1700-1799 (d – f)


bap. 09-09-1798 Susannah, dau. James and Mary


marr. 15-10-1696 Richard Daniel and Mary Hindes, both of S
bap. 08-08-1697 Elizabeth, dau. Richard; born 02-08-1697; bur. 18-08-1697
bap. 12-12-1698 Ann, dau. Richard; born 12-12-1698
bap. 18-11-1700 Elizabeth, dau. Richard; born 17-11-1700
bur. 18-01-1702/3 Richard Daniel, carpenter
bap. 26-03-1703 Hester, posthumous dau. of Richard; born 25-03-1703
manorial: essoin: 7-4-1702
will of William Pound: 04-11-1710: 10s to Mary Daniell of S, widow


04-11-1710: will of William Pound: a guinea to Mary Darby of S


bur. 30-12-1781 Mary Dartnell, of the small pox
marr. 08-07-1784 Isaak Beany of S, bach., and Jane Dartnall of S, widow


bur. 04-02-1726/7 Robert Davis, a poor boy
bur. 29-08-1743 Rose Davis at Farnborough
marr. 27-03-1744 Tho. Davis and Sarah Lane of Punish


bur. 18-01-1688/9 Elizabeth, wife of William
bap. 14-07-1692 John, son of William
bap. 04-11-1694 Nicholas, son of William
bap. 19-09-1696 Elizabeth, dau. of William; born 19-09-1696
bap. 20-04-1698 George, son of William; born 20-04-1698
bap. 21-01-1699/1700 Robert, son of William
bap. 31-08-1701 Richard, son of William, yeoman; born 31-08-1701
manorial: 1702-1705
occ. of marsh called Hope’s, formerly Hercules Lake, and after occ. James Savage [U838/T365]


bap. 05-02-1720/1 Susannah, dau. Samuel Disborah
bur. 09-10-1724 Mary Disborough
bap. 11-10-1724 Thomas, son of Samuel and Mary
manorial: 1722


marr. 03-12-1705 Henry Divers of Strood, fisherman, and Margaret
Martain of S, innkeeper
bap. 27-10-1706 Jane Divers, dau. of Henry
bur. 24-07-1712 Jane Divers [aged 5 ¾ ]
bur. 24-12-1714 Henry Divers
bur. 27-04-1726 Elizabeth Divers
bur. 19-03-1735/6 Margaret Divers, widow
manorial: 1706-1713
‘William’ Divers, victualler at King’s Head in 1706 [Q/RLv 1/44]
Henry Divers, victualler at King’s Head in 1714 [Q/RLv 1/52]
Margaret Divers, victualler at King’s Head in 1718 [Q/RLv 1/56]


bur. 20-06-1772 Martha Dives
bap. 21-06-1772 Sarah, dau. of Joseph and Martha Dives
marr. 15-10-1773 Joseph Dive of S, widower, and Martha Blackman of S,
bap. 25-12-1774 Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph and Martha Dives


marr. 08-02-1703 Henry Dolton of S, hoyman, and Hannah Pountaine of
S, servant
marr. 02-09-1705 Henry Dolton of S, widower, and Frances Bine of S,
bap. 20-08-1706 Henry, son of Henry, hoyman; born 07-08-1706
bur. 27-12-1706 Henry Dolton, hoyman
marr. 06-10-1708 Henry Pool of St Margaret, Rochester, bach., and
Frances Dolton of S, widow
manorial: 1706


bur. 21-09-1785 Henry Dowsel, aged 64
marr. 02-05-1786 George Akers of S and Sarah Dowsell of S


bur. 02-02-1704/5 George Duckworth, labourer


marr. 22-07-1765 John Dunning of S, widower, and Elizabeth Bell of S
bur. 15-04-1768 Mary Dunning
John Dunning(s): witness at weddings: 12-05-1761: Charles Lock/Sarah Lowance
22-05-1764: Thos. Brooker/Susanna Tomlyn


OA: 1782 payments to John Durling
1771 payments to ‘Durling’s family’
1789-90 payments to Elizabeth Durling


bur. 25-03-1747/8 Richard Durrel, labourer
bur. 26-01-1748/9 Mary Durrel, widow


bap. 16-04-1708 Elizabeth, dau. of John
manorial: 1707-1711


bur. 30-04-1732 Frances Eason
marr. 28-01-1732/3 Thomas Eason of St Margaret, Rochester, bach., and
Jane Beard of Maidstone, spinster
marr. 14-02-1735/6 Thomas Woodward and Mary Eason, both of S
marr. 04-01-1746/7 Francis Aldrich and Elizabeth Eason, both of S, by lic.

