1700-1799 (b)


bur. 08-02-1743/4 George Baker, labourer [Bishop’s transcript only]
marr. 22-04-1764 Thomas Baker of S, and Margaret Pearson of S
bap. 22-02-1766 Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret Baker
bap. 04-12-1768 Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret
bap. 13-01-1771 Mary, dau. of Thomas and Margaret
bap. 18-04-1773 Anne, dau. of Thomas and Margaret [OA: April 1791: To Mr
Rowley a Bill for Ann Baker £2. 18. 7 ½ ; Oct 1789: clothes for; Nov 1789: payment to]
bur. 10-02-1774 Thomas Baker [OA: to Thos Baker to bury his child: 4s; to Wm
Jupp for a coffin for ditto: 6s.]
bap. 02-02-1777 Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret [OA: Dec 1789:
expenses in putting Thomas Baker as apprentice]
bap. 23-03-1783 John, son of Thomas and Margaret (admitted into congregation
on 6-4-1783) [OA: 24-08-1794: clothes for]
bur. 24-11-1793 Thomas Baker, aged 57 years, by the parish [1736-1793]
bur. 01-12-1793 Mary, dau. of Mary Baker, illegitimate, 15 months
bur. 24-08-1799 Mary Baker, spinster
banns Sept 1805 William Hudson of Addington and Matilda Ann Baker of S
bur. 21-03-1821 Mary Baker, aged 77 [1744-1821]

PS/Ma 2, p. 61: 02-02-1765: Thomas Baker, now residing at Birling, c.12 years ago hired himself to John Fletcher of Snodland, Farmer, for a year and served him until the 2nd day of March following, whent he said John Fletcher dyed. And saith that he finished his year in the same House with his son John Fletcher. And that he hired himself for another year to the said John Fletcher the Son and served him a year in Snodland [Adjudged to remove from Birling to Snodland with wife Margaret].
Thomas a witness at wedding: 03-10-1779: John Heaver/Anne Broad
Thomas a witness to will of Isaac Wenman: 22-12-1785
OA: many entries: 1771-1795]


marr. 27-12-1788 William Seaton of S and Mary Baldock of S
witness at wedding Edward Baldock: 10-06-1762: Richard Broad/Elizabeth Brown
witness at wedding Mary Baldock: 29-02-1792: William Southgate/Frances Manley


bap. 12-03-1769 John, son of John and Elizabeth Baldwin
marr. 18-10-1790 James How of S and Sarah Baldwin of S
marr. 02-10-1797 George Harding of S and Mary Baldwin of S
marr. 12-10-1798 James Baldwin of S and Mary Hubble of S

09-10-1718 Kettleham marshes alienated from Timothy Gill to Thomas Baldwyn
manorial: defaulter: various from 1723 to 1735


marr. 31-07-1786 William Butler of S, bachelor, and Elizabeth Banfield of S,
witness at wedding: 04-11-1784: Elizabeth Banfield: John Hawks/Mary Large


marr. 17-10-1785 William Pearson of S and Mary Barnes of S


bur. 05-07-1737 Mary Barrham, infant



bap. 11-12-1713 John, son of John
bur. 15-02-1713/4 John, son of John
manorial: juror: 1714; defaulter: 1714-15; essoin: 1715; Aletaster for Halling: 1715


marr. 17-01-1785 John Martin of S and Anne Barton of S
OA: 29-10-1792 To clothes for Mary Barton: £1. 5s. 0d.
OA: 06-04-1795 To Mary Barton when she had the Small Pox: £1. 1. 0.
PS/Ma 4: 04-12-1797: Mary Barton of Snodland complains that the parish officers of Snodland have refused her relief
marr. 18-11-1799 James Martyn of S and Mary Barton of S
OA: 27-05-1795 John Barton takes Thomas Martin as apprentice

Henry J.

