1600-1699 (i – n)


24-09-1640 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas James
17-10-1640 bur. Goodwife James, wife of Tho: James


16-11-1602 bur. Joan Jeffrey


22-04-1627 bur. Thomas, son of John Jinkes
07-11-1630 bap. Mary, dau. of John Jenkes; bur. 02-02-1630/1
21-11-1630 bur. John Jenkes


22-03-1665/6 bap. John, son of Hennery Jesop
25-11-1667 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Jessup; bur. 04-04-1671
16-05-1669 bur. Henry Jessup housholder
22-05-1673 marr. Thomas Jolley of Higham and Eliza: Jessup widow


03-03-1659/60 bur. a child of Richard Johnson
10-11-1661 bap. Willyam, son of Richard Gohnsonne
16-11-1674 bur. Richard, son of Richard Johnson
01-03-1679/80 bur. Mary, wife of Richard Johnson
22-03-1686 bur. Richard Johnson
Hearth tax: 1662; 1664: not chargeable; 1 chimney

05-10-1661 bur. Ellin Tillman, wife of James Johnsonn

28-11-1671 marr. Thomas Johnson and Elizabeth Swift of S
01-03-1673/4 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Tho: Johnson
05-09-1675 bap. Mary, dau. of Tho: Johnson; bur. 09-02-1676/7


12-06-1624 bur. the wife of Goodman Jordan
03-11-1624 bur. William Jordan of Howburgh


08-02-1578/9 bap. Alse ye daughter of William Kember; bur. 18-02-1678/9
06-03-1679/80 bap. John Kember, son of William
08-06-1583 marr. William Kember and Joan Canon
04-09-1583 bur. Mary ye wife of William Kember
18-11-1583 bur. Robt ye son of William Kember
05-01-1611/12 bur. William Kember
bequest to William Kember in will of John Smith (1561/2)
William Kember is son of Richard and godson of Sir William Hall, parson: bequests in his will (1571)
CKS:U1515/T89: 4-5-1583: house and lands as joinure to Joan Canon, his intended wife


26-12-1693 bur. John Knowlden


23-01-1661/2 bur. the wife of John Lam
28-04-1662 marr. John Lamb and Anne Henese
26-05-1663 bur. Janne, wife of John Lambe
24-09-1664 bur. wife of John Lam
11-01-1664/5 bur. John, son of John Lam
22-02-1665/6 bur. wife of John Lambe
[1667] bur. John Lambe, housholder
Hearth tax: 1662 (2 chimneys); 1663 (1 chimney); 1664 (2 chimneys) – also named as borseholder in 1663
CKS: U522/T61: 16-10-1682: Holborough mill and c.45 acres late occ. John Lambe, now Stephen Roberts


Frances, widow: will PCC 283 Wootton 1658, 6th May; probate 16 June 1658
10s a piece to two grandchildren: Mary and Henry Browne
all goods equally divided between my children
my son Henry Lambert clothed and put out an apprentice
then to call my son William to account of what he hath of mine in his way of trade which I have lent him, which if my son William do refuse to do that then my will is he shall have but 12d if it be demanded and then the residue of my goods to be divided equally between my daughter Frances, my daughter Anne, my daughter Elizabeth, my son John, my son Henry Lambert, provided my daughter Elizabeth have £5 more than any of my children.
Frances Browne my daughter to be executrix
overseers: Edward Walsingham of Ryarsh and Richard Parker, my loving friends
witnesses: Blanche Bakett; Richard Parker

28-04-1662 bap. Frainces, dau. of William Lambert
08-05-1662 bur. Hennery, son of Willyam Lambert
26-05-1672 bap. Samuell, son of Will Lambert
04-09-1664 bap. Willyam, son of Wyllyam Lambert; bur. ?-09-1664
25-03-1666 bap. Mary, dau. of William Lambert
26-03-1666 bur. Elzeabeth Lambert
04-04-1669 bap. Anne, dau. of William Lambert
11-04-1675 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Wm Lambert
04-04-1682 bur. Stephen Lambert
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1663; 1664: 1 chimney


23-08-1692 bur. John Lance


06-01-1659 bap. Als, dau. of John Lander
25-01-1662 bap. Elezeabeth, dau. of John Lander
28-12-1669 bur. Jane, wife of John Lander
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1663; 1664: 1 chimney
CKS: U1515/T86: occ. of messuage and c.22 acres owned by Taylor family (= Gilder’s Farm)


