World War I Names: N-O

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NELSON, Harold. ‘Corporal R[oyal] E[ngineers]’ aged 23 at marriage to Grace Elizabeth Gladdish, All Saints, 22 Feb 1919

NEWMAN, Ernest. Royal Garrison Artillery, no. 9791; served 1902-01-01-1914; admitted Basra 14-06-1916; invalided to India 18-06-1916. Service record survives. Born Snodland; baptised All Saints 6-10-1881, son of Harry and Mary of Veles Cott (1891)

NEWMAN, Horace Frank. Attested at Woolwich and joined at Avonmouth 10-08-1914, no. 2701 – employed as fitter; home to 21-03-1918; B.E.F. France 22-03-1918 to 20-12-1919; home 21-12-1919 to 18-01-1920. service record survives. Born Snodland; baptised All Saints 11-07-1883; son of Harry and Mary of Veles Cottage; married Grace Mary Norman, London, 16-11-1907; died 13-01-1954 at bus stop outside King’s Cross Station

NORLEY, Sidney. ‘Sailor’ at baptism of son Cyril Thomas, All Saints, 13 Dec 1917. Address: Constitution Hill; wife Daisy

NORMAN, Edward. Royal Engineers Inland Water Transport, no 505422; lance corporal from 01-09-1917; embarked B.E.F. France; fireman; joined unit from England 25-02-1917; demobilization 30-03-1919; 4 Princes Terrace, Holborough Road. Service record survives.

NORTH, H[erbert?]. Lance-Corporal No. 3835 King’s Royal Rife Corps reported wounded KM 11 Sep 1917. [? Son of George and Lily Mary, 3 Queen’s Road; born c.1897]

NYE, George. ‘Soldier’ at baptism of son Alfred Henry, All Saints, 21 May 1916. Address: 16 Birling Road; wife Edith Clara

O’BRIAN, William. 45th AA Coy Royal Engineers, no. 540522; attested, Gravesend, 06-10-1914; electrician and motor tyre maker (in England); demobilization 06-02-1919. Service record survives. Born Snodland; baptised All Saints 16-07-1897; son of William and Clara of Birling; later of 9 Gordon Road, Gravesend

O’FLAHERTY, William Edward George. Formerly 97th Regiment; Canadian Expeditionary Force; attested 13-04-1916, Haileybury, Ontario; occupation: papermaker; religion: Roman Catholic. Born Snodland 30-12-1891; baptised 10-03-1892, Congregational church. Son of William Henry and Minnie, 28 Malling Rd; in 1915 of Iroquois Falls, Ontario

OLIVER, ROBERT. ‘Soldier’ at baptism of daughter Dorothy Joyce Ada at Christ Church, 22 Sep 1918. Address: Birling.

OUTRAM, Frederick George. ‘Munition worker’ aged 21 at marriage to Lilian Gladys Dickety, Christ Church, 23 Dec 1917; baptism of son Frederick George at Christ Church, 29 September 1918. Address: Birling Road

OXLEY, Reuben Thomas. British Legion no. 31; 36 Malling Road