1700-1799 (i – l)


bur. 03-10-1782 Thomas James, a stranger drowned in the creek
OA: Oct 1782: expenses at the inquisition of Thomas James: 3s; burial of ditto: £1. 1s. 4d.

(Garrett; Gerrit; Jarrit)

marr. 16-10-1758 Henry Smith of Ditton, bach., and Ann Jarret of S
bur. 03-07-1759 Edward Jarret
bur. 08-03-1761 Catherine, wife of David
bur. 14-12-1762 David Jarrett
banns Jan/Feb 1765 David Jarrit of S, widower, and Anne Reader of S, spin.
bur. 09-01-1817 William Garrett, aged 78 [i.e. born c.1739]
bur. 11-03-1869 Elizabeth Jarett of S, aged 90
PS/Ma 1, 174: 02-05-1752 and 03-02-1759: served a year to John Denne of Sittingbourne; and another year; wife Catherine and son David; 04-05-1765: as before, but served 2 years c.6-7 years ago. ‘He hath been relieved by the Parish Officers of Snodland’.


bap. 05-03-1722/3 Mary, dau. of Robert
bap. 24-10-1725 Elizabeth, dau. of Robert; bur. 15-11-1726
bur. 08-08-1727 Robert Jeffrey
bap. 08-10-1727 Robert Jeffrey
bur. 21-04-1731 Dorcas Jeffrey
marr. 29-09-1747 George Melliams and Mary Jeffery

PS/Ma 3: 05-04-1783: Thomas Allchin of Birling saith on oath that this day he was attacked by Thomas Jeffrey of Snodland, butcher, as he was riding on horseback in Birling. That he the said Thomas Jeffrey struck at the said Thomas Allchin several times and pushed him and his horse into a ditch.
Will of George Courthop: 08-03-1781 gave messuage in S, late occ. Thomas Jeffery, a butcher, to use of GC’s great grandchildren; in 07-07-1783 was ‘very ruinous and decayed’: sold to John Marsham/?Manley for £40
Tenant of George Courthop 1780-1; of Francis Hope 1782-3
OA: 11-03-1793: to Ann Jefferys son for shoes
OA: 08-04-1793: apprenticeship of H. B. Jeffery to John Terry
OA: March 1796: to Thos Jeffery 5s.


bap. 20-06-1714 James, son of James; bur. 25-06-1714
bap. 02-01-1715/6 Ann, dau. of James
bap. 09-02-1717/8 Mary, dau. of James
bap. 10-02-1720/1 Thomas, son of James
bap. 30-01-1725/6 James, son of James
bur. 04-12-1727 Mary, wife of James
bur. 10-11-1762 James Jenner
bur. 20-10-1764 James Jenner
bap. 11-10-1767 James, son of Thomas and Rebecca
Banns Sep/Oct 1778 Robert Winden of E. Malling, bach., and Mary Jenner of S, spinster
OA: many payments to young [James] Jenner; bound apprentice Oct 1780
manorial: 1714-28


18-10-1759: alienation of messuage and garden in Holborough from William Johnson to Edward Jupp
manorial: 1754


marr. 08-02-1768 John Phillips of S, widower, and Mary Jordan of S, widow


bap. 14-09-1742 William, son of Edward and Alice
bap. 01-02-1746/7 Edward, son of Edward and Alice
bap. 28-05-1749 Martha, dau. of Edward and Alice
bur. 17-03-1772 Edward Jupp of Holborough, carpenter
marr. 15-05-1772 Joseph Dive of S, bach., and Martha Jupp of S, spin.
bur. 09-02-1783 Widow Jupp

