1700-1799 (c)


PS/Ma 1, p.10: 02-07-1748 [crossed-out entry] says that Henry Cannon hired himself for one year at £9 in Snodland: now residing in Snodland.


marr. 13-08-1758: William Smith of S, and Mary Capon of S
banns Aug/Sep 1758 John Capon of S, and Elizabeth Marsh of East Malling, sp.
bap. 19-04-1761 John, son of John and Elizabeth
18-10-1759: John Capon noted as occupier of messuage, garden and field c. 1 acre in Snodland: alienation from William and James Tomlin to Robert Austin and heirs


marr. 05-10-1745 Thomas Carrier of S and Jane Clampard of Birling
debt of £1. 10. 0. Due from Thomas Carrier to George Wray for corn noted in George Wray’s inventory (1757)
PS/Ma 1, p.34: 05-01-1750: Thos Carrier of Birling on Oath saith that his last Place of Settlement is in the parish of Snodland by hireing and serveing Mr Wray for four years one of which hireings was for a year. Adjudged settled in Snodland.
CWA: 17-06-1770: To Young Carrier a Fox: 1s.


of Birling
10-10-1707: Alienation of Snodland Court Lodge from John Carnell to John Crow junior.
Manorial: juror: 1703; 1705; defaulter: 1708; 1711


bur. 24-03-1712/3 Alice, wife of Henry Carter of S
OA: 22-10-1769 Gave Benjamin Carter to pay his rent: £1. 15. 0. [and similar to 1772]
bur. July 1772 burial of Benjamin Carter
bur. Oct 1780 Dame Carter, widow
marr. 27-08-1787 Thomas Efford of S and Mary Carter of S
OA: 1774-1780 many entries for widow Carter


marr. 27-09-1696 William Chambers and Margaret Baker
bap. 12-10-1697 William, son of William
bur. 13-12-1700 William Chambers
marr. 27-10-1704 Thomas Godwin of Birling, servant, and Margaret, widow of
William Chambers, labourer
bur. 26-02-1710/1 William Chambers
08-05-1697: occ. messuage at Holborough [U2102/T56]


marr. 02-10-1704 Joseph Cheeseman of Paddlesworth, servant, and Mary Palmer
of S
bap. 09-09-1705 Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph, labourer [born same day]; bur. 28-09-
bap. 27-10-1706 Susanna, dau. of Joseph Cheeseman
bur. 15-12-1708 Ann Cheesman
bur. 27-11-1709 Mary, wife of Joseph
bap. 25-11-1713 Mary, dau. of Joseph Cheeseman
bap. 19-02-1715/6 John, son of Joseph Chisman
bap. 24-09-1718 Joseph Cheeseman; bur. 26-04-1722
bap. 24-06-1723 Thomas Cheeseman (twin); bur. 05-10-1723
bap. 24-06-1723 Elizabeth (twin)
bur. 19-11-1726 Anne, wife of Joseph Cheesman
bap. 07-05-1730 Thomas, son of Joseph
bap. 08-08-1731 Anne, dau. of Joseph
bur. 25-12-1731 Joseph Cheeseman and Ann, infant of the said Joseph
marr. 10-04-1735 Asting Hopkins, singleman, lodger in this parish, and Mary
Cheeseman, widow
manorial (various): essoin: 1706-1725; defaulter 1707-1731; juror: 1715; borsholder: 1715


banns Dec 1785 George Ward of Paddlesworth, and Elizabeth Chepson of S


marr. 01-11-1724 Richard Cheriton of S and Mary G ? of Luddesdown


bap. 01-07-1733 Ann, dau. William Chile
bap. 01-06-1735 Thomas, son of William Chiles
bur. 06-02-1738/9 John (infant)
bap. 22-04-1739 Edward, son of William and Margaret
bap. 07-06-1741 John, son of William and Margaret


