1500-1599 (t)

06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Thomas Tannton in goods [£13] [6s. 6d.]

witness to will of John Goldhawke (1474)
witness to will of Henry Scryvener (1477)
John, son of William Taylor, bequeathed posnett in will of John Taylor (1490/1)
feoffe to John Edward (1497)
DRb Pa 4, f.320v: list of parish officers (late 15th cent.) includes ‘W. Taylr.’
witness to will of Margery Canon (1 Dec 1503)
will: DRb Pwr 6, ff.129v-130r: 1503-4
to be buried in the churchyard
bequests to daughter Joan
sons Richard and John
wife Joan
6d. to repairs of church walls
executors = Harry Taylor of Halling and John Ussher of Snodland
house to son John at age 20
other house to son Richard at age 20
Administration Act: DRb Pwr 6*, f.19v [1505]
CKS:U522/T68: 24 May 1497: witness to indenture between William and John Good of Halling
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Richard Taylor in lands [40s.] [12d.]
father of John and deceased before 12 Oct 1527
overseer to will of Richard Tylman (1518)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy John Taylor in goods [£5] [2s. 6d.]
will: DRb Pwr 8, f.128r: 12 Oct 1527; probate 16 Nov 1527
to be buried in the churchyard
1s. to the amending of the highways in Snodland
executors: Sir Richard Greyn; William Uscher
20d. to William Tilman the elder
witnesses: Sir Thomas Suywall [vicar of Halling]; John May; Thos. Raywell
Stephen Wadman and John Taylor, my feoffes, shall suffer Sir Richard Green and William Ussher to sell my half tenement with lands in Halling which was my father’s Richard Taylor, late deceased. Money to repairs of Halling and Snodland churches and to charity
06 Apr 1524 subsidy Alice Taylor, widow, in goods [£4] [2s.]
of Halling
will: DRb Pwr 11, f.171r: 11 June 1550; probate 18 Sep 1550
includes bequests to John Parmenter’s daughter of Snodland and her mother
to cousin Lettice Kember
to my sister, Robert Lawrence’s wife
to cousin John Taylor’s wife of Upper Halling
to sons: John and William
witnesses: Henry Taylor; Alyn Wodd; William Taylor
?feoffe of John Taylor (1527)
1550: mention of a plot of salt marsh (1½ acres) in tenure of John Taylor, given by Henry Ussher and John Goode to an anniversary in the parish church of Halling
30 Nov 1550: CKS:U1515/T88A: witness to deed
will: DRb Pwr 13, f.188: 13 Nov 1563
to be buried in the churchyard
6s. 8d. to Joys Bridger
residue to wife Alice
witnesses: William Tylghman; Roger Mosse; John Thorpe
tenement and lands to wife Alice, then to son Henry, he to pay his brother William £15.
28 Mar 1565 bur. Old John Taylor
wife of John (d.1565)
1571-2 subsidy Alys Taylor in lands [20s.] [16d.]
CKS: U1515/T86. 26 Mar 1569: in occupation of a messuage and 21 acres arable in Snodland
18 Feb 1580/1 bur. Alse Tayler, wydowe
witness to will of Margaret Taylor of Halling, widow (1550)
witness to will of John Necombe (1558/9)
son of John and Alice
07 Jul 1560 marr. William Taylor and Anne Usher
21 Aug 1561 bap. William Taylor, son of William
14 Jul 1563 bap. Harry Taylor, son of William
15 Feb 1565/6 bap. Elizabeth Taylor, dau. of William; bur. 26 Apr 1570
15 Feb 1566: forgiven half debt owed to Thomas Hamonde in TH’s will; a witness to the will
14 Mar 1567/8 bap. Robert Taylor, son of William; bur. 10 May 1570
of Snodland, husbandman: CKS:U1515/T86: 26 Mar 1569
brothers = John (of Gillingham); Henry
28 Jan 1570/1 bap. Samuel Taylor, son of William
25 Oct 1574 bap. Alse Taylor, dau. of William
10 Nov 1577 bap. Margret Tayler, dau. of William
10 May 1578 bur. William Tayler
24 Nov 1589 marr. Henry Taylor and Deborah Wheler

described as ‘my Ladd’ in will of William Danke (1551)
07 May 1576 marr. John Thomas and Bridgett Tharpe
07 Sep 1578 bap. Robert Thomas, son of John; bur. 22 Oct 1578
02 Dec 1580 bap. William Thomas, son of John
06 Apr 1524 subsidy Thomas Thorpe in lands [40s.] [12d.]
witness to will of John Taylor (1563)
? ? 1561 bap. Frances Tharp
23 Oct 1562 bur. Eliza, wife of John Tharpe
09 May 1563 marr. John Tharp and Agnes Loader
29 Apr 1568 bap. Dorithy Tharp, dau. of John; bur. 25 Oct 1574
23 Jul 1570 bap. Richard Tharp, son of John
1571-2 subsidy John Thorpe in goods [£3] [3s.]
08 Feb 1572/3 bap. George Tharp, son of John
29 Sep 1574 bap. Margery Tharp, dau. of John; bur [Margret] 26 Feb 1575/6
will: DRb Pwr 14, ff.273v-274r: 20 Feb 1575/6; probate 3 Mar 1575/6
to son Richard: land and tenement in St. Margaret’s, Rochester, at age 21
to sister Marion Pleasant: a parcel of land with freedom to come and go to the well, she finding the one half of maintenance and also that there be a house built on the same land; if brother William Plesant do not maintain it, then father William Symons to have the governing of the same during the lifetime of my mother Margaret Thorp.
to son Richard my colt (to be sold and the money to be bestowed in sheep to his use)
half a quarter of wheat each to mother Margaret Thorp and sister Marion Plesante
four bushels of wheat to sister Alice, wife of Ashedale
to daughter Marie and Frances Thorp ten quarters of barley divided between them
to Richard Harte a ewe and a lamb
residue to wife Bridgett, she to be executrix with father, William Symons
22 Feb 1575/6 bur. John Tharp
07 May 1576 marr. John Thomas and Bridgett Tharpe
01 Aug 1585 marr. William Foster and Mary Tharpe

