1600-1699 (w – z)


04-03-1579/80 bap. Ralphe Waklyn, son of John
29-01-1587/8 marr. John Wakelyn and Joane Ringe
17-11-1588 bap. John, son of John Wakelyn
13-12-1590 bap. Henry, son of John Wakelyn; bur. 21-03-1593/4
11-02-1592/3 bap. Stephin, son of John Wakelyn
09-11-1604 bur. John Wakelin
01-01-1604/5 bap. Joan Wakelin, dau. of Ralphe
03-10-1606 bur. Joane Waklinge, widowe
a John Wakelyn bequeathed £2 in will of Allen Wood (1556)


28-06-1607 marr. William Saunders and Margerie Waker
07-02-1613/14 marr. Thomas Fowler, widower and Beteris Walter


04-09-1679 bur. John Walton
23-07-1690 bap. Edward, son of Arthur Walton; bur. 04-02-1692/3
18-12-1692 bur. Patience Walton


08-06-1691 bap. Robert, son of William Ware; bur. 06-03-1691/2
20-01-1695/6 bap. William, son of William Ware


15-09-1676 marr. John Eldrige and Mary Washinden, both of S


08-07-1593 bap. Thomas, son of John Watts
overseer of will of John Turke: 15-08-1597
Will: U1515/T93: 07-04-1618
to be buried in Snodland churchyard.
wife Martha: house and land at Merke in S, household stuff and corn on the ground; then to son John and son Thomas, they paying £10 each to dau. Elizabeth
witnesses: William Palmer; Thomas Godden
Martha Wattes, widow, tenant of Manor of Paddlesworth: 9d. + 3 hens: U1121/M21/2 & 3: 14-09-1627

04-07-1630 marr. Henry Collison and Elizabeth Wattes, both of S

son of John
30-04-1633 bur. Elizabeth, wife of John Watts
U47/45/T48: 14-6-11 Jas. I: mentions land of John Watts

08-04-1633 bap. John Watts, son of Thomas
16-02-1634/5 bap. Thomas Watts, son of Thomas
12-01-8 Chas. I [1632]: Thomas Watts occ. of tenement in North Street in S: U1515/T88B
U1515/T93: 07-04-1638: mortgages house and 5 pieces of land in S and 1 piece of land in Paddlesworth to Jarvase Taylor of Cranbrook for £27 [occ. Henry Collison]
U1515/T93: 30-07-1652: Thomas Watts for £80 sells to John Marsham Esq. his moyetie of a house at Merke in S and of 6 pieces of land containing 14 acres.
24-08-1654: [same] his son John sells his part of ditto to ditto.


15-02-1606/7 bap. Ann, dau. of Edward Watkins; bur. 24-09-1607


23-01-1613/14 bap. George, son of George Webb; bur. 17-04-1614
15-03-1613/14 bur. Marian, wife of George Webb
29-05-1614 marr. George Webb and Marie Auger
05-02-1614/15 bap. Catherine, dau. of George Webb
15-08-1631 marr. Jonathan Stone of Layborne and Joyce Webb of S


03-12-1598 bap. Susan, dau. of Thomas Wellard
05-04-1600 bap. Stephanus Wellard, f. Thome
01-08-1605 bur. Thomas Wellard
Thomas Weller a witness to will of William Samon: 26-06-1602

12-04-1631 marr. Robt. Willard and Margarette Longe
23-02-1634/5 bap. Mary, dau. of Robert Wellard
26-01-1674/5 bur. Robert Weller
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1664: Robert Wellard: 1 chimney, not chargeable

07-11-1660 bur. Goodwife Wellard, wife of Willyam Wellard
15-01-1663/4 bur. Thomas, son of Thomas Weller
17-02-1677/8 bur. Widow Wellard
[1684-5] marr. Edward Cumber and Mary Wellard, both of S
25-04-1684: Mary Wellard was maid to John Short


07-07-1663 marr. Samuell Bate and Lisbona Welles
25-03-1663: Hearth tax: The Widow Wells

12-06-1660 bur. Thomas Wells
06-10-1662 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Wells
06-01-1663/4 bap. Walter, son of Thomas Wells
09-01-1663/4 bur. a child of Thomas Welles
09-04-1665 bap. Jaymes, son of Thomas Welles
13-03-1665/6 bur. wife of Thom: Weeles
27-03-1666 bap. ?, son of Thomas Wells
04-05-1667 bap. Samuell, son of Thomas Wells; bur. 06-01-1668/9
17-08-1670 bur. Thomas [-], servant to Thomas Wells
05-08-1671 bap. Ann, dau. of Thomas Wells
21-08-1672 bur. Elezeabeth, dau. of Thomas Wells
02-11-1672 bur. Mary, wife of Thomas Wells
20-11-1672 bap. William, son of Thomas Wells
Hearth tax: 1662, 1663, 1664: Thomas Wells: 5 chimneys


