1500-1599 (d – g)

Richard of Paddlesworth, yeoman
1544-5 subsidy: Padilsworth: Richard Danke for goods 2s. 8d.
1546-7 subsidy: Padlesworthe: Richard Danke foe his goods 10s.
1548-9 subsidy: Snoland: Richard Danke for his goods 10s.
30 Nov 1550: sells tenement called London [etc] to John and Alice Godden:
William [I] and [II]
16 Dec 1523: Farthingshaw: deed poll from Walter Lukk to William Danke
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: William Danke senior in goods [40s.[ [12d.]
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: William Danke junior in goods [£37] [37s.]
witness to will of William Wattes (1525)
01 Oct 1531 Indenture between Bishop of Rochester and William Danke for (a)
9 acres and (b) 1 acre in Parsonage Field: U522/T68
25 Mar 1532: Little London croft: deed poll: John Underhill to William Danke
24 May 1532: 1 acre attached to messuage etc.: Sharnal Broke in Birling, release
from William Danke to William Lambe [See EMT ii, 512]
1535 subsidy: William Dank for goods 15s.
witness to will of John Canon (1534)
overseer of will of Agnes Stonyng (1540)
1544-5 subsidy: William Dank in goods 13s. 4d.
1546-7 subsidy: William Danke for his goods 26s. 8d.
1548-9 subsidy: William Danke for his goods 12s.
his nephew is William Boorman of Hoo [will: DRb Pwr 10, f.150r and 178v (1546)], whose wife is Joan and mother is Margaret
Will: DRb Pwr ii, f.172r: 27 July 1551; probate 18 Sep 1551
to be buried in the parish church of Snodland beside the burial of my wife
20d. to the parson
£3. 6s. 8d. to son Walter
£6. 13s. 4d. to grandson William, son of Walter
bequest to granddaughter Helynor, dau. of Walter
to son Richard the lease of 10 acres in Snodland feyld wiche I hold of the byshop of Rochester by indenture [see U522/T68: 1 Oct 1531]
to dau. Alis Goddin the household stuff in my tenement called London [she marr. to John Godden]
to John and Edward, sons of Alis, the rents from the land late William Canon’s
to Margery Godden, Agnes Godden, Johan Godden, all daughters of Alis, each £3. 6s. 8d.
to brother Edmund Danke 13s. 4d.
to Edmund’s son George a bushel of barley
to my sister Alis Taylor: 6s. 8d.
to John Thomas my lad: 6s. 8d.
to Richard Trice: half a bushel of malt
bequest to all my brothers and sisters children and godchildren
to amending of the footway between my tenement called London and Pokyns Style
executors: Richard Danke and Nicholas Davy of Addington
overseers: Alyn Wodd and William Tylghman of Snodland
witnesses: William Hall, parson of Snodland; Allyn Wodd, Rychard Trise, Willm Symons, Willm Tylman

Edmund [I]
brother of William (d.1551)
son = George
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Edmund Danke in lands [40s.] [12d.]
30 Nov 1550: witness to deed: U1515/T88A

son of William (d.1551); bequeathed £3. 6s. 8d. in William’s will (27 Jul 1551)
own children: son William and dau. Helynor
30 Nov 1550: witness to deed: U1515/T88A

Edmund [II]
31 Jan 1579/80 marr. Edmunde Danke and Agnes Halpeny
10 Feb 1583/4 bap. John Dainke, son of Edmund; bur. 17 Feb 1584/5
01 Jan 1588/9 bap. Bridgett, da. Edmund Danke
24 Dec 1592 bap. Elizabeth, dau. Edmund Dankes
22 Mar 1594/5 bur. Edmund Danke

of West Malling, tailor; father was Richard
disposes of land in Snodland and Birling to Thomas Godden:
U1515/T88A: 21 Feb 1582 and 28 Mar 1582
U1515/T99B: Easter 1582 and 04 May 1585
U1515/T90: 06 May 1591: (a) Frogwell + (b) 4½ acres of meadow [2 pieces] N of
Bishop’s Reed Lane, from Francis Danke to William Costen

30 Nov 1550: Nicholas Davy of Addington a witness to deed [U1515/T88A]
27 Jul 1551: executor to will of William Danke

? ? 1560 bap. Elizabeth Davy, dau of Harry
29 Jun 1563 bap. John Davy, son of Henry; bur. ‘John David’ 14 Dec 1576
03 Dec 1563 bur. Elizabeth, dau. of Inberry Davy
07 Apr 1570 bap. Elizabeth Davy, dau. of Harry; bur. 12 Apr 1570
26 Feb 1570/1 bur. Margaret, wife of Harry Davy
10 Sep 1571 marr. Henry Davis and Joan Browne
07 Oct 1584 bur. Joane, wife of Henry David

