1700-1799 (p – r)


bap. 24-08-1673 Mary, dau. of William Pack
bur. 09-02-1709/10 Elizabeth, wife of William Pack
bur. 05-02-1720/1 William Peck
manorial: William Park: 1702-4
24-08-1758: John Pack a previous occ. of smith’s forge + 5 acres in Northmead called ‘The Coote’ [U838/T360]


marr. ? St Margaret’s, Rochester. Henry Pankhurst and Jane Munt of
bur. 10-10-1761 Henry, son of Henry and Jane Panckhurst
bur. 02-10-1782 Mary, wife of Henry Pancrass
bur. 21-04-1794 Mary, dau. of William and [blank] Pankhurst, aged 11
bur. 07-12-1794 William Pankhurst, aged 48 years


bur. [1666] [-] wife of Tho: Parsons
bur. 24-09-1669 Henry, son of Thomas Parsons
bur. 28-03-1671 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
bap. 05-06-1671 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
bap. 05-04-1675 Mary, dau. of Thomas
bap. 12-08-1677 Ann, dau. of Thomas; bur. 09-06-1678
marr. 07-07-1687 Thomas Parson, bach. and Amy Saunders, widdow
bap. 08-04-1688 John, son of Thomas
bap. 19-09-1693 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
bur. 21-05-1714 Thomas Parsons
bur. 03-02-1719/20 Mary Parsons
manorial: 1703-11


01-10-1679 will of Deborah Paine [DRb/Pw44]; proved 5-7-1703; House in Holborough bequeathed to James Wyburne
OA; Sep 1799 27 weeks to Paine family at 6s: £8. 2s. 0d.


bap. 23-01-1675/6 Richard (born at Groves); only son of Mark Parker; various docs. 16-04-1795 to 22-03-1711; joiner
mentioned in will of William Pound: 4-11-1710


May/June 1779 Banns: William Parrimore of S, bach., and Elizabeth Dean of
Ditton, spin.


marr. 26-03-1744 Johnathan Peachy of Halling and Ann Skudder
bur. 05-06-1754 Ann Beachy
marr. 24-04-1758 Jonathan Peacheay of S, widower, and Eliz: Wray
bap. 18-08-1758 Phoebe, dau. Jonathan and Elizabeth Peachey
bap. 02-11-1760 Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Peachey
bur. 19-12-1779 at Halling: Jonathan Peachey
witness at wedding: William Knight/Anne Wray: 18-4-1757
18-10-1758: noted as occ. of tenement + 6 acres salt marsh at death of Thomas Hatch (owner)
24-08-1758: noted as occ. of smith’s forge + 5 acres in Northmead called ‘The Coote’, previously occ. by John Pack [=Tithe 150-1]


OA: many refs to John Pearson and family: 1780-9; John Pearson a witness at wedding of John Butler to Elizabeth Pearson: 26-12-1791; witness to will of Isaac Wenman: 22-12-1785. ? of Ryarsh – see will of Jasper Crothall: 12-03-1778; was at Cobham 1781 and 1788

bap. 05-11-1739 Elizabeth, dau. of Edmund and Margaret
bap. 19-04-1741 Anne, dau. of Edward and Margaret
marr. 22-04-1764 Thomas Baker and Margaret Pearson, both of S
marr. 27-10-1787 Stephen Steady and Ann Pearson, both of S
marr. 26-12-1791 John Butler and Elizabeth Pearson, both of S

PS/Ma3: 02-08-1790 Rebecca Pearson, now residing at Snodland, c.12 Nov 1786 hired herself to Samuel Mann, a baker at Gravesend; served him 2 years
OA: 02-08-1790: expenses at the sitting with Rebecca Pearson: £0. 5s. 6d.
Feb 1791: to Mr Brain carrying Rebacca Pearson to Gravesend: 10s. 6d.
marr. 06-07-1792 William Cook and Rebecca Pearson


many refs in OA: Thomas Pegden: 1774, 1782, 1789-94, including a stay in Bridewell (1791) and payments to [dau.?] Rebecca