18-10-1759: alienation of messuage and garden in Holborough, occ. Nich. Hadlow, from William Johnson to Edward Jupp; descended in 1772 to 2 sons Edward and William
manorial: 1754-71
PS/Ma 1, 48: 02-05-1752: Edward Jupp of Snodland – last legal settlement: Halling, by being bound apprentice to David Seamarke, carpenter for 7 years; adjudged settled at Halling with wife Alice and children Edward, Martha, William
PS/Ma 1, 58: 04-11-1752: fined 1s. 6d. default for repairs to highway
PS/Ma 2, 100: Edward Jupp of S lived with William Brinden of Linton at Linton for 3 months in 1740 and married William Brinsden’s sister [Alice] [NB an Alice Brinsden, dau. of William and Alice, bap. at Tonbridge 03-09-1714; another marr. John Cook at Tudeley/Capel, 16-02-1737/8]
OA: 1769-1772

bap. 26-05-1771 William, son of Edward and Mary
marr. 15-11-1773 William Jupp of Birling, bach., and Anne Fletcher of S, spin.
witness at wedding: William Jupp and Sarah Hales: 30-11-1775
Apprenticeship of William Jupp: Aug 1788


bap. 16-05-1736 Francis, son of Hugh and Elizabeth
bur. 25-10-1738 Frans. Keeble, infant
bap. 04-02-1738/9 William, son of Hugh and Elizabeth [q.v.]
bur. 23-01-1763 Hugh Keble
bur. 15-01-1767 Anne Keeble, widow
1754 poll book: Hugh Keble of Stroud – house occ. by Rich. Skiller
borsholder: 1756

marr. 14-02-1765 William Keeble of S, bach., and Anne Godden of S
bap. 31-03-1765 Frances, dau. William and Ann
bap. 07-08-1768 John, son of William and Ann
bap. 18-02-1770 Ann, dau. of William and Ann
bap. 15-03-1772 Elizabeth, dau. William and Ann Cable; bur. aged 14, 31-12-
bap. 28-05-1775 Richard, son of William and Ann Cable
bap. 28-06-1778 Jane, dau. of William and Ann; = James Osmotherly of S: 28 –
bur. 12-06-1782 Ann, wife of William Keble
bur. 02-04-1788 Wm Kebble, aged 50 years, by the Parish
bur. 24-02-1790 Richard Townsend Kebble, son of Ann, aged 5 days
William: witness at wedding: Alldridge/Kyle: 07-04-1763
PS/Ma 2, f.65: 01-06-1765. William Kable, now residing in Snodland, saith that he was born in Snodland where his father Hugh was a parishioner. Was bound apprentice to Edward Green of Aylesford [cordwainer] for 5 years and served him 5 years. [Adjudged settled at Aylesford with wife Ann and dau. Frances.]
Apprenticeship dated 09-04-1755.
OA and CWA: 1769-70: mentioned in accounts.


marr. 19-07-1760 Gates Compton of A, and Ann Figg of S
PS/Ma 2: 04-01-1766: Gates Kempton now residing at Snodland, c. 8 years ago hired himself for 1 year to Edward Ashdown of Cuxton, farmer and c. 6 years ago to Ed. Gilder of Snodland. Married in the said year between Haying and Harvest time. [Adjudged to remove to Cuxton with wife Annie and daus. Elizabeth and Ann].


Administration Act: Sept 1763: James Kennard


marr. 27-04-1704 Ambrose Kidwell of S, bach., and Elizab. Vowsden of S,
farmer, widow
bur. 06-03-1710/1 Elizabeth, wife of Ambrose Kidwell
bur. 02-06-1714 Ambrose Kidwell
manorial: 1706-1712; borsholder 1707-8.
Q/RDz 3/1-17. Noted as former occ. of messuage called Markhouse and c.30 acres in Snodland, previously occ. by Vowsden family and after A.K. by John Huggins


bur. 20-01-1738/9 William Kinge

bap. 28-03-1756 William, son of Thomas and Mary
bap. 13-10-1758 James, son of Thomas and Mary
manorial: 1753-4

marr. 05-07-1783 Daniel King of S, bach. and Anne Tomlin of S.
bap. 30-05-1784 William, son of Daniel and Ann
Witnesses at weddings: Daniel: Comings/Rich: 18-02-1778; Clerk/How: 6-6-1779;
Timothy King: Hubble/Temple: 15-06-1778; Ann: Beany/Dartnall: 08-07-1784.
OA: 1776 and 1781


