1700-1799 (h)


bap. Jan 1741/2 Thomas, son of William and Anne
bap. 18-09-1743 William, son of William and Anne Hadloe
bap. 13-10-1745 Nicholas, son of William and Ann
bap. 21-04-1747 Thomas, son of William and Ann
bap. 25-03-1749 Armigel, son of William and Ann; 09-12-1758: apprenticeship to John Marshall of West Malling, cordwainer
bap. 12-05-1751 John, son of William and Ann Hadler; bur. 02-09-1753
bap. 31-03-1753 James, son of William and Ann Hadler
bap. 04-05-1755 Mary and Anne (twins), daus. of William and Ann Hadler
bur. 17-02-1757 Anne Hadler [the twin?]
bap. 21-10-1757 Jane, dau. of William and Anne Hadler
bap. 15-10-1775: Armigel, son of Jane Hadlow, a bastard
bur. 14-02-1782: Jane Hadlow, spinster
bap. 16-12-1759 George, son of William and Ann
bur. 02-03-1762 William Hadler
bap. 16-05-1762 Abraham, son of William and Ann
bur. 31-12-1780 Anne, wife of William Hadlow
bur. 27-06-1782 Mary Hadlow, spinster
bur. 15-12-1782 William Hadlow
U1833/T331: victualler at the Bull: 1766-1781 [Q RLv 4/1]
manorial: 1755; 1759; 1767
PS/Ma 1, 58: 04-11-1752: fined 1s 6d [1 day] default in labour towards repairing the highways in Snodland.
PS/Ma 2, 42: 03-12-1763: William Hadlow of Birling hired himself to John Martin of Snodland, farmer, for 1 year and lived with him several years.
OA: 1780-1
Ann Hadlow witness at wedding of Luke Seaton and Eliz. Turner: 19-07-1768

marr. 23-11-1774: John Loft of S, bach., and Anne Hadlow of A, spin. Jane Hadlow a witness

bap. 08-11-1754 John, son of Nicholas and Jane Hadler; marr. 18-10-1784: John Hadlow of S and Anne How of S; Elizabeth Hadlow a witness
bap. 09-01-1757 Anne, dau. of Nicholas and Jane Hadler; ?bur. 16-05-1773: Anne Hadlow
bap. 01-10-1760 Jane, dau. of Nicholas and Jane Hadlow
bap. 07-09-1764 William, son of Nicholas and Jane [q.v.]
bap. 03-01-1768 Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas and Jane
bap. 20-02-1785: John, son of Elizabeth, base born
bap. 19-10-1788: Wm, son of Elizabeth, base born; bur. 27-01-1790, aged 16 months [also in OA]
marr. 30-11-1790: Thomas Mills of Birling and Elizabeth Hadlow of S
bap. 08-07-1770 Mary, dau. of Nicholas and Jane; bur. Mary Hadlow, an infant, 19-05-1771
bap. 26-07-1772 Ammigal [Armigill], son of Nicholas and Jane
bur. 26-03-1816 Jane Hadlow of S, aged 96 [i.e. born c.1720]; OA: to hospital in 1780
July 1782 OA: to widow Hadlow to bury her child
manorial: 1754-5; borsholder 1770-1776.
CW: 1770
OA: 1770-1776
1759: noted as occ. of messuage and garden in Holborough, alienated from William Johnson to Edward Jupp
PS/Ma 1, 44: 04-01-1752: Nichs Hadlow of Birling on Oath saith that his last legal place of settlement was … Snodland by hireing and serving Ewd Cripps in Snodland for 1 year. Adjudged settled in Snodland; order to remove him and Jane his wife from Birling to Snodland.
CW: 1770
OA: 1771-1776

