1600-1699 (o – p)


Hearth Tax, 1664: William Oldment, 2 chimneys


02-05-1679 bur. Grace Osbon, widow
CKS:U1515/T86: 05-09-1668; 25-08-1669; 24-11-1674: Thomas Osborne, occ. of messuage and 22 acres in S, owned by Taylor family (=Gilder’s Farm)


30-06-1654 bap. Rebecca, dau. James Packe; bur. 23-09-1671
02-11-1665 bur. wife of Francyes Peerke
28-01-1655/6 bap. John, son of Jaymes Peeke
23-07-1659 bur. a child of James Peerke
07-11-1659 bap. Jaymes, son. of Jaymes Peecke
26-11-1659 bur. Isaac Peerke
12-02-1661/2 bap. Deborah, dau. of James Packe; bur. 30-05-1669
22-03-1663/4 bap. Eleabeth, dau. of Jaymes Peeke
06-04-1664 bap. Eleabeth, dau. of Willyam Peecke
23-12-1670 bur. James Packe, householder
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1663; 1664: James Pack, 3 chimneys
Hearth Tax: 1664: William Pack, 2 chimneys
13-02-1678/9: John Pack a witness to will of Richard Parsons of S, shipwright


29-09-1628: John Packman lease of 3 years [CKS:U522/E3]
[1634] John Packman (of Halling): CKS:U47/55/P92 lands leased from Dalison in Snodland (42 ac. 3 r. 13 p.)
CKS:Q/SB4/21,23: 8 & 9-04-1653: accuses William Clements of S of stealing sheep from him


25-01-1670/1 bur. [Margaret] wife of Nicholas Paine
28-09-1671 marr. at Cuxton: Nicholas Paine of S, widower and Debora
Bedwell, widow, of Cuxton
28-07-1678 bur. Nicholas Pain, householder
01-11-1678 marr. George Gilbert and Martha Pain of S
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1663; 1664: Nicholas Paine, 2 chimneys
13-08-1663: CKS:U1515/T86; late occ. of messuage and 22 acres in S owned by Taylor family (=Gilder’s Farm)
23-07-1678: will of Nicholas Paine, husbandman; proved 16-08-1678
executrix is wife Deborah, she to have house, etc. in Snodland, and goods
40s. to Mary Spence, wife of John Spence of Frindsbury
witnesses: Rich: Manley; Stephen Roberts; John Elldridge
Will of Nicholas Payne of Snodland, yeoman: 20-06-1666; probate 30-07-1679
to wife Margaret: messuage [etc.] in Snodland which I now live in, for life, then to nephew Thomas Payne, son of John Payne of Sudricke, London, cordwainer;
also tenement [etc.] in Halden, Kent, occ. Stephen Everton, for life, then to niece Mary, dau. of John Payne [as above]; also the residue, she to be executrix
witnesses: Ann Hawes; Henry Turner; Robert Saunders junior


05-10-1679 bur. Mary, dau. of Lawrence Pallin


28-09-1595 bur. Bennet, servant to Mr Palmer
06-06-1607 bur. Mr William Palmer [gentleman]
19-02-1612/13 bur. Johan the widow of William Palmer
PRO: E179/127/515 [1597/8] lay subsidy: Willm Palmer gent. £4; 16s. [lands]
PRO: E179/128/569 [1612/13] lay subsidy: Willm Palmer £4; 15s. 4d. [lands]

06-10-1607 marr. John Handfylde gent and Mary Palmer
03-07-1608 bap. Bridgett, dau. of William Palmer
28-04-1611 bap. John, son of William Palmer, gente
23-07-1631 bur. Elizabeth ye wife of Will. Palmer gent being Saturday
payed for her interringe in ye church 6s. 8d.
1632 bur. William Palmer Gent buryed one Easter Monday and payd
for his interringe in ye church 3s. 8d.
Will: 30-03-1632; proved 04-05-1632
to be buried in church of Snodland; Mr Whittle of East Malling to preach at funeral: 10s.
to younger son William: 200 marks, to be paid to him when he shall come out of his apprenticeship
to daughter Bridgett Palmer £100 (one year after WP’s decease)
to youngest daughter Paulina Palmer £100 (two years after WP’s decease)
to son Anthony and heirs my house where I now dwell and all lands belonging in Snodland and Birling and all tenements and lands in Chepsted in parish of Chevening
he to be executor, to sell tenements and lands in Chepsted to pay above legacies, and to receive the residue
witnesses: Thomas Goddin; John Wood; Anthony Goddin

