1500-1599 (a – c)

Agnes , widow: bur. March 1597[/8?]

Michael : 3s. 4d. subsidy, 1546-7
18 Apr 1559: bur.: ‘Michael Adams’
28 June 1583: marr.: Richard Waymas and Catherine Adams


John Adson: Rector of Snodland c.1526-1530.
Robert Truslowe collated to the rectory of Snodland: 17 March 1530, on resignation of John Adesone [D. f.161a]
A feoffe of Agnes Stonyng [1540]

19 Nov 1569: marr.: Roger Mosse and Alse Alisonne

1544-5 subsidy: ‘John Alyce in goodes: 2d.’
20 June 1568: marr.: Richard Allis and Elen Rhodes
05 Nov 1569: bur.: Joane, dau. of Richard Alice
10 Sep 1574: bur.: Margaret Alice, a widdowe
17 June 1581: marr.: William Springfeild and Elen Allyse

[see ‘post 1400’ file]

14 Apr 1574: bur: Sir William Aspley [Rector of Snodland]

John : gentleman
will of John Newcombe: 18 Jan 1558/9 mentions ‘certain land lying in the deane in Snodland leased from Mr Atterbrye [lease passed to JN’s son, John]
11 Dec 1560: Indenture between Dean and Chapter of Rochester and John Atterbery of Snodland: parcel of reedland (4½ acres) in hawling and Cockestone and another similar piece of land [CCRc/T152/107826/1/12
07 Aug 1561: bur: John Atterbury
PCC Administration: 7 Aug 1561 (f.34)

14 Dec 1561: bur.: Frances Awdley
15 Nov 1562: marr.: Hugh Browne and Joan Awdley

27 Feb 1585/6 bur.: Alse, dau. of John Aynswoorth

02 Feb 1570/1 bur.: Joane, dau. of George Bardes

William : Rector of Snodland
15 Apr 1509: witness to will of Joan Person
20 June 1513: witness to will of John Smith
06 July 1521: witness to will of Thomas Watts
23 May 1522: witness to will of William Hylles

Thomas : tenant of William Wood (1584), together with William Foster: 2 tenements and 8 acres [PRO:E367/1052]
12 June 1592: marr.: John Barnard and Joane Permyter

16 Apr 1582: bap.: John Barret, son of Robert

1544-5 subsidy: ‘Nycholas bartelett in goodes: 2d.’

1544-5 subsidy: ‘Katheryn bartram in goodes 20d.’
1546-7 subsidy: ‘Katharyn Batram wedowe for her goods: 3s. 4d.’

13 Nov 1564: marr.: John Sharbrooke and Margrett Basset

William of Cuxton, yeoman
Will: DRb Pwr 12, f.14r: 6 Oct 1556
[includes]: ‘It[em]. I will that Thomas my son after the deceasse of Johane my wiff shall have to hym, his heyres and assignes forev’more my tenement and orcharde wt the appurtenances … in Snodlande laytely purchased to [from] John Munden deceased.
It[em]. I will that George my son after the decease of Johanne my wiff shall have to hym, his heyres and assignes for ev’more my tenement and a hovell, orchard, garden, 2 acres of land lying towarde borow hill and 1½ acres of lande called molt hill in the parish of Paddelswrth (and also one cottage or hovell and an other acres of lande lying in the parsonage feild aboundyng upon the said cottage or hovell) which tenement, hovel and lande wth the appurtenances was laytely purchased of Thoams Coyff and dyd belong som tym to Richard Tailler of… Snodland

06 Feb 1574: ‘Robert Bunyard’: tenant of lands in Parsonage Field, Snodland
22 Jan 1576: owned land in Snodland near the Parsonage Field [U1515/T94]

1544-5 subsidy: ‘Thomas Beale in goodes […]’

‘house that barthomew bekytt the pyshe Clarke of Snodland now dwellythin’ bequeathed to grandson Richard Spayn by Marion Spayn in 1542

