1500-1599 (l – o)

06 Apr 1524 subsidy William Lambe in goods [£14] [7s.]
witness to will of Nicholas Chittenden (1540)
1544-5 subsidy Wylliam Lambe in goodes [10s.] [8d.]
1546-7 subsidy William Lambe for his lands 3s.
12 Aug 1552: Indenture of bargain and sale between (1) William Lambe, ‘one of the retynewe of the Town of Callis’ and Anne his wife, and (2) Thomas Lee ‘one of the retynewe of the said town of Callis’; for £64 Lambe grants certain lands in Birling, Kent, to Lee.

1544-5 subsidy Thomas Lambard in goods 2d.

18 Sep 1559 bur. Margaret Lambert
26 Sep 1559 bur. Harry Lambart

06 Apr 1524 subsidy Robert Lancaster in lands [40s.] [12d.]
William [of Halling]
witness to will of Thomas Stalworth (1497)
executor for Andrew Berrarde (1505)
witness to will of William Andrew (1512/13)
Will: DRb Pwr 5, f.351 (1512)
wife = Margaret
son = Ralph
son = John
brother = Robert
bequests to church of Snodland; prays for soul of Andrew Berrarde
William Andrew, son of John Andrew of Snodland
William Andrew, son of my [god?] son [or son in law?] Richard Andrew, late of Halling
lands and tenements in Holborowe

Will: DRb Pwr 6, f.322r-v: 30 Apr 1512; probate 24 May 1512
to be buried in the churchyard; 2 cruetts to the church
20s. to Margaret Parmenter which John Parmenter her brother owes to TL
residue to wife Alice, she to be executrix with William Cosen of Cuxton
John Smyth to be overseer
house and land to wife Alice for her life, then to son Thomas, son William, son Robert in tail.
Robert Lawrence sold land to William Ussher (d.1545) according to WU’s will.

06 Dec 1572 bur. Robert Lawrence

10 Jan 1569/70 bur. George Leader

1571-2 subsidy John Ledes in goods [£16] [16s.]
22 Jan 1575/6 sold lands to William Tilghman for £25 [CKS: U1515/T94]
witness to will of Richard Kember (1579/80)
witness to will of Richard Skate (1581)
16 Apr 1585 bur. John Leeds, clothier
Will: PCC [PROB11/68, q.28]: 10 Apr 1585
sick; to be buried in the churchyard ;beside the Ewetree in the Sowthside of the sayde Church’
to Edward Leeds my eldest sonne all such corne and cattells, haye and other moveable goods and chattells belonging aswell to my husbandrie and Trade of Cloth makinge wthin the said p[ar]ishe of Snodlande as also wthin the Citie of London or elsewhere.
to wife Amye – all my howseholde stuffe and umplements … within my howse mansion in Snodland in the wch I now dwell; Edward to pay Amye £30 if she moves.
to Amye – 5 sylver spones … the best horse, mare or geldinge and the best cow and one heyffer.
6s. 8d. each to Dennys Carrier and Margaret Carter, now my servants
£85 to William Godfrye my sonne in lawe if he make joynture of £10 p.a. to Margaret his wife.
lands in Snodland, Birlinge, Luddesdowne, Paddlesworthe, Stapleherst, Marden, Lynton, East Mallinge
to Edward my manor of Veles and the land in Snodland, Birling, East Malling, Luddesdowne and Paddlesworthe
to William Leedes my son, Maister of Artes, lands in Staplehurst, Marden and Linton.
to daughter Elizabeth: one cowe, a quarter of Barley
witnesses: Richard Browne; Robert Wollat; Nicholas Sothicke; Henrie Cheriden
10 May 1572 marr. William Coveney and Joane Leedes
12 Oct 1572 marr. John Harold and Sarah Leeds
22 Aug 1581 marr. William Godfrey and Margret Leeds

NB: William Leeds: BA from Broadgate Hall, Oxford, 1579-80; MA: 4 July 1582 [Foster, Alumni Oxoniensis]

Thomas Lench: a feoffe in and witness to the will of Margery Canon (1503) – lands at East Malling

