1600-1699 (r – s)


of Burham, gentleman.
U47/45/T48: 14-06-11 Jas. I: mentions land of Edmund Randolph Esq.
U522/E3: ‘John Causten now has Edm. Randolph’s lease of 3 acres reed (one acre called Trottiscliffe) and 2 acres of Marsh land and all other land lying without the wall for 11 years from Lady Day 1610 for 21 years for 35s and 13s. 4d.
DRb/Pwr 21: 18-10-1623: witness to will of John Arrow of Aylesford
U1436/T2: 11-11-1626: Edmund Randolph of Culinge on parish of Burham, Esq.


Thomas Ray: Hearth Tax: 1662-1664: 5/4/5 chimneys


Francis Raynes: 8d rent in manor of Paddlesworth; 4d. rent in manor of Pottins: occ. of Kingsmill croft [John Amisse is landlord] U1121/M21/2&3: 14-09-1627

Thomas Raynes:
U522/E3 (1587): lands of Thomas Rynes (ponashe) mentioned
14-06-11 Jas. I: U47/45/T48: mentions lands owned by Thomas Raynes senior
14-09-1627: heirs of Thomas Raynes: tenants of manor of Pottins (4d rent)


12-08-1660 bap. John, son of Willyam Reade; bur. 22-06-1661
15-06-1661 bur. Elezebeath, dau. of William Reade
08-04-1664 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Willyam Reade; bur. 22-09-1665
27-10-1665 bur. Sarye, dau. of Willyam Read
19-09-1666 bap. Ann and Willyam, children of Willyam Read
01-10-1669 marr. John Crow and Mary Read, both of S [she dau. of Wm and
14-02-1671/2 bap. Henry, son of William Read
14-05-1678 marr. John Hunt of East Sutton and Susanna Read of S [she dau.
of Wm and Elizabeth]
25-10-1678 bur. William Read, householder
15-03-1678/9 bur. Elizabeth Read, widow [relict of William]
01-10-1687 bur. Ann Read of Maidstone [dau. of William and Elizabeth]
Hearth Tax: William Read: 1662; 1664: 2 chimneys
Inventory of William: DRb/Pa 25: 3-3-1678/9: £53. 3s. 0d. executrix = widow Elizabeth
Inventory of Elizabeth: DRb/Pa 25: 28-3-1678/9: £34. 12s. 9d. Executrix = Mary Crow, daughter

William Read, bap. 19-09-1666, son of William and Elizabeth
Will: DRb/Pw 39, 08-07-1690; proved 08-01-1693/4: mariner, serving in H.M. ship ‘Neptune’ and as a rigger at Chatham Dockyard
to brother John, brother Henry and sister Mary Crow, wife of John Crow, all sums of money due for his service as rigger in HM Dockyard at Chatham and for his service on ships
John Crow to pay my debts, then the remainder to be divided: one half to sister Mary Crow and heirs; one half equally divided between brother John Reed and Henry Reed
Will of Elizabeth Read, relict of William Read, lately deceased: DRb/Pw 37: 15-03-1678/9; probate 20-03-1678/9
to dau. Ann Read: £10 paid by my son Henry when he is 23
to son Henry my house that George Gilbert now lives in (if H dies, then to Ann)
to dau. Ann: suit of diaper table linen, two pair of flaxen sheets and one pair of pillow coats and all my wearing apparel
to son William my brass pot
to son John: one and seven shillings piece of gold and one piece of pewter given him by his godfather John Franks
to dau. Suan Hunt my gold […] ring
rest to dau. Mary Crowe, she to be executrix
witnesses: William Whitfield; John Crow; John Taylor


01-04-1594 bap. Helen, dau. of Nicholas Reader
22-04-1602 bur. Judith Reader, dau. of Nicholas


06-05-1591 marr. William Rice and Alse Cheeseman
0-07-1591 bur. a male childe of Wm Rices (died at birth)
20-09-1594 bur. Alse, wife of William Rice
07-02-1597/8 marr. William Rice and Joane Surby
09-09-1604 bur. Jone Rice
24-01-1627/8 bur. William Rice


