1500-1599 (w – z)

05 May 1582 bur. Elizabeth, dau. John Wade

feoffe in trust: will of John Usher (1522) and witness to JU’s will
overseer to will of William Hylles (1522)
overseer to will of John Chapman (1524)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Stephen Wadman in goods [£5] [2s. 6d.]
feoffe of John Taylor (1527)
feoffe of Walter Stonyng (1531/2)
CKS: U522/T68: 1 Nov 1538: land belonging to SW mentioned
CKS: U1515/T87: 1 Feb 1539: mentions lands of SW
witness to will of William Tilghman (1541)
will: DRb Pwr 10, f.5r: 2 March 1542/3; probate 11 April 1543
to Johane Gorley, wife of Elyce Gorley: a cart, 6 horses, 3 cows
to Elis her husband
to Steven Wadman (not yet aged 20), son of late Thomas Wadman my son: a cow
to John Gorley and Denyse his sister
to Richard Cugge my servant
to Richard Cockett
to mother Jeffray
witnesses: Sir William Hall, parson of Snodland; Rychard Cochett; William Monde; William Usher
to Elis Gorley the tenement bought of John Shipman
to Stephen Wadman: another tenement called Stocks with 7½ acres of land; also the tenement I now dwell in called ‘Arnold’ with 7 yards of land.
1544-5 subsidy: Stephen Wadman’s heirs in lands: 4d.
1546-7 subsidy: Stephen Wadman’s heirs in lands 2s. 8d.

son of Stephen (d.1543); dead before 1543
his son is Stephen
will of William Usher (1545): to son Richard: half the wood and my tenement in Hallyng which I purchased of Thomas Wadman

grandson of Stephen (d.1543), son of Thomas
bequests in will of Walter Phillipps, dean of Rochester

of Halling
will: DRb Pwr 16, ff.197v-198r: 8 June 1582
wife Elizabeth; to be executrix
overseers: William Cosen and […] Hamon
debts: Mr Deane of Halling: 40s.
Mrs Dalyson: 30s.
Thomas Taylor: £12
Coveney of Snodland: £11
William Parker: 16s.
my son in law Thomas Ussher: 58s.
my son in law Richard Ussher: 58s. 6d.
my sons in law Thomas Usher, Richard Usher, Robert Usher for 1½ years’ rent ending at Lady Day 1582: £6/ 15s.
John Carrier: £5
Goodman Godden of Padlesworthe: 50s.
William Symons of Halling and to the smith of Snodland certain money upon account between them and me

25 May 1563 bur. George Wakelyn
23 May 1568 marr. William Atkinsonne and Isbell Wakelyn

1544-5 subsidy: Raffe Wolsse in goods 2d.

19 Sep 1592 bur. Henry Ward
will: DRb Pwr 18, f.232v: 19 Sep 1592; sick; probate: 30 Mar 1593
to wife Maryon: two houses and two orchards for her life, then in tail to sons James and Nicholas
to my daughter’s children: Dorothy Jetter; Elizabeth Jetter; John Jetter £5 a piece at age 21 from the income of the above houses and orchards
corn in Edward Becher’s barn to EB for his own custody to sell to £9 and overplus to be paid to my wife maryon.
residue to Maryon, she to be executrix.
Witnesses: Henry Browne; Edward Bechere

overseer to will of Thomas Hamonde (1566)
overseer to will of Robert Williams (1568): bequeathed 10s.
1571-2 subsidy: Birling: William Wastnes [also John and Thomas]
will: DRb Pwr 18, f.15v:

Thomas Wassheness the elder
will: DRb Pwr 17, f.37v: 22 Feb 1584/5; probate 13 July 1585
wife: Elizabeth
daughters: Alice; Agnes; Margaret
overseer: well beloved friend Thomas Goddin of Paddlesworth
witnesses: Henrie Wasshenes; Edwarde Goddin; Thomas Wasshenes; Willm Wasshenes