Jan 1780 Banns: Thomas Wright of Birling, bach. and Elizabeth Piercefield of S,
spinster; marr at Birling: TW and Elizabeth ‘Pearceful’: 23-02-1780
23-12-1790 Will of John Parceval, gentleman; proved Sept 1796


bap. 19-06-1688 John, son of John Phillips
bur. 05-05-1710 Jane, wife of John Phillips
bur. 06-03-1721/2 Margaret Phillips
marr. 15-06-1725 John Phillips and Ann Tomlyn, both of S
bap. 07-07-1733 John, son of John Phillips
bur. 09-11-1733 John Phillips
marr. 29-10-1759 John Phillips and Jude Cromp, both of S
bap. 20-05-1760 John, son of John and Judith Phillips
bap. 31-10-1762 William Philips
bur. 06-02-1763 Judith Phillips
marr. 08-02-1768 John Phillips of S, widower, and Mary Jordan of S, widow
marr. 08-12-1783 John Phillips and Elizabeth Larkin, both of S
bap. 16-05-1784 John, son of John and Elizabeth
bap. 15-10-1786 William, son of John and Elizabeth
bap. 28-12-1788 Stephen Phillips
bap. 14-03-1790 Ann Mary, dau. of John and Elizabeth
bap. 07-10-1792 Elizabeth, dau. John and Elizabeth
bur. 21-05-1793 Jno Phillips, aged 33 years
bur. 04-07-1793 Stephen, son of the above Jno Phillips, aged 4 years
bur. 27-05-1794 Elizabeth, dau. of Elizabeth Phillips, 20 months
will of John Phillips: 26-10-1733 [DRb/Pw54] wife = Anne; sister = Sarah, wife of Thomas Miskin
[I] manorial: 1707-33
[II] manorial: 1773-97
OA + CW for iron work
John Phillips a witness at S wedding: 17-10-1791: Kebble/Walker


marr. 14-11-1785 at Birling: John Philpot of Paddlesworth and Ann Broad of Birling (by banns)


marr. 31-10-1706 Richard Pierce of Halling, bricklayer and Ann Maire of S,
bap. 06-09-1707 Elizabeth, dau. Richard Pierce of Halling
bur. 12-02-1711/12 Richard Pierce of Halling

manorial: Robert Coney to Thomas Peirce: 2 messuages, 2 barns + 150 acres land: 10-10-1717
manorial: 1717-35


bap. 14-07-1751 Arthur, son of William and Mary
bap. 07-10-1753 Thomas, son of William and Mary

bur. 15-12-1724 Katherine, wife of John Poulter
bur. 06-06-1725 Elizabeth, dau. of John Poulter
bur. 30-05-1756 John Poulter
manorial: 1720-7
U2102/T58: a former owner of Brockshaw


bur. 08-11-1719 Phillip Poulterer


bap. 17-03-1701/2 William, son of William; born 01-03-1701/2
bap. 16-02-1703/4 Thomas, son of William; born 06-02-1703/4
bap. 06-03-1704/5 Catherine, dau. of William; born 25-02-1704/5 [marr. Edward
Owlett; d.1729]
bur. 25-11-1706 William, son of William
bap. 04-01-1706/7 Elizabeth and Mary (twins), daus. of William
bur. 07-01-1706/7 Elizabeth, dau of William
bur. 05-02-1706/7 Mary, dau. of William
bur. 30-03-1707 George Pound of Berling
bur. 08-07-1708 Catherine, wife of William
bur. 11-11-1710 William Pound
bur. 06-12-1717 Esther [dau. of William]
bur. 08-03-1717/8 Thomas [son of William]
William: churchwarden: 1705; manorial: 1702-1710; various properties: including messuage + 4 acres in Snodland; messuage + 22 acres called Springfield’s in Holborough; Catherine Pound: witness to will of William Wells: 02-06-1704


bur. 18-02-1710/11 Elizabeth, dau. of William Piles
bur. 07-03-1710/11 Jane, wife of William Piles
marr. 22-06-1712 St Margaret’s, Rochester: William Pules and Elizabeth
Kennard, both of S
bap. 15-02-1718/19 Sampson Piles
bur. 13-12-1719 Sampson Piles
bur. 13-11-1720 Elizabeth Piles
bap. 24-09-1721 Sampson Piles
bap. 27-03-1723 Richard Piles
bur. 18-02-1732/3 William Pyles
manorial: 1710-32
occ. messuage, slaughter house, stable and land owned by William Pound (also witnessed W. Pound’s will: 4-11-1710).


marr. 26-12-1710 William Pywell of East Malling, widower, and Ann Tye of
bap. 08-08-1714 John, son of William Pywell
bur. 19-03-1718/19 Ann Pywell
manorial: 1712, 1717
1753: death of William Tomlin: messuage and 1 and a half acres of land in Snodland, formerly Pywell’s, now occ. Nicholas Stone and Stephen Manley


