1500-1599 (s)

26 May 1567 bap. Robert Sage, son of James

06 Apr 1524 subsidy Edmund Salmon in goods [40s.] [12d.]
c.1497: Proceedings in the Court of Requests, bundle VII, no. 18: Edward Salmon and Agnes his wife v. John Stalworth regarding a tenement in Snodland. Agnes was formerly wife of Robert Stalworth [deceased before 1497].

20 Jul 1577 bur. Susan Salte

? ? 1560 bap. Mary Sant, dau. of Richard; bur. 12 Nov 1563
29 Jun 1563 bap. George Sant, son of Richard; bur. 3 Dec 1563
05 Nov 1566 bap. William Sant, son of Richard; bur. 7 Jul 1569
23 Feb 1569/70 bur. Alse, dau. of Richard Sant
29 Jan 1570/1 bur. Agnes, dau. of Richard Sant
08 Oct 1582 bur. Richard Sant
26 Sep 1582 marr. George Brissenden and Alse Sainte
lease in will of Richard Skate (1581)
bequest to R.S’s wife in will of Richard Skate (1581)

? ? 1560 bap. Henry Sare, son of John; bur [‘Harry’] 13 Dec 1560

prayers for soul of Thomas Saunders [I] in will of William Tilghman (1541)
1544-5 subsidy: Thomas Saunder [II] in goods 4d.
Margaret Saunders, ‘my last wife’s daughter’: bequest in will of John Smith (1561/2)
Agnes, sister of Margaret: bequest in will of John Smith (1561/2)
Allen and Thomas, sons of Thomas: bequest in will of John Smith (1561/2)
Thomas, late of Snodland, deceased: mentioned in will of John Smith (1561/2)
01 Nov 1574 bur. Margret Sander

06 Apr 1524 subsidy John Sannder in lands [40s.] [12d.]
1544-5 subsidy: John Saunders in goods 2d.
John Saunders of Snodland: tenant of Allen Wood (will of AW, 1556)
21 Jun 1563 bur. Joane, wife of John Saunder
26 Jun 1564 marr. John Sander and Anne Deane
18 May 1574 bur. John Sanders

Edward Saunders (or Clerk), weaver, among 4 indicted for grand larceny at East Malling on 17 Oct 1582 [Assises: 4 Mar 1583]. ‘At large’.

03 May 1561 bur. Hugh, son of Richard Savedge
03 May 1561 bur. Joane, wife of Richard Savedge
01 Sep 1561 marr. Richard Savedge and Elizabeth Moris

overseer to will of George Springfield (1560/1) and witness: mentions ‘highway being between the house or grounde that now is in the occupation of Richard Skate and the end of the wall going thoroughe the blacke Brokes.’
witness to will of John Smith (1561/2)
witness to will of William Hall, Rector (1571); owes WH 25s.
witness to will of Roger Mosse (1573)
witness to will of John Parmenter (1580)
17 Jul 1564: Richard and Alice Skate indicted as accessories after a robbery at Snodland on 19 Nov 1563: not guilty
22 Jan 1576: CKS: U1515/T94: witness to sale of land between Leeds and Tilghman
21 ? 1560 bap. William, son of Richard Skate; bur. 19 Nov 1560
29 Nov 1562 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Skate; marr. Robert Bennet 27 Jul 1582
06 Nov 1564 marr. James Knightle and Grase Scate
07 Nov 1565 bap. Frances Skate; bur. 20 Sep 1577
25 Aug 1568 bur. John Smyth, servant to Richard Skate
04 May 1572 bur. Alice, wife of Richard Skate
08 Sep 1572 marr. Richard Scate and Margrett Marchant
01 Nov 1581 bur. Richard Skate
06 Feb 1581/2 marr. William Crosswicke and Margaret Skate
will: DRb Pwr 16, ff.162r-163r: 8 Oct 1581; probate 18 Dec 1581
to be buried in churchyard beside wife Alice
to son-in-law Henrie Renoldes: three quarters of barley; two quarters of wheat; three two-yearing colts; two mares, the one a gray the other a black; three two-yearing bullocks; bedlinen
to Robert Hunt my sister’s son five quarters of Barley
to the mending of the great bell a quarter of barley
to my two servants Mathie Fremling and Elizabeth Daie a quarter of barley between them
to Richard Saynte and Richard Hunte my god son – lease of the meadows in hommyll meade that I took of Johan Preble and her three sons and the five yards of land that I have of John Rivecrofte and all the tithe that is ‘with the meade that I newe diches in’.
6d a piece to tower ringers at day of burial and a good dinner; four bushels of malt to poor of the parish
to dau. Elizabeth – furniture ‘and my Blacke ambling nagge’.
to wife Margaret – wheat, barley, oats, wood
to my cousin Nicholas Fluce, minister, the younger, ‘one of the best porkers in my yarde and otes’
to Richard Sant’s wife – four bushels of oats
to Edward Woulletts wife – two bushels of oats
overseers: William Wood and Henry Washnes 10s.
house etc. in tail to wife, Elizabeth and Alice, Richard Hunte, John Revest son witht he crooked back.
Witnesses: John Lides [Leeds] and William Wood.

