1500-1599 (h – k)

? ? 1561             bap.             Alis Haiton, dau. of John; bur 20 Nov 1563
1 Feb 1560/1             bur.             John Heiton
12 Sep 1561             bur.             Joane, dau. of John Heiton
09 Feb 1561/2             bur.             John Heiton
29 Jul 1562             bap.             Mary Heiton, dau. of John; bur. 15 Apr 1563

15 Jan 1578/9             bur.             Margaret, wife of Gervice Haler
10 Sep 1581             marr.             Gervise Haler and Luce Gregory
08 Aug 1585             bap.             Helen, dau. of Jarvis Haler, a myller

William Rector of Snodland
witness to will of Nicholas Chittenden (1540)
witness to will of Agnes Stonyng (1540)
witness to will of Steven Wadman (1542)
witness to will of Marian Spayn (1542)
witness to will of William Canon (1544)
witness to will of Walter Stalworth (1544)
witness to will of John Springfield (1545)
witness to will of William Ussher (1545)
witness to will of William Tylman (1541)
witness to will of Joan Tylman (1548)
witness to will of William Danke (1551)
witness to will of George Springfield (1560/1)
witness to will of John Ussher (1561)
witness to will of Elis Gurley (1562)
witness to will of Thomas Hamonde (1566)
witness to will of Joan Ede of Birling (1566)
witness to will of Robert Williams (1568)
witness to will of John Maynard of Birling (1569)
in 1563 had lived in Snodland for 24 years; aged 54, born in Kings Sutton, Northants
buried in churchyard: 22 June 1571
will: DRb Pwr 14, f.32v: 4 June 1571; probate 13 July 1571
to be buried in the churchyard of Snodland; 12d. to poor mens’ box
to William Kember my godson my best covering and the bolster of the same bedd and also my great charger and one of the small pewter dishes
to Joan Kember my fetherbed and the blanketts and a pewter dishe
to John Kember after the decease of his father a pewter bason and a pewter dishe
to Richard Kember my matteris and a Candlesticke
to William Emston [Emison] my olde coverlett
to Sir William Doyson my best shorte gowne
residue to Richard Kember, he to be executor
witnesses: Richard Skate; Richard Sante; Hugh Apprice
debts owed to WH: Richard Skate: 25s.; Robert Harper: £2. 6s. 8d.; Allen Mosse: 13s.
doubtful debts: Hughe Apprice: 20s.; William Tilman: 20s.

John Halywell a witness to will of William Andrew (1512/13)
John Halywell a feoffe to Walter Andrew (1532)

21 Dec 1575             bap.             Richard Hamlyn, son of Samuel
05 Oct 1578             bap.             Elizabeth Haulen, dau. of Josias
13 Aug 1579             bur.             Alse, wife of Josias Hamlen
29 Jan 1582/3             bap.             Joan Hamlen, dau. of An

Thomas, yeoman
1544-5 subsidy:             Thomas Hammon, Birling, in goods 20d.
1563:             allegation by [See EMT ii, 560-1] concerning non-payment of tithes to TH by Richard Downe
will: DRb Pwr 13, f.283: 15 Feb 1566/7; probate 7 Mar 1566/7
to be buried in churchyard ‘beside my wife’
to servant Agnes Stedall half a quarter of malte; to all other servants: 1 bushel of malt
to all godchildren: 6d.
to dau. Agnes Manninge: 10 marks
to Joan Usher and Heline Usher my wives dowghters £1. 13s. 4d. each
to my brother John Hamon 6s. 8d. (and clothing)
to Richard Stayne a haffer that will have a calf this yere
to Simons wife 6s. 8d.
to Thomas Ellis 6s. 8d.
to William Taylor half the debt that he oweth me
I forgive Richard Edye all his debts, reserving to me thereof two bushels of pease; a payre of hose to him
residue to wife Elizabeth, she to be executrix
overseers: William Watnes and Thomas Godden
lands in Birling to Thomas Hamonde, my brother Richard’s son
witnesses: William Hall, Rector of Snodland; Robert Godden; Richard Edie; William Taylor
29 Nov 1561             marr.             Thomas Hamonde [widower] and Elizabeth Ussher [widow]
30 Feb 1561/2             bur.             William, son of Thomas Hammond