20 Jul 1572 bap. William Lenton, son of Richard

07 Jan 1568/9 bur. Elizab: wife of Thomas Leyton

05 May 1560 bur. Margery Loader
09 May 1563 marr. John Tharp and Agnes Loader
01 Sep 1571 bur. Mother Loader

Simon Loader bequeathed ½ bushel of wheat in will of Robert Williams (1568)
04 Jul 1575 marr. Symon Loader and Joan Fenner
15 Jan 1575/6 bap. Thomas, son of Symon Loader; bur. 24 Jan 1575/6
14 Jul 1577 bap. Elen, dau. of Symon Loader; bur. 1 Jun 1579
06 Mar 1579/80 bap. John Loder, son of Symon
26 Aug 1582 bap. William Loder, son of Symon
28 Dec 1584 bap. Thomas Loder, son of Symon
14 Jul 1588 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Symon Loader
16 May 1593 bur. Joan Loader

06 Jan 1586/7 bap. John, son of Peter Loader; bur. 6 Jan 1586/7
09 Mar 1588/9 bap. Agnes, daughter of Peter Loader; bur. 22 Mar 1588/9
03 May 1590 bur. Peter Loader, Mason

Agnes Long a servant to William Tilghman (1541)

20 May 1576 bap. Michael Lucy, son of Henry

John Lulke a witness to will of John a Fever (1499)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: John Lulke in lands [40s.] [12d.]

06 Apr 1524 subsidy Walter Lulke in goods [£3] [18d.]
a feoffe of Walter Stonyng (1531/2): ‘thouse called Stalfordes and landes – Walter Lukke hath now to ferme’
will of Agnes Stonyng (1540) mentions house and lands lately purchased of Walter Lukke; also mentions John Lucke (deceased), whose wife is Joan
CKS: U1515/T88A (30 Nov 1550) mentions tenement called London ‘late of Walter Lulke’ in Snodland

02 Apr 1581 bap. Debora Lyttlelye, dau. of Thomas; bur. 20 May 1592
25 Dec 1581 bap. Abraham Lyttley, son of Thomas
18 Oct 1585 bap. Alse, dau. of Thomas Lytley, Mason
18 May 1589 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Lytley

16 Oct 1564 marr. Richard Manninge and Agnes Hamon
she a daughter of Thomas Hamonde (d.1566), bequeathed 10 marks in his will
Richard a witness to will of Thomas Godden: 28 June 1592

U1515/T93: 1487-8: Robert Martelyn of Padlysford releases to his brother Henry all his lands in Padlysford which they had by grant of their father John
1502-3: Roger Martelyn grants to Thomas Watts of Paddlesworth, William Tilghman, William Smith, Thomas Chapman (for 12 marks) a messuage and 1 acre
1503-4: John Martelyn and William Pears grant to Thomas Watts 4 acres in Hacketts
Martelyn lands also noted adjacent to these.

29 Dec 1588 bap. Sybill, dau. of John Martyn
05 Apr 1589/90 bap. John, son of John Martyn
21 Jan 1592/3 bap. Elinor, dau. of John Martyn

Robert May of Padlesworth, labourer, killed by Thomas Pakenham on Sunday in the first week of Lent, 15 Henry VII [1501]

27 Dec 1569 bap. Jervis May, son of John; buried 20 Jun 1588
26 Apr 1573 bap. Thomas May, son of John; bur. 14 Nov 1575
25 Apr 1577 bap. Elizabeth May, dau. of John
06 Jan 1573/4 bap. John May, son of Thomas
15 Aug 1584 bur. John, son of John May
09 Jan 1586/7 bur. John May, labourer

John Medcaufe bequeathed 1 bushel of wheat in will of Robert Williams (1568)
26 Jul 1568 bap. Rachel Medchasse, daughter of John; bur. 15 Aug 1578

06 Apr 1570 bap. Alse Mencot, dau. of William
26 Sep 1572 bap. John Mencote, son of William; bur. 30 Sep 1572
22 Nov 1573 bap. William Mendecoate, son of William
04 Apr 1576 bap. Thomas Mendecoate, son of William
06 Sep 1579 bap. Anne Mencote, dau. of William; bur. 11 Jul 1582
02 Sep 1582 bap. Anne Mencolte, dau. of William
14 Apr 1585 bap. Elizabeth Mencote, dau. of William; bur. 4 May 1585
his name crossed out [as ‘minstrel’] in indictment for grand larceny 28 Oct 1581 at home of William Cosyn of Cuxton.

