1700-1799 (g)


bur. 29-05-1706 James Gardener, labourer
bur. 29-05-1713 […] Gardiner, widow
James G a witness to nuncupative will of Stephen How: 11-01-1678
24-10-1767: Thomas Gardner a witness to apprenticeship of Henry Hawkes


bur. 01-06-1740 Mary Gason, wife of Thomas Gason of Holborrow
marr. 26-03-1744 Thos Gason of S and […] Harrison of S
Probably lived at ‘Gassons’, hence the name
bur. 16-06-1754 Thomas Garson a Laber
bur. 07-12-1758 Magdalene Garson
manorial: 1716-35


bur. 01-05-1783 Tho: Gibbons Aged 71 [i.e. born c.1712]
manorial: 1753, 1759
OA: 1782-3: various payments


marr. 01-11-1678 George Gilbert and Martha Pain
bap. 09-01-1680/1 Henry, son of George
bap. 07-01-1683/4 Henry, son of George
bap. 16-02-1685/6 Elizabeh, dau. of George
bap. 01-04-1688 Ann, dau of George
bap. 03-03-1689/90: George and Thomas (twins); George bur. 18-04-1693; Thomas
bur. 16-03-1768/90
bur. 16-10-1690 Martha Gilbert
bur. 14-11-1716 George Gilbert
manorial: 1702-16
will of Elizabeth Read: 15-03-1679: bequest to son Henry of ‘my house that nowe George Gilbert liveth in’.

bur. 13-01-1705/6 Mary Gilbert of Maidstone, ye wife of Tho: Gilbert, Cutler
bur. 15-08-1707 Mary Gilbert
bur. 17-05-1720 Deborah Gilbert [formerly Parker, then Sherry]


bap. 22-11-1716 Mary, dau. of Edward and Elizabeth
bap. 04-05-1721 Elizabeth, dau. Edward and Elizabeth [=John Fletcher]
bap. 14-01-1728/9 Edmund, son of Edmund; bur. 14-09-1729
bap. 13-06-1734 John, son of Edmund [q.v.]
witness at wedding: Edmund: 11-08-1761 (Sanders/Stevenson)
bur. 16-09-1764 Elizabeth Gilder
bur. 08-10-1770 Edmund Gilder; died 03-10-1770; will: 28-07-1766: DRa/Pw 14; of Holborough, victualler [‘The Cock’]
Q RLv 1/78 (1743); 1/84 (1750); 4/1 (1753): licences
Churchwarden in 1742
manorial: 1718-39
appraised inventory of William Haynes: 22-09-1730
CKS: U1515/E72: named on Snodland/Halling rent roll of Marsham estate: 29-09-1741
Assessor of Land/Window Tax in 1752 and 1753
Appointed surveyor of highways 1754
witness to apprenticeships: 12-07-1756: John Goffe; 09-12-1758: William Hadlow; 28-03-1767: Thomas Blackman

bur. 21-06-1783 John Gilder, aged 49 years; bap. 13-06-1734
Will: CKS: U30/T39: 15-06-1783
manorial: 1760-77
15-10-1767: we present John Gilder to be admitted a Tenant to two tenements alienated to him by Geo: Courthope scituate at Holborough [willed by JG to Sarah Wood for life]
Overseer: Nov 1763
OA: various payments1772-81


bur. 29-11-1719 Margaret Godden of East Malling
marr. 14-02-1765 William Keeble of S, bach., and Anne Godden of S


marr. 19-11-1691 John Goffe of St Margaret’s, Rochester, widower, and Susanna Everest of S
bap. 21-02-1697/8 John, son of John; born 12-02-1697/8
John: mentioned in will of William Everest: 22-12-1704
bur. 23-02-1704/5 Jane, dau. of John, carpenter
John: witness to will of William Pound: 04-11-1710
John and Susan: witnesses to will of William Turner: 12-01-1713/14
John and Susanna: mentioned in will of Joan Everest: 10-08-1714
bur. 25-04-1722 Susannah Goffe