John = 2nd son of Sampson Hondvile and Mary, dau. of William Palmer of S [1619 visitation]
26-06-1625: Overseer to will of John Usher: DRb/Pwr 21/164
[1628]: PRO: E179/128/605 lay subsidy: William Palmer gent 40s lands; 16s goods

03-04-1646 bap. Daniell, son of Thomas Palmer
08-04-1659 bur. Thomas Palmer
Hearth Tax, 1664: Widdow Palmer, 1 chimney [not chargeable]


08-05-1656 bap. Mary, dau. of William Panke
10-01-1657/8 bap. Susanna, dau. of William Panke
13-09-1659 bap. Willyam, son of Willyam Panke
03-12-1660 bap. John, son of William Panke
17-08-1662 bap. Richard, son of William Panke
01-05-1664 bap. Eleabeth, dau. of Willyam Pank
26-03-1666 bap. Frances, dau. of William Panke; bur. 06-04-1671
05-02-1667/8 bap. James, son of William Pank; bur [1668]
21-08-1680 bur. Ann, dau. of William Panks
31-07-1684 bur. William Panks
04-02-1685/6 marr. John Thurstone of Higham and Elizabeth Panks of S
28-12-1691 bur. Thomas Panks
Hearth Tax: 1664: William Pankes, 3 chimneys [not chargeable]


28-03-1690: William Parke of S, yeoman, aged about 56, a witness to the will ofPhillip Fann of Halling.


17-07-1603 bap. Mary, dau. of John Parker
13-04-1606 bap. Robert, son of John Parker; bur. 20-09-1606
24-01-1607 bap. Richard, son of John Parker

Will: PRO: PROB 11 [40 Bowyer]; proved 09-02-1651/2 by relict Alice
£100 to grandchild Amie Parker, dau. of son Richard and his first wife Katherine + all household stuff in my now dwelling house in Snodland [except the furnace and the best bedsteadle, which are bequeathed to son Richard]
to wife Alice for life all houses and lands in Snodland, then to son Richard, or his son Mark or the next surviving son; she to be executrix, but if she re-marries is to receive only £4 p.a.
witnesses: John Bearchall; Richard Pierson
witnessed will of John Causten: 29-10-1638

Richard: son of Mark (d.1651)
witness and loving friend of Frances Lambert (d.1658)
daughter is Amie
son is Mark
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1663; 1664: 4 chimneys

03-05-1655 bap. Richard, son of Richard Parker; bur. 20-08-1661
29-05-1659 bap. Joseph, son of Richard Parker
08-09-1661 bur. Alse, dau. of Richard Parker
23-05-1670 bur. Mary, dau. of Richard Parker
15-10-1678 bur. Richard Parker, householder
26-10-1678 bur. Elizabeth Parker, widow
18-06-1673: Richard and Ann Parker, witnesses to will of Mary Goodbury
CKS:U838/T365: occ. of Hope’s Marsh in S, later occ. by Hercules Lake, etc.