bap. 21-10-1787 Mary, dau. George and Jane


marr. 28-02-1791 Ambrose Chittenden of S and Mary Hutson of S; Rebecca
Chittenden a witness
bap. 26-06-1791 Mary Ann, dau. of Ambrose and Mary
marr. 25-05-1767 George Chittenden of S, bach., and Anne Knight of S, widow
PS/Ma 2, p.97: 06-06-1767: George Chittenden, now residing at Snodland, c.Lady Day 1766 hired himself to Ann Knight of Snodland, widow; served 1 year.
OA: various refs. hospital in 1776; expenses at the sitting in Feb 1790; pauper payments 1789-95


bap. 25-12-1725 Richard, son of Richard
bap. 13-03-1726/7 William, son of Richard
bur. 12-04-1727 William, son of Richard
bap. 25-12-1728 Mary, dau. of Richard; bur. 06-05-1730
bap. 22-03-1729/30 William, son of Richard; bur. 04-11-1730
bur. 09-04-1730 Richard
manorial: defaulter 1726-8; juror: 1728
12-07-1727: occ. of messuage called Springetts [U2102/T10]


bur. 29-10-1689 John Clegget
bur. 12-05-1691 Henry Clegget
bap. 13-02-1692/3 Elizabeth, dau. of Henry; bur. 30-12-1708
bap. 02-04-1696 Nicholas; born 30-03-1696; bur. 03-07-1698
bap. 05-09-1697 Henry; born 21-08-1697; bur. 02-05-1699
bap. 11-12-1698 Ann; born 09-12-1698
bap. 06-04-1702 Elleanor, dau. of Henry, labourer; born 1-4-1702; bur 9-10-
bap. 05-01-1703/4 Henry, son of Henry, labourer; born 5-1-1703/4; bur. 16-1-
bap. 01-04-1705 Thomas, son of Henry, labourer; born 1-4-1705
bap. 28-01-1706/7 Nicholas, son of Henry; born 26-1-1706/7; bur. 12-12-1708
bap. 06-04-1709 Elizabeth, dau. Henry; bur. 03-12-1710
bap. 20-11-1710 Hester, dau. Henry; marr. 31-03-1744 to Thomas Taylor
bur. 10-08-1722 Elizabeth Clagget
bur. 19-03-1742/3 Henry Clagget, labourer, aged 79 [c.1664-1743]
manorial (various): essoin: 1707-25; defaulter: 1704-35; aletaster: 1710-39; juror: 1711; borsholder: 1712-31
presumably son of Henry: bap. 1705
marr. 02-02-1732/3 Thomas Clacket of Halling, singleman and Mary Hazelgrove of
S, widow
bap. 27-01-1739/40 William, son of Thomas and Mary; bur. 24-03-1762
bap. 06-11-1743 Mary, dau. of Thomas and Mary; bur. 26-08-1762
bap. 11-02-1745 Henry, son of Thomas and Mary; bur. 30-12-1773
bap. 14-03-1735 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas and Mary
marr. 15-12-1766 Thomas Clackett of S, widower, and Mary Nims of S
bap. 25-03-1767 Elizabeth, dau. Thomas and Mary
manorial: defaulter: 1732-4


manorial: 07-10-1708: alienation of messuage, barn, stable, 5 acres arable, 30 acres marsh, 5 acres waste occ. Thomas Vousden in S, from William Costen to AC; 08-10-1714: alienation of messuage and 4 acres from AC to John Goffe; 10-10-1717: alienation of 20 ac land in S from AC to Timothy Gill, and on 09-10-1718 to Thomas Baldwyn
essoin: 1709; 1715; defaulter: 1712-1717