09 Aug 1574 bap. John Thorworke, son of Edward

01 Mar 1593/4 bur. Rachel, wife of James Thursby

witness to will of William Canon: 9 Nov 1544
1544-5 subsidy Thomas Thurstone in lands 4d.
1546-7 subsidy Thomas Thurston senior for his lands 3s.
08 Dec 1563 bur. Agnes Thurstone a wydowe

[Full transcriptions of all relevant documents are given in Elizabeth M. Tillman, Getting to the Roots of the Family Tree: The Story of a Saxon Family, Heritage Books Inc., Bowie, Maryland, 3 vols. 1997].

lands in Pluckley and Birling
wife is Juliana (executor)
son is William
will: DRb Pwr 7,f.144r: 14 Oct 1518
In the name of god Amen. The 14th daye of octobre in the yere of our lorde 1518 Ric Tylman of Snodland hole in mynde but sicke in bodie make my testament in this wise ffirst I bequeth my soule to god my bodie to be buried in the churcheyarde of Snodland Item to the hygh aulter – xxd and I bequeth x (?) of bene to a stok to maynten a light before the Image of ower ladie in the chapell of holborow. And I will that Johan my wif shall have all my landes lyinge in the parisshe of Birling till my son William come to the age of xx years. Iff so be my son die wtin the saide xx yere Than I will Johan my wif shall have it the hole terme of her hf And after her Decease I will that it shall come to the next heires of my faders stok So my son William have no heires of his bodie lawfully begoten to injoye it then I will that Johan my wyf shall have my place and landes w’ all the apptennances and all the profetts lying and being within the parishe of Plukley for the terme of her lif keping the reperacions and paying the lordes rente And after her Decease I will that William my son shall have to gyve to his heires and assignes in fee symple And yf my son die wtoute heires of his bodie lawfully begoten before the Decease of Johan my Wyff than I will that after the decease of the saide Johan my Wyff than it shall Retorne to the next heire of the stok of Tilman that is to saye of my ffadere, next herres, And I will that yf it be so that my moveable goodes be not sufficant to paye my detts Than I will (?) the future and profitts that come of the said lande yerly shall goe to the paymt of my debts till they be full payde. And after to my Wyfe it is before rehearsed. And she to kepe my childe other (?) kept The residew of all my goodes my dettes paide and my will fullfilled I geve to Johan my wiff whome wt John Ussher I make mine executours And John Taylor overseer witness William Ussher Thomas Gate John Shipman and John Taylor.

