1600-1699 (c – e)


14-09-1673 bur. Mary Carren, widow


06-01-1622/3 bur. Elizabeth Carrion
12-06-1631 bur. William Carryer
23-10-1665 bur. John Careyers
03-06-1671 bur. Margaret Carryer, widdow

Hearth Tax: 29-09-1662: not chargeable: John Caryer: 2 [chimneys]
Hearth Tax: 1664: not chargeable: Thomas Carryer: ij [chimneys]
PCC PROB 11/ : 14-11-1630: William Carrier of Snodland. Executor = Michael Colegate, sister’s son.


03-06-1677 bap. John, son of John Carter


12-09-1664 bur. a daughter of Robert Carvin



07-12-1612 marr. William Chapman and Rebecca Matthew
19-12-1613 bap. Rose, dau. of William Chapman
17-11-1614 bur. William Chapman
17-02-1629/30 bur. Rebecca Chapman, widdow

xx-07-1614? marr. Jasper Chapman and Elizabeth Usher
11-06-1615 bap. William, son of Jasper Chapman
13-04-1617 bap. Susanna, dau. of Jasp. Chapman
24-02-1622/3 bur. Marie, dau. of Jasper Chappman of howborowe
29-10-1626 marr. John Sutton of Halling and Elizabeth Chapman of Snodland

02-08-1659 bur. Goodwife Chapman, wife of Thomas
10-04-1662 bur. Mathew, son of Willyam Chapman


DRc/E4/108189/i, p.110 and ii, p.39. Tenant of tenement belonging to Dean and Chapter of Rochester in Snodland: rented from 7-12-1622 for 21 years; rented from 7-12-1631 for 21 years. Roger Chatfield with his father Roger (in 1649 Parliamentarian survey)


03-12-1598 bap. William, son of Henry Cheeseman
U47/45/T48: 14-06-11 Jas. I [1613]: property in Brook Street

09-10-1597 bap. Richard Cheeseman, son of John; ? bur. 28-01-1598/9
11-04-1603 bur. Alse Cheeseman, wife of John
21-01-1603/4 marr. John Cheeseman and Alice Spencer
11-03-1607/8 bur. John Cheeseman
17-10-1608 marr. Edmund Colsey and Margarett Chesman
12-11-1611 marr. John Cheeseman and Mary Houlyway
12-03-1612/13 bur. Marie, wife of John Cheeseman
05-02-1614/15 bap. John, son of John Cheeseman
17-10-1617 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of John Cheeseman
18-10-1618 bap. William, son of John Cheeseman
16-03-1622/3 bap. Sara, dau. of John Cheeseman of Snodland


03-05-1590 bap. Frances, dau. of Francis Cheriden; bur. 07-06-1612 [‘eldest
26-02-1592/3 bap. Emlyn, dau. of Frannces Cheriden [still alive: 1611/12]
26-07-1600 bap. Susanna, dau. of Francis Cheriden [still alive: 1611/12]
01-11-1602 marr. William Cherinne and Agnes Williams, widow
20-04-1612 bur. Deborah, dau. of Francis Cheriden
25-02-1611/12 bur. Francis Cheriden
27-02-1611/12 bur. the wyfe of the sayd Francis [Alice]
will of Francis: DRb/Pwr 20, f.504: 18-02-1611/12; proved 13-03-1611/12
to wife Alice: house, etc. for life, then to eldest dau. Frances
other daus.: Emlen and Susan.
witnesses: Francis Tilghman; John Romny; [x] James Hilles


07-06-1608 marr. William Chittenden and merry Lyon widowe
22-05-1609 bur. Mother Chittenden
15-04-1610 bap. Tomsen, dau. of William Chitenden
10-09-1615 bap. Mary, dau. of William Chittenden
Will of Allen Usher: 18-09-1611: William Chittenden occupied ‘my little house and land thereunto belonging wth one yard of land … in howborowe.’