20-05-1672 marr. Mark Parker and Anne Costen
09-05-1673 bap. Mark, son of Mark Parker; bur. 26-01-1674/5
23-01-1675/6 bap. (born at Groves): Richard, son of Mark Parker
05-09-1683 bur. Anne, wife of Marke Parker
13-01-1684/5 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Mark Parker
18-08-1690 bur. Ann, wife of Mark Parker
10-05-1692 bur. Mark Parker
06-05-1692: Will of Mark Parker: DRb/Pw 39; proved 03-06-1692
whole estate to only son Richard and his heirs, he paying £12 p.a. to MP’s daughter Elizabeth for maintenance until she is aged 21, or to
(1) Elizabeth
(2) my brother George Causten
(3) my cousin Sampson Kenward
£100 to Elizabeth at age 21
plate and fine linen to be equally divided between Richard and Elizabeth ‘excepting only the silver cup, which I give to him alon’
executors: brother [in law]: George Causten; John Taylor: 20s. each
witnesses: John Walwyn, Rector; John crow; Elizabeth Milles
Inventory of Mark Parker, late of Snodland, yeoman: DRb/Pi6/53: 18-05-1692
apprised by John Tomlyn and George Wray
Imprimis his purse & wearing app[ar]el
Item in the Hall: one Clock, Tables & forme, Andirons, Chayres & other materialls belonging
thereto 50s.
Item in ye p[ar]ler: Two Tables, six joyne Stooles & a pre of Andirons 30s.
In the Bake house
Item one old Cubberd, one Neading trough, one fryeing pan wth other small things 10s.
Item in the sellar: nine small casks and a stalder 18s.
Item in the Brewing house: one furnace, one old Kettle & a brewing tubb & other old tubs 35s.
Item in the washouse: three Iron pots, pewter and brasse ware of sev’all sorts 70s.
Item in ye best Chamber: one bedstedle, Two feather bedds, three boldsters, one Rugg,
one Covrlid, two blanketts, curteins & vallence, matt & rod, Two chests, one chest of
drawers, one table, five stooles, fire shovell & tongs, some linnen fine & course £3.
Item in the Hall Chamber: one old bedd & bedsteddle with ye furniture belonging
thereto, seaven chests, truncks & boxes & one old wicker chayer 34s. 3d.
Item in an old Chamber: one old bed & stedle & other chests 18s.
Item in ye Celler chamber: one bed & stedle, one trunck 10s.
Item one Silver cup, eight silver spoons, fower gold rings £6. 11s.
Item in the Maulthouse: malt dreyed & undryed £40.
Item one Oasthair, one dry measure, Shovells and other materialls 45s.
In the milhouse: one horse mil & seventeen old sacks £4. 17s.
Item in the Lodge: one pre of chowld wheels wth other materialls belonging to husbandry 15s.
Item in the yard: one bullock, one sow, three piggs & three sheals in the stable 75s.
Item one sadle and bridle, one pommell 8s.
Item the stock of hoppoles in the hopgarden £22. 10s.
Item corne upon the ground £5. 6s. 6d.
Item debts sperate & desperate 40s.
Item things unseen and forgott 20s.
£125. 6s. 0d.
Anne and Mark Parker witnesses to will of Anne Whitfield: 12-10-1680
Mark Parker: overseer to will of John Short: 25-04-1684

1683/4 bap. Deborah, dau. of John Parker
16-12-1682 bur. John Parker
03-05-1688 marr. William Sherry (bachelor) and Deborah Parker, widdow
All Saints, Snodland churchyard. Here lieth ye body of John Parker who died in 1682 aged 29 yrs. Also here lieth ye body of Deborah his wife who died May 14th1720 Aged 68 years – left issue one D[aughte]r, wife of James Ackle of Hallin.
17 May 1720 bur. Deborah Gilbert


05-02-1609/10 bur. Alce Parmenter


21-02-1635/6 bap. Thomas Parsons, son of Goodman Parsons
03-06-1648 marr. Thomas Parsons and Elizabeth Francklyng
03-04-1659 bap. Henry, son of Thomas Pasons; bur. 24-09-1669
18-11-1660 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Parsonnes
27-07-1663 bap. Elezebeth, dau. of Thomas Parsons
[1666] bur. wife of Tho: Parsons
01-11-1667 marr. St Margaret’s, Rochester: Thomas Parson of S and Mary
Geater of S
24-11-1674 marr. Richard Parsons and Mary Bright, widow
18-02-1678/9 bur. Richard Parsons, householder
18-09-1693 bur. Henry Parsons
11-03-1693/4 bur. Thomas Parsons
13-11-1694 bur. Mary Parsons
Hearth Tax 1662; 1664: Thomas Persons, 1 chimney [not chargeable]
TP a witness to will of Richard Parsons, 13-02-1678/9
DRa/Pw 2: c.13-02-1678/9: nuncupative will of Richard Parson, shipwright; probate 28-02-1678/9
1s to wife Mary
£10 to sister’s son Richard Chapman
£10 to sister’s daughter Mary Chapman
to sister Patience Chapman and her daughter
to Jane Chapman all goods, they to be executrixes
to Moses Tomlin of Wouldham
witnesses: John Pack; Thomas Parsons; Edward Hinde alias Dodwell


