1600-1699 (a – b)


28-10-1668 bap. Copperthorne, son of Stephen Haycocke
20-02-1669/70 bap. Stephen, son of Stephen Haycocke
01-03-1673/4 bap. John, son of Stephen Acock
04-03-1673/4 bur. Ann, wife of Stephem Acock
14-02-1674/5 bur. John, son of Stephen Acock
17-02-1674/5 bur. Copperthorne, son of Stephen Haycock alias Acock


12-07-1635 bur. Thomas Adison, son of Thomas
22-01-1636/7 bap. Edmond, son of Thomas Adison


14-01-1696/7 marr. John Beal of East Malling and Elizabeth Allen of Snodland


06-09-1618 bur. Robert Amis, son of Goodman Amis
01-01-1625/6 bur. Bridget Ames, wife to John
25-02-1627/8 marr. John Amisse widdower and Anne Gyles widdow, both of S

11-12-1617 U522/E3: leased house and water mill, etc. for 31½ years at £8 p.a. formerly John Giles [form Dalison]
26-06-1625 witness to will of John Usher
14-09-1627 U1121: Manor of Pottins: John Amys for Kingsmill Croft (with
Francis Raynes) 4d. rent
[1628] E179/128/605: lay subsidy: John Amisse for his son John Gyles 20s [lands] 8s
1631 U522/E3: leased 43 acres from Michaelmas 1631 for 21 years at £14 p.a. [from Dalison]
1633 U522/E3: 2 acres of land formely let to William Leeds [from Dalison]


Richard Argall was a member of the jury at inquest on Andrew Whyte, at Snodland, 11-09-1608 [Assizes: 35/51/5]


25-03-1602 bur. Elizabeth Ashbee, the wife of Arthur
29-01-1611/12 bur. Arthur Ashebye


23-05-1690 bur. Elizabeth Atkins


25-05-1610 bur. Elizabeth Augur, a poore maide
29-05-1614 marr. George Webb and Marie Auger


30-04-1680 bur. Sarah, dau. of Isaac Austin


27-09-1696 marr. William Chambers and Margaret Baker


23-02-1670/1 bur. Thomas Baldwin dyed at Tho: Martin’s house


08-04-1653 Alexander Bance accuses William Clements of stealing 8 sheep from him [Q/SB4/22/24]; sons: Adam of Luddesdown; William of Snodland

14-04-1665 bap. Ann, dau. of Robert Banse
15-10-1666 bap. Eleazebeth [widow or dau.?] of Robert Bance
28-05-1668 bap. Joane, dau. of Robert Bance
19-01-1669/70 bap. Robert, son of Robert Bance

Hearth Tax, 29-09-1662: Widow Bance: 3
Hearth Tax, 25-03-1663: Robert Bance: 3
Hearth Tax, 1664: Robert Bance, iij chimneys
23-11-1666: Inventory: DRb/Pa 25: Elizabeth Banne of Snodland. Executor: John Short; value £54. 1s. 6d.


24-07-1677 marr. John Barnicastle and Elizabeth Howlett, both of S
24-03-1677/8 bap. John, son of John Barnicastle
12-12-1680 bap. Elizab. dau of John Barnicastle
21-03-1683/4 bap. Richard, son of John Barnicastle
22-04-1685 bur. John Barnicastle
23-03-1685/6 bur. John, son of widdow Barnecastle
07-10-1692 bur. Elizabeth Barnecastle


04-10-1674 marr. Walter Coplin and Elizabeth Barret


07-07-1663 marr. Samuell Bate and Lisbona Welles
14-09-1678 bur. Lisbona, wife of Samuel Batt of Lenham

Hearth Tax: 29-09-1662: Samuell Batt. 4 [chimneys]
Hearth Tax, 1664: Samuel Batt. v [chimneys]
Glebe Terrier: 25-09-1668: mentions land belonging to Samuell Batt.
Samuel Bate also a churchwarden [1668]


16-11-1623 bap. William, son of Robert Beetcher
28-03-1627 bap. Mary, dau. of Robert Beecher
15-04-1627 bur. Thomas, son of Robt Beecher


23-03-1563/4 bap. Robert Bennett
27-07-1582 marr. Robt Bennet and Elyzabeth Scath
06-07-1585 bap. Alse, dau. of Robert; bur. 07-07-1585
07-08-1586 bap. Richard, son of Robert
03-11-1588 bap. George, son of Robert
24-02-1593/4 bap. Eliz, dau. of Robert
24-09-1603 marr. Robert Bennet and Joane Loather, widowe
17-04-1611 bur. Robert Bennet
Robert Bennett a witness to the will of William Samon: 26-06-1602


?-?-1610/11? bur. William Benson
11-09-1608: William Benson, a member of jury at inquest on Andrew Whyte


26-12-1664 bap. Eleazbeth, dau. of John Beverley
23-09-1666 bap. Mary, dau. of John Beverley; bur. 31-01-1668/9
05-03-1670/1 bap. Susannah, dau. of John Beverley
28-09-1673 bap. Thomas, son of John Beverley; bur [?-?-][1673]
14-02-1674/5 bap. Margaret, dau. of John Beverley
14-01-1676/7 bap. William, son of John Beverley; bur. 16-01-1678/9
25-12-1676 bur. wife of John Beverley [these two dates sic.]


