1500-1599 (p – r)

15 Sep 1572 marr. John Paen and Agnes Harper
05 Jun 1586 marr. John Pound and Agnes Paen

27 Jul 1582 bur. Sislye Pagden
02 Dec 1582 bap. Mercy Pagden, dau. of Phillip
01 Jan 1584/5 bap. Bennett Pagden, dau. of John
08 May 1587 bur. Robert Bodiam, John Pagden’s wife’s sonne
25 Feb 1587/8 bap. Phillip, son of John Pagden
01 Jul 1588 John Pagden indicted for petty larceny
13 Feb 1591/2 bap. Dorithy, dau. of John Pagden

17 June 1501. Westminster. [Pardon] to Thomas Pakenham of Padlesworth, co. Kent, ‘laborer’, for the death of Robert May of Padlesworth, ‘laborer’, as it appears by inquisition made by John Sharp, one of the coroners, on Saturday in the fourth week of lent, 15thHenry VII, that he killed him on Sunday in the first week of Lent at Snodland, co. Kent., at 9 p.m. in a field called ‘le Mark’ in self defence, the said Robert having attacked him with a stick so that he fled to a hedge belonging to one John Smyth on the north side of the said field, where he struck the said Robert with a dagger, price 1d., which he had in his left hand. [Cal. Patent Rolls, 16 Hen. VII].

29 Aug 1564 bap. Joane Parker, dau. of William
02 Aug 1590 marr. John Parker and Agnes Morgan
19 Aug 1593 marr. Robert Rumney and Agnes Parker

07 Apr 1581 bur. Richard Parkes

will: DRb Pwr 6, f.173r-v [to be checked again] [1505]; probate act DRb Pwr v, 22r
names: wife = Alice [executrix]
son = John [I]
son = Thomas
Gagloyne Wilkyson [curate of Snodland]
John Smith
John Smith, clerk
witness to will of Joan Chauler (1523)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy Roger Parmenter in lands [40s.] [12d.]
bequeathed 20s. in will of Walter Stonyng (1531); feoffe of WS
John [I]
(the elder)
will: DRb Pwr 11, f.171v: 14 Mar 1550/1; probate 18 Sep 1551
8d to the Parson of Snodland
bequests to Richard Kember
to son John: cereals, a cow, 3 horses and harness, already in his hands.
overseer and witness: Alen Wood
to dau. Letise, wife of Richard Kember
all house and lands to son John Parmenter
sister = Margaret (mentioned in will of Thomas Lawrence (1512)
Letice Parmenter mentioned in wills of John Smith (20 June 1513) and Agnes Stonyng (25 July 1540)
owed 20s. to Thomas Lawrence [TL’s will (1512)]
06 Apr 1524 subsidy John Parmenter in goods [£3. 6s. 8d.] [20d.]
bequeathed 3s. 4d. as godson of Walter Stonyng (1531); witness to WS’s will
witness to will of Walter Andrew (1532)
witness to will of John Canon (1534)
witness to will of William Smith (1535); bequest received
godson of William Spayn (1536)
1539: CKS:U1515/T87: mentions lands of
executor for Agnes Stonyng (1542); bequest received
mention in will of William Canon (1544)
witness to will of John Springfield (1545)
1544-5 subsidy John Parmenter the elder in goods 2s.
1546-7 subsidy John Parmenter senior for his goods 10s.
John [II]
(son of John I)
1544-5 subsidy John Parmenter the younger in goods 2d.
witness to will of John Maynard of Birling (1569)
1571-2 subsidy John Parmenter in lands [20s.] [16d.]
will: DRb Pwr 16, ff.108v-109r: 27 June 1580; probate 6 Dec 1580
to be buried in the churchyard
to dau. Elizabeth a cow and household stuff
to dau. Agnes a cow and household stuff
to dau. Ellen Loder
to Bennett Loder
to Franncis Foster
to son John ‘my red bullock’
to son George ‘my black bullock with the white face
to both sons: all my horse with plough and cart and all the harness thereto belonging, paying to Agnes and Elizabeth their sisters 10s. a piece
to sons Allen and Richard: ‘to each one a young bullock called weanard going in that croft beside my house.
executors: sons John and George, they to have all my corn, paying to the church of Snodland the debt I owe and also paying the common fine 2 quarters of barley [and] the residue of the estate.
overseers: John, Thomas and William Ussher (12d. each)
witnesses: Nicholas Fluce, curate of Snodland; Richard Scathe; Roberte Benett
all lands to son John, he to pay his brothers
debts: 3s. 8d. to Mr Downes of Maidstone; 40s. to son Allen and 4 bushels of malt
of Strood, bricklayer
Will: DRb Pwr 17, f.8v: 17 Apr 1585; probate 21 Apr 1585
to brother John Parmenter of Snodland: £6. 15s. out of £11. 15s. owed to him
to Thomas Looder of Snodland: a cow in the hands of William Williams of Strood and a featherbed with a bolster in the house of William Foster of Snodland. [and] all my oats growing on an acre and 3 yards of ground in Snodland [and] the lease of my house which I have bargained with Symon Cheriden
to brother Richard: 15s. over and beside the £3 which I owe to him
to my godson William Foster £4
executor to pay 40s. to John Overie of Snodland which I owe to him
Richard Aiton my uncle to be executor
witnesses: Thomas Hardwicke; John Newman; Edward Pattington
John [III]
(brother of Allen)
10 Feb 1582/3 marr. John Parmenter and Joane Goddin
20 Apr 1585 bur. ye wife of John Parmenter
08 Oct 1587 bap. Bridget, dau. of John Parmenter
23 Jan 1585/6 bap. Jane, dau. of Agnes Howleton, singlewoman and ye confessed child of John Parmenter wydower
bequest in will of his brother Allen: 17 Apr 1585
bequest in will of father John (1580) and brother Allen (1585)