27-03-1665 marr. Tho: Weller of Halling and Martha Pattenden
24-03-1664/5: Martha Pattenden of S, dau. in law: executrix for Thomas Wellard of Halling [dates?]


10-08-1680 bur. Thomas Pawley
10-10-1680 bur. Francis Pawley


PCC administration (30-6-1601 and 25-8-1601): Frances Pearce alias Butler, sister, during minority of John and Alice Pearce, the children of the deceased; MargaretPearce, relict, not having administered.

26-05-1589 marr. William Peerse and Elizabeth Hurte
12-09-1591 marr. William Butler and Frances Perse
17-04-1598 marr. William Peerse and Mary Ditty
02-11-1629 bur. Alice Peirce, widdow


26-11-1634 bur. Thomas Pierson, son of Richard
18-04-1635 bap. Richard Pearson, son of Richard
02-06-1663 bur. Richard Pearson
17-01-1664/5 bap. Bridget, dau. of Richard Pearson
19-04-1665 marr. Richard Pearson and Ann Vowsdonn
30-09-1666 bap. Richard, son of Richard Pearson
06-03-1674-5 bur. Alice Peirson, widow
Hearth Tax: 1662 and 1664: Richard Pearson, 1 chimney


John: (labourer)
Recognizance: 02-03-1595/6: QM/SRc, (p.367)
16-12-1598 bap. Elizabeth. dau. of John Peter
21-06-1600 bap. Johannes Peter, filius Johannis
14-10-1604 bap. Mary Peters
10-09-1609 bur. John Peeters

01-04-1607 bap. Edward, son of Abraham Peters
12-11-1610 bap. Abraham, son of Abraham Peters
02-05-1613 bap. John, son of Abraham Peters
04-02-1616/7? bap. Bridget, dau. of Abraham Peters


15-03-1684/5 bap. Thomas, son of John Phillips; bur. 05-01-1686/7
02-06-1686 bap. Sarah, dau. of John Phillips; bur. 18-06-1688
19-06-1688 bap. John, son of John Phillips
16-11-1690 bap. Sarah, dau. of John Phillips [= Thos. Miskin]
30-05-1692 bur. Hannah Phillips


24-03-1602/3 bur. Joane Phippall
25-07-1603 marr. William Phippall and Agnes Hamlyn
06-05-1619 bur. William Phipall


29-11-1675 marr. William Norditch of Berling and Mary Peirce of S


17-04-1695 bur. William Piles


03-?-1610 bur. Mrs Potter, widdow
will: DRb/Pwr 19, ff.494v-495v: 12-04-1609; proved 15-09-1610
residue to ‘Robert Hurte who married my son Robert’s daughter’; he to be executor
12d, a piece to grandchildren [unnamed]


04-03-1592/3 bap. Alse, dau. of George Pounde
01-03-1598/9 bap. John, son of George Pownde
23-06-1600 bap. John, son of George Pownde
13-12-1602 bur. George Pownde