23-11-1589 bap. Robert, son of Robert Lane
22-08-1591 bap. Agnes, dau. of Robert Lane
06-05-1593 bap. William, son of Robert Lane
28-03-1605 bur. Alce Lane, wife of Robert
23-04-1606 marr. Robert Lane and Joan Marcham
15-08-1607 bap. Joan, dau. of Robert Lane
21-03-1611/12 bap. George, son of Robert Lane
04-04-1613 bur. Robert Lane
son-in-law of John Turke: will: 15-08-1597: bequest of 10s. owed by JT to RL
04-02-1603/4: surety for John Elphy (CKS: QM/SRc (p.463))
Robert Lane: a member of the jury at inquest on Andrew Whyte: 11-09-1608 (Assizes)


18-04-1662 bur. widdow later


14-02-1632 marr. Zacharias Lawrence of West Malling and Mary Tylman of
01-12-1633 bap. Mary, dau. Zacharias Lawrence
15-07-1670: another child = Isaack Lawrence of Maidstone, weaver: sells land to John Marsham for £10: see CKS:U1515/T87: 01-11-1645


Edward: eldest son of John (d.1585); bequests in John’s will: 10-04-1585
30-10-1586 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Leede
24-05-1587 bur. Alse the eldest dau. of Edward Leedes
23-03-1588/9 bap. Alse, dau. of Edward Leedes
18-01-1607/8 marr. John Gyles and Ann Leedes
14-12-1610 bur. Margaret ye wyfe of Edward Leeds
06-12-1629 bap. Deborah, dau. of Edward Leedes

04-01-1589/90: witness to (and landlord of) John Powlter
21-04-1595: Edward Leedes, clothier, of Snodland indicted for assaulting Arthur Francis at Snodland
12-05-1595: witness to will of Gregory Hurte of Birling
E179/127/515 (1597/8): lay subsidy: Edward Leedes (goods) £8; 21s. 4d.
E179/127/569: lay subsidy: Edward Leeds (goods) £3; 3s.
Overseer to will of Edmund Coulse: 04-03-10 Jas. I
E179/127/572 (1622): lay subsidy: Edward Ledes (goods): £3; 3s.
abused George Shakerley, collector of subsidy: 20-01-1602/3: CKS/Q/SR 3
Quarter Sessions sureties for:
10-07-1610: John Giles of Newington
29-07-1610: John Collyer of Milton, miller
Robert Clerk of Bearsted, joiner
06-04-1612: Robert Mills of Newhythe, E. Malling, yeoman
victim of burglaries on 10-07-1587 and 05-06-1588 (assizes)


13-07-1572 marr. Thomas Loader and Elen Parmenter
04-08-1577 bap. Benet, dau. of Thomas Loader
24-09-1603 marr. Robert Bennet and Joan Loather, widdowe
18-03-1606/7 bur. Thomas Loader
14-02-1608/9 bur. Thomas Loader
27-11-1612 bur. Elen Loder, widdow
26-09-1627 bur. Elizabeth Loader
17-04-1585: bequests in will of his brother-in-law Allen Parmenter of Strood
15-03-1582: a pair of knitted netherstocks (2s.) stolen from Thomas Lother


09-11-1623 bap. Thomas, son of Mathew Loathe of S

16-11-1665 bap. Willyam, son of Willyam Lought
15-06-1668 bap. John, son of Willyam Lought
19-11-1665 bap. Sara, da. of Willyam Lought
26-06-1681 bur. Sarah Loaft
25-10-1688 bur. William Loft alias Laught:
inventory: DRb/Pi2/50: 19-12-1688
Imprimis. Redie money and wearing Aparill £2-00-00
In the Kiching
Itm. twelve puter dishes, five porengers, one peuter flagon and two peuter Candle sticks £1-10-04
Itm. Two Iorne poots, one Iorne Chattell, pothangers and fier slice and one paier Anjorns 13-00
Itm. one table, one Cubard, five gyne stoules, Six Chaires, one duszen of trenshers 18-06
Itm. five dricke vessells, six othe tubes and three pailes £1-02-00
In the milke house
Itm. for milke boules and other necasory Goods their £1-00-00
In the parlor
Itm. one fethe Beed and Beedstead and all belonging two it £1-05-00
Itm. three Chestes, one box 11-00
Itm. six paire of sheets and othe Linen theire £3-00-00
In the Chamber
Itm. two flocke Beeds and all belonging two them £1-10-00
With out douers
Itm. wheate upon the ground £1-05-00
Itm. the Corne and forther in the Barne £17-0-00
Itm. one fane, one sive, one halfe Bushell and ould sacke or two 5-00
Itm. one Carte, one Court, one harow £1-04-06
Itm. two Meares, one Colt £6-00-00
Itm. two Cowes, one Bullock £6-10-00
Itm. one fatt hogg and three sheats £3-00-00
Itm. for ould Lumber and things for gotten 4-06
the sume is £48-5-4
George Ray; John Bewkly; Stephen Vousden
05-01-1688/9 bur. John Laught
Will: DRb/Pw 38 (nuncupative):24-10-1688; probate 21-12-1688
to wife Judith all his goods for life, then to his two sons William and John to be equally divided; Judith to be executrix
witnesses: Stephen Vowsden; Nicolas Hayes; Joan Netherway