17 Jan 1592/3 bap. Emlyn, dau. of Robert Mere; bur. 18 Jan 1592/3
25 Mar 1594 bap. Thomas, son of Robert Meere
Labourer; servant to William Tilghman; aged about 45 on 26 Mar 1595

Richard and Joan Mylls both mentioned in will of Agnes Stonyng (1540) – bequeathed house
01 Dec 1563 bur. Elen Mylls, widow of Mathewe

24 Feb 1563/4 bap. Robert Mylls, son of Robert
12 Feb 1565/6 bur. Joan, wife of Robert Mylls
17 Sep 1570 marr. Robert Mylls and Catherin Deane
20 Jan 1571/2 bap. Rachel Mylls, dau. of Robert
20 Jul 1574 bap. Thomas Mylls, son of Robert
11 Aug 1577 bap. John Mylls, son of Robert
18 Sep 1580 bap. Bridget Mylls, dau. of Robert
25 Oct 1583 bap. Edward Mylls, son of Robert
22 Apr 1585 bur. wife of Robert Mills

03 Aug 1564 marr. George Mylls and Alse Butler
19 Apr 1565 bur. John, son of George Mylls
20 Apr 1565 bur. Alse, wife of George Mylls
27 Jul 1573 marr. George Mills and Alse Mosse
14 Feb 1573/4 bap. Alse Mylls, dau. of George
03 Jul 1575 bap. George Mills, son of George
25 May 1577 bur. William, son of George Mylls
11 Mar 1578 bur. John, son of George Mills
13 Apr 1578 bap. Ellen Mylls, dau. of George; bur. 23 Jan 1578/9
23 Oct 1580 bap. George Mylls, son of George
04 Jan 1589/90: witness (with wife) to will of John Powlter

30 Apr 1577 bap. Thomas and John, sons of Henry [Mylls]
19 Feb 1581/2 bap. Thomasyn Myles, dau. of Henry
31 Jan 1584/5 bap. Henry Mylls, son of Henry
24 Jan 1586 occupier of messuage, barn, garden, 2 orchards transferred from Moule brothers to Thos. Godden
18 Feb 1587/8 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Mylles
19 Apr 1590 bap. Alse, dau. of Henry Mylles
17 Jan 1594/5 [CKS:QM/SRc] dispute with Allen Blikes of Birling, husbandman
08 Sep 1595 bur. Henry Mylls

29 Nov 1589 bap. Richard Mylls, son of John
23 May 1583 marr. John Mylls and Thomasyn Day

22 Dec 1583 bap. Richard Mylls, son of Richard
05 Nov 1586 bap. William, son of Richard Mylls
12 May 1589 bap. Henry, son of Richard Mylls
31 May 1594 bur. Richard Mills
01 Jun 1609 bur. widow Milles, wife of Richard Milles

13 Mar 1592/3 bur. Richard, son of William Minnes

06 Apr 1524 subsidy John Molle in lands [40s.] [12d.]
1544-5 subsidy John Molle in goods 2d.
witness to will of William Canon: 9 Nov 1544

William Monde: a tenant of William Tilghman (d.1541), farmer, and a witness to WT’s will.
witness to will of Stephen Wadman (1543)
1544-5 subsidy: William Moond in goods 2s. 8d.
his servants are William Giles and Robert Close
Richard Monde: bequest in will of William Tilghman (1541)
Joan Monde: bequest of half a quarter of malt in will of William Tilghman (1541)

06 Apr 1524 subsidy Edward Mardale in lands [20s.] [4d.]
1544-5 subsidy Edward Mordall in goods 6d.
1546-7 subsidy Edward Mardall for his goods 4s.
1548-9 subsidy Edward Mordall for his goods 10s.
bequest of 16 dayworks of land at Upper Halling in will of Walter Stalworth: 3 Mar 1544-5
06 Apr 1524 subsidy Humphrey Mordale in goods [£6] [3s.]
06 Apr 1524 subsidy Robert Mordale in lands [20s.] [4d.]