U522/E3: Thomas Rich leased lands from Dalison, formerly let to Walter Elphie


13-02-1686/7 bur. Margaret Rickards
U522/T61: 16-10-34 Chas. II [1682] and 26-08-36 Chas. II [1684]: Holborough Mill: tenure of Stephen Roberts and Daniel Richards the younger


17-12-1598 bap. Matthewe, son of Thomas Ridge
25-?-1601 bap. Elizabetha, dau. of Tho: Ridge
?-06-1604 bap. Mary Rige, dau. of Thomas


04-02-1619/20 bur. Anne Ringe, dau. of John
09-04-1620 bur. Elizabeth Ringe, wife of John
12-02-1622/3 bur. Elizabeth. dau. of John Ringe, [parish] clerke
29-07-1623 marr. John Ringe and Margarett Raie
15-03-1624/5 bap. Joseph, son of John [= Margaret] Ringe
27-06-1630 bur. John Ring, son of John
26-12-1630 bap. Stephen, son of John Ring
23-02-1633/4 bap. Margaret Ring

PCC Admin: 1653/4, vol. 1, f.179: Joseph Ring, bachelor, Snodland
U47/38/T23: 20-09-1653. described as cordwainer, only s. and heir of Margaret Ring of Snodland, widow, deceased: messuage and 3 yards of land in S [in Brook Street] alienated to John Short


28-04-1635 marr. Elau Risby and Elizabeth Whitfield
21-04-1636 bap. William, son of Esa Risbye
31-08-1637 bap. Thomas, son of Esa Risbye; bur. 02-09-1637


23-02-1666/7 bur. widdow Robert
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1663: 2 [chimneys]: widow Roberts

18-01-1667/8 marr. Stephen Roberts and Mary Savage, both of S
05-03-1670/1 bur. Stephen [-], servant to Stephen Roberts
16-05-1671 bur. Stephen, son of Stephen Roberts
12-07-1674 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen Roberts; bur. ?-10-1674
01-03-1676/7 bap. Deborah, dau. of Stephen Roberts; bur. 22-05-1679
12-10-1679 bap. Thomas, son of Stephen Roberts
22-08-1683? bap. George, son of Stephen Roberts
06-08-1685 bap. Stephen, son of Stephen Roberts
16-12-1691 bur. Mary, wife of Stephen Roberts
08-06-1693 bur. Stephen Roberts

Miller at Holborough
Will: PCC 1693, f.100: 05-06-1693; probate 20-06-1693
estate to be equally divided between his three children: Thomas, George and Stephen (all under 21)
executor is kinsmen: George Dutch
20s to kinsman Edward Martaine
20s to sister: S/Haywell
15s or thereabouts to brother Joseph Roberts, all these sums to be paid in mine and my wife’s old clothes and not in money
20s in old clothes to sister Mears
witnesses: John Walwyn; William Pound; Elizabeth Gransden
U522/T61: 16-10-34 Chas. II [1682] and 26-08-36 Chas. II [1684]: Holborough Mill: tenure of Stephen Roberts and Daniel Richards the younger


29-12-1592 bur. Agnes, wife of Robt Robinsonne
29-01-1603/4 marr. Robert Robinson and Merrie Myles
19-04-1612 marr. John Tomson and Bennet Robinson
31-05-1613 marr. Robert Robinson and Sara Colsie, widdowe
29-10-1613 bur. Robert Robinson
04-04-1619 bur. Richard Robinson
19-04-1619 bur. Sara Robinson
04-04-1620 bur. widow Robinson
Will of Stephen Bounde (10-05-1612) mentions that he is owed 33s. by Robt Robinson


14-06-1612 bap. Edward, son of John Rowdon
Assizes: 16-07-1623: Writ requiring Sheriff of Kent to produce John Rouden of S, victualler, for trial at Kent Assizes
Assizes: 02-03-1624/5: John Rouden of Snodland, labourer, indicted for selling victials without license on 1 June 1624 and other occasions.