Alice Day, a widow in 1558/9: occupying ‘one little messuage and a garden, parcell of the premises now in the tenure and occupying of Alice day wedowe (will of John Newcombe)
03 May 1561 marr. George Brabsonne and Alse Day

1581 bequest to Elizabeth Day, servant to Richard Skate (RS’s will, 1581)
23 May 1583 marr. John Mylls and Thomasyn Day

28 Oct 1561 marr. John a Deane and Joan Sachary
11 May 1563 bur. Robert Deane
26 Jun 1564 marr. John Sander and Anne Deane
17 Sep 1570 marr. Robert Mylls and Catherin Deane

08 Aug 1591 bap. Mary, dau. of John Ditty; bur. 20 Dec 1592
20 Jul 1594 bap. George, son of John Ditty
17 Apr 1598 marr. William Peerse and Mary Ditty

29 Dec 1566 bap. Alse Dourter, daughter of John

06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Rogera Downe in goods [£4] [2s.]
bequest in will of Joan Chauler (1523)

1544-5 subsidy Richard a Downe in goods 8d.
1546-7 subsidy Richard Downe for his goods 3s. 4d.
1548-9 subsidy Richard Downe for his goods 10s.
CKS: DRb/Jdi, f.127 deposition 9 Mar 1562/3 records that Richard Downe paid £4 yearly for more than four years for the lease of the water mill [at Holborough] from William Tilghman [leased in turn from the Bishop of Rochester] [Richard still alive at this time] [See EMTii, 560-1]
15 Feb 1563/4 bur. John, son of Richard Downe

28 Oct 1567 marr. Richard Downe and Elen Permenter
13 Jul 1572 marr. Thomas Loader and Elen Downes

13 Dec 1569 bap. Elizabeth Downe, dau. of Robert
31 Dec 1569 bur. Richard and Elizabeth, children of Robert
29 Jun 1572 bap. Thomas Downe, son of Robert

05 Oct 1559 bur. Joan Downe
? ? 1560/1 bap. John Downe, son of John
27 Jan 1563/4 bap. Mary Downe, dau. of John
03 Mar 1563/4 bur. John ye sonne of John Downe ye younger
02 Aug 1565 bur. Denise, dau. of John Downe
09 Nov 1585 bur. Joane Swinborne alias Downe, widowe
27 Jul 1589 bap. John, son of John Downe

1544-5 subsidy, Birling, Richard Ede for goods: 8s. 8d.
Joan , of Birling, widow
1546-7 subsidy, Birling, Johan Edye widowe for her goods 10s.
Will: DRb Pwr 13, f.252
to dau.[in-law] Sybill
son: Richard
21 May 1559 marr. Richard Ede and Syblie Hunt
bequests to Richard in will of Thomas Hamonde of Snodland, 15-Feb 1566/7: forgiven all his debts; given a payer of hose; R. Edie a witness.

John :
Will: DRb Pwr 6, f.696: 22 July 1497; probate act 6*, f.8r: 1503
to be buried in the churchyard
wife: Alice to have house and land
witnesses: William Tylman; John Usher; William Taylor [i.e. all Holborough residents]

10 Sep 1581 bap. Margrett Elis, dau. of Thomas
12 Jan 1583/4 bap. Joan Elys, dau. of Thomas

23 Feb 1566/7 bap. Dorithy Emison, dau. of William

19 Apr 1563 bur. Alse Fenton

Nicholas, curate of Snodland; vicar of Nettlestead
witness to will of John Parmenter (1580)
in will of Richard Skate (1581): ‘to my Cosen Nicholas Fluce Minister the younger, one of the best porkers in my yarde and otes’
witness to will of Margaret Moryce (1584)

1544-5 subsidy: John Foster, in goods 2d
06 Aug 1571 bap. Jane Foster, dau. of John [?William]; bur. 09 Sep 1572

bequeathed a bushel of wheat in will of Robert Williams (1568)
tenant of William Wood (1584) together with Thomas Barnard [2 tenements and 8 acres]
[PRO: E367/1052]
17 Apr 1585: mentioned in will of Allen Parmenter of Strood
08 Jul 1571 marr. William Foster and Margrett Parmiter
09 Sep 1572 bur. Jane, dau. of William
08 Jul 1573 bap. John Foster, son of William; bur. 12 Jul 1573
29 Sep 1574 bap. Frances Foster [dau. of William] ; bequest in will of John
Parmenter (1580)
05 Oct 1578 bap. William, son of William Foster; godson and nephew of Allen Parmenter with bequests in AP’s will.
05 Oct 1585 bap. Willm Foster, son of William
20 Apr 1585 bur. ye wife of William Foster [Margaret]
01 Aug 1585 marr. William Foster and Mary Tharpe
24 Dec 1585 bap. Mary, dau. of William Foster, labourer
12 Jan 1588/9 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of William Foster; bur. 9 Feb 1588/9
25 Dec 1589 bap. Henry, son of William Foster; bur. 1 Feb 1593/4
12 Dec 1592 bap. Elizabeth. dau. of William Foster
27 Dec 1598 bur. William Foster