marr. 17-04-1777 Henry Barton of S, bach. And Elizabeth Jenner of Birling, spin.
bap. 27-04-1777 Mary, dau. Henry and Elizabeth Barton
bap. 12-12-1779 Elizabeth, dau. Henry and Elizabeth Barton
bap. 01-12-1782 John, son of Henry and Elizabeth; admitted into congregation:
01-10-1782; bur. 22-07-1787, aged 4 years, by the parish
bur. 29-12-1782 Elizabeth Barton (Henry’s wife)
tenant of John Manley: 1784-6
OA: paid for lodging of Widow Carter and Adam Wilson: 1777-1782


bap. 16-01-1749 Grace, dau. of John and Elizabeth
bur. 25-11-1768 Michael Basset


bur. 30-09-1705 Elizabeth Bate, servant
marr. 29-09-1765 Thomas Batts of S, bach., and Elizabeth Hare, widow, of S


marr. 14-04-1746 Stephen Beal, a lodger, and Mary Best of S
marr. 18-01-1746/7 William Smith, a lodger, of Birling, and Mary Beal, widow, of


marr. 08-07-1784 Isaac Beany of S, bach., and Jane Dartnall of S, widow


bap. 06-12-1724 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
bap. 16-02-1728/9 Thomas, son of Thomas
bur. 01-01-1731/2 Thomas Becket [‘laborer’ in Bishop’s transcript]
noted in will of John Taylor: 30-04-1731: Thomas Beckett the occupier of a messuage which Taylor bequeathed to Elizabeth Eason.
Manorial: essoin: 1718-29; defaulter: 1725-31


bur. 17-09-1708 John, son of [?Thomas] Bell
manorial: Thomas Bell a defaulter: 15-04-1708; essoin: 1708; 1711
marr. 22-07-1765 John Dunning of S, widower, and Elizabeth Bell of S


bur. 13-08-1730 Samuel Bence


bur. 02-01-1736/7 Sarah Bennet
bap. 26-04-1741 Richard, son of Richard and Anne
bap. 11-03-1744 William, son of Richard and Ann
bur. 03-10-1765 Thomas Bennet
manorial: Thomas Bennet: juror: 1737; 1739


bap. 06-01-1760 William, son of James and Mary
bap. 31-07-1762: James, son of James and Mary privately baptised ‘being
dangerously ill’; admitted into congregation: 22-08-1762
manorial: James Best: juror: 1762


bur. 20-12-1737 John Best (infant)
bap. 09-03-1739/40 Anne, dau. William and Mary
bap. 06-02-1742 Deborah, dau. William and Mary
bur. 13-02-1742 Deborah, infant dau. of William and Mary
bap. 28-08-1743 Alice, dau. William and Mary
marr. 14-04-1746 Stephen Beal, a lodger, and Mary Best of S
12-10-1737: William Best a witness to will of John Wibly of S [DRa/Pwr 5, f.155]


bur. 22-02-1740/1 Revd Mr Bickley A M Curate of this Place and Rector of
Offham where he was buried
Birling register mentions Mr. Bickley, Curate of Snodland on 09-01-1733/4
Register transcripts show him in Snodland: 1730/1 to 1740.1


marr. 27-11-1709 Richard Biggenden of S, bach. And Mary Hartnop of Ryarsh,
OA: payments on behalf of Elizabeth Biggenden: 1769-1779 (a pauper)


marr. 19-04-1745 John Billinghurst and Sarah Pray
bap. 10-04-1747 Mary, dau. of John and Sarah
bap. 01-12-1750 William, son of John
bur. 07-12-1750 William, son of John Billinghurs
bap. 30-12-1751 Sarah, dau. John and Sarah Bellenus
marr. 30-09-1754 John Billinghurst, widower and Elizabeth Folsbery
bap. 06-02-1757 John, son of John and Elizabeth
bap. 07-06-1760 Thomas, son of John and Elizabeth
bap. 23-03-1763 Elizabeth, dau. John and Elizabeth

1754 Poll book: John Bilinghurst of Mereworth: house and land occ. T. Bilinghurst
24-10-1767: Thomas Billinghurst of Mereworth took Henry Hawks apprentice
OA: payments on behalf of Ann Billinghurst: April to June 1782


bap. 03-06-1746 Elizabeth, dau. Nicholas and Elizabeth
bap. 14-08-1748 Nicholas, son of Nicholas and Elizabeth
bur. 09-07-1749 Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas and Elizabeth
bap. 02-05-1753 Elizabeth, dau. Nicholas and Elizabeth
bap. 21-07-1754 Thomas, son Nicholas and Elizabeth; apprenticeship to John
Oliver of Trottiscliffe, bricklayer: 28-03-1767
bap. 10-09-1756 John, son of Nicholas and Elizabeth
bur. 21-08-1757 Nicholas Blackman
23-12-1758 apprenticeship of Dorothy Blackman to Thomas Crowhurst of
Meopham, yeoman
23-12-1758 apprenticeship of Amy Blackman to Edward Crowhurst of
Meopham, yeoman
bap. 19-08-1759 Elizabeth, dau. Nicholas and Elizabeth
bap. 04-04-1762 Nicholas Blackman
03-11-1763 apprenticeship of Jane Blackman to Thomas Crowhurst of
Meopham, husbandman
Jane Blackman: in OA: Oct-Nov 1772
marr. 15-10-1773 Joseph Dive of S, widower, and Martha Blackman of S,
bur. 22-05-1785 Nicholas Blackman, aged 65, by the parish [1720-1785]
bur. 23-09-1764 Elizabeth Blackman


