763) Thomas Smith of Birling hired himself to Thomas Sanders of Paddlesworth 2 years ago last Michaelmas. (Adjudged settled at Snodland; order to remove there with wife Elizabeth and son David.)
various financial help in OA: 1772-5; mentions two sons in Feb 1774; another series in 1795-1799; and rent for J. Smith in Dec 1799

18-01-1746/7 marr. William Smith, a Lodger of Birling, and Mary Beal, widow of S
31-1-1750/1 bap. William, s of William and Mary Smith
12-02-1770 bur. Mary Smith

13-08-1758 marr. William Smith and Mary Capon, both of S
05-08-1759 bap. Thomas, s of William and Mary Smith
manorial: 1759
PS/Ma1, 174 (3-2-1759) William Smith now residing at Snodland … saith that about 3 years ago he hired himself as a servant for 1 year to Mr John May of Birling; served the year. (Adjudged to remove from Snodland to Birling)
PS/Ma2, 65 (1-6-1765) William Smith, now residing at Snodland, hired a farm and lands belonging to Lord Vane at £20 p.a. in Maidstone. (Adjudged to remove to Maidstone with wife Mary)
Assessments: 1769 to 24-8-1770


24-07-1765 marr. James Aldrige of S, bach., and Sarah Snatt of S
PS/Ma2, 49 (5-5-1764). Sarah Snatt, spinster, now residing at Snodland, about 1 week before Michaelmas 1761 hired herself as servant to John Lane of Halling, farmer. Served him for 1 year and then served John Fletcher of Snodland, farmer. (Adjudged to remove from Snodland to Halling).


08-05-1780 bur. Mary Spencer, a widow


30-07-1793 marr. John Spong of S, bach., and Laetitia Halfhead of S, spinster
03-05-1794 bap. John, s of John and Laetitia
08-08-1795 bap. Laetitia, dau. of John and Laetitia
OA 1993: supplied and delivered coals


22-06-1740 bap. William, s of Edward and Elizabeth Squibs
07-03-1742 bap. Mary, dau. Edward and ‘Ann’ Squibs
15-07-1744 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Edw: and Elizabeth Squibs
03-03-1749/50 bap. Edward, s of Edward and Elizabeth Squibs
06-03-1749/50 bur. Edward, s of Edward and Elizabeth Squibs
12-10-1751 bap. Edward, s of Edward and Elizabeth Squibs
06-08-1752 bur. Elizabeth, wife of Ed. Squibs
23-12-1765 marr. William Sampson of Cuxton, bach., and Elizabeth Squibs of S
30-09-1766 bur. Edward Squibes [Inventory: DRb/Pi 57/23: Maltster; Admin. Act]
17-02-1767 marr. John Mannering of S, bach. and Anne Squibs of S, widow
03-02-1768 marr. Richard Burges of S, bach., and Mary Squibs of S
23-01-1788 marr. James Boyer of A, bach., and Elizabeth Squibs of A
manorial: 1761-2
PS/Ma 1, 48 (2-5-1752) Edward Squibs of S – last legal settlement at Wouldham by hiring and serving George Courthop of Wouldham 1 year. (Return to Wouldham, with wife Eliz. and children William, Mary, Elizabeth and Edward) [another on p./174 3-2-1759: same information c.23 years ago at £9 pa.: return to Wouldham with wife Elizabeth and s Edward].

11-06-1783 marr. Wm Squibs of S, bach., and Elizabeth Seaton of S, widow
02-11-1786 bur. Wm Squibs, aged 47 years [1739/40-1786]
manorial: 1766-83
assessments from 1769; tenant of Richard Wray: Bull Inn
U1833/T.331 (3-11-1775) occ. of messuage and lands [= the Bull]
OA 1781-2: received maintenance payments for children of Richard Burgess (relative)