marr. 18-04-1757 William Knight of S, and Anne Wray (a minor) of Aylesford
bur. 29-03-1758 Thomas Knight
bap. 17-03-1760 Ann, dau. of William and Ann
bur. 07-05-1760 Ann Knight
bap. 09-10-1762 Mary Knight; admitted into congregation: 17-10-1762
bur. 16-02-1765 William Knight
marr. 25-05-1767 George Chittenden of S, bach., and Anne Knight of S, widow
bur. 08-11-1775 Thomas Knight, a farmer

Richard Knight a witness to apprenticeship of Henry Hawkes: 24-10-1767
William and Ann: witnesses at wedding: 24-04-1758: Peachey/Wray; William a witness: 29-09-1765: Batts/Hare
manorial: 1759
victualler at ‘The Hoy’: 1761; ‘The Bull’: 1762-1765 [Q RLv 4/1]
01-10-1757: William, the father of a bastard child by Elizabeth Hernden of S
PS/Ma 1, 123: 3-2-1759: William Knight, now residing at Snodland, on oath saith that about 12 years ago he was bound an apprentice to John Elvey of Rainham, Kent, butcher, for 7 years. That he served his master about 3 years, when they parted by consent. That soon after he set up his trade in Snodland; he hired a house, barn and slaughter house in S of George Courthop at £7. 10s. 0d. p.a., a piece of marshland in S of Mr Fletcher and 7s. p.a., a slaughter house in S of Robert Austen at £1. p.a. and a piece of ground in East Malling of Thomas Wray at £1. p.a. [Adjudged settled at Rainham with Anne his wife, the hireing being looked upon as fraudulent, and an order to remove them from Snodland to Rainham.]

bur. 25-06-1741 John, infant son of William and Margaret
bap. 16-01-1742/3 Joseph, son of William and Margaret
bap. 18-11-1744 Mary, dau. of William and Margaret
marr. 07-04-1763 Francis Alldridge of S and Ann Kyle of S
bur. 06-11-1781 Margaret Kyle, an old woman
‘Wm Kyle Clark’ in parish register, 1742; dead by 1778
OA: 1778-1781

bur.: 5-12-1694: Thomas Lake
bap.: 09-12-1696: Elizabeth, dau. of Hercules; born 6-12-1696; bur. 1-2-1697/8
bap.: 18-9-1698: Richard, s. of Hercules, butcher; born 15-9-1698
Manorial: essoin 7-4-1702; Juror: 8-10-1702
Occ. of marsh called Hope’s [10 ac. In S], formerly Richard Parker and later of William Day
In 1672 John Cleves of Birling was apprenticed to Hercules Lake of Birling, butcher.
Margaret Collins, Birling, p.210 found that Hercules and wife Rosamund had five children

bur. 31-10-1740 Nichols Lancaster

marr. 27-3-1744: Thos Davis and Sarah Lane of Punish
16-7-1754: John Lane a witness to apprenticeship of Charles Goffe

bap. 18-2-1770 Elizabeth, dau. John and Elizabeth
bap. 28-7-1771 Mary, dau. John and Elizabeth
marr. 23-8-1788 Thomas Jeal of Wrotham and Mary Langley of S
PS/Ma 2/138: 6-1-1770, now residing at Snodland. c.12 years ago was bound apprentice to John Horton of Maidstone, bricklayer, for 7 years and served the 7 years. [Adjudged settled at Maidstone with wife Elizabeth and sons William and John]
CW 24-4-1770; OA 3 & 6-1-1770

bap. 24-3-1771 John, s. of George and Mary
bap. 6-2-1774 Jane, dau. George and Mary
bap. 31-12-1775 George, son of George and Mary
bap. 16-12-1781 James, son of George and Mary
bur. 5-7-1782 George Langrage
marr. 27-9-1785 George Nebbs and Mary Langrage both of S
many refs. in OA 1772-1788