marr. 24-10-1773 James Hadlow of S, bach., and Elizabeth Butler of S, spin.
bap. 03-04-1774 James, son of James and Elizabeth
bap. 07-08-1775 Elizabeth, dau. of James and Elizabeth
bap. 02-02-1777 James, son of James and Elizabeth; bur. 02-02-1777
bap. 09-08-1778 Thomas, son of James and Elizabeth
bap. 19-11-1780 Anne, dau. of James and Elizabeth; ?bur. Anne Hadlow: 02-04-1781
bur. 20-01-1782 James Hadlow, senior
marr. 04-02-1787 Thos Bassett of Birling and Eliz: Hadlow of S, widow
James: manorial: borsholder: 1777-8; aletaster: 1779
CW: 1776, 1778
OA: 1777; 1782
16-11-1772: witness to apprenticeship of Thomas Crispe

marr. 07-05-1796 Thomas Tomson of S and Elizabeth Hadlow of Paddlesworth

? son of William and Ann, bap. 1754
marr. 10-09-1781 George Hadlow of S, and Margaret Tupper of S
1794 Apr OA: To G. Hadlow to Bury his Wife £1. 1. 0.
Manorial: borsholder: 1782-3
will of John Gilder: 15-06-1783: named as tenant of land owned by Gilder in Snodland at 15s p.a. rent
witness at weddings: 17-01-1785: Martin/Barton; 07-05-1796: Tomson/Hadlow; 08-09-1798: How/Scrantum

OA: 1791-4: various payments on behalf of

marr. 12-07-1784 William Hadlow of S, bach., and Margaret Linch of S, spin.;
witness: George Hadlow
bap. 14-11-1784 John, son of William and Margaret; bur. ‘from W. Malling’
22-01-1826, aged 42
bap. 12-02-1786 William, son of William and Margaret
bap. 30-03-1788 Jane, dau. of William and Margaret
bap. 06-10-1793 Ann, dau. of William and Margaret
bap. 18-04-1790 Thos., son of William and Margaret; bur. 16-12-1792, aged 2
bap. 17-06-1792 Elizabeth, dau. of William and Margaret; bur. 30-09-1792, aged
5 months
bur. 13-08-1794 Margaret, wife of William Hadlow, aged 32, by the Parish [i.e.
born c.1762]
OA: 1788-1790, many entries

OA: various payments on behalf of: 1788-1791

marr. 02-06-1781 Armigill Hadlow and Jane Wood


bap. 01-06-1740 Thomas, son of Richard and Sarah
bur. 22-05-1741 Thomas, infant son of Richard and Sarah, of Dimchurch
bap. 13-05-1744 Elizabeth, dau. of Richard and Sarah
bur. 06-03-1750/1 at Cuxton: Sarah Hales was buried (from Snodland)
marr. 23-07-1751 Ric: Hals and Eliz. Falike
bap. 12-06-1752 Ann, dau of Richard and Elizabeth; apprenticed to Elizabeth
Liscoe of St Olave, Southwark: 01-02-1766
bap. 02-04-1755 Sarah, dau. of Richard and Elizabeth; apprenticed to John
Strover of Strood, taylor: 06-09-1766
bap. 10-12-1759 Mary, dau. of Richard and Elizabeth; apprenticed to
William and Martha Wenman of Benenden, carpenter: 26-12-
1771, aged about 12.
bur. 16-09-1762 at Cuxton: Richard Hales from Snodland was buried
bur. 23-02-1763 Elizabeth Hales
marr. 30-11-1775 William Jupp of S, bach., and Sarah Hales of S, spin.
manorial: 19-10-1757: landlord of 2 cott, 2 barns and 3 pieces of land of c.5 acres, occ. Richard Eason, John Craft and Richard Hales; 18-10-1858: landlord of 2 cott., and c.30 roods of land in Holborough, occ. Edward Orpin and William Smith
named as victualler at Red Lion: 1743-1762 [Q RLv]
CKS: U838/T359: indenture: 31-03-1757: Ed. Hack of Chatham, shipwright and Richard Hales of S, victualler
Named in will of John May: Feb 1761, as tenant of Red Lion and of wharf and warehouses; ownership transferred to William May
PS/Ma 1, 58: 04-11-1752: surveyor of highways
named as Churchwarden: April 1755 and July 1756