27-10-1787 marr. Stephen Steady and Ann Pearson, both of S
06-04-1788 bap. Elizabeth, dau. Stephen and Ann Steady


curate of Snodland; named in register transcripts 1743-1746/7
born Tidwell, Derby, 1713; University College, Oxford: matric 1732; BA 1735; MA 1738
marr. Elizabeth Christopher (c.1739?); dead by 1751


24-03-1736/7 bur. Eliz., infant dau. of John Stevenson
25-04-1738 bap. Mary, dau. of John Stevenson and Mary
27-09-1739 bur. Mary, wife of John Stevenson of Holborough
05-12-1739 marr. at Rochester Cathedral: Robert Brightling of Halling, bach., and Mary Stevenson, spinster, of S
29-07-1740 marr. John Stevenson of S, widower, and Ellen Gunnings of Cliffe, spinster
07-09-1741 bap. John, s of John Stevenson and Eleanor
11-08-1761 marr. John Sanders of Luddesdowne and Mary Stevenson of S
manorial: 1733-1739


PS/Ma 4, 5-3-1792: John Stiance, now residing in Snodland, 1786 c.3 weeks before Michaelmas – hired himself to Mr Wingate of S for a year. Served the year.
OA: payments to: 1792-5


28-12-1719 bur. Thomas Stiles


21-05-1704 marr. John Stommers of S, roper, and Anne (dau. of John Hatch of S, shoemaker)
17-04-1705 bap. John, son of John Stommers, roper, born and bap.


PS/Ma 1, 36: 13-04-1751. Nicholas Stone, perukemaker, now residing at Snodland; served apprenticeship at St John’s Wapping, to Samuel Davidson of St John’s, perukemaker. [Adjudged to remove to St John’s, Wapping] [another – same information – served 7 years apprenticeship: PS/ Ma 1, 177: 2-6-1759]
PS/Ma 1, 179: 6-10-1759: saith he hath lived in a house in Snodland and hath paid two assessments for the said house, but does not know whether he was rated or assessed for the said house in any rate or assessment made for the said parish. [Adjudged as above – it appearing by the Parish Books of Snodland that Nich. Stone was not rated or assessed for the said house and order was signed to remove him.]


08-02-1694/5 bap. John, s of John Stunt
02-05-1696 bap. Richard, s of John Stunt (born 30-04-1696)
28-08-1697 bur. Richard, s of John Stunt
30-09-1697 bap. Thomas, s of John Stunt, born and bap.
30-04-1700 bap. Mary, dau of John Stunt, farmer (born 18-4-1700)
18-03-1702/3 bur. Mary, dau. of John Stunt, farmer
13-07-1714 bur. John Stunt, farmer
manorial: 1702-1725
witnessed will of John Walwyn: 4-9-1712


29-02-1735/6 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of John Stympson and Mary
U838/T367: mentions ‘Brockshaw’: 1 ½ ac. occ. William Stimpson


27-07-1712 marr. at St Margaret’s, Rochester: Robert Swan of S, husbandman and Mary Daniel, widow, of S
23-02-1712/13 bap. John, s of Robert Swan
11-06-1713 bur. John, s of Robert Swan
28-04-1714 bap. Mary, dau. of Robert Swan
03-05-1714 bur. Mary, wife of Robert Swan
21-03-1730/1 bap. Henry, s of Robert and Susan Swan
15-04-1733 bap. Mary, dau. of Robert Swan and Susan
03-02-1735/6 bap. John, s of Robert Swan and Susan
15-01-1740/1 bur. Anne Swan
06-07-1750 marr. Thos Bud of Ash and Catherine Swan of S
manorial: 1712-1720
12-5-1730: apprenticeship of William Swan, son of Robert, to Stephen Manley

09-01-1715/16 bur. Tho: Swan [Will: DRa/Pw 5: 17-7-1708; proved 7-1-1715/16]
05-04-1722 bur. Elizabeth Swan [wife of Thomas]
manorial: 1711-1713
was ‘late of Barming’ when he made his will; brother John – of East Malling, labourer; sister Elizabeth Tanner, widow, of Ham in Sussex