19-12-1574 bap. Christopher Bliy, son of Martin
26-03-1603 bur. Christopher Bliy


E179/128/605 [1628] lay subsidy: John Bughurst xls [lands]; xvjs [goods]


22-06-1609 marr. Stephen Bounde and widdow Hemsworth
08-01-1611/12 bur. Ann, wife of Steven Bound
13-05-1612 bur. Steven Bounde
07-08-1619 bur. Phillipe Bound

will: DRb/Pwr 20, f.338v: 10 May 1612; proved 28-09-1612; husbandman
to be buried in the churchyard of Snodland; to poor of Snodland 10s.
to Edward and Phillip Bounde, ‘my son-in-laws’ 40s (of which Edward owed Stephen 18s)
when my executors shall get in debts of Thomas Saunders and Edward Milles:
to sister Margaret, wife of James Peare, all household stuff in tenement where I now dwell
to brother-in-law James Peare 33s which Robert Robinson owes me and 5s. which John Tompson owes me. James Peare to be executor
Overseers (and witnesses): my good friends Edmund Coulse and Edward Godden of Paddlesworth


08-04-1680 bur. Jane, dau. of John Boreman
05-07-1680 bur. George Boreman
17-09-1684 bur. Elizabeth Boorman


23-07-1598 bap. Margaret, dau. of Robert Bowier; bur. 16-08-1602
19-07-1602 bap. Robert, son of Robert Bowier


24-11-1674 marr. Richard Parsons and Mary Bright, widow


23-09-1681 bur. Elizabeth Bromfield, widdow


03-04-1627 bur. Ann, wife of Robt. Brackstead
27-08-1630 bur. Jane, wife of Robert Brooksted
01-12-1634 bap. Mary, dau. of Robert Brookeshed; Mary Brakeshead bur.
18-02-1637/8? bap. Susannah, dau. of Robert Brookesheade
06-05-1641 bap. Anne Brookeshead
06-05-1641 bur. Robert Brookeshead
Will of Robert Brookshead: DRb/Pwr 22, f.426 and DRb/Pw 31: proved 1 June 1641
to be buried at Snodland
to wife and two youngest children Suzanna and Maria: 3 parts of my estate on condition that Ellen Brookshead by placed out
to Robert Brookshead all my shop tools
to daughter Mathewe a great chest with a Holland sheet in it
the 4th part of my estate to my other five children: Thomas and Patience to be placed out first, then the residue to be divided between Robert, Mathew, Patience andEllys
wife Sybill to be executrix
John Turke to be overseer
witnesses: Tho. Garraway; John Wood; Mark Parker; Thomas Dan


02-03-1654/5 bap. Mary Brownd, dau. of Hennery
06-03-1659 bur. Hennery Browne, son of Hennry


16-11-1683 bur. Mary, dau. of Arthur Buds
28-11-1684 bap. Elizabeth, dau. Arthur Budds
25-01-1686/7 bap. Mary, dau. of Arthur Budds; bur. 11-05-1687


08-11-1665 bap. Ann, dau. of Tho. Buller [perhaps Butler?]


01-12-1622 bap. Frannces, dau. of Thomas Buttler of howborowe
[?] 1625 bap. William, son of Tho: Butler
24-02-1627/8 bap. John, son of Thomas Butler; bur. 05-03-1628/9
15-03-1628/9 bap. Susanna, dau. of Thomas Butler; bur. 22-10-1640
24-02-1632/3 bap. Ann, dau. of Thomas Butler
25-01-1634/5 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Butler
22-01-1636? bap. George, son of Thomas Butler
21-08-1640 bur. Goodwife Butler, wife of Tho: Butler
U1515/T88B: 12-01-8 Chas. [1633]: Thos Butler: west of tenement occ. by William Gull

16-08-1668 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Butler
30-07-1671 bap. Bridget, dau. of Tho: Butler; bur. 23-10-1673
21-03-1671/2 bur. Anne, dau. of Thomas Butler
08-04-1672 bur. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Butler
07-07-1674 bap. John, son of Thomas Butler; bur. 08-04-1685
28-07-1678 bap. George, son of Tho: Butler; bur. 22-09-1678
29-06-1680 bur. Thomas Butler
12-12-1680 bur. Joan Butler widdow

29-09-1662: Hearth Tax: [chargeable] Thomas Buttler, i [chimney]
25-03-1663: Hearth Tax: Thomas Butler, 1 [chimney]
1664: Hearth Tax: not chargeable: Thomas Buttler, i [chimney]
01-05-1666: U1515/T80D: mentions messuage of Thomas Butler of Holborough, husbandman, and 4 pieces of c.4 acres land at or near Holburroughe