bur. 10-12-1751 Will: Haley, a farmer


marr. 30-07-1793 John Spong of A, bach., and Laetitia Halfhead of S, spin.; Edward Halfhead a witness
marr. 09-06-1803 John Simmons of Rochester, gent., and Sarah Eleanor Halfhead of S. Sarah Halfhead a witness
26-01-1790 Elizabeth Halfhead a witness at wedding: Mason/Edmeads
OA: April 1782 ‘To Mrs Halfhead with Wm Seaton £1. 1s. 0d.’ [Apprenticeship]


bur. 10-07-1703 a still-born male child of Thomas, carpenter
bap. 29-03-1704 William son of Thomas, carpenter; born 11-09-1703
bur. 27-09-1704 William, son of Thomas, carpenter
b & bap. 07-12-1705 Janes, dau. of Thomas, carpenter
bap. 24-11-1708 Priscilla, dau. of Thomas, carpenter
manorial: 1703-1712

Edward: inherited messuage, barn and land called Ponf Field and Brickfield, c.24 acres in Snodland, from Joan Giles.
Manorial [Cuxton]: 1717-1727; died c.1726
son Edward inherited above property


marr. 29-09-1765 Thomas Batts of S, bach., and Elizabeth Hare of S, widow


marr. 25-10-1779 William Harris of S, and Sarah Featherstone of S
bur. 18-05-1781 William Harris, labourer
bur. 13-04-1782 Sarah Harris, widow
OA: Feb, 1781: To Wm Harris: 5s.; May 1781: To Dame Harris to Bury the Husband: £1. 1s. 0d.


bap. 18-03-1676 John, son of John
bap. 15-12-1682 Alice, dau. of John; bur. 07-03-1682/3
bap. 09-03-1683/4 Ann, dau, of John
bap. 13-06-1686 Thomas, son of John; bur. 19-04-1687
marr. 21-05-1704 John Stommers of S, roper, and Ann, dau. of John Hatch of S, shoemaker
marr. 06-10-1708 John Hatch, bach. of Shorne and Jane Scot, spinster of S
bur. 26-07-1714 Ann, wife of John Hatch
bur. 09-03-1720/1 John Hatch
P29/14/1/24: apprenticeship of Richard Turner of Birling to John Hatch of Snodland, cordwainer
manorial: 1706-1713
Annie Hatch witness to nuncupative will of Stephen How, 11-10-1678
John: witness to will of John Short: 25-04-1684
John and Ann: witnesses to will of John Gransden: 08-04-1692


bur. 17-08-1712 Mary, dau. of John
bap. 08-05-1714 Jane, dau. of John
bap. 05-02-1715/6 Mary, dau. of John
bap. 03-11-1717 Henry, son of John
bap. 03-01-1719/20 John, son of John
bap. 15-05-1723 Ann Hawkes
bap. 01-08-1725 William, son of John
manorial: 1711-1727

bap. 16-12-1710 Mary, dau. of Thomas

Henry/Mary and Frances
marr. 26-10-1744 Henry Hawks and Mary Tomlin
bap. 18-08-1745 Elizabeth, dau. of Henry and Mary
bap. 04-12-1750 Henry, son of Henry; bur. 09-12-1750
bap. 01-07-1753 Henry, son of Henry and Mary; apprenticeship: 24-10-1767, aged c.14, to Thomas Billinghurst of Mereworth, housecarpenter
bur. 13-04-1755 Mary, wife of Henry
marr. 09-11-1755 Henry Hawks of S and Frances Crispe of S
bap. 30-05-1762 Frances, dau. Henry and Frances
bap. 21-03-1766 Jane, dau. Henry and Frances
bap. 05-06-1768 Ann, dau. of Henry and Frances
bur. 15-03-1768 Henry Hawks; administration act: April 1768
bur. 12-03-1784 Frances Hawks, widow, aged 55 [i.e. born c.1729]
marr. 11-08-1784 Thomas Love of S, bach. and Jane Hawkes of S, spin.