15 Nov 1579             bap.             Michael Hammon, son of Thomas
03 Sep 1589             bap.             William Hammon, son of Michel
25 Aug 1583             bap.             Arthur Hamon, son of William
29 Feb 1584/5             bap.             Rebecca Hamond, dau. of […]
26 Sep 1589             bap.             Fayth, dau. of Michael Hammond, blacksmith
28 Apr 1588             bap.             Robert, son of Michael Hammond
25 Dec 1590             bap.             Thomas, son of Michael Hammond
08 Apr 1593             bap.             Henry, son of Michael Hammon

John Hammon is son-in-law to Richard Kember (d.1579): marr. Joan Kember

Jan 1539:                      Agreement between Sir George Brook, Lord Cobham and Hamlet Hancock with his wife Alice for lands in Birling and Snodland: £80
1544-5 subsidy:             Birling: Hamlett Hancock in goods 13s. 4d.
1546-7 subsidy:             Birling: Hamlett Hancocke for his goods 10s.
06 May 1559             bur.             [at Snodland] Hamlet Hancock

1544-5 subsidy             Thomas Hancock in goods 2d.

Margery:             admin act: DRb Pwr v, f.59b: 15 July 1500; proved by Isabelle Myhett
? ? 1560             bap.             William, son of Robert Harper; bur. 15 Mar 1563
08 Oct 1566             bap.             Catherin, dau. of Robert Harper
owed William Hall, Rector, £2. 6s. 8d. in June 1571
15 Sep 1572             marr.             John Paen and Agnes Harper

31 Dec 1580             bur.             Joane Harris, widdowe

03 Apr 1563             bap.             Anthony Hart, son of William
14 Sep 1589             marr.             Symon Hart and Agnes Coke
27 Dec 1589             bap.             Mary, dau. of Symon Hart
21 Mar 1592/3 bap.      John, son of Symon Harte
27 Apr 1593             bur.             Agnes, wife of Symon Hart
06 Jul 1594             bur.             John, son of Simon Harte of Rochester
29 Jun 1607             marr.             Thomas Saunders and Margarette Harte widowe

? ? 1560/1             bap.             Margery Hartrop, dau. of William
24 Jan 1563/4             bap.             William Hartnup, son of William
22 Dec 1566             bap.             Gryesill Hartrop, dau. of William
09 Jul 1569             bur.             Alse Hartrop, dau. of William
01 Dec 1570             bap.             Richard Hartrop, son of William
20 Oct 1571             bur.             […] son of […] Hartrop
26 Jan 1571/2             bur.             Robert Hartrop, fisherman
24 Oct 1573             bap.             Jane Hartrop, dau. of William
31 Aug 1592             bur.             Jane, wife of William Hartrop

21 May 1587             bap.             Jane, dau. of Thomas Hartrop; bur. 25 May 1587
30 Jun 1588             bap.             George, son of Thomas Hartrop

06 Apr 1524 subsidy John Hatcher in lands [40s.] [12d.]
12 Jun 1532                  John Hatsher a witness to will of Walter Andrew

1571-2 subsidy             Henry Hatcher in goods [£5] [5s.]
06 Jul 1572             bap.             Susan Hacher, dau. of Henry

16 Oct 1580             marr.             Phillip Haycocke and Joan Cattersonne
07 Apr 1583             bap.             Marian Haycocke, dau. of Phillip
26 Sep 1585             bap.             Phillip, ye daughter of Margret Greenehill singlewoman, ye supposed child of Phillip Haycocke, Tayler
30 Jan 1585/6             bap.             Alse, dau. of Phillip Haycocke, Tayler; bur. 2 Apr 1595
10 Nov 1588             bap.             Thomas, son of Phillip Haycocke

William Haywood: overseer to will of Margaret Moryce (1584)

19 Jan 1560/1             bur.             Anne Heird

08 Oct 1575             bur.             Dorithy, dau. of John Hempsonne
12 Oct 1575             bur.             Joan Hempsonne, wife of John