22-08-1693 bap. Charles, s. of John Read
30-04-1714 bur. John Reed
Manorial: 1702-1712

26-04-1793 bur. Mary, wife of Wm Reed, aged 25 years, by the Parish
OA: 1793
PS/Ma 3: 7-2-1791: William Reed now residing at Snodland, c.8 years ago at Michaelmas hired himself to William Goldsmith of Punish Farm. Served him 1 year for 10 guineas; served 2 months of a second year ‘and having a few words with his Master quitted his service’.
OA: 1791: William Reed
OA: 1793-5: Rebecca Reed


20-10-1723 bap. Ann Reader
25-02-1729/30 bur. Elizabeth Reeder
PS/Ma 2/58 5-1-1765. Ann Reader now residing in S, singlewoman, born in Benenden c.14 years ago. After 2 years at Rolvenden as servant of William Winton, hired herself to David Jarrett of S, husbandman.
[DJ legally settled in Sittingbourne, an order was signed to remove the said Ann Reader from S to Rolvenden … the said Ann Reader having been delivered about seven weeks ago of a Female Bastard Child in S and refusing to be sworn touching the father… a warrant was signed to commit her to the House of Correction till she should be sworn touching the father of the said child or else be delivered by due course of law.
PS/Ma 2/63 4-5-1765 [same, but daughter Diana born in Rolvenden]


b & bap. 12-10-1699 Mary, dau. of Thomas Rich, farmer; bur. 7-11-1699
27-03-1701; bap. 30-03-1701 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Rich, farmer
07-05-1735 bur. Thomas Rich
06-04-1736 bur. Anne Rich (wife of Thomas)
18-02-1778 marr. Robert Comings of S, bach. and Frances Rich of S, spinster
Manorial: 1702-1735


27-04-1718 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of John and Mary; bur. 06-12-1718
22-04-1722 bap. Ann, dau. of John and Mary
05-11-1723 bur. John Richardson
Manorial: 1722


25-10-1756 marr. Francis Ridley of S and Deborah Gilbert of Halling [at Halling] also banns
OA: Oct 1771: paid to Mr Austin for clothes for Ann Ridley 17/9


21-09-1762 bur. Mary Ryley


10-02-1724/5 bap. Mary, daughter of Henry Robins
01-06-1727 bap. Henry, son of Henry Robins
Manorial: 1723-1730
possibly of Halling
U1823/24/T.105: 31-10-1724: occupier of Benets Place in Snodland and Birling: messuage and 27 acres (ex. John Giles)


02-07-1708 bur. Richard Rogers


02-08-1708: occupier of ‘Stalfords’ with appurtenances [U.47/38/T.23]


William, of Paddlesworth: husbandman: will: DRb/Pwr 42: 5-5-1700; proved 24-5-1700
brothers: Thomas, John, James


01-12-1724 marr. George Roots and Mary Laws, both of S
06-03-1724/5 bap. Henry, son of George
05-11-1727 bap. Dorothy, dau. of George
manorial: 1731

21-04-1791 marr. Jeremiah Townsend of Birling and Jane Roots of S

28-11-1795 marr. Robert Mace of Northfleet, Bach., and Elizabeth Roots of S

PS/Ma/4: 05-02-1798: Elizabeth Roots, singlewoman, now residing in Snodland, c. 4 years ago before Michaelmas hired herself for 1 year to Nicholas Reeves of Meopham [ordered to be removed from Snodland to Meopham]
PS/Ma/4: 06-05-1799: Elizabeth Roots, singlewoman, now residing in Snodland, c. 4 years ago last Michaelmas hired herself to Mr Knell of Cuxton, farmer; served 1 year. She is with child. Ordered to be removed to Cuxton.


18-03-1720/1? Bur. Richard Rowe
31-12-1721 marr. John Balch of Gillingham and Mary Rowe of S
manorial [Richard] 1702-1720
U2102/T34: mentioned as former occ. of forge at Holborough


02-01-1763 bap. Margaret Rumsey
04-05-1783 bur. Jane, wife of Samuel, aged 68 [1715-1783]
31-03-1785 bur. Samuel Rumsey, aged 63 [1722-1785]
manorial: 1765-1783
witness at weddings: 15-05-1772; 15-10-1773; 21-04-1775