1700-1799 (m – o)

bur. 9-4-1705 Robert, son of William, maltster
9-4-1706; bap. 23-4-1706: Ann, dau. of William, maltster [marr. George
Bramley of East Malling: 2-12-1729]
bur. 30-12-1710 William Manley
marr. 9-10-1711 William Turner, bach., and Amy Manley, widow, of S
manorial: 1706-10
occupied messuage owned by William Pound [will: 4-11-1710] and previously by Richard Parker
Inventory: DRb/Pi 25/29, dated 8-1-1710/11

bap. 16-2-1726/7 Amy, dau. of Stephen Manley [died in infancy: bur. ‘Emma’
bap. 3-4-1729 Stephen, son of Stephen; bur. 1-2-1731/2
bap. 29-11-1730 Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen [?bur. 26-3-1734]
bap. 10-12-1732 William, son of Stephen; died 7-8-1762
bap. 23-2-1734/5 Thomas, son of Stephen; bur. 12-6-1737
bap. 20-5-1737 John [q.v.], son of Stephen
bur. 13-10-1763 Stephen Manley
bur. 6-1-1769 Elizabeth Manley [wife of Stephen] [1704-1769]
Will of Stephen: 31/1/32 George II; proved 19-10-1763
1734 and 1754 Poll Books
manorial 1726-62
Churchwarden 1730; 1754; 1755; 1758; 1759
witness to apprenticeship of John Goffe: 12-7-1756
had Richard Martin as a servant c.1750-1
U838/T365: 18-10-1738: occ. Hope’s marsh (c.10 acres in S), previously James Savage; also Shernall and hop ground c.5 ac. In Birling, previously John Goffe
Assessor of Land/Window Tax: 1748; 1750; 1751; 1754
Churchyard memorial

marr. 30-4-1765 at Halling: John Manley of S and Frances Comport of Halling
bap. 24-3-1767 William, son of John and Frances
bap. 16-6-1769 Elizabeth, dau. John and Frances
bap. 28-7-1771 John, son of John and Frances; bur. 9-12-1772
bap. 7-11-1773 Frances, dau. John and Frances
bap. 5-11-1775 Anne, dau. John and Frances
bap. 29-6-1777 John, son of John and Frances
bap. 19-3-1780 Stephen, son of John and Frances
bur. 27-6-1786 William, son of John and Frances, aged 19
bap. 17-3-1789 Thomas, son of John and Frances
marr. 27-10-1789 Laurence Knell of East Malling and Elizabeth Manley of S
marr. 29-2-1792 William Southgate of St Saviour’s, Southwark, and Frances
Manley of S
bur. 9-10-1797 John Manley, Farmer, aged 60
1790 Poll Book: John Manley
manorial: 1766-96
witness to apprenticeship of John Austin: 14-4-1770
Will of John Manley: DRa/Pw16: 6-10-1765
OA: many refs. from 1769
1763: inherited from father Stephen a messuage, barn, malthouse, stable and 3 ac. Arable land [= Mulberry cottage]
Manley, J (Male) Address: Snodland, Date: 1772: Subscribed to The History and Antiquities of Rochester And its Environs: 1772, DENNE, Samuel. Rochester & London

marr. 17-2-1767 John Mannering, bach. and Anne Squibs, widow, both of S
bur. 8-10-1775 John Mannering, a farmer
marr. 8-2-1776 William Wingate and Anne Mannering, both of S
manorial: 1774
Will: DRa
OA: 1769; 1771
?Victualler at Bell, Ham Mill (1763)-1772
Overseer: 1769; 1770

bap. 17-12-1780 Frances, dau. John and Sarah
bap. 20-4-1783 Elizabeth, dau. John and Sarah
bap. 13-3-1785 John, son of John and Sarah
bur. 13-1-1863 at Wouldham: William Mannering of S, aged 75 [1788-1863]
manorial: 1788-90

bur. 21-1-1736/7 John Manser
manorial: 1722-35

bap. 14-3-1683/4 Mary, dau. of Edward Martin
bap. 2-11-1687 John, son of Edward Martaine
bap. 14-10-1690 George, son of Edward Martaine
bap. 3-9-1693 Eliz., dau. of Edward Martaine; bur. 5-12-1697
4-11-1696; bap. 8-11-1696: Edward, son of Edward Martaine
bur. 13-10-1698 John Martaine, servt
b & bap. 10-7-1700 Dorcas, dau. of Edward, labourer
b & bap. 19-9-1703 Sarah, dau. of Edward , labourer
bur. 26-3-1704 Edward Martaine, labourer
marr. 3-12-1705 Henry Divers, widower of Strood, fisherman, and Margaret
Martaine, widow, of S, innkeeper