William (d.1541) ‘the elder’
mentioned in will of John Andrew (1491)
feoffe to John Edward (1497)
DRb Pa 4, f.320v: ‘W. Tylman Gard.’ [churchwarden in list of parish officers?]
executor of will of Margery Canon (1503)
overseer of will of Andrew Berard (1505)
feoffe in trust to John Ussher (1522)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: William Tilghman in lands [£21. 4s.] [20s. 4d.]
bequeathed 20d. in will of John Taylor (1527)
executor of will of Walter Stonyng (1531/2); bequeathed 13s. 4d.
Subsidy 1535: Wylyme Tylhman for goods 15s.
CKS:U522/T68: 1 Nov 1538: mentions land belonging to him
CKS:U1515/T87: 1 Feb 1539: buys rent-charge from William Canon
feoffe of Agnes Stonyng (1540)
will: DRb Pwr 9, f.362v: 13 Feb 1540/1; probate 22 Nov 1541 – wife Joan
Williamo Tylghman gent de Snodland
In the name of God Amen the 13th day of ffebruary in the yere of our Lor God 1540 & in the 32nd yere of the reign of o’ sov’eign lorde kyng Henry the VIIIth I William Tylghman thelder of the paryshe of Snodland in the Dioc of Rocheste: beying hole in mynde etc ffirst I bequeth my soul unto Almyghty god etc. & my bodie to be buried in y parysshe churche of Snodland aforesaid before the crucitix there Itm I bequeth to the Greyt Aulter of the said churche for my tithes and offerynge forgotten 20d It I geve & bequeth to every of my godchildren 8d to pray the more specifically for my soul. Also I will ther be sayed and songe on the evynyng before the day of my burreing for my soull & all christen soulles placeband dirige and on the morrow the day of my burieng 5 masses that is to say, one masse of the Trynyte one masse o’ ladye one masse of the Holy Ghoste one masse of John and one other of requiem for my soull & all christen soulles. And also at ye seid day of my burrieng I will yt myn executrice shall distribute & geve amonge preste & clark in money & in bred & in drynke among poore people to the valewe of 26s 8d, Itm I will to poure men and women at the said day of my burieng l0s to be distributed & gevyn in pence to every of theym a penye as long as it will last, And likewise at my monethese mynde 26s 8d and 10s to power people to be gevyn & distributed in man’ & forme as it is afore rehersed at my buriall. Also I will that myn Executryx do dispens at my yeres mynd amonge preste & clarke & to power people to pray for my soull & all christen soulls to the valew of 26s 8d in money & in meate & drynke. Also I will that my staff of household named bedsteddes tables forarmes trestelle shelves quemes pothangers ladders & other standes & Implements of my tenement in Snodland aforesaid & Boughton under the Bleane that is to say in the occupation of William Mond and Richard Lull & also all the store of my fforge at Holborowe shall abide & remayne to the same tenemente and forge, except a long settyee and a foldyng table, which I geve & bequeth to Joane my wyf Itm I will that the said Joane my wiff immediatlye after my decease shall take the yerly profett of those my leases for termes of yeres of borow hill and gervesgrove duryng the terme of her naturall lyffe payeing the dutie therof dew to the cheiff lordes of the same, except & alwayes reserved the Berye with all the other pasture ground called Newline, and after the deceasse of the said Joane I will that William Tylman my godson the sone of Richard Tylman my sone shall have & take upp the yerly profett of the said leasses to hym & to his assynes during the terme of yeres that I have to come in the said lesses payeing as is aforesaid the lorde dlewtye therof Also I will that the said William Tylman my godson immediately after my decesse shall have & take the yerely profett of all that my leasse for terme of yeres of the Myll of Holborowe together with the said Berye & the other pasture ground called Newline beying parcell of my said leasse of Borowe Hill – to have & to hold to the same William Tylghman & his asignes durying all the terme of yeres yt I have to come in the said Myll & other the premysses the same William & his assynes kepyng sufficient reparacons & paying ye lordes dewtie therof duryng the terme aforesaid. Item whereas I late bought of William Canon of Snodland aforesaid one annuytee or yerlie rent of 13s 4d sterling yerly goynge out of certayn of his landes, in the said parysshe of Snodland for the sum of ten poundes. And after granted to the same William Canon yt if he or his herres or exec do paye or cause to be payed to me the said William Tylman myn herres or assigns £10 sterlyng w’in 8 yeres next after the date of said grant, that then the said annuytee shall cesse & be void as by writyng betwene hym & me therof made playnly it apperith Therefore I will that the said William Tylman shall reseeve & take upp the saide Annuytee or yerly rent of 13s 4d yerly tyll the said £10 be payed ageyne. And if it channce that the said William Canon his heires or exec paye agayne the said £10 at any tyme within the said 8 yeres, that then I wyll that the said Willyam Tylman my godson shall have & reseve y’ the same £10 to hym & his assignes, or ells to take & reseeve y’ the same £10 to hym & his assigns, or ells to take & reseve y’ the same £10 to hym & his assigns, or ells to take & reseeve y’ the same £10 to hym & his assigns, or ells to take & reseve the said Annuytee or yerly rent of 13s 4d yerly accordyng to the ded of grannt therof made to hym & to his heirs forever Itm I geve & bequeth to the said Willm Tylghman my cubbord next the best standing in my parloure, my litell maze, an almond sevett & a byll of warre, Itm I will yt immediately after my deth the said William Tylman shall have all the evidences & dates concernyng his lands & tenementes in the parisshes of Pluckley & Bedersden & also ii peces of land in Byrlyng called Paynesfeld & Claypitte wt the leasse of the myll of Holborrow aforesaid And I geve & bequeth to the said Joane my wiffe my long square cheste bound with yron whiche was myn under myn uncles William Tylman together with all the hangynges paynted both in ye halle parlour & in the chambers & lofte durying her liff, And after her descesse I will that the said William Tylman my godson shall have all the said hangynges & the square cheste. Provided alwayes that if it fortune the said Joane my wiff do intend to marye ageyn after my deth, then I will yt before her marriage she shall delivr the said square cheste together wt all ye said hangynges to the said William Tilghman my godson Moreovr I will that the said Jone my wiff shall have the kepynge of all those my dedes evydences charters writyng and mynyments concernyng all those my landes & tenements rentes & servyces wt leasses for terme of yeres whych she shall hold for terme of her liff set lieng and beying in the parysshes of Snodland & Byrling Hallyng Boughton under the Blean & Hernehill in the county of Kent duryng the terme of her widowed And if it fortune that she intends to mary ageyn after my decesse, then I will that ye said William Tilghman my godson shall have all the said writynge together wta square cheste wherein the same writynge & evidence be, to be delivered to hym before the daye of suche marrige, except one dede yt I made to the said Joane my wiff of all the said landes & tenementes & other the p mysses for terme of her liff as in the same dede more playnly it appereth. Item I will yt the said Joane my wiff shall have & may take as moche as shalbe nedefull for her self to spend to be taken yerly of such treys about my landes in Snodland hallyng & Birlyng as bath byn heretofore used to be topped duryng the tyme of her widdowed & as long as she dwelleth in Snodland aforesaid Itm I geve & bequeth to the said Joane my wiff xl mother shepe to kepe an obbett of l0s. yerly uppon Saynt Macutie day during her liff in Snodland churche. And after her decesse I will yt the said William Tylman my godson shall have the said mother shepe kepyng the said obbett as long as the yeares indure specified in myne uncle William Tylmans will, the parson of Snodland aforesaid or his deputie havyng for dirige and masse 6d & for offerynge 3d And 2 honest prestes syngyng dirige & masses shall have thereof eche of theym 6d And ii clarkes shall have eche of theym 2d And the Sexton for ryngyng 4d as often tymes as the said obbett is done, the residew of the said 10s shalbe bestowed in bred & drynke & chese for power people of the said parisshe of Snodland Be it remembred at the said obbett to pray for my soull & my other wiffe soule Isabel!, the soull of my ffather & mother Thomas & Joane, the soulle of William Tylghman myn uncle and Margaret his wiff & for the soull of Thomas Saunders. Also I geve & bequeth to the churche of Snodland aforesaid my litell chalyce silver and parcell gelt to be delivered to the churche wardens for the tyme beying to thuse of the said churche Immediately after my monethes mynde uppon condicion that the said wardens & parissheners there shall demand or requyre nothyng for my huriall in the churche. Itm I geve & bequeth to John Curtcpp the son of Thoms Curtopp of Boughton aforesaid 10s sterlyng Itm I geve & bequeth to William Monde my ffermer and his wiff eche of theym 3s 4d, Itm I geve & bequeth to Richard Lubb my ffermer at Boughton aforesaid 6s 8d to be payed to the said persones wt in a yere after my decesse Item I geve & bequeth to Richard Monde to William Giles servant to William Monde & to Robert Close servant to the same William to every & to Robert Close servant to the same William to other servant half a quarter of barley and to Joane Monde & Jon Richard son payment to the said William Monde eche of them half a quarter of malt. Item to Agnes long my svant 6s 8d to be payed to her at the day of her mariage. Itm I bequeth to Willm Canon my godson 6d to be payed wtin a yer after my descesse Itm to Thomas Pyrrey my ffermer & to Ric Kember each of theym 12d. The residue truly of all my moveable goodes & cattelies before not bequeathed my debtes & bequethes first payed and fulfilled holelie I geve & bequethe to ye said Jone my wiff whom I make & ordeyne my soole executrix of this my present Testament and last will. Those witnesses Willm Hall William Monde Stephyn Wademan William Tylman & Thomas Pyrrey & other were beying present the day & yere above writeyn
Brass in All Saints Church
wife of William the elder
1544-5 subsidy: 18s.
1546-7 subsidy: Jone Tyllman wedowe for her lands 36s.
will: DRb Pwr 11,f.46: 1 June 1548
In the name of God amen the first day of June in the yere of or Lorde god 1548 and in the second yere of the Reyne of our sovereigne lord Edward the sixte I Johan Tylghman of the pyshe of Snodland in the dioc of Rochester widow being hole in mynde and of good & perfette remembrance lauded be god, make and ordayn this my present testament and last will in manr and forme following that is to say ffirst and before all things I comend and bequeythe my soule unto Almyghty god my redemr and maker by the merite of whose passion I trust and belive assuredly to be saved and my body to be buried in the pysse churche of Snodland afforesaid beside the buryall of Williem Tylghman my layte husband Item I gyve and bequeyth to the pore mens boxe in the pyshe churche of Snodland afforesaid 20d. Item I gyve and bequeyth to margret ffelton, my goddaughter a maser and two silver spones knopper with a kehorne at the end and to ev’ry one of my other godchildren 8d And I gyve and bequeyth to Edward Tylman the sonne of William Tylman of Snodland and to Jane Tylman sister of the said Edward to yche of them two sylvr spones knapped wth lyon Guilt, Item I bequeyth to the said Jane Tylman my best tawny worsted kyrtill and my harness gyrdle Item I gyve and bequeyth to Alis Chekewed my servaunt the fetherbed that she lyeth upon with the appurtermces payle of shayl a chest in the lytle chamber at the bedde feete there my platters a payre of shawl 3 pewter dishes 3 scarcers the best of the old forkes two kettells a brasse pott Wth two standing laves a postenett and my spruce coffer with all such keche rafles Itm I bequeyth to the same Alice my Cubbord in the lytill parlere 2 joyned stooles a little chayre the candelsticke and a table clothe and 20s Itm I bequeyth to Elizabeth Pyrkyn a fetherbed a bolster 2 blanketts a coverlet my best bed and my best (?) hooke Itm I beqyeyth to Richard Tylman the sonne of Willim Tylman of Bedersden 6s 8d Itm I bequeythe to Robert Godding my fermer my folding table & 6s 8d and to his wife 3s 4d Itm I bequeyth to every child & servant being in household withe the said Robert Godding at the tyme of my departing a 12d. Itm I bequeyth to Thomas Godden the sonne of the said Robert my long sittle and to Margrett godden his sister a chest paynted with rede Itm I gyve and bequeyth to Richard Lull my fermor and his wife 6s 8d Itm I bequeythe to Laurence Smythe of Boughton under Blean a 3s 4d. Itm I bequeath to Thomas Pitty my fermer and to his wyf 6s 8d The Resydew trewlie of all my moveable goode my Dette and bequeste first payed and fulfilled I holly gyve and bequeyth them to William Tylman of Snodland aforesaid whom I ordayn & make to be myn executor of this my present Testament & last will Wytnesses hereof William Hall Parson of Snodland Robert Godden of the same Parysh John Usher and Thomas Pyvey