07 Jul 1562 bur. Mary, dau. of Nicholas Parson
11 Jun 1592 marr. Henry Butler and Jane Parson

17 Nov 1594 bap. Ester, dau. of Edward Pasfeild

09 Aug 1562 bap. Agnes Payne, dau. of Phillip
witness to will of Roger Mosse (1573)
24 Jan 1573/4 bap. George Payne, son of John

will: DRb Pwr 6, ff.257v-258r: 15 Apr 1509
to be buried in the churchyard
East Malling and Ditton also mentioned
bequests to John Norman
Cecilie Ussher
Joan Holte
residue to John Ussher and his wife
witnesses: William Barker [rector]; John Dendilk [?]; John Norman
Joan Ussher, my daughter, to have my tenement, a barn and garden for life, then to Joan Norman, teh daughter of the said Joan Ussher.

26 Oct 1561 bap. Mary Perse, dau. of Nicholas
Nicholas Piers a witness to will of Elis Gorley (1562)
29 Mar 1563 bap. Dennis Perse, dau. of Nicholas; bur. 24 Mar 1563/4
04 Apr 1563/4 bur. Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas Peers
Nicholas: a witness to will of Robert Williams (1568)
Nicholas: a witness to will of Margaret Moryce (1584)
Nicholas: a witness to will of William Crosswicke (1587)

26 May 1589 marr. William Peerse and Elizabeth Hurte
12 Sep 1591 marr. William Butler and Frances Perse
06 May 1592/3 bap. Alse, dau. of William Perse
17 Apr 1598 marr. William Perse and Mary Ditty

06 Sep 1583 marr. John Powlter and Mary Sander
27 Jun 1585 bap. Helen Powlter, dau. of John, a miller; bur 4 Jan 1586/7
26 Nov 1586 bap. Susan, dau. of John Powlter
witness to will of William Crosswicke (1587)
02 Jun 1588 bur. Deborah, dau. of John Powlter, miller, ‘wch was drowned in the mill pond at Holborough’
01 Sep 1588 bap. John, son of John Powlter; bur. 13 Mar 1592/3
20 Jan 1589/90 bap. Alse, dau. of John Powlter; bur. 10 Jan 1593/4
20 Jan 1589/90 bur. John Powlter, miller

tenant farmer: witness of will of William Tilghman (1541) and of Joan Tilghman (1548)
1544-5 subsidy Thomas Pyrry in goods 20d.
1546-7 subsidy Thomas Perry for his goods 3s. 4d.

28 Jun 1562 bap. Thomas Randoll, son of Robert
19 Nov 1564 bap. Margaret Randoll, dau. of Robert; bur. 25 Sep 1566
17 Mar 1565/6 bap. Harry Randoll, son of Robert; bur. 14 Sep 1566
29 Jun 1567 bap. Margrett Randoll, dau. of Robert
24 Apr 1569 bap. Richard Randoll, son of Robert
18 Nov 1584 bur. Fraunces Randoll, dau. of Robert

06 Apr 1524 subsidy Thomas Remewell in lands [40s.] [12d.]
12 Oct 1527: Thomas Raywell a witness to will of John Taylor

20 Jun 1568 marr. Richard Allis and Elen Rhodes

Hugh ap Rice a witness to will of Robert Williams (1568)
doubtful debt of 20s. owed to Hugh ap Rice in will of William Hall, Rector (1571); also a witness
12 May 1574 bur. Hugh ap Rice

John Richardson: executor of will of Thomas Moss: 13 Dec 1521
John Richardson: witness to will of William Hylles: 23 May 1522
Joan Richardson a servant to William Monde, a tenant farmer of William Tilghman (1541)

19 Nov 1564 marr. Richard Curteis and Joan Ridge

priest of Paddlesworth
instituted to church of Paddlesworth with church of Dowde: 10 June 1533, on resignation of John Parkyns. Patron: Sir Edward Wotton.
among clergy who renounced Papal authority in 1534 [Arch. Cant. XXII, 298]
died 23 Sep 1540; memorial brass [extant] in St. Margaret’s church, Rochester: a chalice with ‘I.H.C.’ Of your charite pray for the soule of Syr James Roberte, preste, which decessyd the xxiii day of September ano dni M.Vo xl on whois soule, and upon all xp ē n soulls I’hu have m ē y. Amen
will: 21 September 1540; probate 28 September
to be buried in the chancel of St. Margaret’s
bequests to priests, for tapers, to the poor
Dame Elinor Lee to have my tenement in St Margaret Street that William Capleton dwelleth in and hath to farm of me, with all leases and writings pertaining [to it] [and] all debts owed me by my brother William
[in part to pay] ‘that she hath laid out for me by the time of my great sickness and diseases.’
She to deliver to brother William all writings concerning lands that he should have.
towards the dilapidation of my benefices at Paddlesworth 6s. 8d.
6s. 8d. to William, my lady’s servant [and clothing]; every maid servant of hers 2s. each; 4d. to the kitchen lad
residue to Dame Elinor Lee
witnesses: Sir Robert Pilton, priest; William Cawlton; Sir John Grante, priest; mons. Griffin; Thomas Harte and others.

06 Apr 1524 subsidy John Roger in lands [40s.] [12d.]