15 Jun 1560             bur.             Mary Henman

Witness of will of Geoffrey Alisander
Administration act for John Heryng (1503); proved by wife Margerie

18 Jul 1563             marr.             William Hinton and Margrett Binge
06 Nov 1564             bap.             James Hinton, son of William; bur. 28 Mar 1591
04 May 1567             bap.             Alse Hinton, dau. of William
16 Dec 1569             bap.             Tylman Hinton, son of William
04 Mar 1575/6 bap.      John Henton, son of William; bur. 12 Sep 1584
29 Nov 1576             bur.             Margret Hinton
09 Mar 1592/3             bur.             William Hinton, parish clerk

Will: DRb Pwr 7, f.302r: 23 May 1522; probate: 5 Feb 1522/3
to be buried in the churchyard
bequests to brother Richard Hilles, ‘citizen and cutlar of London’
one lamb each to godchildren: William Salforth; John Andrew; Joan Wadman
overseer: Stephen Wadman
witnesses: William Barker, parson; John […]; Roger Andrew; John Richardson

12 Feb 1591/2 bur.       John Hodsall

06 Apr 1524 subsidy             Lawrence Hollet in goods [£5] [2s. 6d.]

Will: DRb Pwr 6, f.193r: 16 Sep 1506
wife = Joan
son = John; his wife = Elizabeth
Executors: son John and John Usher
Sir William Kennys, curate
John Clerke
John Holywell
2 acres to son John
wife to have house and 1 acre arable land for life

07 Jul 1582             marr.             William Hunney and Elizabeth Rowe
witness to will of Margaret Moryce (1584)
15 Sep 1583             bap.             Thomas, son of William; bur. 22 Sep 1583
25 Feb 1584/5 bap.      John, son of William
14 Jan 1586/7   bap.      Alse, dau. of William; bur. 23 May 1608
14 Jan 1586/7             bap.             Elizabeth, dau. of William
03 Dec 1591             bur.             William Honey

10 Jul 1587             James Hopkyns, labourer, indicted for grand larceny: stole a piece of woollen cloth (30s.) from Edward Leades at Snodland [Confessed, allowed clergy]: Assizes: 22 Feb 1588

Aug 1582             Robert Hopkynson indicted for grand larceny: broke into house of Thomas Loder of Snodland and stole a canvas doublet (5s.), 2 pairs of hose (5s.) and 2 pairs of knitted netherstocke (3s.). Assizes 4 Mar 1583 [Not Guilty]

06 Apr 1524 subsidy:             William Howlet, in lands [20s.] [4d.]
23 Apr 1592             bap.             Martha, dau. of Nicholas Howlett; bur. 21 Mar 1594/5
23 Jul 1598             bap.             John, son of Nicholas Howlett; bur. ‘3’ Jul 1598 [23?]
01 Oct 1608             bur.             Margaret, wife of Nicholas Howlett
29 Feb 1595/6:             Nicholas Howlet of Snodland, labourer [indicted] for saying ‘I woulde they [innuendo Dictes Hispanos] would come. I woulde stricke never a blow against them [QM/SI.19. Also in Assizes: PRO: Assize 35/38/5 m.48: 05 Jul 1596.] Guilty of seditious words; to be pilloried in market-time and remanded in gaol.

21 May 1559             marr.             Richard Ede and Syblie Hunt

12 Oct 1561             bap.             Henry Hunter, son of Peter

21 Jun 1569             bap             John Hurt, son of William
26 May 1589             marr.             William Peerse and Elizabeth Hurte
27 Feb 1589             Assizes: 2s. 3d. in money belonging to Elizabeth Hurtt stolen from house of Edward Leeds on 5 Jun 1588
Gregory Hurte of Birling, tanner: will DRb Pwr 19: 12 May 1595
left house at Holborne in Snodland and lands in Snodland and Paddlesworth to wife for life: then to sons Richard, Robert and George.
witnesses: Edward Leeds; Richard Elsie; Reginald […]