William (c.1519-1594)
witness to will of father William (1541)
overseer: ‘Willyam Tylghman of Hallyng’ in will of William Canon (1544)
1544-5 subsidy: William Tyllman ‘for his leashs’ 8s.
son Edward and dau. Jane mentioned in will of mother Joan (1548)
1548-9 subsidy: William Tylman for his goods 15s.
CKS:U1515/T88A: 30 Nov 1550: witness to deed
witness and overseer to will of William Danke (1551)
witness to will of John Newcome (1558/9)
witness to will of John Ussher (1561)
executor of will of John Smith (1561/2)
witness to will of Ellis Gorley (1562)
witness to will of John Taylor (1563)
CKS:U522/T68: 4 May 1565: mention of 1 yard of land ‘late sold’ to him by Richard Ussher
CKS:U522/T68: 20 Jun 1565: witness to sale of land
CKS:U522/T68: 6 Feb 1574: leases land from Robert Deane
CKS:U1515/T94: 22 Jan 18th Eliz.: buys land from John Leeds for £25
‘doubtful debt’ of 20s. owed to Sir William Hall, Rector [WH’s will: 1571]
witness to will of Richard Kember (1579/80)
CKS:U787/L1/2: witness to deed: 4 Jul 1580
witness to will of William Croswicke (1587)
witness to will of Robert Jetter (1589)
Will: CKS:U1515/T87/3
IN THE NAME OF GOD WILLIAM TILGHMAN OF SNODLAND IN THE diocese of Rochester gentleman beinge whole in mynde and of good and perfit remembraunce (lawde be god) do make and ordaine this my present testamen touchinge my goodes and chattells the nyntenthe [xdout twentieth] day of Februarit in the yeare of our Lord God one thowsand live hundrethe nyntie three And in the six and thirtethe yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of God Queene of England Fraunce and Ireland defender of the faith in manner and forme followinge that is to say FIRST and before all other thinges I comitt my sowle unto ailmightie god and to his mercie trustinge without anie doubt or mystruste that by his grace and the merittes of Jesus Christ and by the vertue of his passion death and resurrection I have and shall have forgivenes of all my sinnes and life everlastinge my body I will to be in the church of Snodland aforesaid ITEM I give and bequeathe to the reperations of the said church of Snodland for my buriall in the church term shillinges And to the reperations of Hallinge church five shillings Item I will that all those my stuffe of howsholde and goods being in my howse where I now dwell called Nashenden that be named Bedsteadelles with their selynges curtaynes roddes and seates to them belonginge all sorts of tables, formes, trestelles, benches, shelves, milke bourds, planckes servinge for any use knedinge troughtes, buntinge, witches, pott hangers, ladders all manner of lockes and keyes one paynted selinge for a bedd one long square chest bound with yron a presse in the middell chamber with a cupborde there the best joyned chaire a hanginge cubborde and a breade chist in the buttrie and a chist for salte the glassen windowes curtaines and curtaine roddes for windowes a furneys and all bruynge vesselles with all other continuall standerdes necessaries and garnishments beinge in and about out howses as a brood without dores one round table and a little foulding table onelie excepted shalbe incorporate and taken as percell of my said house to abyde and remaine from tyme to tyme to the same howse as heires loomes And that such person or persones shall have the occupatoon of them successively as shall forune to inherite to have the possession of the said howse by virtue of my last will concerninge my landes and tenementes neither shall it be lawfull for myne executor to have or take away any tymber bordes planckes or tyles beinge and remaininge unoccupied in and about my two tenementes or any of them called Nasshenden and Holwayes otherwise then for repayringe of the same tenements and howsinges thereof ITEM I will that my lease landes which I holde for tearme of yeares lyenge besides Borowhill under leght in the bery and Neweline and alsoc in Colmansfeilde shall remaine and be incorporate to my said house or tenement called Nasshenden And my other lease landes in Snodland aforesaid called Howldes Deane and Kittleham shall remaine and be incorporatt to my howse or tenement called Holwaies duringe all the yeares that are to come of and in the landes before reheresed and such the severall inheritours owners possessioners as are appointed by my last will of my lands and tenementes to have the same two howses shall have the occupation of the said leasse landes successively accordinge to the rate or portion before lymitted duringe the tyme onely of their severall interest and possession of and in the said two howses or eyther of them. ITEM I will that my deedes evidences and writinges now beinge in my longe square chist shall abyde and remaine in the same chiste their to be safely kepte by myne execut[ors] or others havinge interest unto such time as it shall be thought reasonable and conveyent by such as shall have to doe herein to deliver them or any of theym to whome thay shall appertaine ITEM I will that it shall be lawfull for Suzan my wife to have and take yearlie towardes her fuell the toppinges and shredinges of trees and other copies with some hollowe trees for logges duringe such time as she shall remaine my widdowe the same to be taken in any parte of my landes in Snodland Hollinge and Birlinge where it may be best spared ALSO I will that the said Suzan my wife shall have all my come and cattell hay and firewood my best silver salte my silver spones and my readie money unbequeathed and Whetenhall my sorme shall have the residue of my silver plate my ringe of golde with a seale thereon engraved ITEM I give and bequeathe to the said Whetenhall my son a peece of goulde of thirtye shillinges in valewe an other peece of gould valued at fifteene shillinges and an angell nobble Item I give and bequeath to Oswold and Charles my sonnes and to Dorothie my daughter to everye of them an angell noble ITEM whereas I have made sale of my landes and tenementes in Pluckly and Bedersden to Maister Danyell Betenham Esquire for the some of two hundrethe and fowerscoore poundes whereof he hath paid one hundreth and fortie poundes and the residue to be paid the seaventh day of December next comynge, that is to say, in the year One thowsand five hundrethe nyntie fower I will therefore that one hundrethe comeinge of the said sale shall goe and be imployed by my said wife and my brother Henrie Wetenhall to the use of Charles my sonne for his better preferment ITEM I will that one hundrethe poundes of such money as remanethe in the handes of the said Maister Bettenham shall goe and be ympolyed lykewise for my daughter Dorothies preferment towardes her marriage to whome I give more six poundes thirteen shillinges fower pence to make upp twentie poundes with such money as I owe her for the legacie of Maister Harelackenden And if it so please God that the said Dorothie my daughter shall dye before the day of her marriage I will then that all such portion or portions of money as did or ought to belonge to the said Dorothie shall be equallie devided amongst my three sonnes