marr. 4-11-1784 John Hawks of S and Mary Large of S

bap 19-5-1771 John, son of Thomas and Frances
marr. 8-12-1783 John Phillips and Elizabeth Larkin, both of S
many refs. in OA to Dame [Mary] Larkin 1778-1782: her burial mentioned March 1782, following hospital visits

bap. 5-6-1715 James, son of Edward Lawes
bap. 4-5-1718 Edward, son of Edward and Ann Laws
bur. 3-7-1722 Edward Lawes
marr. 1-12-1724 George Roots and Mary Laws, both of S
Edward Laws of Paddlesworth in 1734 Poll Book
Manorial: 1714-21

bap. 6-5-1739 Thomas, son of Thomas and Tabitha

bap. 10-8-1760 Frances, dau. William and Eliz. Lenham
bur. 18-8-1764 William Lenham
Inventory of George Wray (1757): year’s rent owed to George Wray (£6. 10s. 0d)
Noted as occ. of tenement: alienation Richard/John Eason and R & A Commins & F & E Aldridge to Richard Hales: 16-10-1760
3-5-1766 Apprenticeship of George Lenham to James Lenham of W. Malling, butcher
4-7-1768 Apprenticeship of Frances Lenham to James Lenham, her uncle, of West Malling, butcher

bap. 26-2-1737/8 at Cuxton: William, son of William and Mary Lewis
marr. 1-6-1762 William Lewis of Cuxton and Sarah Wingate of S
bap. 22-8-1762 Sarah, dau. William and Sarah
bur. 29-5-1763 Sarah Lewis
bap. 23-11-1764 Mary, dau. William and Sarah
bur. 10-4-1797 Wm Lewis, Schoolmaster & Clerk
marr. 13-7-1790 Thomas Hodges of Wrotham and Mary Lewis of S, spinster
bur. 12-8-1820 Sarah Lewis from Chelsea, aged 80
Administration act
Churchwarden; Schoolmaster; Parish Clerk; Overseer
Witness to 16 marriages
manorial: 1763-96
OA and CW accounts
1-2-1766 witness to apprenticeship of Ann Hales
Mary Lewis witness at weddings: 1-8-1780 and 12-7-1784
Lewis, W (Male) Address: Snodland, Date: 1772: Subscribed to The History and Antiquities of Rochester And its Environs: 1772, DENNE, Samuel. Rochester & London
Lewis, William (Male) Address: Snodland, Date: 1768: Occupation(s): school master, literature/education(a) Subscribed to A treatise on Mensuration, both in theory and practice, 1768, HUTTON, Charles. Newcastle upon Tyne

marr. 13-10-1754 Timothy Linch and Elizabeth Howard, both of S
bur. 3-8-1755 Anne Lynch
bap. 17-10-1756 Eliz., dau. of Timothy and Eliz. Lynch
bap. 2-4-1758 Timothy, son of Timothy and Eliz. Lynch
bap. 17-2-1760 John, son of Timothy and Eliz. Lynch
bap. 18-4-1762 Margaret, dau. of Timothy and Elizabeth Linch
bap. 30-4-1764 William, son of Timothy and Elizabeth
bap. 6-1-1765 Thomas, son of Timothy and Elizabeth
bap. 25-1-1767 James Linch, son of Timothy and Elizabeth Linch; bur. 1-2-
bur. 17-2-1773 Elizabeth Linch [wife of Timothy]
bur. 7-12-1783 Timothy Linch, aged 49 years, by the Parish
marr. 12-7-1784 William Hadlow and Margaret Linch
bur. 26-10-1817 Sarah Lynch, aged 59 [i.e. born c.1758]
manorial: 1755; 1758
PS/ Ma 1/58 [4-11-1752] fined 1s. 6d. default regarding 1 days labour repairing highway
OA: many refs 1769-83