marr. 27-01-1750/1 Nicholas Knight of Strood and Ann Hawkes of S
bur. 15-10-1765 Elizabeth Hawkes [? Dau. of Henry and Mary]
bur. 22-11-1769 Ann Hawkes, infant
bur. 23-03-1785 Mary Hawks, spinster, aged 28 [born c.1757; ?dau. of Henry and Frances]


bur. 20-05-1689 Jane Hawes
bur. 21-03-1705/6 Richard Hawes, servant


[no entry in Snodland register]
Inventory: DRa/Pi 12/9: 22-09-1730; valued at £94. 14s. 0d.
Administration act
manorial: 1728-30
Ann Haynes, widow
U1833/T331: 20-08-1730: William Haines of Holborough, butcher, a party to a deed

(Haselton; Hazelton; Heasulton)

bap. 05-01-1794 Thomas, son of Jane Hasledon, base born
marr. 09-05-1794 at Birling: Wm Crowhurst of Birling and Jane Hazleton of S
bur. 31-03-1809 Thomas Haselton, aged 15
Quarter Sessions, Epiphany 1794: Jenny Hazleden of S, singlewoman, by her Examination taken in writing and upon Oath says she is with child and that such child is likely to be born a bastard and to be chargeable to the said parish. And the said Jenny Hazleden charges William Crowhurst to be the father of the said child.
OA: 27-10-1793 to 20-04-1794 concerning the taking of William Crowhurst and payments to Jane Hazelden.


bap. 24-05-1724 Thomas Hazelgrove; bur. 18-06-1724
marr. 02-02-1732/3 Thomas Clacket of Halling, bach., and Mary Hazelgrove of S, widow
U838/T360: 12-07-1727 and U2102/T10: 10-02-1723: mention messuage called Springetts, late James Brand, then Thomas Hazelgrove


bap. 27-12-1685 James, son of John
bap. 21-04-1689 Sarah, dau. of John
bur. 02-01-1692/3 John Hernden
bap. 07-10-1694 John, son of John
bap. 17-10-1697 Elizabeth, dau. of John; born 13-10-1697; bur. 22-02-1699
bap. 09-03-1700/1 Margaret, dau. of John, labourer; born 04-03-1700/1; bur. 15-09-1703
bap. 07-07-1760 Richard, son of Elizabeth


marr. 03-10-1770 John Heaver of Cuxton and Anne Broad of S
bur. 28-04-1771 John Heaver, infant
PS/Ma 2, 156-7: 05-01-1771: now residing at Snodland. c. 5 years ago hired himself to the Earl of Darnley as a Waggoner at Cobham Hall for a year; adjudged settled at Cobham with wife Ann.
OA: 1771-2; took Sarah Broad as apprentice: Oct 1778


bap. 12-10-1794 Frances, dau. of William and Sarah
OA: 1794-6
Occ. the Old Bull in 1793-5; owned by […] Collins


bap. 04-08-1696 William, son of William; born 28-07-1696
born and bap. 20-04-1701: Jane, dau. of William, farmer
bur. 13-09-1704 Mary Henfield, labourer
bur. 27-01-1712/3 Sarah Henfield
bur. 05-05-1713 Thomas, son of Thomas
bur. 23-02-1750/1 John Henfeald, a labourer
bur. 18-12-1762 Ann Henfeild


bur. 11-01-1733/4 Anne, an infant
manorial: John Henneker: 1733-5


bap. 02-02-1777 William, son of John and Mary
OA: April 1777: to John Herbert looking after [John Couche] 10s.


