1600-1699 (h)


09-12-1601 bap. Johes Ham, f. Anthony Ham
02-09-1604 bap. Richard Ham, son of Anthony
22-03-1606/7 bap. Ann, dau. of Anthonie Hamme
10-08-1610 bap. Honor Ham, dau. of Anthonie
20-05-1612 bur. a daughter of Anthony Ham
24-06-1615 bap. Als, dau. of Anthonie Ham
01-10-1627 marr. Richard Ham and Joane Morgan
06-12-1640 bap. Samuel, son of Richard Hamme


08-04-1676: CKS:U30/T20: Rihard Hamner named as formed occ. of Island Cottage


22-02-1612/13 bur. Johan, wife of John Hamon
22-07-1613 bur. William, son of John Hamon
John Hamon: bequest in will of father-in-law Richard Kember: 1579/80; wife = Joan [nee Kember]

12-01-1632: CKS:U1515/T88B: Richard Hamon occ. of house in Northstreet in S

03-02-1576/7 bap. Robt Hamon, son of John
01-02-1578/9 bap. Alse Hammon, dau. of John
28-01-1588/9 bur. an infant of John Hammons wch died unbaptized


25-10-1698 marr. Richard Knight of Halling and Elizabeth Harlam of
Paddlesworth, both servants


Will of John Harman of Snodland, bricklayer: 10-04-1648: DRb/Pwr 23, f.98 and DRb/Pw 32
to wife Elizabeth the small cottage near the great bridge in Tonbridge, occ. by [—] Cotes and George Burges, together with this house [then in tail to JH’s sisters Katherine Garland, then to Thomas Barton]
20s. to Katherine Garland
10s. to brother Hugh Harman
rest of estate to wife, she to be executrix
witnesses: Neville Savage; Richard Peirson; Thomas Palmer
proved 28 April 1648 by wife Elizabeth


26-02-1617: assizes: William Harper of S, husbandman, servant of William Sone of S, gent. indicted for embezzlement on 02-01-1617 [not guilty]


17-03-1694/5 bap. Edward, son of Edward Harris


05-08-1608 bur. Elizabeth Hartrop


22-09-1609 bur. the wife of John Hasedde


26-12-1669 marr. Richard Hatch of Halling and Mary Martyn of S, widdow
13-06-1675 bap. John, son of Richard Hatch
17-02-1677/8 bap. Alice, dau. of Richard Hatch; bur. 26-08-1678
1679 bap. William, son of Richard Hatch
05-12-1681 bur. Richard Hatch
10-08-1684 bur. Richard Hatch
06-04-1681 bap. Richard, posth. son of Richard Hatch
16-11-1686 marr. John Hawkins, widdower and Mary Hatch, widdow


witness to will of Anne Whitfield
c.17-05-1689: nuncupative will of Jane Hawes: DRb/Pw 38
‘being sick of hir sicknes at her dwelling house scituate in the said parish of the sickness whereof she dyed, being asked by Mr Walwin Minister of the said parish how she would dispose of her estatereplyed I do give whatsoever I have to my Brothers & Sisters children to be equally devided amongst them. And being asked by the said Mr Walwyn (who thought she had no other relacons then the Hump Back Tayler) how many those Children were, answered foure wch words or words to the like effect she uttered and declared as and for her last will and Testamt in the psence of the pties whose names are undr written: John Walwyn; Mary Walwyn’


12-04-1686 bur. Ellenor Hawkins
16-11-1686 marr. John Hawkins, widdower, and Mary Hatch, widdow


24-10-1688: Nicolas Hayes a witness to will of William Loft
27-07-1692 marr. William Gamball of Ludsdowne, widdower and Martha
Hayes of S
17-12-1693 bur. Mary Hayes
22-05-1696 bur. James Hayes