23-04-1609 bap. William, son of Persifoll Clerke
18-07-1609 bur. William Clarke, son of Peytience Clerke
26-10-1668 bur. Thomas Clarke


Q/SB4/21,22,23,24,25: 8-15 April 1653. Various depositions regarding sheep which Clements was accused of stealing from John Packman of Halling, Alexander Bance of Snodland, and Adam and William Bance of Snodland


Assizes: 20-02-1622: Michael Clifford of Snodland, labourer, indicted for grand larceny. Guilty.


U1121/M21/2&3: 14-09-1627: Thomas Clottery: tenant of manor of Paddlesworth: Thomas Clotterie, Gent. 7d.
Will of Thomas Clottery of the Inner Temple, London: U1515/T99: 16-07-1631:
to his sister Elizabeth Williams £100
‘Then all other my lands and tenements att halborough in Snodland for and dureinge her naturall life only with those lands in Hallinge wch belonge to Holboruough farme or the Smiths forge upon Condicon that neither shee nor her husband nor both of them shall alyen assigne grante or sett over any pte or pcell thereof otherwise then reservinge the yearely acustomable rents to be paid yearely unto them during the life of my said sister. The remainder thereof over unto her sonne Thomas Williams and to the heires Males of his bodie.


22-03-1661/2 bap. Edward, son of Thomas Cooke
21-02-1663/4 bap. Mary, dau. of Thomas Cooke


06-05-1616 bur. Mercy, Cost, wife of Vincent Cost
27-04-1627 bur. Vincent Coaste
28-08-1628 marr. Jeremye Haines of Cliffe and Mary Coast of S
Will of Vincent Coast: DRb/Pwr 21, f.279 and DRb/Pw 27: 10 April 1626; proved 13 July 1627
of Snodland, carpenter, sick
£5 to wife Mary and her daughter Frances Wood
5s. to my daughter Isabel Sherhood
40s. to my daughter Annis
40s. to my son Henry at age 24
rest to my son John, he to be executor
Witnesses: Martin Cotes [Rochester notary] and Richard Head, servant of Martin Cotes
11-11-1626: mesuage, malthouse, barn, stable, close, garden, orchard, 1 piece of land [c.6ac.] occ. Vincent Coast, descends to Mark Parker, then William Manley
another messuage and c.2 acres: [Solomon Page – Vincent Coast – Ann Filbert – William Wells – William Coomber]


07-02-1576/7 bap. Mary Coker, dau. of Abraham
28-02-1580/1 bur. John, son of Abraham Coker
05-08-1582 bap. Edward Coker, son of Abraham; bur: 18-04-1606
12-09-1584 bur. Margret, dau. of Abraham Coker
01-12-1585 bap. Robt, son of Abraham Coker, taylor
19-05-1589 bap. George, son of Abraham Coker; bur. 06-07-1589
26-06-1591 bur. Rose Palmer, brought up by Abraham Coker
12-06-1592 bur. Mary, wife of Abraham Coker
26-02-1592/3 marr. Abraham Coker and Emlyn Weyborne
17-11-1602 bap. Martynn, son of Abraham Coker
06-01-1604/5 bap. Margaret Coker, dau. of Abraham
28-10-1611 bur. Abraham Coker
a member of the jury which sat at the inquest on Andrew Whyte: 11-09-1608
a witness to will of John Emerson of Snodland: 10-07-1611
a witness to will of Allen Usher of Snodland: 18-09-1611


30-05-1630 bap. Henry, base-born son of Henry Collison
04-07-1630 marr. Henry Collison and Elizabeth Wattes
13-09-1640 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Henery Collison
20-04-1681 bur. Henry Collison
08-07-1685 bur. Elizabeth Collison widdow (aged 85 and upwards)

will of Thomas Watts: 7-4-1638: mortgages house and 5 pieces of land in Snodland and 1 piece in Paddlesworth [c.14 acres in occ. of Henry Collison of Snodland, husbandman] to Jarvise Taylor
Hearth Tax: 29-09-1662: Henry Collison: 2 [chimneys]
Hearth Tax: 25-03-1663: Henery Callison: 2 [chimneys]
Hearth Tax: 1664: Henry Collison: ij [chimneys]
25-9-1668: was Churchwarden