Administration Act: DRb Pwr v, f.66v: 1501: proved by Alice More

06 Apr 1524 subsidy Roger Mores in money [24s.] [4d.]
06 Apr 1524 subsidy Thomas Mores in money [40s.] [12d.]
01 Sep 1561 marr. Richard Savedge and Elizabeth Moris

15 Mar 1582: 30 ells of holland cloth stolen from her shop on 2 Mar 1582
11 Oct [Nov?] 1584 bur. Margaret Morice
Will: DRb Pwr 16, f.277v: 27? Oct 1584; probate 23 Nov 1584
to be buried in the churchyard
to Peter Reddle my prentice: 13s. 4d.
to William Morrice the younger my sonne: £10 at age 21
to dau. Elizabeth £6. 13s. 4d. at marriage (and furniture)
to Margaret Worsley my daughter: £5
residue to daughter Agnes, she to be executrix
overseers: William Haywood; William Cosen
witnesses: Nicholas Fluce; William Wood; John Bowne; Nicholas Perse; William Hony, etc.

Will: DRb Pwr 7, f.234r-v: 13 Dec 1521
to be buried in the churchyard
bequests to Thomas Moss and William Moss, sons of my son [John]; Thomas Osborn;
residue to son John Moss, he to be executor with John Richardson
witnesses: William Watts and John Moll
house and land to John Moll, son in law; a noble of money if the house is sold, to the amending of the highway betwixt Essex cross and my house where most need is.

24 Oct 1569 marr. Allen Moss and Elizabeth Usher
debt of 13s. owed to William Hall, Rector (1571)
1571-2 subsidy Allen Mosse in goods [£5] [5s.]
40s. bequest in will of [step]son Josias Usher (1573) and forgiven debt.
22 Jan 18th Eliz. [1575-6] CKS:U1515/T94: witness to sale of lands: Leeds/Tilghman

04 May 1583 CKS:U1515/T89: mention of lands belonging to John Mosse
04 Apr 1589 bur. Joane, wife of John Mosse

1544-5 subsidy Roger Mosse in gods 4d.
1546-7 subsidy Roger Mosse for his goods 3s. 4d.
1548-9 subsidy Roger Mosse for his goods 10s.
mentioned in will of Allen Wood (1556): holds house and land of Allen Wood
witness to will of Ellis Gorley (1562)
witness to will of John Taylor (1563)
16 Apr 1569 bur. Alse, wife of Roger Mosse
19 Nov 1569 marr. Roger Mosse and Alse Alisonne
09 Aug 1570 bap. Roger Mosse, son of Roger
22 Feb 1571/2 bap. Roger Mosse, son of Roger
10 May 1572 bur. Roger Mosse, son of Roger
1571-2 subsidy Roger Mosse in goods [£10] [10s.]
26 Apr 1573 bur. Roger Mosse
27 Jul 1573 marr. Geoge Mylls and Alse Mosse
23 Feb 1578/9 bur. William, son of Roger Mosse
Nuncupative Will: DRb Pwr 14, f.133r-v: 22 Apr 1573
utensils to Mary Usher his daughter’s daughter
utensils and half a quarter of barley to Alice Mosse, dau. of John Mosse his son
half a quarter of barley to Richard Mills
residue to Alice Mosse his wife and William Mosse his son
After death of Elizabeth Mosse, wife of Allen Mosse his son, his tenement and land with appurtenances in which he did dwell should remain and come to his 3 sons, and if John his son does not discharge Alice his wife and William Mosse his son of the bond that he the said Roger Mosse stands bound in with the said John Mosse for the goods of the children of the wife of the said John Moss, then the said John Mosse is to have no part of the house and lands with the appurtenances before said, but it shall wholly remain to Alice Mosse and William Mosse [If Alice sells, then William is to have first offer.]
witnesses: Richard Skayte; Richard Kember; John Payne