17-07-1659 bap. Hennery, son of Thomas Pound; bur. 23-07-1659
13-05-1661 bur. Magret, wife of Thomas Pound
09-11-1663 marr. Thomas Pound and Easter Savidge
11-01-1664/5 bap. Gorge, son of Thomas Pound
12-04-1670 bur. Frances, dau. of Thomas Pound
05-12-1671 bap. William, son of Thomas Pound
28-02-1673/4 bur. Esther, wife of Thomas Pound
10-10-1685 bur. Elizabeth, wife of William Pound
05-01-1688/9 bur. Thomas Pound
Hearth tax 1662-4: 1 chimney: Thomas Pound
Manor of Pottins: 3 rods called Andrewscroft near Frogwell (1655-)
living at Groves Farm in 1664 (Birling Register)
Will of Thomas Pound of Snodland, yeoman, 27-05-1687: DRb/Pw38
to son William £200 and all household stuff, etc, which was his mother Usher’s … with half the household stuff within doors and all my stock of hop poles on my hop ground; 6 acres in Birling
to Michael Vowsden: 20s.
to George Cawsten and Nicholas Luffe: 10s each, they to be overseers
rest to son George Pound, he to be executor
witnesses: Ann Baskett; Robert Chambers; Richard Waller
Inventory of Thomas Pound: 8-1-1688/9 by Wm Knowles and Marke Parker
Imprimis His wareing aparill and redey moneys in his purse £5-00-00
Item. In ye haule one table fouer Chayres 2 stooles setle and five Iron pots two payre
pote hangers payre pott hooks fire slice and tongue £1-15-00
Item In ye Paulour: one Prese Cubbard one Cort Cubberd two Leather Chayres five flagg
Chayres three Joyne stoles six cousions one warming pan one payre of pot hocks one
payre of brand Irons and tongues £1-09-06
It. In the milkehouse three brase Kettels two potbrass skyletts to other brasse skylets
brass morter and pestle brass basting ladle and gratter twelve pewter dishes two payre
Candlesticks three potengers one saser two salts one tancker chamber pot two box Irons
one great flagon and two peuter dishes one still fire spitts fiveteen spoones two dozen of
trugges and four Coolers £3-00-00
It. In the brewhouse one furnas brewing tubb one tunn tubb twelve tubbs and Keelours
one Stalder and bucking tubb one smale table fouer payls £3-15-00
It. In the drinkhouse fiveteene drincking vesels Litle and great, two Charnes, three
stalders £1-12-06
It. In the Chamber or ye haule One Joyne bedsted mat and Cord one feather and one
flockebed three feather boulsters three flockeboulster two feather pillowes one Cheast
one Cubart one Chayre payre Cobirons fire pan and tongues and one halfe headed
bedsted five blanckets £6-10-00
It. In the Chamber or ye Paulour thre Chestes foure box & case of drawer a payr
andirons one trunce one litle table and stoole one Chest of drawes £3-19-06
one payre of strepped Curtaines & Vallence ten feather pillowes two Coverletts one
feather pillow more fouer window Curtaines ———–
Item seaven payre of sheets one duz of towels eleaven table Cloathes and 2 duzen of
napkyns £3-02-06
In the Chamber or the milkehous one Joyne bedsted mat and Cord Curtains and
Vallence two flockbeds two flockbolsters two blanckets & one Coverlett three
chestes & one box one Chamber pot £3-05-00
In ye Chambr or ye Drinckhouse
It. One halfe headed bedsted mat and cord one flock bed two flockboulsters two blanketts
one Coverlett one Chest £1-02-06
In the hophouse One Deale table one Joyne foorme five poudering tubs one Court Cubbart £1-12-06
Without doores
Item three acres of wheat in the straw barley oats in the straw and corne threshed £18-0-00
Three Cowes two bullocks to horses three hoggs two sheates £21-0-00
One waggon one Coorte three plowes and two payre of plowwheels fouer harrows two
payre of old wheeles £8-05-00
Waggon harness and plow harness and plow tacle £1-00-00
Cordwood and faggotts and Charcoole £2-00-00
Things Unseen and forgott wth Iron and old Lumber £2-10-00
Item: moneys spirat and Desperate £50-0-00
Will Knowles; Marke Parker; George Costen


[1667] bur. John Powell, singleman


01-06-1672 bur. Luke Prockter Rector of this Parish
Induction mandate at death of Thomas Garraway: 07-03-1666/7
Glebe Terrier: 25-09-1668: signed/written by Luke Procter, Rector