bur. 20-02-1750/1 Revd Mr Herndale Curate of Halling


bap. 04-07-1731 Edward, son of William and Elizabeth
bap. 01-1201734 Elizabeth, dau. of William and Elizabeth
marr. 24-02-1754 William Brown and Elizabeth Higgins of S
bur. 02-02-1763 William Higgins
marr. 26-01-1799 Anthony Higgins of S and Elizabeth Salmon of S
PS/Ma 1, 58: 04-11-1752: fine 3s = two days default regarding highway repairs
PS/Ma 1, 175: 03-02-1759: William Higgins, now residing at Snodland … upwards of 30 years ago hired himself as a servant to John Dunnings of Wouldham, served 2 years; adjudged to remove to Wouldham with wife Elizabeth


bur. 21-07-1734 Elizabeth Hills, widow
marr. 29-09-1747 Thos. Coockey and Jane Hills
marr. 26-11-1770 James Martin of S and Elizabeth Hills of Paddlesworth
bur. 17-06-1772 Thomas Hills
OA: June 1772: paid at the inquisition of Thos Hills: 8s.
PS/Ma 3, 3-12-1774: Ann Hills, singlewoman, now residing in Snodland, hired herself for a year to William Craft of Snodland from 1 month before Michaelmas 1771; then served Mr Saunders of Luddesdowne for 2 years; OA: Nov-Dec 1774: oath and orders to remove Ann Hills
OA: Dec 1775: Oaths for Jane Tupper; warrant for John Hills; Feb 1776: To Nichs Hadlow and Daniel King going after Jno Hills
bap. 28-04-1776 John Hills, a bastard son of Jane Tupper
marr. 20-05-1777 John Hills of Chelmsford and Jane Tupper of S


banns June/July 1773: James Solsby of Leybourne, bach., and Elizabeth Hillyard of S, widow


marr. 17-10-1753 at Birling: John Hind of S and Susan Barton of Birling, by banns
PS/Ma 1, 10: 02-07-1748: William Hinds now of Snodland, on Oath saith that he hired himself to one John Tomlyn of Birling and lived with him two years and received 2 years wages; adjudged settled there.


bur. 30-01-1721/2 Elizabeth Hoby


bap. 18-02-1749/50 William, son of Hugh and Jane Hodge

Thomas Hodges: [no entry in Snodland register]
Inventory: DRb/Pi 45/10: 13-09-1731; valued £14. 1s. 6d.
Administration act: Nov. 1731

marr. 11-06-1764 Thos Hodges of S and Sarah Craft of S
bap. 21-07-1765 William, son of Thomas and Sarah
bap. 31-05-1767 Jane, dau. of Thomas and Sarah
bap. 25-12-1768 Thomas, son of Thomas and Sarah
bap. 04-11-1770 John, son of Thomas and Sarah
bur. 14-04-1771 Thomas Hodges, infant
OA: 1769-71

(Hamden; Hombden; Humbden)

marr. 05-10-1703 William Hamden, servant, and Sarah Francis of S, servant
manorial: 1704-10
bur. 13-10-1735 Jane Humbden, servant


marr. 10-04-1735 Asting Hopkins, singleman, lodger in this parish, and Mary Cheeseman, widow, by banns
bap. 30-11-1735 Mary, dau. Asting and Mary; bur. 13-03-1736/7
bap. 13-03-1736/7 William, son of Asting and Mary; bur. 02-01-1737/8
bur. 21-10-1739 Mary, wife of Astin Hopkins
bur. 14-01-‘1746’ Austin Hopkins


marr. 12-05-1710 Thomas Hopper of Snodland and Alice Hopper of East Malling, at East Malling


bap. 31-03-1754 William, son of William and Mary
bap. 27-08-1758 Thomas, son of William and Mary
bap. 08-02-1761 Ann, dau. of William and Mary
bap. 10-03-1765 William, son of William and Mary
bap. 20-09-1767 James, son of William and Mary
bur. 21-09-1772 Mary How
bur. 15-03-1775 Mary How [wife of William]
marr. 06-06-1779 William Clark of S and Sarah How of S
marr. 18-10-1784 John Hadlow of S and Anne How of S
marr. 18-10-1790 James How and Sarah Baldwin
1757: debt of £5. 17s. 6d. due from William How to George Wray for wheat, etc
witness at weddings: William and Elizabeth: 29-10-1761: Martin/Carlton; Ann: 11-06-1783: Squibs/Seaton, and 12-07-1784: Hadlow/Linch; Thomas: 18-10-1790: How/Baldwin
manorial: 1759
OA: 1769-75
bur. 05-11-1800 at Halling: William How, aged 70


marr. 02-05-1749 William Flaxon and Martha Howard of S
marr. 13-10-1754 Timothy Linch and Elizabeth Howard of S