12 June 1580: bap.: John Becker son of Edward
02 Feb 1583/4: bur: EdmundBeeker
07 July 1588: bap.: Thomas, son of Edward Beecher
07 May 1592: bap.: Wylliam, son of Edward Becker; bur. 9 May 1594
04 Feb 1592/3: Edward: witness to will of John Bowne
20 Dec 1593 [or 4] bap: Agnes, dau. Edward Bechinge
17 Feb 1593/4 Edward a witness to will of William Tilghman
23 Oct 1595: deposition by EdwardBeecher, yeoman, aged c.43 [EMT ii, 692-3 in response to 709-10]
01 July 1603: bur.: Mother Beeker, servant to Thomas Coveney

05 Feb 1592/3: bur: Hammon, son of Hammon Bechinge
17 Jan 1594/5: surety for Allan Blikes [Black] of Birling [QM/SRc (p.354)]
1597/8 subsidy: Hamonde Beechinge [lands] 20s. = 4d. [PRO: E179/127/515]

23 Mar 1563/4: bap.: Robert, son of Robert Bennet
06 Nov 1565: bap.: Anne, dau. of Robert
17 Sep 1570: bap.: Gabriel, son of Robert; bur. 17 Jan 1570/1
26 Sep 1573: bap.: Elen, dau. ‘William’ [recte Robert?]; bur. 18 Jan 1577/8
07 June 1574: marr. William Cole and Rose Bennett
25 Sep 1575: bur.: Agnes, dau. of Robert
19 May 1577: witness to deed [U1515/T85] in which William Tilghman grants land to Henry and Alice Taylor [EMT ii, 832]
15 Dec 1577: bap.: Edward, son of Robert
14 Jan 1579/80: marr. William Coker and Anne Bennett
1580: RobertBennett a witness to will of John Parmenter
27 Mar 1581: marr. Thomas Garrett and Elizabeth Bennett
18 Dec 1581: bur.: Robert Bennet
27 July 1582: marr. Robert Bennet and Elizabeth Scath

Will: DRb Pwr 6, f.191r-v: 20 Nov 1505
bequests: Gaglorne Wilkynson, curate of Snodland; kinsman: John Berrarde; Richard Berrarde; Joan, wife of John Ussher; William son of the same John/Joan; executors: William Lancast[er] and John Usher; William Tylghman: overseer; witnesses: William Tilghman; John Smith, clerk
prayers for the soul of Andrew Berrarde in will of William Lancaster of Halling (1513)

6 Apr 1524 subsidy: ‘Johes Berde’ in goods [22s.] [4d.]

08 Apr 1565: bap.: Joan Berrat, dau. of Hugh

09 Apr 1592: bap.: James, son of Ambrose Billinghurst

25 July 1561: bur.: John, son of Thomas Binge
18 July 1563: marr. William Hinton and Margrett Binge

10 July 1586 bap. Thomas, son of Allan Blacke
15 Dec 1589 bap. Marian, dau. of Alen Blacke
13 Jun 1592 bur. Alin Blacke
24 Jun 1594 bur. John, son of Alen Blacke
19 May 1595 deposition by Joan, widow of Alan, aged c.36

29 Sep 1561 marr. Martin Bleke and Alse French
01 Jul 1562 bap. Agnes Bleke, dau. of Martin
28 Jan 1564/5 bap. Margaret Bleke, dau. of Martyn; bur. 07 Sep 1568
22 Feb 1567/8 bap. Alen Bleek, son of Martin
14 May 1595 deposition by Martyn Black of Burlinge, husbandman, aged c.58
[EMT ii, 756-8 and his response: 734-7]
NB widow Black occupied an almshouse established by William

19 Jul 1584 bap. […] dau of John
17 Jul 1586 marr. John Blacke and Agnes Turke

12 Jul 1586 bur. Thomas, son of Thomas Blacke

17 ? 1559 bap. HenryBlake, son of John
08 Aug 1564 bap. Joan Blacke, dau. of John