1682: James Carter of West Malling bound to Arthur Rudds of Snodland, linenweaver.
CKS: P243/14/1, 147


05-12-1592: Quarter Sessions: Victuallers Recognizance: Thoms Ruffe of S, yeoman; sureties, John Harding of Birling and Thomas Simons of Snodland, yeoman
09-11-1611 bur. Thomas Ruff


17-12-1586 bap. Rose, dau. of Robt Rumney
09-03-1588/9 bap. Alse, dau. of Robt Rumney
23-11-1589 bur. Alse, wife of Robt Rumney
19-08-1593 marr. Robert Rumney and Agnes Parker
25-03-1603 bur. Agnes Rumney
12-05-1606 bur. John, son of Robert Rumney
06-06-1619 bur. Robert Rumney
04-07-1580: Robert Rumney a witness to deed: U787/L1/3
11-09-1608: Assizes: Robert Rumney a member of the jury at inquest on Andrew Whyte

07-09-1615 bur. John Rumny
18-02-1611/12: witness to will of Francis Cheriden
27-03-1611/12: Lay Subsidy: E179/127/569: John Rumney: £3 (goods); 3s.
29-11-1613: witness to nuncupative will of Elizabeth Usher of S

18-09-1628 bap. William, son of Richard Rumney
21-09-1634 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Rumney


01-04-1616 marr. Thomas Ryme and Frances Pantass
14-01-1615/16 bap. Rowland, s. of Thomas Rime
06-12-1617 bap. James, son of Thomas Ryme
12-10-1623 bap. John, son of Thomas Ryme
19-12-1624 bur. the wife of Thomas Ryme


12-10-1599 bap. Dorithea Samon filia Guilihelmi Sa:
27-06-1602 bur. William Samon [husbandman]
11-11-1602 marr. George Hott and Mildred Samons widdowe
Will of William Samon: DRb/Pwr 19, f.286: 26-06-1602
to natural son Robert: house and land in Barnes Street, parish of St Maries c.9 acres
eldest dau. = Alice
other daus.: Ciceley; Elline Alice; Dorothy
wife = Mildred
witnesses: Thomas Claxton; Robert Bennett; John Wilson; Thomas Weller


28-08-1664 bur. wife of John Sander


02-08-1583 marr. Thomas Saunders and Joane Hall
16-04-1602 bur. Joan Saunders, wife of Thomas
22-11-1606 bur. Mary, wife of Thomas Saunders
29-06-1607 marr. Thomas Saunders and Margarett Harte widowe
17-11-1611 bap. Reynold, son of Thomas Saunders
20-10-1634 bur. Margaret, wife of Thomas Saunders
10-05-1612: Will of Stephen Bounde mentions debts owed him by Thomas Saunders

28-06-1607 marr. William Saunders and Margerie Waker
10-04-1608 bap. William, son of William Saunders
11-02-1609/10 bap. Martha Saunders, dau. of William

20-10-1633 marr. Jno Harwood of Laybourne and Katharin Saunders of S

26-10-1663 bur. widdoe Sanders

02-02-1684/5 bur. a still-born child of Willm Saunders
14-02-1684/5 bur. Frances, wife of William Saunders
30-08-1686 bur. William Sanders


24-02-1618/19 bap. Richard, son of George Savage
05-04-1623 bur. Robert, son of George Savadge of hoborowe
20-06-1633 bap. Elizab., dau. of George Savadge
29-04-1635 bap. Anne, dau. of George Savadge; bur. 28-12-1636
07-11-1636 or 7 bap. Esther, dau. of George Savadge
U522/E3: lease from Dalison: 21 ac. from Michaelmas 1627 for 7 years at £5. 10s. p.a.
U47/45/T48: 14-06-11 Jas. I [1613]: occ. of messuage and 17 ac. [=Tithe 439 etc.]