manorial: juror: 1738
04-02-1758. Witness to apprenticeship of ElizabethWalter
manorial: aletaster: 1757-8; juror: between 1759 and 1788; essoin: 1754-5
OA: 20-04-1794: paid 10s. 6d. for lodging of James Stiance


bur. 22-09-1743 Mary Boxhall, widow


marr. 04-08-1703 James Bran of S, servant and Eliz. Smith of S, servant
bap. 04-09-1704 Ellenor, dau. of James Bran, labourer; born 27-03-1704; bur 18-
bap. 14-04-1706 Elizabeth, dau. James Brann, labourer; born 08-04-1706
bap. 25-09-1709 James, son of James Brann
bap. 22-09-1717 Francis, son of James
bur. 13-06-1725 Mary, dau. of James Brann
marr. 22-11-1730 John Abbett of Cuxton and Elizabeth Brann of S.
bur. 01-04-1741 Goodman Brand [James Brann]
manorial (various): essoin: 1704-27; defaulter: 1711-33; borsholder: 1708; altetaster: 1704-1733
U838/T10 (1723) tenement called Spingetts, late James Brand, then Thomas Haselgrove; again 12-07-1727 [U838/T360]
OA: Oct 1775 to clothes for Richard Brann: £1. 13. 3.


marr. 18-10-1762 Thomas Smith of S and Elizabeth Broad
marr. 03-10-1770 John Heaver of Cuxton and Anne Broad of S
marr. 29-07-1782 Henry Chapman of Birling and Elizabeth Broad, at Birling
Oct 1788 To John Heaver taking Sarah Broad apprentice: £3. 18s. 0d.
bap. 12-04-1789 Henry, son of Sarah Broad, base born
bap. 10-06-1792 William, son of Sarah Broad, base born
bur. 28-10-1792 William, son of Sarah, aged 5 months, by the parish
bap. 08-06-1794 James, son of Sarah Broad, base born
bur. 31-08-1794 James, son of Sarah Broad, aged 3 months, by the parish
Quarter Sessions: 02-03-1792: order to remove Sarah Broad from Northfleet to S

OA: various 1769-1796: Ann Broad’s lying in (July 1762)
PS/Ma 3: 01-12-1788: Sarah Broad, singlewoman says that she is with child and that Edward Ort now or late of Gravesend, smuggler, is the father of the said child


bap. 23-11-1710 John, son of William
bur. 30-03-1715 William Broomfield
bur. 08-01-1737/8 John Bromfield (‘by the parish’ in transcript)
manorial: essoin: 1712; defaulter 1713-14
13-03-1714: will of John Crow the elder: to son Thomas a messuage in Snodland in occ. of … Bramfield


marr. 03-02-1755: Richard Austin of S, bach., and Elizabeth Brown of S
marr. 02-01-1757 John Craft of S and Elizabeth Brown of S
marr. 10-06-1762 Richard Brand of East Malling and Elizabeth Brown of S
witness at wedding: Margaret Brown: 17-10-1791: F. Kebble/A. Walker
witness at wedding: Frances: 29-01-1799: T. Wells/E. Austin
a churchwarden in 1753
manorial: defaulter: 1759; appeared: 1755; aletaster: 1758
marr. 24-02-1754 William Brown and Eliz. Higgens of S.
bur. 15-08-1755 William Brown
witness at wedding: 18-02-1778: William Brown: R. Comings/F. Rich
Overseer: Dec 1758


bur. 22-03-1720/1 John Buckle


PS/Ma 1, p. 48: 02-05-1752: Thomas Budds of Snodland – last legal settlement at Ash next Ridley by being bound apprentice to George Ifield, cordwainer for 10 years. Adjudged to return to Ash with wife Catherine.