bur. 39-08-1772 Ann Clark

marr. 06-06-1779 William Clark of S and Sarah How of S
bap. 31-10-1779 Mary, dau. William and Sarah
bap. 06-01-1782 Frances, dau. William and Sarah
bap. 06-01-1782 James, son of William and Sarah; bur. 15-08-1784, aged 3
bap. 01-06-1783 William, son of William and Sarah
bap. 19-03-1786 John, son of William and Sarah
bap. 13-04-1788 Thomas, son of William and Sarah
bap. 25-07-1790 Sarah and Ann (twins) of William and Sarah
bur. 01-05-1791 Sarah, dau. Wm and Sarah, aged 10 months
bur. 19-05-1791 Ann, dau. Wm and Sarah, aged 10 months
PS/Ma 3: 04-04-1791: now residing in Snodland. In Nov. 1773 hired himself as servant to Mr Fletcher of Snodland for 3s 6d a week; lived with him until Michaelmas 1775; the day after hired himself as servant to George Featherstone of Halling for 9 guineas – 1 year; then hired himself to John Fletcher again for ‘something more than two years’ at 4s a week [Adjudged settled at Halling with wife Sarah and children Mary, Frances, William, John, Thomas, Sarah and Ann]
OA: various: 1788-91


marr. 11-02-1779 Robert Clemonds of Halling, bach. and Elizabeth Craft of S,
bap. 19-03-1780 Anna-Susanna, dau. Robert and Elizabeth
bap. 26-05-1782 Sarah, dau. Robert and Elizabeth Clemonds
marr. 12-07-1784 William Wingate of S, widower, and Elizabeth Clemonds of S,
Robert: manorial: 1763-1780
Tenant of Lord Romney: 1780-1/2 to Elizabeth, widow, 1782-4
Debt of £2. 6s. due to George Wray from Robert Clements for Cordwood and Hoppoles [1757]


banns 1797 Michael Waterman of East Malling and Elizabeth Clout of S


bap. 20-05-1748 George, son of John and Elizabeth
bur. 30-11-1756 Thomas
bap. 12-03-1758 John, son of John and Elizabeth
bur. 20-02-1810 Elizabeth Codd, aged 105 [1705-1810]


bap. 28-09-1761 Ann, dau. Mary, base born
bur. 06-05-1762 Anne Cole
bur. 15-12-1771 Anne Cole
OA: many refs to Anne Cole: 1769-1771


14-04-1684: Holborough mill let to Richard Collins of Cuxton [U582/T61]

marr. 10-09-1728 George Collins of S and Mary Millhams of S
bap. 16-03-1728/9 Elizabeth, dau. George
bur. 10-07-1737 George Collins [‘poor’ in transcript]
bur. 25-01-1737/8 Mary Collins [‘by the parish’ in transcript]
1729: occ. of Warren House, late occ. John Costen] [U2102/T10]


John Coney: occ. Holloway Court (ex. Sir Richard Manley)
manorial: various 1708-1717
his only son Dr Robert Coney of Rochester. Robert Coney a witness to will of Sir Richard Manley: 28-04-1684; a nephew (by marriage) of Thomas Manley of Rochester [will: 10-11-1687].
manorial: 1702-4
10-10-1717: alienation from RC to Thomas Peirce of 2 messuages, 2 barns and c.150 acres land.
21-06-1721: mentioned in U838/T366
bur. 08-05-1723 Frances Coney [Frances Coney, niece of Thomas Manley of Rochester according to his will: 10-11-1687 and married to Robert]

John Conny was mayor of Rochester in 1676, 1696 and 1699 [died during this third term]
Memorial to Robert Conny formerly in Rochester cathedral says he died 25 May 1713 [=1723], aged 68 [therefore born c.1655


marr. 06-07-1792 William Cook of S, bach., and Rebecca Pearson of S, sp.


