This list includes persons who were baptized or married or who died in Snodland between 1700 and 1799. Those who remained alive after 1800 are listed in the Snodland Historical Society database 1800-1950 (in progress) and all details about them are not necessarily to be found here.

Notices of baptism, marriage or death refer to All Saints, Snodland, unless otherwise specified.

CW = Churchwardens Accounts from 1769 [Medway Studies Centre: P342/]

Manorial from 1702 = [Medway Studies Centre: CCRb/M1-M6]. Dates given are first and last appearances (as for instance in lists of jurors).

OA = Overseers Accounts from 1769 [Medway Studies Centre: P342/]

Petty Sessions minutes [Centre for Kentish Studies: PS/Ma/1-3]

Abstracts of wills will be listed separately at a later date.