28-11-1630 bur. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Westnes
04-09-1631 bap. John, son of Richard Westnes
19-04-1635 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Westnes
16-08-1636 bap. Jeane, dau. of Richard Westnes


16-12-1609 bur. Margaret Wheeler, widow


13-09-1608 bur. Andrew White, blacksmith
murdered on 10 September [Assizes: 35/51/5: 23-02-1609. No. 352 in printed calendar]


14-06-11 Jas. I: mentions lands of Clement Whitfield, late of Edward Leedes

03-08-1623 bap. Dorothie, dau. of William Whitfield
02-04-1624 bap. Anne, dau. of Will: Whitefield
xx-03-1627/8 bur. Mary, dau. of William Whitfeild
19-05-1628 bap. Thomas, son of Will. Whitfeld
09-02-1629/30 bap. Mary, dau. of William Whitfeild
xx-11-1632 bap. James, son of William Whitfeild
28-04-1635 marr. Elan Risby and Elizabeth Whitfeild
14-09-1627: tenant of manor of Paddlesworth: William Whitfeild Gent. 1s. [U1121/M21/2 &3]
PRO: E179/128/605 (1628): lay subsidy: William Whitfeild £4 [lands]; 32s [goods]
U1515/T89: 1625-1639: mentions land occupied by him

01-04-1680 bur. Mr William Whitfield
15-10-1680 bur. Mrs Anne Whitfield
20-09-1653: CKS: U47/38/T23: mentions messuage of William Whitfield [in Brook Street]
15-03-1678/9: a witness to will of Elizabeth Read
DRb/Pa 25: administration: 01-05-1680: executrix = widow Ann; inventory: £132. 17s. 2d.
DRa/Pw 3: will of Anne Whitfield: 12-10-1680; probate 19-11-1680
goods shared between daus. Anne and Elizabeth
20s. to son James
witnesses: Anne Parker; Jane Hawes; Mark Parker


08-05-1585 bur. John, son of John Williams
20-12-1601 bur. John Williams
01-11-1602 marr. William Cherinne and Agnes Williams, widowe

William: [Rector]
10-07-1623: ‘Jere. Williams, Minister of Snodland, witness to will of Thomas Knowles of Birling
23-12-1623 bur. William Williams they Minister of Snodland

22-01-1636/7 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Humphrey Wylliams

03-04-1659 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Willyams gent of hoborow
6-03-1668/9 bur. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Williams, gent [bap. 1668]
02-05-1671 bur. Grace, wife of Thomas Williams, gent
08-06-1672 bur. Tho. Williams Gent
was son of Elizabeth Williams, sister of Thomas Clottery: Clottery’s will: 16-07-1631 bequeathed ‘all my other lands and tenements at halborough in Snodland to Elizabeth Williams, the remainder to Thomas Williams’
Hearth tax: 1662 and 1663: 5 chimneys; 1664: 3 chimneys
NB a Thomas Williams (father of this Thomas?) received 20s. in will of William Tilghman: 13-05-1619.


07-03-1623/4 bur. Ann Willoubye, dau. of Mr Willoubye
04-07-1624 bap. Julia, dau. Mr Thomas Willoughbye
Thomas was coroner at inquest on Andrew White: 11-09-1608 [Assizes]
PRO: E179/127/532: 19 Jas I [1622]: lay subsidy: Thomas Willougeby £3 [goods]; 3s.
Will of Ann Willougby, spinster: 09-02-1623/4; proved 17-07-1624
DRb/Pwr 21, f.82v:
all estate to sister Godly Willoughby, she to be executrix, including what is owed to AW in grandfather Thomas’s will.
witnesses: father Thomas Willoughby the elder; Thomas Willoughby; Eunice Scott
sister Godly
brother? Thomas


07-05-1598 marr. William Wills and Agnes Turke
18-09-1608 bur. Ann, wife of William Wills
20-02-1608/9 marr. William Willes and Debora Taylor by a licencye out of Rochester
PRO: E179/127/515: lay subsidy [1597-8]: William Wylls £3 [goods]; 8s
01-04-1599: Quarter Sessions: victuallers recognizance: William Willes – surety for William Hemseworth of S, labourer
churchwarden of Snodland at 08-01-1600/01
25-09-1604: recognizance discharges: William Wills of Snodland, husbandman, in £10 for good behaviour
recognizance: £20: 13-11-1604 [CKS: QM/SRc, see p.462 of printed calendar]
surety for William Wood
11-09-1608: a member of the jury at inquest on Andrew White
01-02-1611/12: will of Alice Taylor: brother-in-law is William Willes: 6 children: Richard, William, Samuel, Edward, Thomas, Isabell
27-03-1611/12: PRO: E179/127/569: lay subsidy: Willm Wiles: £3 [goods]; 3s.
[his mark] as witness to will of Elizabeth Usher of S, nuncupative will: 29-11-1613