marr. 29-09-1747 Thomas Coockey and Jane Hills


bur. 24-03-1721/2 Edward Cooper
Administration Act: April 1722
manorial: 1720-1721


bap. 17-11-1783 Thomas, son of George and Elizabeth of Paddlesworth
bap. 02-07-1788 William, son of George and Elizabeth of Paddlesworth
03-04-1796: given notice to quit Paddlesworth [U1644/E10]
buried at Birling: gravestone near church porch
OA: 1789: To Mr Cork for Lime and Carriage: £1. 4. 6.
Q/SM W11: 05-10-24GeoIII. Recognizance of George Brook Cork of Paddlesworth in £40 to appear at next Sessions and submit to judgement on an indictment for not repairing an piece of road in the hamlet of Paddlesworth

bap. 22-06-1686 William, son of George Causthen
bap. 09-12-1688 John (twin), son of George Causthen; bur. 14-12-1688
bap. 10-12-1688 Ann (twin), dau. of George
bap. 21-04-1690 Mary, dau. George; bur. 09-04-1692
bap. 12-04-1698 John; born 22-03-1698; bur. 15-05-1699
bap. 22-05-1699 George, son of George; born 01-05-1699
bap. 28-02-1700 Mary and Jane (twins); born 22-02-1700; bur. 06-03-1700
bap. 26-12-1701 John, son of George; born 9-12-1701
bur. 19-02-1704/5 George Costen, yeoman
bur. 01-03-1720/1 Ann [widow of George; lived in the Warrenhouse]
bur 07-09-1728 Ann Costin from S buried at Halling
manorial: 1702-4
27-05-1687: Overseer of will of Thomas Pound
06-05-1692: Executor of will of Mark Parker
Tenant in manor of Pottins: land on Barrowhill [1687; 1691]
02-08-1708: land occ. widow Costen and William Costen [U47/38/T23
son of George; born 9-12-1701; bap. 26-12-1701
bap. 26-04-1726 Mary, dau. of John Costin
bur. Sep 1742 John Costin, Farmer, aged 41
1734 Poll Book: John Costen
manorial: 23-10-1754: ‘late John Cawstin deceased’ listed as occ. of messuage barn stable orchard and c.108 acres at death of owner Thomas Whittaker
manorial: various: 1725-35
bap. 16-02-1708/9 William, son of William
bap. 14-01-1710/1 Mary, dau. of William
bap. 21-03-1713/4 Elizabeth, dau. of William; ?bur. 06-09-1734
bap. 22-05-1723 Ann, dau. of William
bur. 26-01-1727/8 Elizabeth, wife of William
bur. 09-08-1734 William Costin
Churchwarden: 1723, 1724
manorial: various: 1707-1729
03-05-1725: Appraised inventory of Margaret Mason
07-10-1708: alienation from William Costen to Abraham Clark of messuage, barn, stable, 5 ac. Arable, c.30 acres marsh, 5 acres waste, occ. Thomas Vousden in S
Tenant in manor of Pottins: land on Barrowhill
2-8-1708: U47/38/T28 land occ. widow Costin and William Costin


bap. 04-08-1754 Jane, dau. John and Jane Choughe
bur. 29-04-1777 John Couche, a shoemaker [by the parish]
23-10-1754: listed as occ. of messuage etc at death of Thomas Whittaker
OA: various refs. 1775-1777; and for Jane Couche 1769-1776; admitted to Bethlehem hospital 1770-1; removed to Hexton
16-05-1768: apprenticeship of Catherine Couche, aged. C.14, to Thomas and Elizabeth Figg of Halling, mantuamaker


marr. 05-1101759 Thomas Hubble and Mary Couchman


bap. 02-09-1754 John, son of John and Jane
bap. 06-06-1756 Anne, dau. of John and Jane; bur. 22-03-1761
bap. 05-08-1759 Elizabeth, dau. John and Jane; bur. 14-12-1760
bap. 21-12-1760 Mary, dau. John and Jane Covel
PS/Ma 1: 02-06-1753: John Covell of Paddlesworth in £10; Thomas Saunders of Luddesdowne in £5; Robert Foreman of West Malling in £5 upon condition to be void if John Covell performs the conditions of his ale licence this day granted him at the sign of the Leather Bottle in Paddlesworth [victualler there: 1753-1761: Q/RLv 4/1; then to Rolfe Hutson]
marr. 12-05-1760 William Fux of Halling and Sarah Covel of Snodland; at Halling