10 Oct 1585 bap. Alse, dau. of Roger Selby, sailor
20 Oct 1588 marr. Thomas Wood alias Ellys and Joane Selbye

06 Apr 1524 subsidy Paddlesworth: Martin Sendell in lands [20s.] [4d.]

06 Aug 1598 bap. William, son to Thomas Shakerley, gent.
1597-8 subsidy: Thomas Shakerley, gent. in lands [40s.] [8s.]

13 Nov 1564 marr. John Sharbrooke and Margret Bassett
28 Jun 1566 bap. William Sharbroke, son of John

06 Apr 1524 subsidy John Sherwoode in lands [20s.] [4s.]

1544-5 subsidy Thomas Shipwright in goods 2d.

23 Jan 1591/2 bur. Widdowe Symmons
10 Apr 1595 bur. William Thomas, servant to Tho. Symmons
18 May 1595 bur. Alse, wife of Thomas Symons
Quarter Sessions: Victuallers Recognizances: Thomas Simons of Snodland, yeoman, surety for Thomas Ruffe of Snodland, yeoman

Probate act: DRb Pwr v, f.59v: 2 Oct 1500
Estate proved by John Hopley of Southwark [Coll: DRb Pwr v*, 5v: 1502]
John [possibly some of these belong to the John who died in 1513/14]
witness to will of William Kent (1477)
witness to will of Watkyn (Walter) Andrew (1478)
executor of estate of William Holdernesse (1485)
executor of estate of Richard Stokke (1485)
bequest of 3s. 4d. in will of Walter Canon (1485)
executor of Margaret Stok (1487)
DRb Pa 4, f.320v: late 15th cent. list of parish officers includes ‘Johes Smyth’
07 Oct 1489: witness to gift of land by John Boteler to William and William Tilghman [Cal. of Close Rolls]
overseer of will of Roger Canon (1492)
witness to will of William Hamonde of Birling (1500)
witness to will of Andrew Berrard (1505)
witness to will of William Parmenter (1505)
overseer of will of Thomas Laurence (1512)
witness to will of William Andrew (1512/13)
will: DRb Pwr 20 June 1513; probate 7 Nov 1514
to be buried in the churchyard
to John Stoneyng, William Andrew and Letice Parmentor each a bushel of barley
to Cecilley Costen: 20s. to her marriage
to Margaret Costen my daughter
6s. 8d. to John Costen, son to William Costen
wife is Cecily
son is William; his wife is Margery
William Cosen of Cockistone
witnesses: William Barker, clerk; Walter Stoneing; John Andrew
tenement: wife, William and Margery all to live together in it, they to have the profits of ‘all my landes, ten[emen]ts, bote and netts togidder.’
William [senior]
will: DRb Pwr 8, f.125v: 3 Feb 1527’ probate 14 June 1527
to be buried in the churchyard of Snodland
wife is Margery
house called Coppid Hall standing in Snodland to Roger Dalton
witnesses: Rich. Wythstanley; Lawrence Crosby
Margery: 1544-5 subsidy: Margery Smythe in goods 2d .
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: William Smyth junior in goods [£6] [3s.]
witness to will of Walter Stonyng (1531/2)
will: DRb Pwr 9, f.199v: 23 Sep 1535; probate 17 Dec 1535
to dau. Agnes 40s.
to wife Margaret/Marjery
to son John
to John Parmenter the elder
my feoffes William Spayn and Roger Andrew shall stand and feoffed and seized of three yards of meadow lying in northe mead in Snodland and of one acre lying at Crabtree and also of five yards lying at Long dale in Snodland: bequeathed to wife, then son John after her death
witnesses: Alen Wood; John Parmenter
witness and overseer to will of John Newcome (1558/9)
feoffe of Walter Stonyng (1531/2)
witness to will of William Spayn (1536)
1539: CKS:U1515/T87: mentions lands of John Smythe
witness to will of Marion Spayn (1542)
1544-5 subsidy John Smythe in goods [destroyed]
1546-7 subsidy John Smythe for his goods 10s.
1548-9 subsidy John Smythe for his goods 10s.
executor of will of Walter Stalworth (1545)
witness to will of Richard Cockett (1555)
10 Mar 1560/1 bur. Joanne Smyth
09 [Apr] 1561 bur. John Smythe
Will: DRb Pwr 12, f.485r: 27 Mar 1561; probate 30 June 1561
to be buried in churchyard
2s. to poor mens’ box and other funeral bequests
Henry my son shall pay and deliver to Margaret Saunder my last wife’s daughter at Michaelmas next all money as I stand bound to pay her and also all such linen raiment which was Agnes Saunder’s her sister.
residue divided between son Henry and dau. Joan
executors: son Henry and William Tilghman; 10s. each
witnesses: William Wod; Thomas Gayton; Richard Scath
to children Henry and Johan lands in Snodland bought of William Andrew of London and in Birling bought of Thomas Roydon Esw., ‘some of these which remain to Allen Saunder and Thomas Saunder, sonnes of Thomas Saunder layte of Snodland deceased.’
remainder to William Kember, son of Richard Kember of Snodland
14 May 1581 bap. Thomas Smyth, son of Henry; bur. 15 May 1581
17 Jun 1582 bap. Thomas Smyth, son of Henry
07 Aug 1584 bap. Margret Smyth, dau. of Henry
John (Clerk)
24 Jul 1596 bur. Mary, wife of John Smyth, clerk
04 July 1580: CKS: U787/LI/3: together with Edward Woollet of Snodland, Robert Smith, labourer, devises messuage and garden at Holborough to Thomas Godden of Paddlesworth