01-04-1599: Quarter Sessions: Victuallers Recognizances: William Hemseworth of Snodland, labourer; sureties: William Willes and Henry Taylor, both of S, yeomen
16-10-1606 bur. William Hemworth
22-06-1609 marr. Stephen Bounde and widdow Hemsworth


14-10-1681 bap. Mary, dau. of John Henfield
13-07-1682 bur. John Henfield
16-09-1682 marr. Robert Benwallis of Shorne and Martha Henfield, widdow


12-04-1631 bap. James, son of James Henman
22-02-1634/5 bap. Thomas, son of James Henman
02-04-1637 bur. Elizabeth Henman


Thomas Hester said to have been in arms against Parliament in Kent at Whitsuntide 1648: (Committee for Advance of Money: 12-04-1650 and 14-05-1650)
28-11-1668 bur. Mr. Thomas Hester housholder


14-01-1629/30 marr. John Hickmoat and Alice Turk, both of S
14-11-1630 bap. Margaret, dau. of John Hickmot; bur. 19-12-1630
17-02-1632/3 bap. Mary, dau. of John Hyckmot
about 10-04-1640 bur. John Hickemot
20-06-1632 and 06-12-1636: in occupation of messuage and c.22 acres [Gilder’s Farm?] in S, owned by Taylor family


26-12-1612 bap. John, son of James Hilles; bur. 06-09-1613
05-03-1614/15 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of James Hils
14-09-1617 bap. -, dau. of James Hills
08-09-1632 bur. Edward Hills, son of John
18-02-1611/12: James Hilles a witness to will of Francis Cheriden
U47/55/P/92 [1634 map]: Richard Hills leased lands from Dalison


13-02-1678/9: Edward Hinds alias Dolwell a witness to will of Richard Parsons of S.
21-10-1690 bur. William Hindes
15-10-1696 marr. Richard Daniel and Mary Hindes, both of S


15-05-1690 bur. Ann Holden
16-11-1666: /T93: Robert Holden and Elizabeth his wife (daughter of Jervase Taylor) for £50 (part of £80 purchase money) by order in Chancery surrender the deed of mortgage and make out the right to Sir John Marsham. A fine thereon.


24-02-1577/8 bap. Walter Houldway, son of Roger
12-06-1580 bap. Edward, son of Roger Holdway
13-01-1582/3 bap. Roger Holdway, son of Roger
27-03-1586 bap. Mary, dau. of Roger Holdway
17-06-1590 bap. Henry, son of Roger Holdway; bur. 04-10-1590
27-10-1594 bur. Joan, wife of Roger Holdway
06-11-1598 marr. Roger Holaway and Margret Boreman
30-01-1608/9 marr. Edward Holdway and Jane Mathewe
13-02-1609/10 bur. Roger Houldway
26-08-1610 marr. Edward Wilson and Margret Holdway, widdow
12-11-1611 marr. John Cheeseman and Mary Houlyway


17-01-1659 bur. widow Olland
19-11-1678 bur. Ann Holland


10-08-1665 bap. Mary, dau. of Willyam Hollenby


11-11-1602 marr. Geoge Hott and Mildred Samons widowe
10-10-1603 bap. George, son of George Hotte