? ? 1560 bap. John Mosse, son of William

‘son’ and executor of Joan Chauler (1523)
1544-5 subsidy John Munden in goods 10s.
William Baynard bequeathed to son Thomas (after death of wife Joan) ‘my tenement and orchard with the appurtenances in Snodland lately purchased to John Munden deceased’ (6 Oct 1556)
Will: DRb Pwr 9, f.105v: 16 Mar 1549
sick: to be buried at Strood
house in Snodland to be sold by executors
house in Rochester is the White Lyon

04 Apr 1581 bur. Thomas Neale, servant to Thomas Godden

1544-5 subsidy: John Newecome in goods 8d.
1546-7 subsidy John Newcome for his goods 5s. 4d.
Cal. Patent Rolls, Ed. Vi, II, p.320 mentions 2 acres land in tenure of Allen Wood and John Newcome
Will: DRb Pwr 12, f.243v: 18 Jan 1558/9; probate 31 Mar 1559
to be buried in the churchyard; various bequests at funeral
to wife Elizabeth: ‘two kyn, viij mother shepe and all stuff as she brought to me when she and I were maryed (and) three quarters of wheat, seven quarters of barley; a gelding and a bay called Bayard
to son John: ‘certayn lands lying in the deane in … Snodland leased from Mr. Atterbrye (rent paid)
to William Spryngfeld my servant half a quarter of barley
executors: son John and George Springfield
overseer: John Smith
witnesses: William Tilghman; Robert Godden; John Smythe; Henry Tailor
to son John: tenement at Holborough, bought from the heirs of Richard Stanley
to dau. Alice: five acres of ‘Redland’ in Snodland, parcel of the said tenement
to Johan Brown [J.N’s sister, married to Hugh Brown] ‘one little messuage and a garden. parcel of the premises now in the tenure and occupation of Alice Day, widow
to son Henry: tenement and land at Northstreytt, bought from John Chapman

14 May 1576 marr. Harry Newcom and Joan Canon

19 Sep 1562 bur. Alen, son of Elen Newton, a singlewoman
14 Oct 1562 bur. Alse, dau. of Elen Newton, a singlewoman

31 Aug 1589 bap. Edmund, son of Nicholas Nicholas
18 Feb 1592/3 bap. Dorithy, dau. of Nicholas Nicholas; bur. 8 Mar 1592/3
25 Mar 1595 bap. Justinia, son of Nicholas Nicholas
03 Dec 1598 bap. Agnes, dau. of Nicholas Nicholas

15 Apr 1509: John: witness to will of Joan Person
Joan: dau. of Joan Usher and granddaughter of Joan Person: will 15 Apr 1509
William: witness to will of John Usher (1522)
William Norman the younger: bequest in will of Joan Usher (1524) at his marriage

07 Aug 1561 bap. Thomas Norris, son of Elizabeth

11 Sep 1564 marr. Thomas Geyton and Isabell Norton [she re-married: William Crosswicke: 8 Feb 1584/5]

26 Mar 1571 bur. Roger Nuttall

13 Apr 1563 bur. Agnes, dau. of William Oliffe
29 Oct 1592 marr. James Lyon and Merry Olyffe

29 Jan 1584/5 bap. Gervish Olyver, son of John; bur. 04 Jun 1606: Jarvice the son of John Oliver being drowned
12 Nov 1587 bap. Alse, dau. of John Olyver
15 Feb 1589/90 bap. Anne, dau. of John Olyver
10 Oct 1593 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of John Olyver; bur. 7 Nov 1593
11 Dec 1597 bap. John, son of John Oliver
tenant of John Trevett, gent (d.1610) at Holborough [J.T’s will]

13 Apr 1561 bur. William Otley

26 Sep 1568 marr. John Overy and Margrett Stedall
15 Aug 1571 bap. William Overy, son of John; bur. 23 Feb 1574/5
02 Mar 1581 bur. Margret, wife of John Overy
30 Jul 1581 marr. John Overy and Agnes Parmenter
15 Sep 1583 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of John Overy
bequest in will of Allen Parmenter [17 Apr 1585], his brother-in-law
20 Feb 1585/6 bap. Lucy, dau. of John Overy
22 Jan 1588/9 bap. Henry, son of John