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In removing a defunct e-mail address and substituting a new one, all our contacts, notifications, friends and queries have been wiped out from the Snodland Historical Society Facebook page and there seems no easy way of retrieving them. So please will you re-submit any of your requests so that we can re-engage with you as we try to rejuvenate this page and its news of Snodland Historical Society.

Andrew Ashbee [Chairman] – who admits to being very incompetent in the ways of using Facebook.

On the Facebook page we intend to publish a monthly update giving news of the Society’s activities and about the Museum. The first of these has been posted, but to get to it you have to click on ‘More’, then ‘Community’. There  must be a way of placing it so that it is visible as soon as you click on the Facebook page, but I can’t find it!

The Society was formed in 1997 and since 2000 its collections have been held at Snodland Millennium Museum. This web-site enables us to share some of the material we hold there; the ‘primary catalogue’ in the ‘Museum’ section is the most comprehensive list of this. Images of some documents can be seen in the ‘Documents’ section, which will continue to expand. Much of what we include here concerns former parishioners. The ‘Genealogy’ section attempts to list what we know of our predecessors from earliest times to the 20th century, particularly drawing upon church registers, censuses, and similar material. ‘The 1911 Project’ is a resource in which we are trying to find pictures of those present in the 1911 Snodland and Ham Hill censuses. ‘People’ records a few celebrated inhabitants and also lists what we know of those fighting in the two World Wars. Valerie Brown has kindly transcribed the earliest surviving admissions registers for the National (Brook Street) School. ‘Local History’ is essentially Andrew Ashbee’s Little History of Snodland (1994) split into sections, and gives an overview of the growth of the town. Volunteers have transcribed the Parish Council Minutes from 1894 to 1945; in due course we may add further years. The parish church of All Saints is a repository of much of Snodland’s history and the memorials within the church and in the churchyard tell us much.

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