bur. 01-05-1751 Debrah, dau. of John and Debrah Bull


marr. 03-02-1768 Richard Burges of S, bach., and Mary Squibs of S
bap. 07-08-1768 William, son of Richard and Mary
bap. 25-11-1770 Mary, dau. of Richard and Mary
bap. 18-04-1773 Anne, dau. of Richard and Mary; OA: Oct 1789: to clothes for
Ann Burgess
bap. 20-08-1775 Sarah, dau. of Richard and Mary
bur. 11-02-1776 Sarah, dau. of Richard and Mary
bap. 20-08-1775 Elizabeth, dau. of Richard and Mary
bur. 10-03-1773 Elizabeth, dau. of Richard and Mary
bap. 06-04-1777 Richard, son of Richard and Mary
bur. 01-06-1777 Richard, son of Richard and Mary
bur. 12-07-1779 Mary, wife of Richard Burgess
bur. 12-02-1781 Richard Burgess senior [by the parish]
OA: various refs. 1775-1781
Richard (junior)
marr. 31-10-1780 Richard Burgess of S, bach. and Sarah Figg of S, spinster
bap. 21-02-1781 Richard, son of Richard and Sarah
bur. 13-11-1781 Richard Burges junior


banns: Nov 1772 John Burnet of S, bach., and Margaret Lusty of East Malling


half year’s rent due to George Wray from John Burren: Michaelmas 1757: £1. 5. 0.


bap. 15-02-1744/5 Mary, dau. John and Deborah; marr. 13-03-1765: Thomas
Temple of Gillingham, bach. and Mary Butler of S
bap. 21-04-1747 Elizabeth, dau. John and Deborah
bap. 21-08-1748 John, son of John and Deborah
bap. 04-02-1749/50 Deborah, dau. of John and Deborah
bap. 30-09-1754 Frances, dau. John and Deborah; bur. 13-04-1756
bap. 04-07-1756 Elizabeth, dau. John and Deborah; 22-11-1766: apprenticeship
to Thomas and Mary Temple of Gillingham, mariner (witness: John Butler); marr. 24-10-1773: James Hadlow of S, bach. and Elizabeth Butler of S, spinster
bap. 25-06-1758 Ann, dau. John and Deborah; witness to weddings: (a) 31-07-
1786: William Butler/Eliz. Banfield; (b) 04-02-1787: Thos
Bassett/Eliz. Hadlow; marr: 08-04-1788: William Smith of S
and Anne Butler of S
bap. 24-01-1762 Susannah, dau. John and Deborah; witness to wedding: 06-06-
1779: William Clerk/Sarah How
bap. 02-03-1764 William, son of John and Deborah
bur. 12-06-1782 John Butler [parish] clark, aged 73 [1709-1782]
OA; and CWA: various refs. 1769-80
manorial: defaulter: 1735; 1754-5; borsholder: 1733; juror: 1734
Q/RDz 3/1-17: 01-01-1795: mentioned as former occ. of Veles
OA: pauper at Snodland: 1789-1796
son of John and Deborah: bap.02-03-1764
marr. 31-07-1786 William Butler of S, bach., and Elizabeth Banfield of S, spin.
bap. 26-11-1786 Mary, dau. William and Elizabeth
bap. 31-01-1788 Susanna, dau. William and Elizabeth; died 09-08-1788; bur. 13-
bap. 09-08-1789 William, son of William and Elizabeth; bur. 09-02-1790, aged
7 months, by the parish
bur. 22-10-1790 William Butler, aged 26 years, by the parish
bap. 09-01-1791 John (posth.) son of William and Elizabeth; bur from Halling,
aged 62: 01-12-1852
witness at wedding: William: 27-10-1787: Stephen Steady/Ann Pearson
OA: various refs. 1789-91
son of John and Deborah: bap. 21-08-1748
marriage of John Butler and Jane Ashenden: Ash by Wrotham: 21 Aug 1769.
bap. 28-01-1770 John, son of John and Jane; bur. 12-06-1840, aged 70, from
West Malling Union
PS/Ma 3: 14-10-1775: Jane Butler, wife of John Butler of Snodland: upwards of 5 years ago he left her in Snodland and went to sea; she did not see him for upwards of 3 ½ years; was informed that he was dead. During his absence she was delivered of a female child, bap. Sal in Ash next Ridley; said child now maintained in Meopham by Margaret Ashenden, Jane Butler’s mother. John refuses to maintain the child, delivered about 6 months before he returned [Its alias in Wickham]
bap. 28-07-1776 William, son of John and Jane; Nov 1788: apprenticed to Mr Mackpherson
bur. 01-12-1788 John Butler, aged 40 years, by the parish
OA: various refs: 1773-4, 1776-8; 1788