06 Apr 1524 subsidy ‘Willmus Bone’ in goods [50s.] [12d.]: Paddlesworth

11 Jan 1567/8 bap. Margery Booker, dau. of Hugh
02 May 1575 marr. Leonard Boker and Jone Flud

22 Nov 1583 bur. Father Border

17 May 1586 bur. Joane Booreman, an olde Widdowe
28 Sep 1598 bur. Thomas Borreman
06 Nov 1598 marr. Roger Holaway and Marget Boreman

24 Nov 1561 marr. John Bowne and Agnes Springfeilde
11 Aug 1562 bap. Joan, dau. of John; bur. 24 Apr 1585
witness to will of Margaret Morris (1584)
07 Jan 1578/9 bur. Agnes Bound ye wife of John Bownd
tenant of William Wood (1584): messuage and 18 acres [PRO: E367/1052]
05 Jun 1586 marr. John Bound and Agnes Paen
07 May 1587 bap. Edmund, son of John Bownd
23 Apr 1592 bap. Phillip, son of John Bownd
06 Feb 1592/3 bur. John Bownd
Nuncupative Will: DRb Pwr 18, f.229v: 4 Feb 1592/3; proved 30 Mar 1593
of Snodland, husbandman; £7 each to sons Edmond, John, Phillip at age 21
residue to wife Agnes, she to be executrix
to kinsman Stephen Bowne 10s. and a quarter of barley at next Lady Day
witnesses: William Wood; Edward Becher; Edmund Colsey

15 Jul 1579 bur. Alse, wife of Edward Boyden

16 Feb 1560/1 bur. Agnes Brabson
03 May 1561 marr. George Brabsonne and Alse Day
10 Dec 1561 bur. George Brabsonne

16 Nov 1580 bap. Richard Bray, son of Harry; bur. 19 Nov 1580
19 Sep 1582 bap. Susan, dau. of Henry
(1582): bequest by Henry Taylor of Luddesdown to wife Joan of ‘principall messuage’ and lands in Snodland ‘in which Henrie Bray now dwelleth’
17 Aug 1584 bur. Bray, dau. of Henry

John Bregges occupies house in Brokegate strete (+ 4 acres): will of Marion Spayn (1542), to which he was a witness
Marion also mentions Alys Bregges my cosyn

04 Jul 1580 U787/L1/3: mention of lands of Robert Bruar to West of property in Holborough devised to Thomas Godden.
31 May 1577 U1515/T85: lands mentioned in deed in which William Tilghman grants lands to Henry and Alice Taylor

1544-5 subsidy: ‘John Bridge in goodes’ 2d.

Joyce Bridger bequeathed 6s. 8d. in will of John Taylor of Snodland (1563)
11 Oct 1579: bap. Thomas Bridger, son of William

29 Aug 1569 bur. William, son of Robert Brissenton
05 Aug 1570 bur. Richard, son of Robert Brissenden
26 Sep 1582 marr. George Brissenden and Alse Sainte
[see EMT ii, 537-8, where William Brissenden is mentioned concerning land at Bethersden involving William Tilghman.]

13 Aug 1587 bap. Thomas, son of Thomas Brooke

1544-5 subsidy: Hugh Browne in goods 4d.
married Joan [Newcombe], sister of John Newcombe; bequest in John’s will
03 May 1561 bur. Joane ye wife of Hugh Browne
15 Nov 1562 marr. Hugh Browne and Joan Awdley
18 Jul 1563 bap. Mary, dau. of Hugh Browne; bur. 07 Apr 1565
02 Dec 1570 bur. Hugh Browne
10 Sep 1571 marr. Henry Davis and Joan Browne