marr. 13-04-1721 George Corthop of S and Mary Curd of S; at St Margaret’s, Rochester
bap. 22-12-1721 Elizabeth Courthop
bap. 14-08-1723 George Wedlee Courthop
bap. 12-08-1725 Peter, son of George
bap. 27-02-1727/8 George, son of George; bur 03-03-1727/8
bur. 08-03-1728 Mary, wife of George
marr. 07-08-1733 George Courthop of S and Margaret Scarmer of Meopham; at St Margaret’s, Rochester
1734 Poll Book
15-10-1763: alienated two tenements at Holborough to John Gilder
Manorial (various): 1721-1735
U522/T61: 15-07-1721; also Peter Curthope
Land Tax assessments: 1780-1
moved to Wouldham
13-09-1731: appraised inventory of William Haynes
29-09-1741: U1515/E72: named on Snodland rent roll [Marsham estate]
will dated 08-03-1781
OA: July 1776: to Mr Courthop a year’s rent for Timothy Linch, due 10-10-1775


marr. 03-11-1728 Richard Waghorn of S, and Hester Cox of S
U838/T365: occ. messuage in Burgate St [Red Lion]
bur. William Cox of Snodland, gent, bur. at Ditton; died 11-6-1737, aged 35
Mrs Mary Cox, wife of above and dau. of Edward and Ann Sedgwick, died 24-09-1724, aged 22
marr. at S: 2-11-1726: William Cox, yeoman of S, and Ann Rochester of Halling
manorial: 1725-8


bur. 21-01-1759 Elizabeth Craft
bur. 02-06-1760 Elizabeth Craft
marr. 11-02-1779 Robert Clemonds of Halling, bach. and Elizabeth Craft of S, widow
bur. 24-05-1795 William Newman Craft, aged 18
marr. 06-10-1778 John Paremore of Birling, bach. and Sarah Craft of S, sp., at Birling
bap. 20-10-1776 Wm Newman, a bastard, son of Sarah Craft
bur. 15-04-1730 John, son of Powell Croft
bap. 22-10-1732 John, son of Powell and Sarah
bap. 12-09-1736 Sarah, dau. Powell and Sarah
bap. 14-02-1738/9 Powell, son of Powell and Sarah; bur. 21-02-1738/9
bap. 01-03-1742 William, son of Powell and Sarah
marr. 11-06-1764 Thomas Hodges of S and Sarah Craft of S
bur. 04-02-1770 Elizabeth [2nd wife of John]
bap. 12-04-1775 Mary Craft; bur. 18-04-1775
bur. 27-07-1775 Sarah Craft
bur. 21-09-1781 Powel Craft, aged 83 [1698-1781]
manorial: borsholder: 1755-6; others: 1735-59
Tax assessments: 1769-1781
PS/Ma 1, p.58: 04-11-1752: Paul Crafts default regarding 2 days labour repairing highway. Fined 3s.
CWA and OA: 1771; 1774
son of Powell; bap. 01-03-1742
04-08-1759: apprenticeship: William, son of Powell, aged c.17, to Thomas Baldock of New Hythe, mariner
marr. 01-12-1767: William Craft of S, bach., and Elizabeth Osbourne of S
bap. 10-09-1769 Thomas, son of William and Elizabeth
bap. 25-08-1771 Rhoda, dau. of [William and] Elizabeth; bur. 19-09-1782
bap. 25-06-1773 Elizabeth, dau. William and Elizabeth; bur. 05-05-1780
bap. 12-04-1775 Mary, dau. of William and Elizabeth
bur. 22-12-1776 William Craft, waterman
Ann Hills his servant: 1771-2
CWA: 11-06-1769 Paid William Craft a hedgehog: 4d