PS/Ma 3: 01-12-1788: John Dimock Hubbard, now residing in Snodland. A parishioner of Lamborne, co. Berks, bastard son of John Dimock and Rebecca Hubbard who lived together as man and wife. About June 1784 married Rachael … in Lunckinghold, co. Hants. Dau. Rachael born in Birling 29-05-1788; bap. there 05-07-1788.


marr. 05-11-1759 Tho: Hubble of S and Mary Couchman of S
bur. 06-08-1764 Mary Hubble
bur. 07-11-1776 Sarah Hubble, widow
marr. 15-06-1778 Thomas Hubble of S, widower, and Mary Temple of S, widow
bur. 10-05-1797 Thos Hubble, shop-keeper; Administration act: June 1797
marr. 12-10-1798 James Baldwin of S and Mary Hubble of S; John Hubble a witness
Apprenticeships: P29/14/1/51: 1763: John Croucher of Birling to Thomas Hubble of S, cordwainer; P29/14/1/80: 1794: Nicholas Whitting of Birling to Thomas Hubble of S, cordwainer
manorial: 1761-96; borsholder 1761-3
15-10-1783: at death of John Gilder noted as occ. of cottage, late Field’s; witnessed will of John Gilder
OA: 1769-95
CW: 1774-80
Thomas: witness at weddings: 25-05-1767 (Chittenden/Knight); 15-10-1773 (Dive/Blackman); 23-11-1774 (Loft/Hadlow); 08-04-1788 (Smith/Butler); 26-12-1791 (Butler/Pearson)


bur. 24-01-1727/8 Margaret, wife of John
bur. 26-11-1734 Anne, mother to Eliz. and Anne:
bur. 17-01-1734/5 Eliz. an infant
bur. 09-03-1734/5 Anne, an infant
bap. 10-11-1734 Eliz. And Anne (twins) of Wm and Anne, joiner
bur. 07-07-1743 John Huggins, yeoman
bur. 11-07-1768 Wm Huggins of Chatham; died 8 July according to lost memorial; states he is son of William H. of Snodland
John: manorial: 1720-35
Q/RDz 3/1-17: 28-02-1732 and 16-12-1732: occ. of Markehouse and c.30 acres in S
PS/Ma 1, 88: 02-11-1754: Elizabeth Huggins now residing in Snodland … saith that she was married c.24 years ago to one John Huggins of S, farmer, who then and for some years afterwards leased and occupied a farm and lands in S at c.£24 p.a. That for some time after his death she hired herself to Captn Sparks of Frindsbury for a year for a month’s wages ort a month’s warning and that pursuant to such hireing she lived with him almost 4 years


Rector of S: induction at death of Thomas Washer: 25-07-1748
Had John Browne and John Manley as tenants; £30 rent
CW: Expenses at visitation 17-05-1771
replaced at death by Thomas Barnard: 22-01-1794


bap. 21-04-1722 Anne, dau. of John
bap. 17-05-1724 John, son of John
marr. 01-12-1746 Thos Crosley of E. Malling and Jane Hunt of S
marr. 14-05-1755 Richard Tupper of Halling and Elizabeth Hunt of S


banns Nov-Dec 1784: Charles Hutchence of S and Sarah Lock of S
witness at wedding: Charles Hutchence: 08-07-1784 (Beany/Dartnall)


bap. 13-11-1757 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
marr. 28-02-1791 Ambrose Chittenden of S and Mary Hutson of S
1757: debt of £7. 8s. 0d. due from John Hutson to George Wray for corn etc