bur. 2-11-1736 Mary Martin, infant
marr. 15-11-1777 John Tupper of Birling and Sarah Martin of Snodland
bur. 21-11-1784 John Martin, aged 48 [c.1736-1784]
marr. 10-6-1795 James Lutchford/Luxford of S and Sarah Martin of S

marr. 10-2-1737/8 at St Nicholas Rochester: John Martin of S and Elizabeth
Fowler of Halling
bur. 22-3-1759 John Martin
bur. 23-6-1761 Elizabeth, relict of late John
Administration Act: June 1759; Inventory for John
manorial: 1723-38; 1754-8 [?two men]
Churchwarden: 1723; 1724
U1515/E.72: Named on Snodland Rent Roll [Marsham Estate] 29-9-1741
U838/T366: occ. of Holloway Court after Richard/Mary Crow (1721- )
Assessor of Land/Window Tax: 1750; 1751; 1752
servants included Sarah Nynn (1755) and William Hadlow (for several years)

marr. 29-9-1751 Richard Martin and Elizabeth Mulenden
bap. 25-2-1752/3 Richard, son of Richard and Elizabeth
bap. ? Seaman, s. Richard and Eliz. Martin
bap. ? William, son of Richard and Eliz. Martin
marr. 29-10-1761 Richard Martin of S, widower, and Eleanor Calton of Wrotham,
residing in this parish
bap. 8-8-1762 John, son of Richard and Eleanor
bap. 6-5-1764 Thomas, son of Richard and Eleanor
bap. 29-12-1765 Anne, dau. Richard and Eleanor; bur. 30-11-1766
bap. 7-8-1768 Sarah, dau. of Richard and Eleanor; bur 27-2-1783
bur. 22-12-1783 Richard Martin, aged 55 years [b. c. 1728]
bur. 9-1-1788 Eleanor Martin, widow, aged 56 years [c.1732-1788]
manorial: 1755; 7159; ?1781
PS/Ma 1/175 [3-2-1759] Richard Martin, now residing in Snodland … c.8 yrs last Michaelmas hired himself on Michaelmas day to Stephen Manley – served a year.
OA: refs 1777-82

Seaman [son of Richard/Elizabeth]
bap. ? Seaman, son of Richard and Elizabeth
bur. 21-4-1771 Seaborn Martin
OA: many refs: 1770- and to Dame Martin [?wife or mother]

John [son of Richard/Eleanor]
marr. 17-1-1785 John Martin and Anne Barton, both of S
bap. 1-5-1785 Thomas, son of John and Anne Martin
bur. 9-4-1793 John Martin, aged 30, by the parish
PS/Ma3/2-1-1786 of Birling. Born in Snodland. Served a regular apprenticeship with Thomas Hubble of S. Never lived out of the said parish a year. [Settled at S with wife Ann and son Thomas]. Probably a cordwainer.
OA: many refs to him and family: 1789-1795; Thomas Martin apprenticed to John Barton: OA:27-5-1795

bap. 28-11-1725 Richard, son of Richard
bur. 30-3-1725 Margaret Mason [widow] [Inventory: DRa/Pi7/18 [1725]
valued at £4. 15s. 4d. Admin. Act
bur. 7-1-1727/8 Richard Mason
bap. 17-3-1727/8 Mary, dau. of Richard; bur. 3-5-1728
manorial: 1725

bap. 4-2-1727/8 Costen, son of George Masters
bur. 2-3-1727/8 George Masters

bur. 21-10-1762 Robert Matthews

bur. 15-12-1819 Mary Matthas of Snodland, 41 years, at Barming
bap. 8-6-1775 William, son of William and Margaret
bap. 6-7-1777 Thomas, son of William and Margaret
bap. 16-7-1780 Samuel, son of William and Margaret
bap. 24-2-1767 Ann, dau. William and Margaret
CW: 4-11-1770: Wm Mattocks a Fox 1s.

20-11-1701; bap. 2-12-1701: Ann, dau. of William May, Maltster
Churchwarden: 1704
Elizabeth May a witness to will of William Wells (2-6-1704)

John [of Birling]
bur. 24-11-1760 at Birling: John May [Will: PCC/8-11-1760/10-2-1761 Probate]
much property
U1515/E72 Named on Snodland Rent Roll [Marsham Estate] 29-9-1741
U838/T365 18-10-1738 Acquired property from Samuel Duke, including ‘Red Lion’, Shernall and hop grounds in Birling

William [son of John I of Birling]
bur. 25-8-1777 at Birling:
witness to S wedding: 22-12-1764
OA: 1769; 1771
CW: 1769; 1770; 1773