bur. 01-05-1741 Sarah Crisp, dau. of […] Crispe of Holborough
bap. 22-08-1748 George, son of Elizabeth
marr. 08-07-1754 William Crisp and Philadelphia Billinghurst at Mereworth
bap. 03-09-1755 Mary, dau William and Philadelphia
marr. 09-11-1755 Henry Hawkes of S and Frances Crispe of S
bap. 13-07-1757 William, son of William and Philadelphia
bap. 26-03-1759 Thomas, son of William and Philadelphia
bur. 02-12-1760 Edward Crispe
bap. 25-02-1761 Edward, son of William and Philadelphia
bap. 10-02-1762 John, son of William and Philadelphia
bur. 18-03-1763 Philadelphia Crisp
bap. 03-03-1764 Edward, son of William and Philadelphia; bur. 16-03-1764
bur. 25-11-1765 Margaret Crispe, widow
bap. 04-09-1767 Ann, dau. William and Philadelphia
bur. 30-05-1779 Philadelphia, wife of William
marr. 12-01-1789 John Dartnall of S and Sarah Crispe of S
OA: 1769-78
witness to apprenticeships:
24-10-1767: Henry Hawks
16-12-1767: William Turner
16-05-1768: Catherine Couche
16-11-1772: son Thomas Crispe
1754 Poll Book: Edward Crispe of Wrotham: house and land occ. Rich. Mitchell
PS/Ma 1, p. 44: 4-1-1752: Nicholas Hadlow, servant to Edward Crispe in Snodland for 1 year
Thomas [I]
bap. 14-05-1770 Anne, dau. Thomas and Hannah/Ann Crispe
bap. 15-02-1780 Harriet, dau. Thomas and Hannah/Ann Crispe
bap. 18-07-1785 Frances, dau. Thomas and Hannah/Ann Crispe
tax assessments: 1769-; at 1-10-1800 Ann Crispe to Brain
tenant of William Dalison: 1780-1800 [£24 rent p.a.]
manorial;: 1784; 1787
Thomas [II]
son of William: bap. 26-03-1759
16-11-1772: apprenticeship to Thomas Hacker of Bromley St Laurence, Middlesex, peruke maker, for 7 years
1791 [see Margaret Collins, Birling a Backward Glance, pp.39-40]. Thomas Crisp, peruke-make of Bromley had Daniel Sosbee, aged 13, apprenticed to him. Sosbee ran off after 2 years. TC died in 1805.


marr. 29-10-1759 John Phillips of S and Jude Cromp of S


bur. 19-10-1775 Martha, wife of Jasper [Will: DRb, Pwr 61: 11-10-1775]
bur. 23-08-1781 Jasper Crothall Esq. [Will: DRb, Pwr 60: 12-3-1778 and 7-11-1780]
P29/14/1/54. Apprenticeship: William King to Jasper Crothall of S, papermaker
04-09-1775: witness at wedding: Henry Broad/Mary Adds
manorial 1754-
churchwarden: 1759-60
1754 Poll Book: Jasper Crowthorn of Mereworth; house and land occ. by Evenden
1758: occ. of house and land leased by George Wray from Bishop of Rochester
14-10-1792: U47/38/T23: mentioned as former occ. of house and land owned by Nicholas Wray.
Assessor Land Tax/Window Tax/ 1748; 1751; 1755
8-1-1780: U2102/T58: occ. of Brockshaw [owned by Nicholas Wray]
Overseer: 1756; 1758-9; OA: various:
2-2-1760: witness at wedding of Henry Pankhurst and Jane Munt of S; at St Margaret’s, Rochester
witness to apprenticeships:
9-4-1755: William Keble
1-2-1766: Ann Hales
16-5-1768: Catherine Couche
George Crothall (nephew of Jasper); owner of school house after death of Jasper (1782-1793)
Crothalb, J (Male) Address: Snodland, Date: 1772: Subscribed to The History and Antiquities of Rochester And its Environs: 1772, DENNE, Samuel. Rochester & London