bur. 22-04-1723 John Goffe [Inventory: CKS: DRb/Pi 37/5 value £37]
bap. 22-01-1723/4 Deborah, dau. of John Goffe [?marr. John Butler]
bap. 19-03-1724/5 Ann, dau. John Goffe
bap. 07-01-1726/7 Susannah, dau. of John; bur. 23-03-1626/7
born 02-11-1728 Charles, son of John; bur. 28-12-1729
bap. 29-11-1730 John, son of John; bur. 22-04-1733
bur. 25-11-1730 Jane, wife of John Goffe
bur. 18-10-1736 Jane Goffe
bur. 20-10-1737 Elizabeth Goffe
bap. 23-10-1738 Susan, dau. of John
bap. 04-05-1740 John and Elizabeth (twins) of John and Susan; Elizabeth bur.
21 [?27]-05-1740; 12-07-1756: John, son of John, housecarpenter, apprenticed to Richard Jones of Strood, fisherman.
bap. 13-09-1741 Charles, son of John; 16-07-1754: son of John, carpenter:
apprenticed to William Wright of Rochester, barber and peruke maker
bap. 02-01-1742/3 James, son of John and Susannah
bap. 18-10-1746 Mary, dau. of John and Susannah
bur. 30-11-1751 Susan, wife of John Goffe
bur. 11-02-1769 John Goffe
bur. 15-12-1772 John Goffe

P29/14/1/30: apprenticeship of Mary Hubbart of Birling to John Goffe of Snodland, victualler, to learn housewifery: 1717
manorial: 1702-35 [various men]
08-10-1714: alienation: Abraham Clark to John Goffe: a messuage, barn and c.4 acres
06-10-1715: alienation: John Goffe senior to John Goffe junior: [the same]
churchwarden: 1716
03-05-1725: John appraised inventory of Margaret Mason
13-09-1731: John appraised inventory of Thomas Hodges
1734 poll book: George Gought: St Margaret’s [Rochester]
Q/RLv 1/84: victualler at the Bull
04-11-1752: fined 4s 6d: 3 days default on repairing the highways


bur. 27-02-1781 James Golding
OA: xx-07-1786 To Mr Austin for Cloaths for James Golding: 8s 6d

1757: Georhe Wray’s inventory: owed £42. 14s 6d. to George Wray: ‘Mr William Golding for money reced for the Intestates Hops’
PS/Ma 1/158: 03-12-1757: William Golding, now residing at Luddesdowne, Husbandman, saith that c.1 month before Michaelmas 1775 he hired himself as a servant to George Wray of Snodland, farmer, for a year, and that pursuant to such hireing he served him a year and hath not gained any other settlement since [adjudged to remove to Snodland with wife Mary and son William]
PS/Ma 2/41: 03-09-1763: [as above, but ‘of Birling’] hired about 8 years ago: wife Mary; children James, Mary, Elizabeth.
OA: various payments to the family because of illness and ‘to put his son apprentice’ in 1777 [1769-1777]


PS/Ma 3: 07-02-1791: William Reed of Snodland hired himself to William Goldsmith of Punish Farm at Michaelmas about 8 years previously [=c.1783-4]


bur. 07-10-1702 Sarah, wife of John Goodhue, butcher
manorial: 1708

marr. 20-11-1785 John Kemsley of S, and Martha Goodhugh of S
bur. 25-05-1793 Martha, wife of John Kemsley, aged 27 years, by the Parish


marr. 07-11-1787 at Birling: Alexander Gardner, victualler of Chatham, and Ann Gorham, spinster, of Birling, by licence. Witnesses: Wm. Gorham; John Gorham


marr. 19-10-1691 John Gransden and Elizabeth Toakly, both of S
apprenticeship: 1698: William Turner of Birling to John Gransden of S, husbandman
born 03-05-1701 Elleoner, dau. of John; bap. 09-05-1701
bur. 08-10-1701 John Gransden, yeoman; Will: DRb/Pw 42: 08-04-1692, proved 20-10-1701: to wife Elizabeth: house in Snodland and house/land in Meopham called Ratt Spite; brother = Henry Carpenter
marr. 23-06-1702 William Wells of S, bach., servant, and Elizabeth Gransden of S, servant, widow


OA: two payments to ‘Old Greenwood’: Jan 1790

bur. 19-10-1783 Mary, dau. Thomas and Susan
Thomas: witness at wedding: 17-10-1785 (Pearson/Barnes)
bap. 26-02-1786 [privately] Ann, dau. Thomas and Susan; bur 19-03-1786, aged 19 days
Thomas: witness at wedding: 27-08-1787: Efford/Carter
bap. 21-10-1787 Thos, son of Thomas and Susan; bur, 31-10-1787, aged 2 months
bur. 18-06-1788 Thomas Greenwood, aged 27 years, by the Parish
bur. 01-08-1788 Susanna Greenwood, wife of the above Thos Greenwood, aged 26, by the Parish


Reginald: bur. at Halling: 06-05-1717
manorial: at Reginald’s death: 2 messuages, barn and c.50 acres in Halling and Snodland descends to Richard Everest junior, and wife Margaret
manorial: 1702-1717


bap. 01-04-1792 Sarah, dau. of Thomas and Margaret


bur. 02-05-1701 Robert Gunning


bur. 05-04-1707 George Gurr