06 Apr 1524 subsidy Henry Southward in lands [40s.] [12d.]

07 Dec 1567 bur. Thomas Sparrowe
07 Aug 1573 bur. Alse Sparrowe, an olde wydowe

executor of will of John a Fever (1499)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: William Spayne in goods [£30] [30s.]
witness to will of Walter Stonyng (1531/2)
feoffe of Walter Andrew (1532)
feoffe of William Smyth (1535)
will: DRb Pwr 9, f.231r: 18 Dec 1536; probate: 26 Jan 1536/7
to be buried in the churchyard
godson is John Parmenter
2s. to Mr Truslof [Rector]
3s. to Allen Wood, he to be overseer
executor is wife Marion
witnesses: Master Parson [Robert Truelove]; John Smyth
Marion (widow)
will: DRb Pwr 10, f.10v: 6 April 1542; probate 11 April 1543
bequests to Richard Spayn (not yet 21), son of John Spayn, ‘my son’.
Alys Bregges, my cosyn
executor: Allen Wood
witnesses: Sir William Hall [parson], John Smythe; John Bregges
Richard Spayn to have the ‘house in Brokegate strete wich John Bregge hath in occupying’ with 4 acres of land
to Alys Bregges ‘the house that barthomew bekytt the pyshe Clarke of Snodland now dwellythin (then to Richard Spayn).
the house to be sold ‘wich my Ladt Tremale now ocupyethe’.

01 Feb 1561/2 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of John Spencer

John , husbandman
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: John Springfilde in goods [£3. 6s. 8d.] [20d.]
witness to will of Walter Andrew (1532)
1539: CKS:U1515/T87: mentions lands of
Will: DRb Pwr 10, f.128r: 16 Aug 1545; probate 11 Jan 1545/6
to be buried in the churchyard
goods to son George
witnesses: Sir William Hall [Rector]; John Parmenter; Richard Cockett; Wattes
tenement and garden in Northstrete
‘I will that Alis my daughter as often tymes as she comythe from London to Snodlande as a Geest shall have thuse and occupyng of my plowre [parlour] where I now dwell wth the bedde and other thyngs now being there.’
George , yeoman
bequeathed a bullock in will of John Canon (1534)
1546-7 subsidy George Spryngefeld for his lands 2s.
witness to will of Richard Cockett (1555)
executor of will of John Newcome (1558/9)
26 Mar 1559? bur. George Springfield [first burial in register]
will: DRb Pwr 12, f.436r: 30 Mar 1559; probate 18 June 1560
to be buried in the churchyard
to wife Agnes: house and land in Northstreate, paying the Lord’s rent, without making waste and strip of teh wood on the ground: then in tail to son William, or son Edward, or overseers Thomas Hamonde and Richard Skate: and the money which shall come thereof [if sold] £4 bestowed on highway between house or ground now occupied by Richard Skate and the end of the wall going throught he blacke Brokes.
rest of the money to be divided between the three daughters of George: Agnes, Joan, Mary
to son William various household utensils
to daughters Agnes, Joan and Mary, a quarter of barley each at marriage
12d. to John Smith
6s. 8d. to overseers
residue to wife, she taking care to bring up the children
witnesses: Sir William Hall [Rector]; James Cancellar; Thomas Hussher; Thomas Hamon; Richard Skate
24 Nov 1561 marr. John Bowne and Agnes Springfeilde
05 Feb 1561/2 bur. John, son of George Springfeilde
07 Aug 1564 bap. Thomas Springfield, son of William; bur. 26 Mar 1579/80
07 Nov 1568 bap. George Springfield, son of William
04 Feb 1572/3 bap. Dorithy Springfield, dau. of William
27 May 1576 bap. Jane Springfield, dau. of William; bur 01 Jun 1576
16 Jan 1577/8 bap. Roger Springfield, son of William; bur. 22 Jan 1577/8
17 Jan 1579/80 bap. Bennet Springfield, dau. of William
04 Dec 1580 bur. Dennis, wife of William Springfield
17 Jun 1581 marr. William Springfeild and Elen Allyse
27 Sep 1592 bur. Elen, wife of William Springfield
16 Feb 1592/3 bur. William Springfield

