1500-1599 (u – v)

06 Apr 1524 subsidy: William Upton in lands [40s.] [12d.]

mentioned in will of Joan Person: 15 Apr 1509

Feofee to John Edward (1497)
witness to indenture between William and John Good of Halling: CKS:U522/T68: 24 May 1497
witness to will of Margery Canon (1503)
executor to will of William Taylor (1503)
mentioned in will of Andrew Berarde (1505)
executor of will of William Holwell (1506)
residue of estate of Joan Person (1509) [mother-in-law]
executor to will of Richard Tylman (1518)
will: DRb Pwr 7, ff.246r-247r: 13 April 1522
to be buried in the church
to two servants John Taylor and Richard Taylor 20s. each ‘with all my reed of this year’s growth and now in my yard with all the straw that may be spared to the each there house with all
to Joan Ussher my maid servant: 20s.
Thos Hogyn my son in law 6s. 8d. (my daughter his wife): 6s. 8d. to their 6 children
to John Usher and William Usher half a quarter of barley
to Joan Revett, dau. of Joan Revett 20d.
wife Joan and son William to be executors
witnesses: Stephen Wadman, William Usher, William Norman
William Tylghman and Stephen Wadman my feoffes in trust
to wife for life: house in holborow called Lampkyns with a barn and 2 gardens and all land in the parish of Halling, with 10 acres of barley on the same lands, then to son William.
the house wherein I now dwell to Snodland to son William: fee simple.
mentioned in will of Andrew Berrarde (1505)
is dau. of Joan Person (d.1509): bequeathed a tenement, barn and garden: then to her dau. Joan Norman [who re-married to John Ryvett]
wife/widow of John (d.1522); executrix for him
son is William
will: DRb Pwr 7, f.343v: 17 Oct 1524; probate 27 Nov 1524
of St Clements in Rochester, widow
10s. to East Malling church; 3s. 4d. to Snodland church; 3s. 4d. to our ladie of holboro in Snodeland parish
bequests to Joan Ryvet my dowghters daughter
to William Norman the younger at his marriage
to Crystyan Sendell
residue to executor: John Ryvett
witnesses: John Cokke; Thomas Crosbye; James Mayhowe

son of John (d.1522); executor and witness for him.
mentioned in will of Andrew Berarde (1505)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: William Ussher in goods [£20.] [20s.]
executor of will of John Taylor (1527)
mentioned in will of Walter Andrew (1532)
1535-6 subsidy: William Ussher for goods 12s.
CKS: U522/T68: 1 Nov 1538: indenture for 10 acres of land belonging to Bishop of Rochester: William Usher (father) with John
witness to will of Stephen Wadman (1543)
1544-5 subsidy: William Ussher in goods [12s.]
will: DRb Pwr 10, f.95r: 20 Jan 1544/5; probate: 1 June 1545
sick: so be buried in the churchyard of Snodland
servant: Joan
sons: John. grandson (=son of John) is William = godson
Richard (lives at Upper Halling)
if Richard helps John to farm his land, then he is to have the crop of corn coming this year of my five acres of land in Halling field to be ready sown with barley and also teh crop of land coming this year of half an acre of land at Cattesbrayns.
to […] Boocher £10: from rents owed by Peter Maplisden
executors: Sir William Hall; John Taylor of Halling
overseer: Walter Phillipp, dean of the cathedral
witnesses: John and William Usher
to son John: the tenement at holbergh (called lamkyns) which I now dwell in and the other tenement in holbergh lately bought of John Taylor of nether Hallyng, and the third tenement standing nye unto the myll at holberg which I lately builded, with all the lands belonging to them.
to son Richard: half the wood and my tenement in Hallyng which I purchased of Thomas Wadman
to William at age 21: the tenement and land late bought of Robert Lawrence in Snodland.
to Richard: ½ acre lacking 2 dayworks in north meade in Snodland in 2 parcels: one = 1 yard lacking 2 dayworks; the other upon the marsh late William Canon toward the East and goeth up by the marsh belonging to the church of Halling.