05-11-1671 bap. Ann, dau. of John Collison
03-05-1687 bur. Elizabeth Collison


02-10-1571 bur. John, son of Edmund Colsey
04-10-1572 bap. Francis Colesey, son of Edmund
30-04-1575 bap. Joan Colsey, dau. of Edward; bur same day
11-11-1577 bur. Agnes, dau. of Edward Colsey
12-05-1595 bur. Joan, wife of Edmund Colsey
17-10-1608 marr. Edmund Colsey and Margarett Chesman
04-02?-1611/12 bur. Margaret, wife of Ewd Coulsey
14-03-1612/13 bur. Edmund Coulsie
31-05-1613 marr. Robert Robinson and Sara Colsie, widdowe

Will: DRb/Pwr 20, f.452: 4-3-10 James [1613]
probate: 29-04-1613
to son William £20 (£10 when W aged 27 and £10 when aged 28)
other bequests to wife Sara; James Spencer; Richard Elfie, my wife’s son; John Simons;
Overseers: Thomas Kiteridge and Edward Leeds
witnesses: Richard Osburne and John Simpson, scriptor
witness: U1515/T88A: 24-01-32 Eliz. [1586]
witness to will of John Bowne: 4-2-1592/3
overseer: will of Stephen Bounde: 10-05-1612
son William and wife Sara: bequests in will


1683-4 marr. Edward Cumber and Mary Wellard, both of S
19-08-1685 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Cumber
09-10-1687 bap. Mary, dau. of Edward Cumber; bur. 01-10-1692
06-03-1690 bap. Judith, dau. of Edward Cumber
05-11-1693 bap. Ann, dau. of Edward Cumber; bur. 15-02-1693/4
13-07-1694 bur. Edward Comber

U47/38/T23: 20-09-1653: occ. of messuage etc. in Brook Street [to John Short]
U47/45/T48: 11-09-1691: occ. of messuage etc. in Brook Street [from John Short to John Taylor]


30-01-1673/4 bap. David, son of John Cooper
30-10-1677 marr. Michael Vowsden and Elizabeth Cooper


04-10-1674 marr. Walter Coplin and Elizabeth Barret


05-10-1672 bur. Thomas, son of Thomas Kork


24-06-1591 bap. John, son of John Cosen
10-03-1593/4 bap. William, son of John Cosen
18-04-1603 bap. Dorithy, dau. of John Cossen
22-03-1606/7 bap. Thomas, son of John Cossen
01-02-1609/10 bur. John Costen

25-10-1629 marr. John Medly and Joane Cosen, both of S

20-05-1672 marr. Mark Parker and Anne Costen
11-12-1679 bur. Mrs Elizabeth Costen

Hearth Tax: 1662: Mrs Causten: 6
Hearth Tax 1663: The Widow Causten: 5
Hearth Tax: 1664: Eliz: Custen widd. vj [chimneys]; John Cozens empty house ii

Nicholas: tenant of manor of Pottins: 10½d.: U1121/M21/2 & 3: 14-09-1627
U1515/T89: mentions land in S owned by him: 1625-1639