Richard (the elder, shipwright)
bap. 15-02-1720/1 Richard, son of Richard and Elizabeth, at St Margaret’s,
bap. ? son John
bap. 07-05-1732 Thomas, son of Richard and Elizabeth
bur. 15-02-1741/2 Thomas, infant son of Richard and Elizabeth
bur. 23-01-1752/3 Elizabeth Eason
bur. 16-09-1753 Richard Eason; died 05-09-1753
Will: DRa/Pw12: 23-08-1753
manorial: 1733-1735
1734 poll book: Richard Eason
Victualler at Bull: 1753 [Q RLv 4/1]
named in will of John Taylor of S, ropemaker [bur. 26-02-1732/3]

bap. 26-01-1749/50 Bartholomew, son of John and Elizabeth; bur. 31-01-
bap. 09-08-1752 Elizabeth, dau. of John and Elizabeth; bur. 21-08-1752
Poll book: 1754: John Easton: own house and land
noted in alienation of property to Richard Hales: 19-10-1757
manorial: 1755
a butcher

Richard (the younger; husbandman/shipwright)
bap. 15-02-1720/1 Richard, son of Richard and Elizabeth, at St Margaret’s, Rochester
bur. 07-10-1781 Richard Eaton or Easson
wife = Elizabeth
manorial: 1754-1756
‘now liveing att ye Bull att Snodland’ in father’s will of 1753
many refs. in OA and CWA: 1769-1781: a pauper at times


bap. 07-05-1686 Elizabeth, base born dau. of William; bur. 29-12-1686
marr. 16-05-1686 William Eastland and Jane Cox, both of S
bap. 12-11-1688 Ann, dau. of William; bur. 26-08-1690
bap. 26-12-1691 William, son of William; bur 15-03-1693
manorial: 1703-1712; complaint against him regarding 10 yards of land beside the way from Howberry to Normead
apprised inventory of John Cox: 27-11-1688


bur. 05-06-1712 Nicholas Edmeads
manorial: 1705-1711
DRa/Vp (1705) We do present Nicholas Edmeads for not pay one pound and Ten shillings being soe much assesed for land which he holds in the said pish [Snodland]

apprenticeship: George Edmeads [of Birling?] to Isaac Wenman of S, papermaker: 1781 [P29/14/1/67]
OA: Oct 1791 nursing and burying George Edmeads

witness at weddings: Ann Edmeads: 17-10-1785: Wm Pearson/Mary Barnes
23-08-1788: Thos. Jeal/Mary Langley
marr. 26-01-1790 Robert Mason of Maidstone and Anne Edmeads of S


bur. 29-01-1725/6 Dorothy Edmunds


bap. 05-06-1688 Mary, dau. of John
bap. 09-12-1690 Ann, dau. of John
bur. 20-03-1691/2 Margaret Everest
bap. 29-04-1694 Edward, son of John
bur. 31-08-1712 Joan, wife of John
manorial: 08-10-1702: messuage in Holborough + mess, garden and orchard by Turleys in S; another in Halling: to wife John for life [she willed them to John Everest]

bap. 01-04-1702 Elizabeth, dau. of Richard, farmer; born 19-03-1702
bap. 11-04-1704 Richard, son of Richard, farmer; born 27-03-1704; bur.
bap. 08-08-1705 Richard, son of Richard, farmer; born July 1705
bap. 23-09-1707 Margaret, dau. of Richard
bap. 22-09-1709 Margaret, dau. of Richard
bap. 30-08-1713 Esther, dau. Richard
bap. 02-08-1715 Grigory, son of Richard
marr. 11-02-1728/9 Robert Austin of Westerham and Elizabeth Everett of S,
by lic., at St Margaret’s, Rochester
bur. 12-02-1737/8 Richard Everest, at Halling
manorial: 1702-1737; 10-10-1717: at death of Reginald Gregory, Richard and wife Margaret inherited 2 messuages and c.50 acres in Halling and Snodland
Will: 05-09-1727 and 05-05-1731; proved 05-04-1738
died 1701-2
Churchwarden: -1719-1721-
Licensed victualler at Old Bull (1730) [Q/RLv 1/66]
Administration Act for Richard Everest of Snodland: 1743

(Falike, Falip, Foslip)

bap. 07-05-1716 Mary, dau. of Elisha Foslip
bap. 26-01-1717/8 Ann, dau. of Elisha Falip; bur. 22-03-1720/1
bap. 25-01-1720/1 Elizabeth, dau. of Elisha Falip; bur. 13-03-1720/1
bap. 16-01-1721/2 Elizabeth Fallick
bur. 11-04-1729 Elisha Fallick
bur. at Cuxton: 27-11-1748. Anne Fallick was buried from Snodland; will: 19-11-1748 (proved 07-12-1748: all estate to dau. Elizabeth (effects less than £20)
marr. 23-07-1751 Ric. Hals and Eliz. Falike
manorial: 1718-1728; possibly publican at Red Lion.