18-01-1667/8 marr. Stephen Roberts and Mary Savage, both of S
20-06-1669 bur. Elizabeth Taylor from Geo: Savage his house
05-01-1669/70 bur. Nevill Savage, son of George
19-04-1670 bur. George Savage householder
13-03-1671/2 bur. George, son of George Savage deceased
09-03-1678/9 bur. Isabell Savage widow
Hearth tax: 1662-1664: George Savage: 4 chimneys
04-04-1679: will of Isabella Savage: 02-09-1678; proved 04-04-1679
to be buried near husband in parish of Snodland
to son in law Thomas Pound (various beds and fittings)
to George, son of Thomas Pound: 40s.
to William, son of Thomas Pound: 40s.
provided that Thomas Pound quietly permit my executrixes to cary away teh hops and poles from the ground, but if he causes trouble then Thomas, George and William Pound to have 1s. each only
to grandchild George Dutch, son of Laurence Dutch 40s. to be put out to best advantage until he reaches age 22
to George and William Dutch my wedding ring and a 10s. piece of gold at age 22 (or to Debora, dau. of Steven Roberts if he does not demand it)
to Mary, wife of George Page: 5s.
to George Page: 5s.
to son in law Stephen Roberts: 20s.
to Ann, wife of William Whittle: 5s.
to Elizabeth, wife of George Savage: 5s.
10s. each to William Whittle and George Savage, they to be overseers
goods to be divided between my two daughter Elizabeth Dutch and Mary Roberts, they to be executrixes
witnesses: William Whittle; Ann Whittle; Elizabeth Savage; John Carnall
probate act: DRb/Pa 25: inventory: £156. 18s. 7d.

Will of George Savage of Luddesdowne, yeoman: 13-02-1682/3; probate 14-09-1683
to son Richard, stock from Tapsale farm
land in Birling, Snodland, Luddesdowne and Cobham to be divided between son Richard, son Robert, son John
to dau. Mary: £120
wife is Elizabeth
witnesses: Bonham Hayes; Richard Parker; Christopher Copland


05-09-1686 bap. John, son of Wm. Sawyers
05-03-1686/7 bur. William Sawyer
07-07-1687 marr. Thomas Parson, bachelor, and Amy Sawyers, widdow


19-01-1668/9 bur. Susan, wife of John Scarlet
05-02-1669/70 bur. John Skarlet, householder
Hearth Tax: 1662-4: John Scarlet: 2 chimneys


02-07-1682 bap. Henry, son of Simon Sellis
12-09-1682 bur. Mary Sellis
30-12-1683 bap. Elizab., dau. of Simon Sellis
21-09-1686 bap. Thomas, son of Simon Sellis
27-12-1688 bap. Mary, dau. of Simon Sellis
06-12-1691 bap. William, son of Simon Silas; bur. 16-12-1691
16-05-1694 bap. Simon, son of Simon Sellis; bur. 30-05-1696
05-06-1695 bur. Catherine, wife of Simon Sylesse


02-07-1610 marr. Thoma Shorte and Isbell Gyles
14-04-1611 bap. Thomas Shorte, son of Thomas; bur. 26-02-1629/30
06-03-1613/14 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Shorte; bur. 30-09-1615
06-02-1615/16 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Thoma Shorte
01-12-1622 bap. John, son of homas Shorte
01-01-1622/3 bur. Thomas Short
05-12-1623 marr. Jno Turke and Mary Shorte, both of S
U47/45/T48: 14-11-1613: to own messuage and 17 acres [occ. George Savage]
Thomas Short a tenant of the Manor of Pottins: 8d.: U1121/M21/ 2 & 3: 14-09-1627 [his heirs = William and son John]

21-04-1661 bap. Thomas, son of John Short; bur. 29-07-1674
23-07-1666 bap. John, son of John Short [later of Sutton-at-Hone, paper
maker: 1691]
08-02-1672/3 bur. Cicely, wife of John Short
02-05-1684 bur. John Short
Hearth tax: 1662 and 1664: John Short: 2 chimneys
executor for Elizabeth Bance: 23-11-1666
£5 bequest to John Short in will of John Gyles: 12-09-1678
John Short a witness to will of Eleanor How: 09-10-1678
maid in 1684 was Mary Wellard
Will of John Short: DRa/Pw4: 25-04-1684:
all lands, goods and chattels to son John (except certain items bequeathed to my maid Mary Wellard)
overseers: Mark Parker and John Taylor
witnesses: John Walwyn; Joan Giles; John Hatch
U47/38/T23: 20-09-1653: John Short mentioned
U47/45/T48: 29-10-1665: messuage and 17 acres occ. John Short [= Tithe 439-40]. Brother is William Short of Dartford, cordwainer.