marr. 01-10-1669 John Crow and Mary Read, both of this parish [=JC I]
bap. 24-03-1684/5 Thomas, son of John Crow
bap. 10-11-1671 John, son of John Crow [=JC II]
bap. 06-01-1687/8 June, dau. of John Crow
bur. 27-08-1689 a still-born child of John Crow
bur. 20-10-1702 Mary, wife of John Crow, roper
bur. 26-01-1710/1 Anne, wife of John Crow senior
bur. 21-03-1713/4 John Crow senior
Inventory: DRb/Pi28/14; Will: DRb/Pw 48: 13-03-1713/4; proved 26-03-1714
manorial: various 1702-1713
08-10-1714: death of John Crow: 3 messuages to John Crow junior
Mary Crow: executrix for mother Elizabeth Read: will 15-03-1678/9; John Crow a witness to it
John Crow a witness to will of Mark Parker: 6-5-1692
John and Mary Crow: executor/bequests in will of William Read, 8-7-1690
John [II]
born/bap. 7-12-1702 Henry, son of John Crow junior, roper
bur. 13-10-1703 Henry, son of John Crow junior, roper
bap. 26-04-1710 John, son of John Crow junior [only son: of West Smithfield, sadler in Feb 1732: Snodland Court Lodge to John May] [=JC III]
Elizabeth = wife of John Crow [II]
manorial: 1720-1729; 10-10-1707: alienation: John Carnell to John Crow junior: Snodland Court Lodge [U47/45/T48]
Inventory: John Crow, yeoman: DRb/Pi33/10 [1719]; Administration: Nov 1719
lately dwelt in Stalfords
U838/T366: 21-06-1721: Mary Crow of Holborough [Holloway Court], widow of Richard Crow, yeoman, leased Holloway Court from Robert Coney


bur. 22-01-1762 Stephen Crourst


bap. 30-10-1751 An, dau. Robard & An Comens
bap. 02-09-1754 Robert, son of Robert and Ann Comins
bur. 24-01-1762 Anne Cummins
bur. 13-11-1777 Anne, wife of Robert Comins
bur. 04-09-1781 Robert Cummins, Paper-maker
1754 Poll Book: Robert Comings of S: house and land occ. by Rich. Eason
19-10-1757: noted in alienation of above property to Richard Hales; wife = Ann
manorial: defaulter in 1759
PS/Ma 1, p. 9: 2-7-1748: now of Snodland saith he was bound apprentice to one Luke Bate of Duffeild, co. Derby, papermaker; 2-5-1752: mentions wife Ann and dau. Ann; 3-2-1759: ran away from Luke Bate after 3 years; mentions wife Ann, dau. Ann and son Robert; 4-11-1752: fined 1s. 6d. default regarding 1 day’s labour repairing highway
marr. 18-08-1778 Robert Comings of S, bach., and Frances Rich of S, sp.
bap. 30-08-1778 three daughters of Robert and Frances Comyns
PS/Ma 2: 4-2-1780: now residing at Snodland; c.8 years ago he hired himself to Mr Waterman, a butcher, at Teston for 1 year at £3 p.a. [to Teston]
OA; April 1780: to warrant and expences carrying Robert Comings to Teston


bap. 14-12-1692 Richard, son of John; bur 8-6-1693
bur. 16-02-1693/4 Elizabeth Curd
bap. 22-04-1694 George, son of John; bur. 26-10-1694
bur. 21-05-1695 Elizabeth, wife of John Curd
bur. 17-08-1695 John, son of John Curd
John Curd of Holborough, miller: will: DRb/Pw 6: son Robert bequeathed £100; wife Mary rest of estate
bur. 19-12-1720 John Curd
marr. of George Courthope and Mary Curd at St Margaret’s, Rochester; 13-04-1721
manorial: various: 1702-1720 [John]
bur. 05-04-1720 Ann Curd
bur. 25-03-1720/1 Robert Curd [maltster]
Inventory: DRb/Pi 35/8 [Robert]
manorial: 1714-1720 [Robert] death of RC: messuage, malthouse and 3 acres in S
U522/T61: 15-7-7Geo [1721] ‘deceased’; mill occ. Peter Curthorpe