20 Apr 1559             bur.             Henry Iden

06 Apr 1524 subsidy Thomas Ifilde in lands [40s.] [12d.]

1598: Arthur Jarvis granted leases of messuages and lands formerly in the possession of William Wood [PRO: E367/1052]

10 Sep 1571             marr.             Robert Goter and Alse Gose
20 Jan 1571/2             bap.             Thomas Jettor, son of Robert; bur. 6 Apr 1581
26 May 1574             bap.             William, son of Robert; bur. 9 Dec 1575
01 Jan 1576/7   bap.             Margery, dau. of Robert
18 Mar 1580/1: DRb Pa 12: Let Robert Jetter of Snodland be summoned, on the accusation of William Tilghman, for each administration of the goods of Emma Williams, late of Snodland.
31 Apr 1589             bur.             Robert Jeator, labourer
22 May 1589             bur.             Alse the late wife of Robert Jeator
DRb Pwr 17, f.356r: nuncupative will: 29 Apr 1589: Robert Jetter of Snodland, Thatcher
20s. to Alice Totty, my sister’s daughter
residue to wife Alice and daughter Margery; Alice to have care of the whole until Margery becomes 16.
witnesses: William Tilghman; Mychael Hamond; Abraham Coker
daughter of Henry Ward at 19 Sep 1592 [HW’s will]
her children: Doroty Jetter; Elizabeth Jetter; John Jetter

1544-5 subsidy             Edward Johnson in goods 2d.
1544-5 subsidy             Margett Johnson, widow, in goods 2d.

13 Apr 1589             bap.             Henry, son of James Johnsonne
28 Mar 1591             bur.             James Johnson, carpenter

18 Oct 1590             marr.             John Jordan and Rachell Chittenden
05 Dec 1591             bap.             Robert, son of John Jordan
06 Jun 1593             bur.             Rachell, wife of John Jordane

11 May 1573             bur.             Thomas Justes

bequeathed 12d. in will of William Tilghman (1541)
1544-5 subsidy             Richard Kember in goods 2d.
wife is Letise, dau. of John Parmenter the elder: she buried 29 June 1569; she received bequest in will of her father (1550/1)
02 May 1563             bap.             John Kember, son of Richard
witness to will of Robert Williams (1568)
bequests in will of Sir William Hall, Rector to Richard Kember and four children: William, Richard, John, Joan [=John Hamon]
witness to will of Roger Mosse (1573)
26 Jan 1579/80 bur.       Richard Kember the elder
Will: DRb Pwr 16, f.75r: 24 Jan 1579/80; probate 7 Mar 1579/80
to be buried in churchyard
to son William: ‘that parte of my howse wheare I doe dwell with the Barne and Strete yeard as that parte of the hempplotte that was sometyme Smythes and also half the well and well yarde to him and to his heyres for ever, paying to my sonne Richard 40s. within 6 years after my decease.’
to son John and heirs: ‘my kytchyn and the grounde one the back side of the kytchyn and half the well and well yarde and that part of the hempplotte that was Mr Woodes [to son William if John dies without heirs]
‘provided always that John Hamon my Sonne in lawe and his wiffe my daughter shall have the occupacon and proffitts of that parte of the kytchyn and lands (before appointed to my son John) for three years (after my decease)’
residue to four children: William; Richard; John; Joan
witnesses: W. Tylghman; W. Wood; John Ledes
John, son of Richard
04 Jun 1571: will of Sir William Hall, Rector,: ‘to John Kember after the decease of his father a pewter bason and a pewter dishe.
04 May 1583: CKS: U1515/T89 mentions lands of John Kember

04 Nov 1565             bap.             Elizabeth Keyes, dau. of Robert
11 Apr 1568             bap.             Richard Keyes, son of Robert
16 Dec 1571             bap.             Allis Keyes, dau. of Robert

08 Aug 1571             bur.             Henry Kidd, servant to Thomas Goddin

15 Mar 1571/2             marr.             Thomas Kitchen and Catherin Daniell
24 Aug 1572             bap.             Henry Kitchinman, son of Thomas

06 Nov 1564             marr.             James Knightle and Grase Scate
04 May 1579             bur.             Alse Knightley

04 Apr 1576             bur.             Henry Knowles