John [son of John I of Birling] [see 1800-1950 database]
May, John (Male) Title: Esq Address: Snodland, Date: 1772: Subscribed to The History and Antiquities of Rochester And its Environs: 1772, DENNE,
Samuel. Rochester & London


bap. 20-12-1683 Jane, dau. of Abraham Medowes
bur. 31-01-1694/5 Jane Medhurst
bur. 04-02-1710/11 Abraham Medhurst


bap. 01-12-1782 Anne, dau. of Richard and Mary Mercer
bur. 06-03-1785 Mary, wife of Richard Mercer, aged 27 years [c.1758-1785]
bap. 30-01-1785 Wm., son of Richard and Mary Mercer
bur. 26-06-1785 Wm., son of Richard and Mary Mercer

(Mellions, Milams, Milliam, Millans, Williams

marr. 10-09-1728 George Collins and Mary Milhams, both of S
marr. 29-09-1783 George Melliams and Mary Jeffery
bur. 16-12-1747 Eliz., dau. of George and Mary Mellions
bap. 18-02-1749/50 George, son of George Milams
bur. 15-04-1753 George, son of George Milams
bap. 06-01-1654 Mary, dau. of George and Mary Williams
bur. 13-01-1754 Mary, dau of George and Mary
bur. 05-10-1770 Mary, wife of George Milham
bur. 21-09-1783 George Millans
witness at wedding: 03-02-1755: George Milhams
witness at wedding: 23-08-1788: ‘Richard’ Millams
OA: assessed at £3; lodging: 1780-82; 1775: ‘to Expenses with George Milliams’ 1s.
Manorial: Aletaster: 1761-3; other refs. 1755, 1760, 1765


bap. 20-03-1716/17 John, son of John Miskin
bap. 03-06-1718 Henry Miskin, son of John
bur. 24-04-1719 Henry Miskin
bap. 24-11-1719 Richard. son of John Miskin
bap. 14-02-1724/5 Edward, son of John Miskin
bur. 08-07-1739 Margaret Miskin, widow


marr. 19-06-1791 Featherstone Molley of S, Draper and Taylor, and Elizabeth Green of Maidstone, spinster


bur. 06-07-1706 Jane Muddle, a poor widdow


bap. 28-10-1759 Rachel, dau. of Robert and Mary
bur. 18-09-1761 Rachel, dau. of Robert and Mary Mugeridge
Manorial: defaulter in 1759


bap. 14-08-1725 Anne, dau. of William Mullinder
bap. 02-04-1727 William, son of William
bur. 17-05-1727 William, son of William Mullindor
marr. 29-09-1751 Richard Martin and Elizabeth Mulenden


bur. 03-09-1696 A Still-born child of Nicholas Muns [husbandman]
bap. 26-12-1697 John, son of Nicholas Muns; born 18-12-1697
U2102/T.9: 31-05-1700: named in deed with wife Siscilla in transfer of land from John Tomlyn to George Costen


marr. 06-11-1755 James Wood and Mary Munt, both of S
witness to will of John Wibly: 12-10-1737: Robert Munt
witness to wedding: 09-10-1757: Jane Munt
Jane Munt: victualler at ‘The Papermaker’ [in S] 1746-59 [Q RLv 4/1; Q RLv 1/84]
marr. 02-02-1760 St Margaret’s, Rochester: Henry Pankhurst and Jane Munt of S, spinster, by licence. [Jasper Crothall manager of the paper mill, a witness.]


marr. 12-10-1794 William Nash and Ann Tomlin, both of S


bap. 04-05-1740 Robert, son of Thomas and Anne Nebbs
bap. 19-01-1766 William, son of George and Mary Nebbs
bur. 23-06-1767 Thomas Nebbs
bur. 13-03-1771 Mary, wife of George Nebbs
marr. 27-09-1785 George Nebbs and Mary Langrage, both of S
bap. 02-04-1786 Mary, dau. of George and Mary Nebbs
bap. 14-10-1787 George, son of George and Mary Nebbs
bur. 22-03-1816 Mary Nibbs of Birling, aged 70
many refs. in OA and CW accounts 1769 to John, George, Jane, and William
PS/Ma 2/69 [07-12-1765] George Nebbs now residing at S on Oath saith that c.7-8 years ago he hired himself to Robert Austin of Birling, Farmer, for 1 year and served 1 year. Since he left Mr Austen’s service he was bound by indenture to Francis Aldridge of S, Hoyman, for three years for which the said Francis Aldridge was to pay this Examinent Twenty Pounds at three different payments. Saith that he served the said Francis Aldridge three years sometimes on shore at S, but chiefly on the water. Saith that he believes he was never ashore at S forty days at any one time during his apprenticeship. Saith that his father Thomas Nebbs was a certificate man from Yalding to Snodland and saith that after he quitted Mr Aldridge’s service he hired himself to John Brown of Snodland. [Adjudged to be settled at Snodland.]