22 Dec 1577/8 bap. Anne Fowle, dau. of John

Matthew Fremling: bequest in will of Richard Skate (1581), to whom he was servant

15 Aug 1566 bap. Thomas Frier, son of John

29 Apr 1559 marr. Thomas French and Dorithy Trusse
29 Sep 1561 marr. Martin Blake and Alse French

Robert : Miller at Holborough
U522/T61 [31 May 1607] mentions indenture between the Bishop of Rochester and Robert Fyssher dated 4 Jan 7 Hen. VIII (1516): lease of Holborough Mill to Robert Fyssher for 99 years at 40s. p.a.
Robert Fissher, gentilman, a feoffe of Agnes Stonyng, widow. (25 July 1540)

06 Apr 1524 subsidy: John Galden in money [40s.] [12d.]

07 Dec 1575 bur. John, son of John Gardiner

24 Nov 1588 bap. John, son of Tymothy Garland

27 Mar 1581 marr. Thomas Garrett and Elizabeth Bennett
11 Jul 1585 marr. Robt. Wellingam and Anne Garrett
10 Apr 1587 bur. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Garrett

06 Apr 1524 subsidy: John Gayton in lands [40s.] [12d.]
witness to will of John Smith (1561/2)
21 Oct 1559 bap. Harry Geyton, son of Thomas; bur. 16 Mar 1564/5
? ? 1561 bap. Thomas Geyon, son of Thomas; bur. 13 Jan 1562/3
09 Jan 1562/3 bap. Richard Geyton, son of Thomas; bur. 28 May 1565
12 Oct 1563 bur. Agnes ye wife of Thomas Geyton
11 Sep 1564 marr. Thomas Geyton and Isabell Norton
13 Jun 1565 bur. John, son of Thomas Gayton
29 Jul 1566 bap. Elizabeth Geyton, dau. of Thomas [marr. Thomas Howlett]
04 Dec 1567 bap. Thomas Geiton, son of Thomas
03 Feb 1569/70 bap. Amos Gayton, son of Thomas; bur 10 Sep 1571
12 Mar 1571/2 bur. Joane Ussher, servant of Thomas Geyton
22 Jun 1572 bap. Alse, dau. of Thomas Gayton
30 Sep 1574 bap. Frances Geyton, dau. of Thomas
07 Oct 1576 bap. Susan Geyton
01 Dec 1578 bap. Robert Geyton, son of Thomas
11 Jun 1581 bap. Joyce Geyton, dau. of Thomas [marr. Nicholas Coxe, 1601]
12 Jun 1584 bur. Thomas Geaton
08 Feb 1584/5 marr. William Croswicke, baker, to Isabell Geyton
mention of dau. Jone in will of William Croswicke (1587)
mention of Thomas Gayton in 1595 court case of Susan and Edward Tilghman concerning lands which he and William Tilghman had from Henry Smith c.1560s

24 Aug 1584 bur. Bridget, dau. of Roger Geare

26 Jul 1583 bur. William Gilbart

06 Apr 1524 subsidy: James Girlington in lands [40s.] [12d.]

wife is Alice, dau. of William Dank (d.1551)
children: John, Edward, Margery, Agnes, Joan
U1515/T88A: 30 Nov 1550: granted messuage called London (etc.) by Richard Danke of Paddlesworth
1544-5 subsidy: Robert Godden in goodes 2s. 8d.
1546-7 subsidy Robert Godden for his goods 10s.
1548-9 subsidy: Robert Godden for his goods 10s.
witness to will of Joan Tilghman (1548); described by her as ‘my fermer’
witness to will of John Newcome (1558/9)
witness to will of Thomas Hamonde (1566)
son: Thomas (mentioned in will of Joan Tilghman)
dau.: Margaret (mentioned in will of Joan Tilghman)
witness to will of John Maynard of Birling (13 Jan 1569/70)
1571-2 subsidy: George Godden in goods [£5] [5s.]
28 Aug 1565 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of George
10 Mar 1566/7 bap. John, son of George
02 Mar 1568/9 bap. Danyell, son of George
25 Mar 1571 bap. Sarah, dau. of George
06 Nov 1572 bap. Alse, dau. of George; bur. 07 Nov 1572
07 Feb 1573/4 bap. Robert, son of George
04 Mar 1575/6 bap. Jane Goddyn, dau. of George
02 Jan 1576/7 bur. George Goddin