William: will: 04-12-1751; proved 13-03-1752; a farmer
son John (£5)
eldest dau. Ann Douglas (2s 6d)
dau. Catherine (2s 6d)
dau. Jane (20 guineas)
wife Catherine (residue)
marr. 12-04-1752 John Chork and Jane Faley

(Folsbery, Foolsbery)

bap. 13-02-1715/6 Nicolas, son of Mark Foolsbery
bur. 22-04-1722 Mark Fallsbery
marr. 30-09-1754 John Billinghurst of S, widower, and Elizabeth Folsbery of S
manorial: 1716


marr. 21-10-1706 John Farmer of Birling and Mary May of S


bap. 19-03-1732/3 Mary and Jane (twins) daus. of Thomas and Mary Feverston
bap. 06-01-1739/40 Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Feverston
marr. 04-11-1769 John Wray of S, bach., and Anne Featherstone of S
banns 09-10/1771 William Featherstone of S, and Mary Fissenden of Birling
marr. 25-10-1779 William Harris of S and Sarah Featherstone of S
(witness: Charlotte Featherstone)
George Featherstone: witness at Clemonds/Craft wedding: 11-02-1779, and Dartnall/Crispe wedding: 12-01-1789
Overseers Acc.: Nov 1781: To William Featherstone: 10s 6d
Mar 1782: To Mr Saunders what he gave Wm Featherstone & for his Nurse and the Burial of his Child: £4. 5s. 8d.


bur. 06-10-1750 Richard Fewin, a servant


Isaac and Dorothy
bap. 22-03-1712/3 Ann, dau. Isaac
bap. 29-04-1716 Mary, dau. Isaac
bap. 11-10-1720 Isaac, son of Isaac; bur. 01-12-1720
bap. 11-03-1721/2 Elizabeth, dau. of Isaac; bur. 13-04-1722
bur. 06-06-1723 Henry Figg
bap. 26-02-1723/4 Isaac, son of Isaac
bap. 26-04-1726 Sarah, dau. of Isaac
bap. 14-12-1729 Elizabeth, dau. of Isaac; bur. 11-01-1729/30
bap. 28-05-1732 Jane, dau. Isaac and Dorothy; bur, an infant, 18-01-1732/3
bap. 12-08-1735 Jane, dau. of Isaac and ‘Mary’
bur. 22-11-1735 Dorothy Figg
manorial: 1712-1735

Robert and Ann/Elizabeth
bur. 11-11-1698 Ann, dau. of Robert Figg, labourer
bur. 28-02-1714/5 Anne, wife of Robt Figg
bap. 14-02-1715/6 Nicolas, son of Robert
bap. 22-05-1718 Thomas, son of Robert; ?by 16-05-1768 moved to Halling with wife Elizabeth, a mantuamaker-cf. Apprenticeship records
bap. 14-05-1722 William and Henry (twins), sons of Robert
bur. 23-05-1739 Robt Figg, Farmer
bur. 09-02-1746/7 Elizabeth Figg, widow [Administration Act: DRa/ ]
manorial: 1702-35
bequeathed £12 in will of William Pound: 04-11-1710

William and Mary
bap. 28-09-1746 William, son of William and Mary; ‘Wm Figg, Jun: Labourer, bur. 11-07-1781
bap. 30-12-1750 Elizabeth, dau. of William and Mary Feeg
bap. at Birling: 22-04-1753: John, son of William and Mary; bur. at S 07-11-1755
bap. at Birling: 06-04-1755: Jane, dau. of William and Mary
bap. 03-02-1760 Ann, dau. William and Mary; bur. 05-03-1780
bap. 21-02-1762 Robert, son of William; bur. 05-12-1762, infant
bap. 29-04-1764 Sarah, dau. William and Mary; marr. at S: 31-10-1780: Richard Burgess of S, bach., and Sarah Figg of S, spinster
bap. 21-09-1766 Isaac, son of William and Mary Fegg; bur. 02-10-1766
bur. 25-06-1768 John Figg
bur. 12-10-1777 Mary, dau. of William and Mary Figg
bur. 17-09-1780 Mary, wife of Wm Figg
bur. 14-01-1783 William Figg
Petty Sessions PS/Ma1, p.10: [02-07-1748]: Willm Figg now residing at Snodland hired himself to Mr Stevenson of Gillingham for 1 year
OA: Oct. 1774 payments to ‘Mr Figg’ for [keeping] Adam Wilson.