bap 03-02-1677/8 Benjamin, son of Benjamin Netherway
bap. 16-06-1682 Joan, dau. of Benjamin Netherway
bap. 03-02-1684/5 John, son of Benjamin Netherway
bur. 14-10-1686 John, son of Benjamin Netherway
bap. 20-03-1686/7 John, son of Benjamin Netherway
bur. 02-07-1688 Joan, dau. of Benjamin Netherway
bap. 20-10-1689 Elizabeth, dau. of Benjamin Netherway
bur. 03-04-1726 Joan, wife of Benjamin Netherway
bur. 05-02-1729/30 Benjamin Netherway
Manorial: 1702-15
witness to nuncupative will of Elleanor How: 9-10- or 1-11- 1697
Jone Netherway witness to nuncupative will of William Loft 24-10-1688


[Farmer at Cox’s Farm]
Manorial: 1762-6
OA: 1769-
Overseer: 1766

marr. 02-04-1771 Thomas Soper of Birling and Fanny Newman of S, by licence
26-08-1776: William Newman of S, wheelwright, father of bastard child by Sarah Croft; surety by John Newman of S, carpenter


bur. 11-07-1766 Richard Ninn
marr. 15-12-1766 Thomas Clackett, widower and Mary Nims, both of S
PS/Ma 1, 141 [6-11-1756] Srah Nynn, now residing at S, singlewoman, saith that c. 6 minths before Michaelmas 1755 she came into the service of Mr Martin of Snodland, farmer. At Michaelmas 1755 she hired herself again to Mrs Martin for a year and that pursuant to such hiring she served the year and received 40s wages. [Adjudged settled at Snodland.]


marr. 17-06-1746 John Waller of S and Ann Norise


bur. 07-09-1781 Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Oakeshot


bap. 05-11-1723 Stephen, son of Stephen Oben
bap. 13-09-1726 Anne, dau. of Stephen Oben
bap. 28-10-1730 William, son of Stephen Oben
bur. 30-05-1732 Ann Obey
bap. 09-11-1733 Thomas, son of Stephen and Elizabeth Obee
bur. 10-12-1736 Stephen Oben
Stephen noted as occ. of ‘Old Bull’ in will of Richard Everest
1734 Poll Book: Stephen Oden of Snoudland
Stephen: manorial: 1712-36; occ. of messuage bequeathed by John Crow [I] to Thomas Crow of Wateringbury: 13-3-1714
OA: ‘Mr Oben’ bills 1773-6

bap. 05-10-1714 Thomas, son of Thomas Oby, Brick-layer; born 04-10-1700
manorial: Thomas: 1707-11


Thomas and wife Ann
manorial: messuage and 3 ac. land + 1 ac. Salt marsh in S; messuage, barn and c.10 ac. in Halling
‘The Bull’ [see U.1833/T.331]
manorial: 1704-27


bap. 15-08-1780 Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary, privately baptized; admitted into congregation.


bap. 14-09-1740 Edward, son of Edward and Sarah Orpen
bap. 12-12-1742 Ann, dau. of Edward and Sarah Orpen
bap. 14-07-1745 William, son of Edward and Sarah Arpin
bap. 14-02-1747/8 Sarah, dau. of Edward and Sarah Arpin
bap. 26-08-1750 Nicholas, son of Edward and Sarah Orpin
bur. 10-08-1781 Sarah, wife of Edward Orpin, labourer
bur. 07-09-1781 Edward Orpin, labourer
1755 and 1758: occ. of cottage at Holborough [death of Robert Field, leased from Bishop of Rochester; alienated to Richard Hales]
manorial: 1754; 1758
witness at wedding: 15-12-1766
OA: xx-10-1778: To Richard Burjes for Wm Orpin: £3.12s.0d

marr. 21-04-1773 John Brain and Sarah Orpin, both of S; Thomas Orpin a witness
Sarah Orpin a witness at wedding: 15-05-1772

bur. 24-06-1776 William Orpin, a Shoe-maker


marr. 01-12-1767 William Craft and Elizabeth Osbourne, both of S


bap. 25-12-1765 Mary, dau. of Thomas and Sarah Outridge
PS/Ma 2/70 [7-12-1765] Thomas Outridge, now residing in Snodland, hired himself c. Michaelmas 1760 to William Fremlyn of Ryarsh for 1 year. Then to Birling with a Certificate [Adjudged to remove to Ryarsh with wife Sarah and son Thomas.]


bur. ?10-?1-1728/9 Katherine, wife of Edward Owlett and last Descendant of the Family of the Pounds late of ye Parish
Catherine Pound (dau. William) born at S: 25-02-1704/5; bap. 6-3-1704/5; bequests in will of William Pound: 4-11-1710