Whethenhall, Oswalde and Charles AND the residue of the money remaineinge in the hands of the said Maister Bettenham to witt fortie poundes I will it shalbe paid to the said Suzan my wief towardes the payment of my debtes and performance of this my present last will and testament ITEM I give and bequeathe to my sister the right worshippfull my ladie Watterhouse a ringe of goulde of the value of ten shillinges and to my cosen Debora her daughter a peece of golde called a cruseadue desireinge them to accept this as a token of my good will and smale abilitie ITEM I give and bequeathe to my brother Anthony Whetenhall an angell noble, and to Edward my sonne and Richard Tilghman my sonne in lawe to eche of them ten shillinges ITEM I give and bequeathe to Nicholas Reder, Robert Usher James Turby Thomas Ruffe George Round Richard Mylles and Richard Chaunton my fermours to everye of them two shillinges and to Joane Valentyne and to everyc of my servantes beinge in my howsholde with me at the tyme of my departure out of this worlde sixteene pence THE RESIDUE trulie of all my moveable goodes my debtes and beqeathes first paid and fulfilled I given and bequeathe them to the said Suzan my wife and Whetenhall my sonne equallie to be devided betweene them Notwithstandinge I will that the same Suzan my wife shall have the custodie and occupyinge of my sonne Whetenhalles parte duringe her widowhoode which Suzan with my father Thomas Whetenhall and my brother Henrie Wetenhall I make and ordaine to be myne executors of this my present testament and last will To which Thomas and Henrie Whetenhall I give and bequeathe as a token of my go[old will to eche of them an angell noble And I make and ordaine William Lamberd Esquire and my brother William Gull to be overseers of the same to whome I give and bequeathe as a token of my good will eche of them and angell noble IN WITNES whereof to this my last will and testament I have sett my hand and seale with other witnesses subscribed William Tilghman published by the abovesaid William Tilghman published by the abovesaid William Tilghman in the presence of William Leedes Edward Leedes Edward Pasfeilde Edward Godyn Whetenhall Tilghman
THIS IS THE LAST WILL OF ME WILLIAM TILGHMAN of Snodland in the countie of Kent gentleman made and declared the seavententhe day of Februarie in the yeare of our Lord One thowsand five hundrethe nyntie thre and in the threscore and sixtene yeare of myne age of and upon the disposition of all my landes and tenementes and other myne hereditamentes in the parishes of Snodland Halinge Birlynge and Chart besides Sutton Valaunce in the said county of Kent of ells where within the said countie FIRST I will that Suzan my wife shall have and holde for the tearme of her natuall life for and in the name and recompence of her dower all that my howse with thappurtenances at Holbergh called Nashenden wherein I now dwell with one cotadge and a gardaine in the personage feilde wherein Richard Chaunton dwellethe and also all thes peces or percelles of land medowe and rentes hereafter followinge in the perishes of Snodland, Halinge and Birlinge or in some of them or ells where That is to say first an enclosed crofte of land called Laneaker crofte adioyninge to the orchard of the said howse and one orchard or garden wherein standethe a litle howse ITEM certaine landes and meadowe called Brokesfeilde and Brokes Meade with the bricke place close ther Toselynes feilde with the howse therupon standinge and Toselynes Meade Item one feild called Great Redland feilde contayninge by estimation seaven acres and a half and one other peece adjoining to the same called Little Redland feilde ITEM one peece of land at Stonyland newlye enclosed containing by estimation seaven acres and a half whereof five acres late purchased of William Usher ITEM ther not farr ofif] from the same one other peece of land containing by estimation thre acres eight day workes ITEM one close of land called little wellfeilde containing by estimation fower acres one rodd and one other litle close called Poynardes hawe ITEM under Leght one peece of land contayninge by estimation two acres three roddes and six day workes Item three yerdes and V day [works] of land adjoining to Horroldes Lane lyinge nye unto the Lynche undevided from the Lordes Land there Item one other peece of land lyinge under Wynmelhill contayninge by estimation xj acres now of late in the tenure or occupation of Nicholas Southweeke ITEM a pece of meadow and reed ground called Chaunge medowe with one other percell of medowe in Brookes meade containing by estimation half an acre and iij dayworkes ITEM a pece of meadow and reed ground lyinge besides the shaw in North Meade containing by estimation ij acres and xv daywercs and therein Northmeade iij other smale parcelles of medowe containing by estimation ii; yerds Item a medowe called Longe Medowe contayninge by estimation iij acres and a half AND ALSO ALL MY OTHER LANDES AND MEADOW IN THE PERSONAGE FEILDE ITEM a peece of land called Motes feilde contayneinge by estimation fower acres and five dayworkes and also two other peeces of land and meadowe lyinge togeathers called Upper Okefeilde and Nether Okefeilde contayneinge by estimation twelve acres and sixteene dayworkes ITEM fower percelles of woodland contayneinge in all by estimation two acres and five dayworkes whereof one acre lyeth in Stephens Wood and half an acres lyethe at Shatoham besides Northwood one rodd thereof doth lye at a place called ?Watkinges and the iiijth parcell thereof conteyning xv dayworkes lyethe at Bromscom ioyninge to Persted ITEM all my rent charges in fee simple issuing out of my landes in Snodland aforesaid the which John Turke theires of Henrie Tayllor Allen Ussher George Hurte and the tenements of my almosse howse doe of ought to severallie to pay to me yearlie Item my rent of ijd and a rent henn in Pluckly my rent charge of xvjs a yeare goinge out of certaine landes and tenementes in Charte besydes Sutton Vallaunce some tyme Lewes Mardens all which peces and parcelles of landes and meadowe woodes groundes and rents before rehersed I have appointed and also doe will and ordaine by this my last will that they shall allwaies pertaine and belonge to my said howse called Nasshenden and to be taken as percell of the same And I will that the said Suzan my wief shall keepe sufficient reparation of the said tenementes and howsinges of the same and pay yearely the lordes rentes and custome due for the premisses to witt to the Bishop of Rochester fifteene shillinges threepence and to him more for my Almasse howse tow pence ITEM to the lord of the manor of Birlinge viijs jd and xvj rent egges with the custome and lammes rent ITEM to the lord of the manor of Padilsworthe vijd Also I will that the said Suzan my wief shall pay out of the premisses to Edward my sonne five pounds yearely duringe her naturall life the same to be paid half yearely by equal portions The fist payment thereof to begyne at the end and tearme of one half yeare to be accompted from Michaelmas