Marr. 19-07-1760 Gates Compton of S and Ann Figg of S [Thomas Figg a witness]
Marr. at Halling: 15-10-1771: William Woolmer of Halling and Jane Figg of S


Petty Sessions: PS/Ma 2/89 [7-3-1767]: now residing at Birling hired himself at Michaelmas 1763 to John Manley of Snodland, farmer, for 1 year [adjudged to move to S with wife Elizabeth]
25-10-1779 Richard and Jane Fissenden witnesses at S wedding: Harris/Featherstone
OA: 1793-6 payments for clothes for Elizabeth Fissenden
OA: 1796 payments for clothes for Ann Fissenden
Marr. 27-05-1799 William Beard of Birling and Frances Fissenden of S; Jane Fissenden a witness

(Flaxson, Flaxton, Flexen, Flexon)

marr. 02-05-1749 William Flaxon and Martha Howard
bap. 15-07-1752 Mary, dau. Will and Martha Flexen
manorial: 1765
Petty Sessions: PS/Ma 1, p.48 [2-5-1752] William Flexon of S: last legal settlement was at Halling by hiring and serving Robert Clements of Halling for 1 year [adjudged settled at Halling with wife Martha]
OA 1775 payments for a Wm Flaxson in March and April
1753 licensed victualler at the Plough, Halling; a husbandman in register
bur. at Halling: 20-01-1769


John and Ann/Margaret
bap. 1721 at Birling: Edward, son of John and Ann; bur. 1722 at Birling
bap. 19-01-1723/4 John, son of John and Ann [q.v. below]
bap. 15-05-1726 Samuel, son of John; bur. 14-07-1726
bur. 1727 Ann, wife of John Fletcher of Snodland; died 25-11-1727; was dau. of Edward and Ann Scultup of Birling [churchyard memorial extant]
bur. 24-08-1748 Margaret, wife of John
bur. 26-02-1751/2 John Fletcher
manorial: 1723-1737
churchwarden: named in 1738 and 1730
1734 poll book: house and land

John and Elizabeth

wife is Elizabeth Gilder, bap. S: 04-05-1721, dau. of Edward and
bap. 09-01-1761 Mary, dau. John and Elizabeth
marr. 10-07-1771 John Goodhugh of Birling, bach., and Elizabeth Fletcher of S
marr. 10-07-1772 John Anderson of S, bach., and Margaret Fletcher of S, spin.; Anne Fletcher a witness
marr. 15-11-1773 William Jupp of Birling. Bach., and Anne Fletcher of S, spin.
marr. 07-11-1787 William Gorham of Birling, bach., and Mary Fletcher of S
John was witness at wedding: 11-08-1761 (Sanders/Stevenson)
Elizabeth was witness at wedding: 03-02-1768 (Burgess/Squibs)
Mary was witness at weddings: 12-07-1784 (Wingate/Clemonds); 02-05-1786 (Akers/Dowsell)
manorial: 1754-1767
Land Tax: 1780-1803
Churchwarden: named 1756; 1758-1759
Overseer: named 1754-5; 1763
Fletcher (Male) Address: Snodland, Date: 1772: Subscribed to The History and Antiquities of Rochester And its Environs: 1772, DENNE, Samuel. Rochester & London


bur. 23-08-1797 Richard Ford, Blacksmith


bap. 25-08-1793 Jane, dau. Wm and Mary Forester


marr. 16-04-1724 at St Margaret’s, Rochester: Richard Fowler of S, and Mary Whiting of Birling, by licence
bap. 16-03-1725 Elizabeth, dau. of Richard
bap. 28-07-1726 Anne, dau. of Richard; bur 06-08-1726
bur. 05-07-1758 Thomas Towler [?=Fowler]
manorial: 1719-1727
U2102/T10: 10-02-1723/4 and 19-03-1723/4 and 14-01-1726/7: occ. of messuage and c.5 acres at Holborough


marr. 21-01-1763 Thomas Jenner of Birling and Philadelphia Frances of S.
bap. William, son of William and Mary


bur. 02-09-1762 Mary Franks


Jeremiah French: victualler at Red Lion: 1763-1788; also coal merchant (tenant of John May there; then Mrs French; then Mary French)
marr. 21-04-1775 Robert Austin of S, bach., and Anne French, spin.
bur. 15-09-1788 Jeremiah French, aged 65 years
bur. 07-03-1798 Mrs [Elizabeth] French, widow
witness at weddings: Mary French: 11-02-1779 (Clemonds/Craft); 11-08-1784 (Love/Hawkes)
Jeremiah: witnessed apprenticeship of Mary Hales: 26-12-1771
OA: many refs. Named as overseer: 1767-8
CW: refs
manorial: 1765-1779
Will: CKS: DRb/Pw 62: 09-09-1788