16 Nov 1563 bap. Alse Browne, dau. of Richard
04 Feb 1565/6 bap. Susan Browne, dau. of Richard

05 Oct 1567 marr. Thomas Browne and Anne Steedall
11 Oct 1571 bap. Anne Browne, dau. of Thomas
11 Mar 1575/6 bap. Bridget Browne, dau. of Thomas
09 Apr 1570 bur. John, son of Thomas Browne
07 Feb 1580/1 bur. Thomas Browne
17 Feb 1580/1 bur. Agnes ye wydowe of Thomas Browne

03 Aug 1564 marr. George Mylls and Alse Butler
12 Sep 1591 marr. William Butler and Frances Perse
11 Jun 1592 marr. Henry Butler and Jane Parson

07 Mar 1583/4 bap. John Calier, son of William
25 Mar 1586/7 bap. mary, dau. of William Calier

Will: DRb Pwr 6, f.83r-v: 1 Dec 1503
to be buried in the churchyard;
residue of estate to Alice, dau. to Robert Canon; John; executors: William Tylman and William Sharman; witnesses: John Usher, William Taylor, Thos. Lench (he a feoffe with lands at East Malling)
late husband is Thomas; 6s. 8d. to Agnes Sharman; child of William Sharman
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Johes Canon in goods [£6] [3s.]
1525: witness to will of William Wattes
daughter Joan to marry John Boorman
05 May 1532: witness to grant of land by William Danke to William Tilghman [U2/T1/8]
Will: DRb Pwr 9, f.112v: 23 Mar 1534; probate 14 April
to maintaining the light of the patron; one bullock to George Springfield; bequests to Friars of Aylesford; my man; Joan Hopper my sister; William Hopper; Alice Hopper; John Taylor of Upper Halling; bricks and timber to brother William Canon; Stephen Wadman; John Parmenter; John Overey of Birling; Joan Canon my daughter: (John Boorman/his mother/or friends – to provide an annuity for her); executors John Hopper my brother [in-law] and Stephen Wadman;
house and lands to William Canon; wishes to be discharged of 10s. ‘pension’ paid ‘for my parte of the lands’
witnesses: Sir Richard Greyn; Sir Baudewyn Smith priest; John Parment[er]; W. Danke; Jo. Sible; Jo. Borman; Nycholas Chettynden; William Canon
witness to will of Thomas Watts (1521)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: ‘Willmus Canon’ in goods [£6] [3s.]
godson of William Tilghman, to whom he sold land [see WT’s will]
feoffe to Walter Andrew (1532)
05 May 1542: witness to grant of land by William Danke to William Tilghman [U2/T1/8]
1 Feb 1539: sells rent-charge to William Tylghman [U1515/T87]
1544-5 subsidy: ‘Wyllyam Canon in goodes 6d.’
Will: DRb Pwr 10, f.80v: 9 Nov 1544 [to be seen]
ref. to land in will of William Ussher (1545)
brother of John (d.1535)
wife is Agnes
daughters: Agnes and Joan

14 May 1576 marr. Harry Newcom and Joan Canon
08 Jun 1563 marr. William Kember and Joan Canon of Ditton, singlewoman

21 Aug 1569 bur. William Car, a Taylor
21 Sep 1571 marr. Richard Channtor and Joane Car

12 Apr 1569 bap. John Carleton, son of John
23 Aug 1570 bap. Edward Carleton, son of John

10 Apr 1585 Dennys Carrier: bequest of 6s. 8d. as servant of John Leeds in JL’s will.

06 Apr 1524 subsidy: John Carter in goods [40s.] [12d.]
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Thomas Carter in goods [40s.] [12d.]
Thomas Carter a witness to will of Walter Stalworth (3 Mar 1544)
Margaret Carter: bequest of 6s. 8d. as servant of John Leeds in JL’s will of 10 Apr 1585

13 Apr 1578 bap. Benet Cattersonne, dau. of William
16 Dec 1580 marr. Phillip Haycocke and Joan Cattersonne
01 Dec 1580 bap. Anne Cattersonne, dau. of William
21 May 1581 bur. William Cattersonne