01-03-1611/12 bap. Alce, dau. Robarte Longe
20-06-1617 bur. Richard Longe, son of Richard Longe
12-04-1631 marr. Robt Willard and Margarett Longe


28-02-1591/2 bur. Joan, wife of James Lyon
29-10-1592 marr. James Lyon and Merry Olyffe
05-08-1593 bap. Anne, dau. of James Lyon
26-05-1607 bur. Annes, dau. of James Lyone
07-06-1608 marr. William Chittenden and merry Lyon widowe


07-06-1660 marr. St Brides Fleet Street: Richard Manley and Martha France
04-04-1682 bur. Madam Manley ye wife of Richard Manley Esq.
02-05-1684 bur. Richard Manley Esqr
08-05-1684 marr. Wouldham: Frances Manley and Robert Conny
23-07-1678: Richard Manley a witness to the will of Nicholas Paine
Memorials in All Saints Church


26-10-1605 bur. Christopher Marshall


30-12-1648 marr. Thomas Martyn and Joane Budley
16-02-1661/2 bap. John, son of Thomas Martyn
06-02-1662/3 bur. wife of Thomas Martin
03-02-1663/4 marr. Thomas Martyn and Mary Alwood
30-10-1664 bap. Thomas and Willyam, sons of Tho: Martyn
?-07-1665 bur. the wife of Thomas martyn and foure Children buryed
19-09-1665 bur. a child of Thomas Martyns was buryed
09-11-1666 bap. Richard, son of Thomas Martyn
[1667] bur. Thomas Martyn housholder
07-07-1669 bap. John, son of Thomas Martyn
03-10-1669 bur. Richard, son of Thomas Martyn deceased
23-02-1670/1 bur. Thomas Baldwin dyed at Tho: Martin’s house and was bur:
06-03-1670/1 bur. Thomas Martin householder
01-08-1671 bur. – Martin widdow, relict of Thomas late deceased
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1663; 1664: Thomas Martaine 2 chimneys; borsholder in 1662


05-05-1682 bur. Richard Matthewes
03-11-1689 bap. William, son of Isaac Matthews
18-09-1692 bap. Elizab., dau. of Isaac Matthews; bur. 26-09-1692
Inventory: DRb/Pi7/46 ‘widower’ 21-03-1692/3
[No burial recorded in Snodland register]

09-06-1663 bap. Mary, dau. of John Matthews; bur. 26-12-1674
03-09-1666 bur. a child of John Matthews
11-09-1670 bap. Winifred, dau. John Matthews
[1673] bur. wife of John Matthews
18-02-1676/7 bap. Susannah, dau. of John Matthews
22-12-1678 bap. John, son of John Matthews; bur. 16-03-1678/9
28-06-1682 bap. Richard, son of John Matthews
17-10-1692 bur. Anne Matthews, wife of John
07-05-1693 bur. John Matthews
Hearth Tax 1664: John Mathews, 1 chmney, not chargeable


16-12-1604 bap. Alice May, dau. of Richard
15-02-1606/7 bap. Martyn, son of Richard May; bur. 06-03-1606/7
17-09-1615 bap. Richard, son of Richard May