01-11-1638 bur. John Causthen
will: PROB 11/ 88 Harvey: 28-10-1638; proved 17 May 1639 by dau. Mary
to be buried in S churchyard; to minister for funeral sermon 10s; to every poor widow in S 10s. a piece within 10 days of my decease, the widow Gilbert only excepted
all lands, goods and chattels to dau. Mary Cawsten and her heirs, she to be executrix, provided always that George Cawsteb, my eldest sonne be already dead. If he be livinge then I give and bequeath all my lands to him and his heires males for ever, paying to my sonne William Cawsten £300: £100 within 6 months after my decease and the other £200 within 7 years.
Provided always that if my sonne William Cawsten be already married or do ever marry or take to wife Anne Giles, sister to John Giles in the parish of Snodland, yeoman, that then hee shall have only for his porcon untill he be married to some other venter or person fortie shillings.
If George is living and William is married to some one other that Anne Giles, then all lands to William, but William not to inherit if he marries Ann Giles.
If no heirs, then lands to Jarvis Taylor the younger of Cranbrook, gent.
James Goddin of Trottiscliffe, gent.; Jarvis Taylor, gent., Thomas Tindall, gent to be executors in trust for Mary; 20s. each to buy rings
wife is Ann
witnesses: John Goddin; Marke Parker; Richard Hilles

E179/127/572 (1622) lay subsidy: John Causten: lands £4; 5s. 4d.
E179/128/605 (1628) lay subsidy: John Causten lands £3; 24s goods
U1121/M21/2 & 3: Manor of Pottins includes John Causten, gent. 1s. and half a hen rent
U522/E3: leased from Dalison: 60½ acres and 5 perches: Michaelmas 1620 for 21 years; of Bishop’s Reed (20 acres) 8-6-1626 for 3 years; marsh land ex. Edm. Randolph’s lease: 25-03-1610 for 21 years

25-04-1618 marr. William Cosen of Cockstone and Margaret Erle
15-04-1623 bur. Nicholas, son of William Cosen
06-01-1623/4? bap. Mary, dau. of William Cosen
12-03-1624/5? bap. Avis, dau. of William Cosin; bur. 19-03-1625/6
25-12-1630 bur. Widdow Cousens
19-10-1640 bur. a child of William Cawsthen
Nuncupative will of William Causten: DRb/Pwr 22, f.434 and DRb/Pw 31: 21-07-1641
of Snodland, gent.
£100 to brother George of £300 willed by John, their father
£200 to wife Sarah
20s to marie Taylor, wife of John, for a ring
3s. to Mr Garraway [Rector] for funeral
20s. to the poor of Snodland
residue to wife Sarah
witnesses: John Usher; Mrs [Elizabeth] Williams, wife of Humphrey; Ann, wife of John Usher
U47/45/T48: 14-6-11 Jas. I: mentions lands owned by William Cosen

15-01-1647/8 bap. John, son of George Causthen
02-05-1650 bap. George Causthen, son of George
23-12-1671 bur. John Custen, son of George Causten late deceased

1634 Terrier of Glebe: mentions lands belonging to George Costen; he was also churchwarden


30-11-1579 bap. Thomas Coveney, son of Thomas; bur. 03-09-1580
30-11-1579 bap. Edward Coveney, son of Thomas
09-10-1607 bur. Thomas Coveney

17-06-1595: recognizance: £20 [CKS: QM/SRc, p. 361]
E179/127/515: lay subsidy: Thomas Coveney: £4 lands; 16s [39 Eliz. = 1597/8]
25-09-1610: £5 surety for William Wells; recognizance discharged: CKS/Q/SR1

will: DRb/Pwr 20, f.480v: 26-04-1609
of Snodland, yeoman, and Addington; to be buried in churchyard of West Peckham
to brother-in-law = Thomas Baker of West Peckham, tanner, my third part which I have in a hoy upon the water (and other moveables); TB to be executor
house and lands in Snodland to be sold by Thomas Baker and the money from this to be equally divided between ‘my brothers’ John and Robert Godden, ‘sister’ Jane Godden, Sara, wife of Thomas Baker and Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Tapley.
other property in Marde to be dealt with in same manner
witnesses: Willm Fayreman; Christopher Stone; Nicholas Hooper, writer
see also U47/45/T48 [14-06-1613]