24 Apr 1562 bap. Robert Caverle, son of Ralph
06 Jun 1566 bap. George Caverley, son of Rawlinge

21 Mar 1591/2 bur. Jane, wife of Richard Chalton

21 Sep 1571 marr. Richard Channton and Joane Carr
12 May 1595 bur. Joane, wife of Richard Channton

executor for William Watts: 06 Jul 1521
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: John Chapman in goods [£6] [3s.]
Will: DRb Pwr 7, f.315r
to be buried in the churchyard
wife: Margaret to be executrix, she to have his house and land for life, then (in succession) to sons John and William, daughters: Margery and Joan
to son William ‘my house and all appurtenances at Leeds’
executor: Henry Chettyngton; overseer: Stephen Wadman
John : son of John (d.1524)
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: John Chapman in goods [40s.] [12d.]
by 1558/9 had sold to John Newcome a tenement and land at Northstreytt

11 Oct 1579 bap. Peter Chapman, son of Thomas
23 Nov 1594 bur. John Chapman, servant to Henry Taylor

21 Jan 1582/3 bur. John Chapple
28 Jan 1582/3 bur. wife of John Chappell

Richard : 22 Sep 1522: at Snodland: wrote a letter to [Thomas] Cromwell
a merchant of the Staple at Calais
Joan : wife of Richard
Will: DRb Pwr 7, f.303v
to be buried in the churchyard
to John Munden son [in-law?] and executor: ‘my house and garden to gif and sell yf that my husbonnde come not a geyn and yf he com agayn he to paye £3 to my son that he and I did borowe of hym in ouer besiness.’ Also ‘a bowe’
bequests to John Coker the elder; Johan and Margery Clarke, daus. of Thomas Clarke (not yet aged 16); Johan Longe: my daughter; Johan Clarke: my daughter; Roger Down
Witnesses: Sir Ric. Grene, Roger Downe, Roger Parmenter, Thos. Clarke, Nich. Chetynden

11 Nov 1563 marr. William Cheeseman and Dennis Gorle
02 Sep 1564 bap. Alen Cheaseman, son of William
29 Jan 1566/7 bap. John Cheaseman, son of William; bur. 3 Nov 1568
28 Oct 1568 bap. Barbara Cheaseman, dau. of William; bur. 17 Mar 1569/70
16 Jan 1570/1 bap. Agnes Chasemore, dau. of William
21 Dec 1575 bap. Christian Cheaseman, dau. of William; bur. 24 Jan 1575/6
04 Dec 1580 bur. Dennis, wife of William Cheeseman
19 Nov 1581 marr. William Cheaseman and Alse Gibbes
26 Dec 1583 bap. Isbell Cheaseman, dau. of Richard
06 May 1591 marr. William Rice and Alse Cheeseman

Alice: servant to Joan Tilghman (will of JT, 1548)

Simon (of Halling), yeoman
Will: DRb Pwr 17, f.68r: 4 Feb 1584/5
buried at Snodland: 1 Dec 1585
to wife: Dorothy: a tenement with appurtenances in Snodland ‘in the streate called Holborowe wch I bought of Mrs Brewere duringe her naturall lyfe’: then to son Francis, or, in succession, to son Richard
to son Henry: a tenement in Snodland ‘with the gardene that I bought of henrie wollat.’
to son Richard: a tenement in Snodland ;with one gardene beinge and lyinge against the Crosse, the wch I bought of Mr Woode …’
bequest to dau. Elizabeth
will of Allen Parmenter (17 Apr 1585) mentions ‘lease of my house wch I have barganed wth Symon Chereden

13 Nov 1564 bap. Harry Chester, son of George
14 Feb 1566/7 bap. Margret Chester, dau. of George
22 Apr 1569 bap. William Chester, son of George

Henry :
executor to will of John Chapman, 1524
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Henry Chetinden in lands [40s.] [12d.]