Thomas [I and II]
overseer to will of Thomas Hamonde (1566)
1571-2 subsidy, Birling, Thomas Godden of Padelswothe in goods [£5] [5s.]
overseer to will of Thomas Wassheness the elder (22 Feb 1585/6)
Will: DrbPwr 18, f.408r: 28 June 1592; probate 9 June 1595
buried at Snodland: 30 Mar 1595
40s. to poor on day of burial
to son Samuel: half of goods and chattels
12d. to each living godchild
to wife Agnes: other half of goods and chattels
20s. each to overseers: son Edward and John Coverley and to son in law
witnesses: Richard Manninge; Nicholas Rolfe
all to wife Agnes for life, then to son Samuel and heirs:
tenement, garden and orchards at marke in Snodland
tenement, garden and orchard at Holborough
3 acres of woodland called halfers browne in Luddesdown
07 Sep 1559 bap. Mary, dau. of Thomas; bur. 7 Sep 1559
? ? 1560 bap. Edward, son of Thomas
01 Oct 1564 bap. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas
21 Feb 1566/7 bap. Bridgett, dau. of Thomas
05 Mar 1569/70 bap. Frances, dau. of Thomas
08 Aug 1571 bur. Henry Kidd, servant to Thomas Goddin
17 Sep 1575 bap. Samuel, son of Thomas of Paddlesworth
CKS: U1121/M21/1 (1574) Received by Thomas Wotton of Thoams Godwyn ‘for ye messuage and most pt of ye demesnes of Padleswort and Potynes
1582: debt of 50s. to ‘Goodman godden of Padlesworthe’ in will of Edward Wadman of Halling
U787/L1/3: 4 July 1580: acquires messuage and garden in Snodland [Holborough] from Robert Smith and Edward Woolet, both of Snodland
U1515/T94: 22 Jan 18 Eliz. Witness to sale of lands from Leeds to Tilghman
U1515/T88A and B: acquires land in Snodland and Birling from Francis Danke (formerly Richard Danke’s) (24-27 Eliz.)and from Mowle brothers (32 Eliz.)
questions in court case between Edward and Susan Tilghman (1595) [See EMT ii, 611]

06 Aug 1598 bap. Joane Goldinge, dau. of Henry; bur. 09 Aug 1598

30 ? 1560 bap. Robert Goose, son of John
29 Jul 1562 bap. Agnes Goose, dau. of John; bur. 3 Jan 1575/6
12 Nov 1564 bap. Alse Goose, dau. of John; bur. 20 Apr 1566
23 Feb 1566/7 bap. Edward Goose, son of John; bur. 28 Dec 1575
20 Mar 1568/9 bap. Alen Goose, son of John; bur. 25 Jul 1572
10 Jul 1570 bur. John Goose
10 Sep 1571 marr. Robert Goter and Alse Gose

curate, priest, clerk
witness to will of Joan Chauler (1523)
witness to will of William Wattes (1525)
executor to will of John Taylor (1527)
overseer and witness to will of Walter Andrew (1532)
witness to will of John Canon (1534)
‘Dns Ric’us Greyn, Curatus de Snodland’ among those clergy whose renounced Papal Authority (1534) [Arch. Cant. XXII, 304]
feoffe of Agnes Stonyng (1540)
16 Apr 1564 marr. John Greene alias Frier and Christian Stedall
23 Feb 1570/1 bur. Christian, wife of John Greene
29 Mar 1573 bur. Thomas Greene

13 May 1570 bur. Richard Greenhill
26 Sep 1585 bap. Phillip, ye daughter [sic.]of Margret Greenehill, singlewoman, ye supposed child of Phillip Haycocke, Tayler
16 Nov 1585 bur. Phillip, son of Margret Greenehill

21 Sep 1573 marr. William Cromer and Barbara Greenell
07 Jun 1574 bur. Margaret, dau. of Thomas Greenewell

1544-5 subsidy: Elis Gurley in goods 8s. 8d.
1546-7 subsidy: Elys Gorlye for his goods 10s.
will: DRb Pwr 13, f.384r-v: 1 Nov 1562; probate 5 Jan 1568/9
to son William: my querne and my cow
to dau. Deanys: my other cow and the messuage and garden where I now dwell (for six years, then this to son William)
to dau. Dorothy: the first calf born after EG’s death
residue to be equally divided between the three children
witnesses: William Tilghman; William Hall, parson of Snodland; Roger Mosse; Nycholas Piers
bequests in will of Stephen Wadman (1543)
07 Jan 1561/2 bur. Richard, son of Elis Gurley
15 Jan 1561/2 bur. Joan, wife of Elis Gurley
11 Nov 1563 marr. William Cheeseman and Denyse Gurley

Assizes 22 Feb 1587/8: indicted for grand larceny: 10 Jul 1587 stole a piece of woollen cloth (value 30s.) from Edward Leades. [Confessed. Allowed clergy]