MEADOW (MEDOWES), JAMES, D.D. Confirmation of arms and grant of crest by Sir W. Segar, Norroy. 1 & 4, Bendy of six Or, and Az., on a chief of the second, two crosses pattée of teh first, 2 & 3, Or, a cross eng. per pale Gu. and Sa., in the first quarter a martlet of the third. Crest – A cross pattée Or, entwined by a serpent Vert. [Harl. MS 6140; Add. MS 12,225]
James Meaddows or Meddows, born in Cheshire, D.D. of Basle; incorporated at Oxford 6 July 1610; entered himself at Gray’s Inn 11 March 1612. He also studied at Heidelberg; was Chaplain to Peregrine, Lord Willoughby, and afterwards to King James I. Was Rector of St. George, Eastcheap in 1597, and of St. Gabriel, Fenchurch Street, in 1603, and of Snodland, Kent, in [1614]. He was married and had a son Joseph, who matric. from Exeter Coll., Oxon., 17 December 1619, aged 17; proceded B.A., 27 Feb. 1621-2, and M.A., 10 June 1624 [The Genealogist, New Series 21/210].
CKS:U1121/M21/2: Tenants of the manor of Potynes include ‘James Medhouse doctor of divinitie and Rector of Snodland’ in 1627.
16 Dec. 1614: James Meddus instituted to Rectory of Snodnad on the presentation of Archbishop of Canterbury, teh advowson having been conceded to him by the Bishop of Rochester.


16-02-1622/3 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Meddler of S
25-10-1629 marr. John Medly of S and Joane Cosen of S
15-08-1630 bap. Richard, son of John Medly; bur. 14-08-1632
26-11-1635 marr. John Lynle and Joane Medly


28-09-1632 bur. Susan Mercer, wife of John
02-11-1632 bap. John, son of John Mercer
09-11-1633 bap. dau. of John Mercer
25-01-1634/5 bap. David, son of John Mercer; bur. 10-04-1635
09-02-1634/5 bur. Joan Mercer, wife of John
01-01-1637/8? bap. Thomas, son of John Mercer
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1663; 1664: John Mercer: 4 chimneys
27-08-1658: CKS:U1515/T88B: John Mercer: occ. of property including Newhouse, Little London and land in Birling and Snodland [=Woodlands Farm]

23-10-1659 bap. Frainces, dau. of Thomas Masser
07-01-1660/1 bap. Ann, dau. of Thomas Messer
21-01-1670/1 bur. Thomas Mercer, householder
07-10-1672 marr. at Cuxton: Thomas Alchyn of Laybourne and Anne Mercer,
widow, of S
28-08-1678 bur. Ann Mercer widow from Halling
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1663; 1664: Thomas Mercer: 2 chimneys (3 in 1662)


04-03-1685/6 bur. Henry Millams


23-10-1610 bap. Jane, dau. of Edward Milles
01-09-1613 bap. Catheren, dau. of Edward Mills
10-05-1612: will of Stephen Bounde mentions debts owed to him by Edward Milles

02-03-1625: Assizes: Sarjeant Milles of S, labourer, indicted for selling victuals without a licence on 1 June 1624 and other occasions.

24-03-1583/4 bur. Alse, ye wife of Tho: Mills
13-06-1603 bap. Mary Milles, dau. of Tho:; bur. 06-09-1603
20-01-1604/5 bap. Margerie Miles, dau. of Thomas
03-07-1608 bap. Ann, dau. of Thomas Mills; bur. 16-10-1623
Thomas Mylles a witness to the will of John Powlter: 04-01-1589/90
Thomas Mylles: a member of the jury at inquest on Andrew Whyte: 11-09-1608


20-06-1686 bap. Nicholas, son of Thomas Muddle; bur. 17-10-1697


12-12-1630 bap. Henry, son of George Momfort
30-06-1634 bap. Edward, son of George Mumford; bur. 01-02-1636/7
02-07-1636 bap. Frizzes dau. of George Mumford
CKS: U1515/T80C: 20-04-1650: occ. messuage called the Smithes forge at Holbergh
Hearth Tax 1664: Widdow Mumford: not chargeable [1662 has ‘The widowe [black?]Smith’: 1 chimney]

13-11-1659 bap. Janne, dau. of Hennery Mumford


26-10-1641 marr. Edmond Cloake of East Kent and Mary Netter of
NB Brett Netter bequests in will of Edward Godden, 1661


15-12-1617: Quarter Sessions: Jeremiah Norden of S, labourer, in £20, to appear and to be of good behaviour; surety John Farmer of S, yeoman


08-10-1665 marr. Frayncis Nordidge and […]
08-11-1668 bap. John, son of James Norditch
16-09-1672 bap. Elizab., dau. James Nordish; bur. 01-11-1674
01-03-1674/5 bur. James Norditch, householder