Nicholas ‘ matrismaker’
witness to will of Joan Chauler (1523)
witness to will of Walter Stonyng (1531/2)
witness to will of John Canon (1534)
Will: DRb Pwr 9, f.305v: 28 Oct 1540
sick: to be buried in the churchyard of Snodland
to son William: ‘my messuge and gardeyn in wch the same William now dwellith and occupeth’ in Snodland
to son Thomas: ‘all that my messuage and gardeyn yt I now dwell in next adioyning to my other mesuage before willed to the said William my son with a litell p[ar]cell of the ground on the east hed of the seid mesuage in wch I dwell yt belongith to the mesuage bifore lymyted to the seid William.
bequest to wife: Maryon
witnesses: Sir William Hall, parson of Snodland; William Lambe

06 Mar 1568/9 bap. Thomas Chittenden, son of Edward; bur. 16 Mar 1568/9
14 May 1570 bap. Rachell Chittenden, dau. of Edward; marr. John Jordan: 18
Oct 1590
22 Nov 1573 bap. John Chittenden, son of Edward
06 Oct 1577 bap. William Chittenden, son of Edward
23 Mar 1593/4 bur. Edward Chittenden

John : messuage, land and tenements now in the tenure of one John Clarke: will of Allen Wood (1556)
witness to will of Richard Cockett of Snodland
Thomas : ‘son’ [in-law?] of Joan Chauler
wife = Joan [dau. of Joan Chauler?]
daughters: Joan and Margery

30 Mar 1593 bur. Rebeccha Clickett

Robert Close, a servant to William Monde/Mund, a farmer tenant of William Tilghman (1541)

06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Thomas Coker in lands [40s.] [12d.]
1544-5 subsidy: Thomas Coker in goods 4d.

14 Jan 1579/80 marr.: William Coker and Anne Bennett

09 Jan 1563/4 bap. Alse Coker, dau, of John
12 Jun 1566 bap. Agnes Coker, dau. of John; marr. Symon Hart: 14 Sep 1589]
13 Nov 1568 bap. Thomas Coker, son of John; bur. 11 Sep 1575
06 Sep 1572 bap. Elizabeth Coker, dau. of John; bur. 06 Sep 1575
29 May 1575 bap. John Coker
08 Sep 1575 bur. John Coker
01 Jul 1576 marr. John Wassom [Watson] and Elizabeth Coker

witness to and bequest in will of Stephen Wadman (1542)
1544-5 subsidy: Richard Cockett [4d.]
witness to will of John Springfield (1545)
1546-7 subsidy: Richard Cochet for his goods 3s. 4d. Padlesworthe
Will: DRb Pwr 11, f.356r: 8 July 1555
to be buried in Snodland churchyard
bequests to parson [unnamed]; dau. Joan; wife Agnes; sons John and Richard
overseer is Alyn Wodd of Snodland; 50s. to him if house and lands at Offham are sold.
witnesses: John Smythe; George Sprenfeld; John Clarke; Aleyn Wodd

28 Dec 1570 bap. John Cole, son of William; bur. 3 Mar 1570/1
14 Jul 1572 bap. John, son of William Cole
07 Jun 1574 marr. William Cole and Rose Bennett
06 Feb 1574/5 bap. Richard Cole, son of William; bur. 3 Mar 1575/6
14 Mar 1574/5 bur. ye wife of William Cole
30 Sep 1576 bur. William Cole

27 Jul 1572 marr. John Cole and Ursula Elam
15 Jun 1576 bap. Margret Cole, dau. of John
23 May 1580 bap. John and Phillip, sons of John Cole; John bur. 18 Jun 1580
17 Dec 1581 bap. Bridget, dau. of John Cole

07 Aug 1565 bur. Elen, dau. of John Cooge

William :
overseer of will of Edward Wadman of Halling (1582)
overseer of will of Margaret Moryce (1584)