18-02-1640/1 marr. Thomas [Bennet] of Meopham and Katherin How of Snodland [sister of Stephen]
20-02-1663/4 bur. Steven, son of Steven How
09-06-1664 bur. Robert, son of Steven How
07-01-1667/8 marr. Robert Roberts of Marden and Elizabeth How of S [their child Stephen mentioned in will of Stephen How as grandchild]
21-02-1669/70 bur. Elizabeth, wife of Stephen How
09-07-1673 bur. Thomas How
16-10-1678 bur. Stephen How householder.
Nuncupative will: 03-10-1678: DRb Pwr 37. Linnen weaver.
in the presence of Richard Parker of S, yeoman; James Acorte alias Gardner of S, husbandman; Annie Hatch of S, wife of John Hatch, cordwainer
wife to have £70 ‘which money he was bound by contract at their marriage to secure to her after his death’
to his own sister Catherine Bennet of Meopham, widow, £5
to his grandchild Stephen Roberts: all houses, lands, chattels and cattle
executor: John Hinckfield of Hammill.
12-10-1678 bur. Elleanor How, widow.
Nuncupative will: 09-10-1678: DRb/Pwr 37; probate 01-11-1678
her sister Sara Walker to be executrix
to her kinsman J […] Walker: £30
to sister’s children: Edward Walker, a bed and its furniture
to Sara Renalls, wife of John Renalls, one chest, two pairs of sheets, one brass kettle, one iron box and her maiden box of wearing linen at her mother’s disposal
to Thomas Walker one pot brass skellet and one pair of sheets
witnesses: John Short; Cath. Bennett; Beniamin Netherway
Hearth Tax: 1662, 1663, 1664: 2 chimneys
Michaelmas 1655: Manor of Pottins: Stephen How (quit rent: 8d.)
27-08-1658: CKS:U1515/T88B: tenement, barn, orchard called Moules in S, occ. Stephen How


19-09-1583 marr. Thomas Howlett and Elizabeth Geyton
18-09-1587 bap. Wylliam, son of Thomas Howlett
19-04-1587: Thomas Howlett: bequest in will of William Croswicke, baker
25-12-1588 bap. Isabell, dau. of Thomas Howlet
02-04-1591 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Howlett
22-04-1595 bap. Phillip, son of Thoms Howlett
19-10-1610 marr. William Howlet and Elisabeth Smyth
05-04-1612 bur. Elizabeth Howlet, wife of Thomas [1566-1612; aged 44]
08-12-1614 bur. Thomas Howlet

19-02-1660/1 bap. Mathew, son of Thomas Howlet
30-09-1666 bur. Mathew Howlet, widdower
24-05-1668 bap. Mary, dau. of Thomas Howlet
24-07-1677 marr. John Barnicastle and Elizabeth Howlett, both of S
15-01-1679/80 bur. John Howlet
22-04-1682 bur. Catherine, wife of Thomas Howlett
Hearth Tax: 1662; 1664: 2 chimneys
08-04-1676: CKS: U30/T20: Thomas Howlett occ. of ‘The Island’ cottage


24-01-1695/6: CKS: U2102/T9: ‘Hubbard’ occ. of messuage and 2 pieces of land transferred from John Tomlin to Robert Chambers
30-12-1696 born William, son of Will. Hubert; bap. 09-01-1696/7
05-01-1697/8 bur. William Hubbard
11-04-1699 born George, son of William Hubert, farmer; bap. 11-04-1699


John Huggett a tenant of the manor of Pottins: 14-09-1627 and 1653 [CKS: U1121/M21/2 & 3
his wife = dau. of Thomas Raynes [3 roods = Andrewscroft: a piece of land lying near Frogwell]


18-04-1564 bur. John, son of Thomas Hunt
30-01-1610/11 bur. the wife of Thomas Hunt

14-10-1677 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuell Hunt


08-04-1610 bap. William, son of Robert Hurte
28-01-1615/16 bap. Bridget, dau. of Robert Hurte; bur. 26-07-1618
24-01-1625/6 bur. widdow Hurt
Will of Elizabeth Hurt, of Snodland, widow: 16 January 1625/6; proved 24-03-1625/6
DRb/Pwr 21, f.190 and DRb/Pw 27
to be buried in the churchyard of Snodland
all estate to son John, he to be executor
so much of my goods as will be sufficient to repair my son’s house to be sold by Charles Hutchinson, clerk, and Mr Willoughby of Snodland.
witnesses: Charles Hutchinson; Thomas Butler
14-09-1627: John Hurt: a tenant of the manor of Paddlesworth: CKS: U1121/M21/2 & 3
will of Eleanor Potter of S: 12-04-1609: residue of estate to Robert Hurte of S … who maried my sonne Robert’s daughter. He to be executor.