maidservant to John Usher; bequeathed 20d. in his will (1522)

son of William
mentioned in will of John Usher (1522); bequeathed barley
CKS:U522/T68: 1 Nov 1538: indenture for 10 acres of land belonging to Bishop of Rochester: William Usher (father) with John
1544-5 subsidy John Ussher for his goods 2d.
1546-7 subsidy John Ussher for his goods 14s.
1548-9 subsidy John Ussher for his goods 12s.
witness to will of Joan Tilghman (1548)
1549: mention of a parcel of land called Yevall lande (2 ac. 1 rod) in tenure of John Usher (Cal. Patent Rolls, Ed. VI, ii, 320)
buried 16 Oct 1561 in churchyard: ‘of Holborowe’.
will: DRb Pwr 13, f.12r (filed in 1561)
£10 to son William
£10 to son Allen
£20 to son Josias
£2. 13s. 4d. to daughter Joan
£2. 13s. 4d. to daughter Alice
£2. 13s. 4d. to daughter Ann
3s, 4d, to poor mens’ box
residue to wife Elizabeth, she to be executrix with son William
witnesses: Walter Phillipp, Deane of Rochester; William Hall, parson of Snodland; William Tilman, gent.

dau. of John (d.1561); bequeathed £2. 13s. 4d.

06 Jul 1592 bur. Alse Usher wydowe

dau. of John (d.1561)
07 Jul 1560 marr. William Taylor

dau. of John (d.1561) and Elizabeth
bequeathed £2. 13s. 4d. in will of John (1561)
bequeathed £1. 13s. 4d. in will of Thomas Hamonde (1566)
bequeathed £1 in will of Robert Williams (1568)
bequests in will of brother Josias (1573)

servant to Thomas Geyton; bur. 12 Mar 1571/2

27 Oct 1594 bur. Widowe Usher

mention of 1½ acres salt marsh in Snodland in tenure of John Taylor (1549) given by Henry Usher and John Goode to an anniversary in the parish church of Halling.

married to John Usher [bur. 16 Oct 1561]
29 Nov 1561 marr. Thomas Hamon and Elizabeth Usher [he bur. 21 Feb 1566/7]
26 May 1567 marr. Robert Williams and Elizabeth Hamonde [RW bur. 16 Jan 1568/9]
24 Oct 1569 marr. Alen Mosse and Elizabeth Williams
daughters: Joan and Elen

dau. of John and Elizabeth
bequeathed £1. 13s. 4d. in will of stepfather Thomas Hamonde (1566)
bequeathed £1 in will of stepfather Robert Williams (1568)
09 Mar 1569/70 bur. Elen ye dau. of John Usher

witness to will of George Springfield (1560/1)
07 Mar 1561/2 bur. John, son of Thomas Usher
30 Aug 1562 bap. Alse, dau and William, son of Thomas Usher
25 Oct 1565 bur. Mary, dau. of Tho: Usher the elder
01 Feb 1565/6 bap. Thomas Usher, son of Thomas
22 Apr 1569 bur. Jane, wife of Thomas Usher
07 Jun 1569 bur. Alse, dau. of Thomas Usher the elder
note of debt to Edward Wadman of Halling (will, 1582): is EW’s son-in-law

Richard [of Halling]
grandfather is John; father is William
1544-5 subsidy: Richard Ussher in goods 2d.
CKS: U522/T68: 4 May 1565: sale of lands by RU to Robert Deane of Halling; mentions 1 yard of land previously sold by RU to William Tilghman, gent.
CKS: U522/T68: 20 June 1565: sale of ½ acre at Redland in Snodland by RU to Robert Deane
CKS: U522/T68: 6 Feb 1573/4: mention of lands sold by RU to Robert Deane.
note of debt to Edward Wadman of Halling (will, 1582): is EW’s son-in-law

son of John (d.1561)
CKS: U1121/M21/2: received of Wm, Allen and Josias Ussher for Kingsmill field 1 acre in Snodland: 1s.
23 Jun 1573 bur. Josias Usher
will: DRb Pwr 14, f.150r-v; probate 9 July 1573
to be buried in Snodland churchyard
to brothers William and Allen: all that my part of land and house lying in Snodland and Halling or elsewhere, to be equally divided between them
£3 each to brother William, brother Allen
£5 to sister Joan
to the children of my brother Taylor 40s. between them
20s. to the poor of Snodland
to father in law Allen Mosse 40s. and debt forgiven
to brother Allen ‘all my raiment, my cloak excepted’.
6s. 8d. to Sir Nicholas Umfry and William Henton
residue to brother William, he to be executor
witnesses: Nicholas Umfry, minister; William Henton; Margery Woodcote.

03 Jun 1563 bur. Mary, dau. of Rawlyn Vanerley