? ? 1561 bap. Margret Coter, dau. of John
14 Jul 1566 bap. Anne Cotte, dau. of William

10 May 1572 marr. William Coveney and Joane Leedes
1571-2 subsidy William Coveney in goods [£3] [3s.]
09 Jul 1592 marr. John Burchett and Joane Coveney

1544-5 subsidy: Thomas Coyffe in goods 2d.
will of William Baynarde [6 Oct 1556]: It[em]. I will that George my son after the decease of Johanne my wiff shall have to hym, his heyres and assignes for ev’more my tenement and a hovell, orchard, garden, 2 acres of land lying towarde borow hill and 1½ acres of lande called molt hill in the parish of Paddelswrth (and also one cottage or hovell and an other acres of lande lying in the parsonage feild aboundyng upon the said cottage or hovell) which tenement, hovel and lande wth the appurtenances was laytely purchased of Thoams Coyff and dyd belong som tym to Richard Tailler of… Snodland

18 Mar 1569/70 bur: Robt Crane a singleman

23 Mar 1594 bur. Anne Crips servant of Thos Spenser
04 Feb 1602/3 marr. Leonard Fletcher and Catherin Crips

21 Sep 1573 marr. William Cromer and Barbara Greenell
27 Apr 1585 bur. ye wife of William Cromer
1584: tenant of William Wood: tenement and garden in Snodland [PRO:E367/1052]

06 Apr 1524 subsidy: John Crosseby in lands [40s.] [12d.]
06 Apr 1524 subsidy: Laurence Crossely in lands [26s. 8d.] [4d.]
Lawrence Crosby a witness to will of William Smith senior (3 Feb 1527/8)

Russell’s History of Maidstone (1881), p. 175, mentions Chamberlains’ Accounts for 1557: repairs to Corpus Christi Hall: ‘William Crosweeke, of Snodland, supplied bricks for building a chimney, and his charge was £1. 1s. 6d.’

06 Feb 1580/1 marr. William Croswicke and Margaret Scatt
22 Aug 1584 bur. Margaret Croswicke
08 Feb 1583/4 marr. William Croswicke and Isbell Geyton [her 2nd marriage]
31 Oct 1585 bap. Susan, dau. of William Croswicke, baker; bur. 28 Oct 1608
21 Apr 1587 bur. William Croswicke baker
Will of William
DRb Pwr 17, f.174r-175v: 19 Apr 1587; probate 2 Jun 1587
to dau. Susan at age 16: ‘a fetherbedd in the parlor whereon I nowe lye with boulster, coverlett, blancketts, bedsteddle and all other furniture and thinges and necessaries nowe belonging to the same bedd and bedsteddle and fyve paire of the best sheetes … two Flannders chests, Fower pweter Sawcers of the best sorte, two brasse potts, two kettels, two iron spitts, a bason and an Ewer of pewter, a paire of Spitt racks of iron, a gridiron, three Joined Stolles and a square table.’
to Susan Gayton and Jone Gayton, my wyves children: 20s. each at age 20.
to Elizabeth Howelett: two pair of my best sheetes
to Thomas Howelett: my Cloke
residue to wife Isabell, she to be executrix
witnesses: William Tylghman, Nicholas Peirs, John Powlter, […] Howelett

05 Dec 1592 bur. Joan Crochet

21 May 1564 bur. Joan, wife of Richard Curteis
19 Nov 1564 marr. Richard Curteis and Joan Ridge
16 Sep 1565 marr. John Curteis and Catherin Ridgeway
14 Jan 1566/7 bur. Alse, dau. of John Curteis

3 ? 1559 bap. John Cutbard, son of Andrew; bur. 30 Jun 1562
28 Jun 1566 bur. Joan, dau. of Andrew Cuthbart
27 Jun 1568 bap. Robert Cuttbart, son of Andrew; bur. 10 Jun 1579
11 Nov 1575 bur. Andrew Cutbart