03 Jan 1575/6 bur. Margaret Watsonne
01 Jul 1576 marr. John Wassom and Elizabeth Coker
04 Jun 1585 bur. John Watsonne
21 Jan 1591/2 bur. Elizabeth Watsonne, widow

will: DRb Pwr 7, f.230v: 6 July 1521; probate 8 Jan 1521/2
son is John Watts
daughters: [Agnes?]; Elizabeth; Joan
executors: son: William; John Chapman
witnesses: Sir William Barker; John […]; Robert Atks; John Stagg; William Canon

son of Thomas (d.1521)
witness to will of Thomas Moss (13-12-1521)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: William Watts in goods [£5] [2s. 6d.]
will: DRb Pwr 8, f.15v: 22 Nov 1525; probate: 12 Dec 1525
to be buried in the churchyard
bequests to various church lights
to all daughters: 4 bushels of barley, etc.
residue to wife: Agnes
Thomas Dyrman[?]
house and land to wife for life, then to be divided among sons and daughters
witnesses: Richard Greyn, priest; William Danke; John Sybyll; John Canon

of Halling: will: DRb Pwr 12, f.515v [1560]
includes: house and land lying in Snodland: to mother, then in tail to son John and son Robert

03 Feb 1583/4[?] bap. Edmund Watts
22 May 1586 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Watts
23 Mar 1588/9[?] Alse, dau. of Thomas Watts
04 Apr 1591 bap. Agnes, dau. of Thomas Watts
12 Mar 1591/2[?] Thomas Watts
victim of burglary: 10 July 1589 [Assizes]

28 Jun 1583 marr. Richard Wayman and Catherine Adams
31 Oct 1585 bap. Mary, dau. of Richard Weyman, labourer

21 Dec 1573 bap. Edmund Weekes, saon of Walter
01 Nov 1576 bap. Nicholas Wickes
24 Feb 1577/8 bur. Walter Wickes

05 Oct 1578 bap. Wylliam Wellingham, son of Robert; bur. 26 Apr 1585
22 Nov 1585 bur. ye wife of Robert Wellingham
11 Jul 1585 marr. Robert Weillingham and Anne Garrett
29 Oct 1588 bur. an infant of Robert Wellingham borne before his tyme
11 Apr 1590 bap. Robert, son of Robert Wellingham
26 Feb 1592/3 bap. Alse, dau. of Robert Wellingham; bur. 30 Jan 1593/4
28 Mar 1595 bap. Agnes, dau. of Robert Wellingham
31 Mar 1595 bur. Anne, wife of Robert Wellingham
06 Sep 1595 bur. Anne, dau. of Robert Wellingham
02 Mar 1595/6 recognizance: Robert Wellingham of Snodland, labourer
27 Nov 1598 marr. Robert Wellingham and Mary Evenden
14 Apr 1598 bap. Mary, dau. of Robert Wellingham

05 Sep 1581 bur. Robert Wethee

1544-5 subsidy: Nycholas Whape in goods 4d.

24 Nov 1589 marr. Henry Taylor and Deborah Wheler

31 Mar 1560 bur. Margery Whitehead

1544-5 subsidy: John Wylcock for goods 2d.: Padilsworth

Gaglorne Wilkynson, curate of Snodland
mentioned in will of Andrew Berarde (1505)
mentioned in will of William Parmenter (1505)

26 May 1567 marr. Robert Williams and Elizabeth Hamon
16 Jan 1568/9 bur. Robert Wylliams
18 Feb 1580/1 bur. Amy [Emme] Williams, a widow
18 Mar 1580/1: DRb Pa12: let Robert Jetter of Snodland be summoned, on the accusation of William Tilghman, for each administration of the goods of Emma Williams, late of Snodland
08 May 1585 bur. John, son of John Williams

03 Dec 1577 bur. Agnes, widow of William Willsonsonne

Thomas Wood alias Ayliff/Ellys
20 Jun 1574 bap. Roger, son of Thomas Wood als Thomas Ayliff
01 Nov 1576 bap. Symon Wood; bur. 01 Dec 1576
28 Sep 1578 bap. Symon Wood, son of Thomas; bur. 10 Dec 1580
15 Jun 1588 bap. Elizabeth, dau. Thomas Wood
25 Jun 1588 bur. Joane, wife of Thomas Wood
20 Oct 1588 marr. Thomas Wood als Ellys and Joane Selbye