or the feast of the annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Marie which shall be first next after my decease ALSO I will that the said Suzan my wief shall receive and take the yearely profittes and revenues of all and singuler my other landes and tenementes in the parishes of Snodland, Hallinge, Birlinge togeather with the occupation and proffits of my lease landes lyinge in Haroldes Dene and Kittleham in the said parish of Snodland duringe her naturall life if she shall soc longe live sole and unmarried she the same Suzan shall keepe sufficient reparations of the howsinge thereof and make no strepe nor wast but pay yearely out of the same landes and tenementes in Snodland and Hallinge to Whetenhall my sonne after that he shall be of the age of xxj yeares if he shall be then liveinge or to Oswalde my sonne when he comethe to like age if the said Whetenhall shall be then dead or to Charles my sonne at his like age if both the said Whetenhall and Oswalde shalbe then dead term poundes of lawfull money of England half yearlie to be paid at two tearmes in the yeare by equal1 portions as before FURTHER I will that the reversion of all and singuler my said lands and tenementes and other hereditaments whatsoever shall remaine and be in manner and forme followinge that is to say FIRSTE the reversion of all my landes and tenementes with other hereditamentes in the parishes of Snodland Hallinge and Birlinge as well which the said Suzan my wief is to holde absolutely for the tearme of her naturall lief by this my last will as all such other landes and tenementes in Snodland and Hallinge and which she is to houlde duringe her widdowed excepte such as are hereafter by this my last will appointed to Oswalde my sonne shall remaine and be to the said Whetenhall my sonne and to his heires males of his bodie lawfullie begotten he and they then payinge after my said wives decease to the said Edward my sonne yearlie during the life of the same Edward five poundes of lawfull money of England half yearely to be paid by equall portions at such feastes and in such forme and before is specified And for default of such issue then the reversion or remainder of all and singuler the premisses before appontyed to Whetenhall my sonne shall be to Oswalde my sonne and to the heires males of his bodie lawfullie begotten he and they payinge then out of the same the said yearely rent of five poundes to Edward my sonne in forme aforesaid And for lacke of such issue of the bodie of the said Oswalde lawfullie begotten then the reversion or remainder of all my last recited landes and tenementes and hereditamentes shall be to Charles my sonne and to the heires males of his bodie lawfullie begotten under like manner and forme of payment to the said Edward as is before rehersed AND in case all my said three sonnes Whetenhall, Oswalde and Charles fortune to die without heires males of their several bodies lawfullie begotten then all and singuler the premisses shall remaine and be to the said Edward my sonne and to the heires males of his bodie lawfullie begotten AND for lack of such issue male then the same landes and hereditamentes to remaine to Dorothie my daughter and her heires forever And the reversion or remainder of twentie acres of land lyinge in Laddes one close of landes in the occupation of William Sutton called Haiwayes crofte and of certaine landes in the occupation of Robert Hadlowe in Snodland aforesaid with a messuage and landes in the said perishe of Birlinge now in the tenure and occupation of Robert Usher shall remaine and be to the said Oswalde my sonne and his heires forever at his age of one and twentie yeares if the said Suzan my wief shalbe then maried againe And yf he the said Oswalde shall happen to die before his said age of one and twentie yeares then all and singuler the last recited premisses shall remaine to the said Whentenhall my sonne and his heires forever PROVIDED also and my very will and mynde is that yf the said Edward my sonne or any other by his of theire meanes procurementes or assentes shall at any tyme after my decease by any waies or meanes whatsoever sue troble or vex or cause or procure any sate troble or vexation against my said wife or her assignes or against my said children or any of them or any of their heires or assignes for or concerninge any the landes tenementes or herditamentes to her or them or any of them before in this my present will given lymitted or bequeathed or shall disturbe or interupte or cause or procure to be disturbed or interupted her them or any of their possession or possessions of or in the said landes tenementes rentes or hereditamentes or any of them soe given lymitted or bequeathed as is aforesaid for or by colour reason or pretence of any former intayle supposed to be made of the said landes tenementes or hereditamentes or any parte thereof (whereof I assure my selfe theire is none) or for or any reason colour or pretence of anie other right tytle
interest of demaunde whatsoever whereby this my present last will be or may be impeched defeted or made frustrate in parte of in the hole concemeinge the landes tenementes rentes and hereditamentes or any of them soe given lymitted or bequeathed to them my said wief or children or any of them or if the said Edward my sonne shall upon a demaund to him made by such person or persons as shall then have the inheritaunce of a messuage and landes in Smarden in the said county of Kent called Dawles late purchased of one Christopher Tilman denye or refuse to release and transfarr by order of lawe they right or tytle of him the said Edward if he pretend to have any of in or to the same messuage and landes in Smarden the same assurance made in forme aforesaid to be at the costs and charges in law of such person or persons who shall demaund or have the benifitt of the same Then all giftes remainders and legacies as well yearely paymentes as other before in this my present last will given and appointed to him the said Edward my sonne of whatsoever estate shall be utterlie frustrate voide and of none effecte to all intentes and purposes ITEM my mynde and desire is that the little messuage and garden at Holberth in the parishe of Snodland now divided into twoe dwellinges wherein widow Blacke and Joane Valentyne now doe inhabite and dwell shall alwaies be ymployed as an almosse howse to the use of the said poore forever by my said wief or such myne heire as shall from tyme to tyme inherite my mansion howse wherein I nowe dwell and that she or suche heire shall alwaies nominate and appointe two poore persons to have their severall dwellinges therein payng none other rente to my said wief or heire but onely ijd yearely which cometh to jd a peece for the lords rent thereof IN WITNESS whereof to this present last will I the said William Tilghman have sett my hand and seale the day yeare above written W. Tilghman published by the abovesaid William Tilghman in the presence of William Leedes, Edward Leedes Edward Becher Edward Pasfeild Edward Godyn Whetenhall Tilghman