23-02-1609: Assizes: John Wilson, labourer, indicted for begging at Snodland on 20-10-1608 under a forged licence.
John Wilson a witness to will of William Samon: 26-06-1602

26-08-1610 marr. Edward Wilson and Margret Holdway, widdow
26-12-1624 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Wilsonn
23-07-1635 bap. Frances, dau. of Edward Wilson
08-05-1641 bur. Elizabeth Wilson
02-07-1629: CKS: U1515/T89: land of a burned down tenement sold to Edward Wilson by Thomas Maplisden of Maidstone for £5; 04-09-1639: EW sells the land to Nicholas Coosen for £7 (it being in EW’s own occupation)

24-10-1635 bap. Richard, son of George Wilson
20-04-1650: CKS: U1515/T80C: messuage and garden in holborough in tenure of George Wilson


06-08-1581 bap. Water Woode, son of Wyllm
03-06-1605: recognizance: CKS: QM/SRc (p.474 of calendar)
CKS: QM/SI, no. 237: Walter Wood of Snodland, yeoman, at Snodland assaulted John Arrow alias Rowe of Aylesford, yeoman: 23-08-1606. Appeared 14-04-1607 and submitted to the will of the court and fine assessed at 12d.

16-09-1688 bur. Thomas Wood


26-10-1658 bap. John, son of Hamond Raye
13-11-1660 bap. Marye, dau. of Hamond Raye
18-09-1664 bap. Bridget, dau. of Hammon Ray
18-06-1675 bur. Hammon Wray of Padelsworth
27-10-1681 bur. Mary Wray widdow
08-10-1683 marr. Edward Loft of Wouldham and Mary Wray of
Hearth tax: 1662, 1663, 1664: 3 chimneys
Will of Hamond Wray: DRa/Pw 3: 03-06-1675; proved 13-08-1675
£50 each to son George (+ messuage in East Peckham
son David
son Thomas
son John
son Francis
dau. Elizabeth
dau. Mary
dau. Bridgett (at age 21 or marriage)
rest to wife Mary, she to be executrix
witnesses: Thos. Tomlyn; William Neale; Elizabeth Collison
Will of Mary Wray: DRa/Pw 3: 23-10-1681; proved 10-12-1685
all goods and chattels equally divided between
sons David, Thomas, John and Francis
and daughters Elizabeth (+ 1 silver two-handed cup), Mary (+ 1 20s. piece of old gold and one gold ring, Bridgett (+ 1 20s. piece of old gold and one silver thimble)
son George to receive a further £10, he to be executor
witnesses: John Tomlin; Elizabeth Wray; Abra: Walter

George: [see 18th cent. list]
son of Hamon
apprized inventory of William Loath of S: 19-12-1688
apprized inventory of Stephen Vowsden of S: 21-01-1688/9

Memorial in All Saints churchyard:
[50]. [Chest tomb] Here lye the Bodies of Geo: David & Joanna, Sons & Daughr of Geo: Wray of Paddlesworth by Joanne His Wife
[Thomas] July 9 1709 Agd 22 yrs
Geo. d. April 14 l7l2 Agd 2l yrs
David March 3 l696 Agd 4 yrs
Joanna Feb. 1693 Agd 9 yrs
Here lyeth the Body of Elizh Wife of Nicholas Wray of Paddlesworth who died June 6th 1729 Aged 33 years Also Jane Wife of Nicholas Wray died March ye 11th 1734 Aged 33 years Here also — The Body of the above said Nicholas Wray of Paddlesworth who died Aug. ye 24th 1745 Aged 54 years left issue one son and 3 drs. George, Eliz., Jane and Frances. On the North Side (some letters illegible)Mems. of Hammond [Wray] [died 1675; his wife Mary died 1681] 167- 1681


04-06-1636 or 7 bap. Mary, dau. of William Wyborne


30-06-1645 bap. Mary, dau. of Willyam Yappe
25-03-1646 bap. William, son of William Yappe
10-11-1649 bap. Hannah, dau. of William Yappe
12-04-1651 bap. John, son of William Yappe
According to the Committee for Advance of Money: 06-05-1650, said to have been in the insurrection under Lord Goring in 1648


27-01-1669/70 bur. Anne Young, dau. of [-] Young late of Snodland deceased


07-10-1696 marr. Thomas Lock and Elizabeth Youwell, both of S