bur. 28-10-1724 Eliz. Littlewood
bur. 30-1-1730/1 Jos. Littlewood
manorial: 1704-25
U1833/T331: occ. messuage etc.: The Bull
a Michael Littlewood a witness to apprenticeship of William Swan
Sarah Littlewood a witness to will of Isaac Wenman 22-12-1785 and to will of John Gilder 15-6-1783

marr. 7-10-1696 Thomas Lock and Elizabeth Youwell, both of S
25-8-1697; bap. 12-9-1697 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas; bur. 6-3-1697/8
6-1-1698/9; bap. 8-1-1698/9 Mary, dau. Thomas Lock, labourer
26-1-1700/01; bap. 7-2-1700/01: George, son of Thomas, labourer
3-6-1705; bap. 17-6-1705: Thomas, son of Thomas, labourer
bur. 1-2-1703/4 Mary, dau. of Thomas, labourer
bur. 14-12-1707 Thomas Lock
manorial: 1706-7; tenant of George Costen [d.1704]

marr. 30-1-1748/9 Charles Lock and Elizabeth Clampard
marr. 12-5-1761 Charles Lock and Sarah Lawrence, both of S
bap. 9-11-1764 Thomas, son of Charles and Sarah
banns Nov/Dec 1784 Charles Hutchence of S and Sarah Lock of S
PS/Ma 2/55 [3-11-1764] Charles Lock, now residing in Snodland, born at Ansham, co. Oxford, bound apprentice to William Fachion of Woolvernett, Oxon, Papermaker, for 7 years [served 5 yrs and 4 months]; then journeyman in Worcestershire for 11 weeks; c. 3 weeks in Shropshire and 3 yrs with Thomas Overton, a Papermaker.
PS/Ma 1, p.9 [2-7-1748] fragmentary entry mentions Francis Lock, now of Snodland

bur. 12-6-1713 Judith Loft of Luddesdowne [widow of William, d.1688]
bur. 7-8-1775 Sarah Louft

marr. 25-9-1712 — Love of Meopan, widower, and Elizabeth Luck of S, widow
bur. 26-3-1717/8 Elizabeth Love
bur. 10-9-1723 William Love [Administration Act]
manorial: 1712-22
U2102/T.10: 12-7-1727: mentioned as former occ. of Springetts

bap. 15-5-1737 Alice Lowance
bur. 27-11-1737 Alice Lowance (inf)
bap. 16-3-1739/40 Sarah, dau, of John and Elizabeth
bap. 23-9-1743 Thomas, son of John Lowance
bur. 3-4-1752 Thomas, son of John Lowance
bap. 13-7-1745 Elizabeth, dau. of John and Sarah
bur. 4-10-1756 John Lowance
marr. 12-5-1761 Charles Lock and Sarah Lowance, both of S
marr. 26-5-1766 Richard Seaton and Elizabeth Lowance, both of S
bur. 18-1-1768 Alice Lowance, widow
Manorial: Juror: 1738-9
PS/Ma 1/p.9. [2-7-1748] John Lowance, now of S … saith that he hired [himself to] 3 people in 1742 for £13 in the year
PS/Ma 1/p.58 4-11-1752: [John] Lowance a Surveyor of the Highways of Snodland
U2101/T58: John Lowance, a former owner of Brockshaw

Q/RDz 3/1-17 [28-2-1732] noted as former occ. of Courtlodge, Snodland; previously occ. James Savage and after of John Weebly

bap. 16-2-1689/90 Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas Luff
bap. 9-11-1691 Mary, dau. of Nicholas Luff
Birling Register: Mary Richardson of the Parish of Snodland appeared then before me and made Oath that the Body of Nicholas Luff of the sd Parish was buried in nothing but woolen on the 19th of June 1724. Shee swore before H. Pugh Curate of Trosley.
Overseer of the will of Thomas Pound 27-5-1687
witness to will of John Giles 12-9-1678

bap. 12-10-1788 Ann, dau. of Thomas and Ann Luxford
bap. 7-3-1790 Richard, son of Thomas and Ann Luxford