witness to will of John Elphie of Birling [DRb Pwr 18, f.179v, c.1591]
09 Apr 1592 bap. Armigill and John, sons of Christopher
03 Jun 1592 bur/ John, son of Christopher
10 Apr 1584 born Lambard, son of William [II]; bap 12 Apr 1584; bur. 18 May 1586
18 Sep 1586 bap. Lambard son of William Tylghman
born 11 Jan 1577/8 dau, of William [II]; bap. 16 Jan 1577/8
married Thomas St Nicholas of Ash: their children: Thomas; John; Vincent; Debora; Dorothy
died 1605: memorial on south wall of nave, Ash
brass: St Nicholas and Tilman on floor of N. Transept, Ash
nee Whetenhall; 4th wife of William [II]
CKS: U522/T68: lands occ. by Susan Tilghman
NB court case between her and Edward (son of WT by 1st wife)
1611/12 subsidy: Mrs Susan Tylgham [lands] [20s.] [16d.]
buried at East Peckham 1619

10 Jul 1559 marr. Richard Tylghman and Margrett Valentyne
20 Sep 1563 bur. Joan, wife of William Tylghman [1st wife]
11 Aug 1567 marr. William Tylghman and Dorithy Reignolde
21 Nov 1572 bur. Dorothy ye wife of Willm Tylghman gent