?-?-1601 marr. Nicholas Coxe and Joice Geton

U522/T61: 16-10-34 Chas. II [1682]: mentions 6 pieces of land in S [c.44 acres] now in possession of Old John Cox [including Crabtree], occ. Stephen Robert and John Cox or their assigns
U1823/14/T48: lease of Nashenden farm from Samuel Symonds of Murston to John Cox and Thomas Cox of Snodland for 7 years at £23 p.a.: 13 8ber 1681
Inventory: DRb/Pi 2/21: 27-11-1688: John Cox of Snodland
Imprimis a bead and one bulster, to blankets £2-10-00
Item his purs and wearing aparall £1-10-00
Item one Cubbard 12-00
Item one hog £1- 6-00
Item for a pasall hay £1-10-00
Item for a plow share, coulter and ferrall £1-00-00
Item Seaven Geas 7-00
Item a pasall of wood 10-00
Item one talnet, a mathak and a hoe 10-00
Item one nett 5-00
Item one Coult £2-00-00
Item one poudering tube 5-00
Item one gun 10-00
Item one funn, one dricnck wessell 4-00
Item one bead and stadel, mat and Cord, one blanket, one Covalad, one tabel, one Cloath
touell, three payer sheets £3-10- 6
Item one Mare £3-15-00
Item fower acers of wheet £13-00-00
Item seaven acers of pees £5-00-00
Item two harowe 8-00
Item one saw, one scuper, eight sacks 11- 3
Item one scillat, one puter dishe, one chire, one boule 6-00
thing unsin and forgot 2- 6
the sum totall £39-12- 3
Thomas Cox; William Eastland

Thomas, etc.:
03-06-1675 bur. Edward, son of Thomas Cox
27-11-1676 marr. John Knowls of Byrling and Sarah Cox of S
16-05-1686 marr. William Eastland and Jane Cox, both of S
01-04-1693 bur. John Cox
02-02-1693/4 bur. Thomas Cox
09-09-1698 bur. Ann Cox, ye widdow of Thomas Cox, farmer

Churchwarden: 1634
Hearth Tax: 29-09-1662: Thomas Cocks: 2 [chimneys]
Hearth Tax: 25-03-1663: Thomas Cocks: 2 [chimneys]
Hearth Tax: 1664: Thomas Cocks i [chimney]
U1823/14/T48: lease of Nashenden farm from Samuel Symonds of Murston to John Cox and Thomas Cox of Snodland for 7 years at £23 p.a.: 13 8ber 1681
apprised inventory of John Cox: 27-11-1688


28-08-1677 bur. Sarah Crafts


02-03-1663/4 bur. the wife of John Curde
26-09-1664 marr. at St. Margaret’s, Rochester: John Curd of S, widower and
Anne Smith of Ryarsh
31-10-1668 bur. John Curd, householder

Hearth Tax: 29-09-1662: John Curde: 2 [chimneys]
Hearth Tax: 25-03-1663: John Curde: 2 [chimneys]
Hearth Tax: 1664: John Curd ij [chimneys]


15-03-1571/2 marr. Thomas Kitchen and Catherin Daniell
09-01-1582/3 bur. Elen Daniell
26-09-1586 bap. William, son of William Danyell
12-08-1591 bap. Margrett, dau. of William Daniell
04-09-1611 bur. William Daniell


11-06-1662 bur. wife of Richard Danell
09-06-1664 bap. Eleabeth, dau. of Richard Danvill


24-04-1607 marr. Clement Dann and Margery Taylor, widowe
08-11-1611 bur. Clement Dan
01-11-1613 bur. Margery Dann, widowe
21-05-1670 bur. John Danne dyed in this parish and was buried at Birling

NB a Thomas Dan of Birling: will proved by son John in 1630s
U522/T68: Oct. 1655: leased 20 acres in Snodland from Dalison for 21 years (1655-1667)


08-05-1662 bur. Jonne, wife of Willyam Dare
03-11-1666 bur. Willyam Dake


16-07-1659 bap. Jaymes, son of Thomas Daye
19-11-1661 bap. Elezebeth, dau. of Thomas Daye
28-03-1665 bap. Bridget, dau. of Thomas Daye