witness to will of William Smythe (1535)
1535 subsidy: Aleyn Wodd for goods 10s.
overseer to will of William Spayn (1536)
executor to will of Marian Spayne (1542)
1544-5 subsidy: Allen Wood in goods 16s. 8d.
1546-7 subsidy: Alen Wood for his goods 36s. 4d.
1548-9 subsidy: Alyn Wood for his goods 20s.
1549: 2½ acres of land in Goodfrydayland and 2 acres elsewhere in Snodland in tenure of
Allen Wood (Cal. Patent Rolls Ed. VI, ii, 320)
witness to will of Margaret Taylor of Halling (1550)
witness and overseer to will of John Parmenter the elder (1550-1)
witness and overseer to will of William Danke (1551)
witness and overseer to will of Richard Cockett (1555)
Will: PCC Wrastley, f.2: 15 Dec 1556; probate 18 Jan 1556/7
first wife = Margaret Stonyng
eldest son = William
eldest dau. = Agnes Reve
son John; occ lands in the parsonage field, Snodland: CKS; U522/T68 (6 Feb 1574)
son Allen
other unmarried daughters in 1556
second wife = Joan
memorial in Greenstead Church Essex, N. Chancel wall:
Here lieth Ione, sister to Sr
Thomas Smith of Mont Knight
Second wife of Alane Wood
of Snodland in Kent, Gent.
Who living Vertuousclie 66
yeers, died godly the xxth
of August 1585
Feare thou God, and do
as thou wouldst be done unto.

son of Allen, who was son of John Wood of East Dereham, co. Norfolk. Grant of Arms by R. Cooke, Clar., 20 Nov 1570, Or, on a bend Vert, three Chaplets of the first. Crest – Within an annulet Or, a dexter gauntlet erect Gules, studdied of the first [Stowe MS 706 – see The Genealogist, New Series 29, p.245]
possible marriage [too early?]: William Wood and Benett Chilmont: 15 May 1560 at
witness to will of John Smith (1561/2)
1571-2 subsidy: William Wood in lands: £7. 9s. 4d.
CKS:U1515/T94: witness to sale of land: Leeds/Tilghman: 22 Jan 18 Eliz.
01 Feb 1578/9 bap. John Woode, son of William Woode, gent.
06 Aug 1581 bap. Water son of William Wood
06 Sep 1584 bap. Anne, dau. of William Wood, gent
01 Dec 1606 bur. Benet the wife of Mr Wodd
07 Oct 1609 bur. William Wodd gentleman who died at Rochester
witness to will of Richard Kember (1579-80)
witness to will of Richard Skate (1581)
witness to will of Margaret Moryce (1584)
Member of Grand Jury, Rochester Assizes: 1 July 1588
tenant: manor of Pottins
CCRc/T152/107826/2/12: 11 Oct 1589: Reedland now in tenure of William Wood [Dean
and Chapter of Rochester to Thomas Raynes of Burham]
witness to will of John Bowne (1592-3)
surety for Thomas Coveneye 17 Jun 1595
witness to will of John Turke (15 Aug 1597)
1597-8 subsidy: William Wood gent £5 [20s.]
Crown lease (1598) PRO:E367/1052: lists tenements/lands of William Wood: messuage
and 80 acres
18 Sep 1565 bur. John Woodcoate, a labourer

CKS:U787/L1/3: 4 July 1580: Edward Woollet, mariner, together with Robert Smith of Snodland, devises messuage and garden at Holborough to Thomas Godden of Paddlesworth.

06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Richard Wynstandley in lands [40s.] [12d/]
witness to will of William Smith senior (3 Feb 1527/8)

26 Feb 1592/3 marr. Abraham Coker and Emlyn Weyborne
04 Mar 1593/4 bur. Henry, son of Thomas Wyburne

01 Jan 1559/60 bap. John Zachary, son of Leonard
25 Mar 1560/1 bur. Thomas Zachary
? bap. Elizabeth Zachary, dau. of Thomas; bur. 26 Apr 1561
28 Oct 1561 marr. John a Deane and Joan Sachary
08 May 1562 bur. Richard, son of Leonard Zachary
24 Aug 1563 bap. Agnes Zachary, dau. of Leonard; bur. 13 Jan 1563/4