William : godson of William Hylles (1522)
bequeathed 20s. in will of Walter Stonyng (1531/2)
is son of Thomas (d.1497)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: John Stalworth in lands: [40s.] [12d.]
Walter :
1544-5 subsidy Water Stallfowth in goods 2d
Will: DRb Pwr 10, f.109r: 3 Mar 1544/5; probate 21 Jul 1545
to wife Joan: tenement in Burgate Street and garden and lands ‘where I nowe dwell’
son William (not yet 21 in 1545)
daughters: Joan and Anne

27 Mar 1593 bur. Raphe Stamford

15 May 1564 marr. Richard Staine and Joan Smith
Richard Stayne bequeathed a heifer in will of Thomas Hamonde (1566)
04 Apr 1567 bur. Richard Stayne
03 Sep 1567 bap. Alse Stayne, dau. of Richard

14 Nov 1560 bur. William Stedall
16 Apr 1564 marr. John Greene alias Frier and Christian Stedall
Agnes Stedall my servant bequeathed half and quarter of malt in will of Thomas Hamonde (1566)
05 Oct 1567 marr. Thomas Browne and Anne Steedall
26 Sep 1568 marr. John Overy and Margrett Steadll

mentioned in will of John Pole (1487)
witness to will of John Godeale (1492)
bequeathed a bushel of barley in will of John Smith (1513)
is son of Agnes [daughter of William Nicholson of Wouldham]: mentioned in WN’s will and bequeathed house and lands in Snodland parish
witness to will of John Smith (1513)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Walter Stonyng in goods [£24] [£3]
will: PRO: PCC 8 Thrower
to be buried in the churchyard; bequests to church lights and at funeral
‘to ffryers of Alisford to their cloister buylding’: 3s. 4d.
to Agnes my wife my ship called the new Inne with all the tackling and implements belonging to her to give or to sell at her pleasure.
I will that my new ship called the Mary Marten with all the tackling and implements be sold by my executors: dau. Mary to have £80 from the sale at her marriage and £10 to a priest
dau. Margaret to receive household goods
20s. each to Roger Parmenter, Walter Stalford,
3s. 4d. to John Parmentour my godson.
4d. each to to every godchild
residue to wife Agnes, she executrix with William Tilghman the elder
13s. 4d. each to overseer: Dr. Adison, parson of Wouldham; and William Tilghman
feoffes: Stephen Wadman, John Parmentour, Roger Parmentour, Walter Lukke, John Smythe, George Lambe to stand and be sealed of lands and tenements in Snodland, Milton and Luddesdown.
cousin is Margaret Whitehede
‘the house called Stalfordes and lands which Walter Lukke hath now to farm’
witnesses: Richard Grant, priest; William Tilman; John Fowle; Wyllyam Spayn; Wyllyam Smith; Nicholas Chittington; John Parmenter and others
died 1540
widow of Walter
her late daughter Margaret married Allen Wood
1535 subsidy: Agnes Stonyng for goods 20s.
1539: CKS: U1515/T87 mentions lands of

15 Dec 1564 bur. Agnes, widow of Robert Sturt

30 Oct 1586 bap. William, son of James Surby
07 Feb 1597/8 marr. William Rice and Joan Surby

09 Nov 1580 marr. Robert Symmons and Margrett Swinborne

06 Apr 1524 subsidy John Syble in goods [£35] [2s. 6d.]
witness to will of William Wattes (1525)
witness to will of Walter Andrew (1532)
witness to will of John Canon (1534)

William Symons is father-in-law to John Thorpe (d.1576); his daughter is Bridget
09 Nov 1580 marr. Robert Symmons and Margrett Swinborne

18 Feb 1582/3 bap. John Syms, son of Robert