11-09-1605 bur. John Simons
08-10-1605 marr. John Simons and Elysabeth Write
05-12-1616 bur. John Simons
04-03-1611: bequest to John Simons in will of Edmund Coulse of S
08-12-1612: bequest to Elizabeth, wife of John Simons in will of Dorothy Gavill


04-04-1608 bap. Alse, dau. of William Smyth, gent
24-04-1608 bur. Katheren, dau. of Wm. Smith
20-09-1612: William Smith a witness to will of Robert Usher of Birling
20-02-1622: William Smith a victim of robbery by Michael Clifford of S, labourer
28-01-1633/4 bap. Elizabeth Smith
01-02-1635/6 bap. Thomas, son of Willyam Smith
14-09-1640 bur. a child of William Smith
12-10-1679 bur. Mary Smith
c.08-05-1682 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of John Smith
28-09-1684 bap. John, son of Matthias Smith; bur. 02-07-1690
29-04-1688 bap. Henry, son of Matthias Smith; bur. 27-01-1688/9
05-10-1690 bap. Sarah, dau. of Matthias Smith; bur. 18-02-1693/4
22-06-1692 bur. Matthias Smith
30-01-1693/4 bur. Thomas Smith of Paddlesworth


U1515/T89: 01-09-1633: John Snow of S, Tailor, buys the tenement in which he lives from George Savage of Birling, yeoman, for £25. Wife is Elizabeth. Sells tehsame on 15 March following to Thomas Maplesden of Chatham, clothier.


23-03-1594/5 bur. Anne Crips, servant of Thos. Spencer
18-04-1598 bap. Henry, son of Thomas Spencer
10-05-1602 bap. Harry Spencer, son of Thomas
03-12-1603 bur. Thomas Spencer
23-01-1603/4 marr. John Cheeseman and Alice Spencer

29-01-1625/6 bur. James Spencer
07-02-1625/6 bur. Elizabeth, widow of James Spencer


16-11-1601 bur. Joane Springfeild wife of George
28-08-1608 bap. Joane, dau. of George Springefield
13-09-1608 bur. Joane Springfield
11-09-1608: George Sprinckfyeld a member of the jury at inquest on Andrew Whyte


07-03-1669/70 bur. Nicholas Staines householder
10-11-1672 marr. Stephen Vousden and Elizabeth Staynes widow
Hearth tax: 1662-4: Nicholas Staines: 1 chimney
Michaelmas 1655: ‘Staines as tennant to the heirs of Nicholas Cosen’ [land near Frogwell]


05-09-1686 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Stanley
13-05-1688 bur. Thomas Stanley


25-12-1681 marr. John Pearson of Wateringbury and Isabell Stone


01-11-1610 marr. John Sutton and Ellen Morgan
29-10-1626 marr. John Sutton of Halling and Elizabeth Chapman of Snodland
02-09-1627 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of John Sutton; bur. 02-06-1630
04-04-1630 bap. John, son of John Sutton


28-11-1671 marr. Thomas Johnson and Elizabeth Swift of this parish
07-02-1671/2 bur. John Swift householder dyed here bur. at Mepham


20-01-1585/6 bap. Sarah, dau. of John Swone; died 12-02-1585/6; buried at
09-12-1614 bur. John Sone parson
John Swone: witness to deed: 24-01-1586: [CKS: U1515/T88A]
John Swone witness to will of John Powlter: 04-01-1589/90
26-02-1617: William Harper of Snodland, husbandman, servant of William Swone of Snodland, gent., indicted for embezzlement [not guilty].