06 Apr 1542: will of Marion Spayn: house to be sold ‘wiche my Lady Tremale now ocupyethe’
1544-5 subsidy Dame Jone Tremayle for landes 16d.
1546-7 subsidy Joyse Tremayle wedow for her Annytes 16s.
Rector of Snodland; collated to rectory of Snodland on 17 Mar 1530 on resignation of John Adson. On 15 Mar 1530 collated to free chapel of St. Laurence in Halling on death of Richard Sharpe. Instituted to Halstow on 30 Sep 1533
Robert Truslowe Rector of Halstow and Snodlande among clergy who renounced the Papal Authority in 1534 [Arch. Cant. XXII, p.304]
‘Mr Truslof’ bequeathed 2s. in will of William Spayn (1536); also a witness to the will
12 Apr 1547: received Prebend of Warthill in York Minster, which he lost at the accession of Elizabeth, as well as his Kent living.
Was chaplain to St. John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester

22 Oct 1561 bur. Joane, dau, of John Turke
13 Dec 1562 bap. Agnes Turke, dau. of John
25 Nov 1565 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of John Turke; bur. 18 Feb 1568/9
09 Jan 1568/9 bap. Alse Turke, dau. of John
1571-2 subsidy John Turke in lands [20s.] [16d.]
29 Nov 1573 bap. Frances and Elizabeth Turke, daus. of John
07 Apr 1583 bap. John Turle [Turke], son of John
17 Jul 1586 marr. John Blacke and Agnes Turke
07 May 1598 marr. William Wells and Agnes Turke
will: DRb Pwr 18, f.584r: 15 Aug 1597; probate 30 Sep 1597
sick; to be buried in the churchyard
to dau. Sara one cowe
to dau. Frances one two yearling bullock
rest to wife Agnes, she to be executrix
overseer: John Watts
witnesses: William Wood; Edward Godin
debts owed by JT: to sister Joan Gull: 18s.; to Robert Lane, my son-in-law: 10s.

15 Oct 1581 bap. Frances Tynker, son of Agnes