Nuncupative will of John Delaway of Snodland, October 1650; proved 14 November 1650
cook’s mate of the States ship called the Resolution
20s to father William Delaway
10s each to his sisters
5s to his brother William
his clothes and money to be sold and spent among his fellows of the cookroom of the said ship
residue of estate to uncle William Davye, he to be executor
witnesses: Christopher Bennett; Edward Pollingtiye; Clement Hall; James Rowland, of the said ship


24-08-1679 bur. Henry Dunke


1660 bur. 2 children of Edward Durlins


?-1-1663/4 bap. Gorge, son of Lawrance Duch
15-02-1663/4 bur. Nevell, son of Lawrance Duck
30-01-1664/5 bap. Ezeabeth, dau. of Larance Duch
30-12-1667 bap. Thomas, son of Lawrence Dutch; bur. 21-04-1669
04-07-1671 bur. Lawrence Dytch, householder

[married Elizabeth Savage] see will of Isobel Savage (02-09-1678)
Hearth Tax 1662-4: Lawrence Duch: 2 [chimneys]


08-09-1609 bap. Alse Eastdownem dau. of John
27-09-1609 bur. the wife of John Eastdowne

John Eastdowne a member of the jury at the inquest on Andrew Whyte: 11-09-1608


11-09-1608: Thomas Edmunds: a member of the jury at the inquest on Andrew White [Assizes: 35/51/5]


11-12-1608 bap. Mary, dau. of John Ednett
08-12-1611 bap. Bennett, dau. of John Ednetts
will of John Emerson of S [10-07-1611] mentions that his daughter is Mildred Edmet. Her son is Abraham.


Rebeccha Edwardes the wiefe of mr Maurice Edwardes minister of godes word in this church was buried upon the ixth daye of September 1608.


24-08-1674 bur. Elizabeth. dau. of John Eldridge
15-09-1676 marr. John Eldridge and Mary Washinden, both of S
02-09-1677 bap. John, son of John Eldridge
John Eldridge a witness to will of Nicholas Paine: 23-07-1678


will of Edmund Coulse of S [04-03- 10 Jas. [1611]] mentions ‘Richard Elfie my wives sonne’.
04-02-1603/4: recognizance for John Elphy, labourer [QM/SRc, p.463]
17-04-1604: [Q/SR4, m.11d] at Maidstone: Robert Elphye of Snodland, husbandman, on the 10th of April 1604, at Gillingham, shot ‘Partirdges’ with a gun ‘charged with powder & haylshott’, [etc.]
Walter Elfie: lease of lands from Dalison [U522/E3]; also on 1634 map: U47/55/P92.


John Emerson the elder of Snodland: will: DRb/Pwr 20, f.283v: 10-7-9 James [1611]; probate 15-11-1611
the house where I now dwell to wife Mildred for life, then to daughters Mildred Edmet and Emme Grynsted
the ‘hall and chamber over it with garden plot to be divided from the back door directly over to the mill stream, so likewise from the hall door directly to the dyke:
(a) the said hall and chamber over it with garden plot and trees to Mildred Edmet for life, then to her son Abraham;
(b) the shop witht he loft over it and the little room thereto belonging and the other part fo the garden to Emme and her heirs
the house at Ightham to be sold; wife to be executrix
witnesses: Abraham Cocker; Whetenhall Tilghman



24-04-1630 bap. John, son of Lawrence Evenden; bur. 18-08-1630
20-01-1637/8 bur. a childe of Goodman Everndens
27-01-1637/8 bur. Goodwife Iverden


PRO:E179/128/605 [1628] lay subsidy: Richard Evens: £3; 16s. [goods]
20-09-1653: CKS:U47/38/T23: mentions messuage [in Brook Street] now or late Richard Evans
Hearth Tax 29-09-1662: Richard Evens: 3 [chimneys]


19-11-1691 marr. John Goffe of St. Margaret’s, Rochester, widdower, and Susanna Everest of this parish