xx-03-1669/70             bap.     Anne, dau. of Tho: Tapley; bur: 13-03-1669/70

04-10-1670                 bur.      Thomas Tapley, householder





24-11-1589                 marr.    Henry Taylor and Deborah Wheler

15-11-1590                 bap.     Richard, son of Henry Taylor

01-01-1592/3              bap.     William, son of Henry Taylor

24-08-1595                 bap.     Samuell, son of Henry Taylor

22-01-1597/8              bap.     Henry, son of Henry Taylor; bur. 26-04-1598

1599                            bap.     Edward Taylor, son of Henry

09-05-1602                 bap.     Thomas Tailor, son of Henry

12-10-1604                 bap.     Isbell Taylor

27-12-1605                 bur.      Henry Taylor

20-02-1608/9              marr.    William Willes and Debora Taylor by a licencyce out of


01-04-1599: Quarter Sessions: victuallersrecognizances: Henry Taylor of Snodland, yeoman, surety for William Hemseworth of Snodland, labourer


19-05-1604                 marr.    Stephen Tayler and Margery Nundey

25-09-1605                 bap.     John Taylor, son of Stephen; bur. 8-11-1605

15-10-1606                 bur.      Stephen Taylor

13-12-1606                 bap.     Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen Taylor

24-04-1607                 marr.    Clement Dann and Margery Taylor widowe


Alice (d.1616): will PCC 111 Cope: 01-02-1611/12; probate: 19-11-1616

spinster, dau. of William; to be buried in the churchyard of Snodland; to poor maidens and other poor people of Snodland on day of burial: 20s.

to goddaughter Isabell Taylor: bed linen and clothes

to cousin Edward Taylor: beds, etc., a green rug, a chest, 6 napkins

to cousin Thomas Taylor: [similar]

to cousin William Taylor: sheets

to my sister Willes during life the use of £50 in my brother William’s hands: then this to be equally divided between her six children: Richard, William, Samuel, Edward, Thomas, Isabell

to my cousins John Turner and Sisley Turner, children of my sister Turner: 20s. each

to my said cousin Samuel Taylor: 40s.

to my said cousin Isabell Taylor: £12

to may said cousins William, Edward and Thomas [Willes]: 20 nobles a piece

the residue to Richard Taylor, he to be executor

overseers: my very good friend my brother-in-law William Willes, £3, and Edward Goddin of Paddlesworth: 10s.

witnesses: John Watts; Thomas Watts



20-04-1623                 bap.     Edward Taylor, son of Richard; bur. xx-12-1624

16-04-1625?               bap.     Anne, dau. of Richard Taylor

24-04-1627                 bur.      Mary, dau. of Richard Taylor

25-06-1630                 bur.      Elizabeth Taylor, dau. of Richard

09-09-1630                 bur.      Anna, dau. of Richard Taylor

15-10-1630                 bur.      Richard Taylor

09-11-1638                 bur.      Mris Taylor



05-11-1629                 bap.     Maximilian, son of Gervas Taylor

U1515/T93: 7-4-1638: Thomas Watts mortgageth his moyetie of ye house etc and of 5 pieces of land in Snodland and one piece in Paddlesworth to Jervase Taylor for £27.

7-4-1638: will of Thomas Watts: £27 by Jarvase Taylor of Cranbrooke gent: half part in messuage and 5 pieces of land in Snodland and one piece in Paddlesworth [c.14 acres in occupation of Henry Collison of S, husbandman]

29-10-1638: will of John Causten: Jarvis Taylor the younger of Cranbrook, gent., to inherit lands if J.C. lacks heirs. Jarvis Taylor also a witness to the will.

DRc/E4/108189, III, p.47: tenant of lands in Snodland owned by Dean and Chapter of Rochester: leased on 3-4-1640 for 21 years [1649]

will: PCC 16-06-1653 [123 Brent], of Sutton Valence; proved 25-08-1653

to wife Mary: all lands and tenements in present possession or in reversion in Snodland, Halling, Paddlesworth and Cuxton and other in Headcorn; after death of wife to dau. Eliz. or son Maximilian. (Names ‘The Warren’ and ‘Kettleham’)

1653; 1655: Manor of Pottins: rented several pieces of land on Borrowhill

16-11-1666: U1515/T93: Robert Holden and Eliz. his wife (daughter of Jervase Taylor) for £50 (part of £80 purchase money) by order in Chancery surrender the deeds of mortgage and make out the right to Sir John Marsham. A fine thereon.



Rector: induction mandates: replaced John Thomas on 5-5-1680; replaced by John Walwyn on 16-12-1680. Son of William of Ditton, Salop, p.p. All Souls’ Coll., Oxford; matric. 4 Dec 1668 aged 18; BA 1672; MA 1675; Rector of Keston 1678, of Snodland 1680, of West Wickham, Kent, 1680


20-06-1669                 bur.      Elizabeth Taylor from Geo: Savage his house




John Thomas: rector: induction mandate at death of Luke Proctor: 23-08-1672; at his own cession to Edward Taylor: 05-05-1680.




19-04-1612                 marr.    John Tomson and Bennet Robinson

01-09-1612                 bur.      Katheren Tomson

02-04-1613                 bap.     Margaret, dau. of John Tompson; bur. 16-06-1613

20-02-1614/15                        marr.    John Tompson and Elizabeth Herneden

01-01-1615/16                        bap.     Mary, dau. of John Tompson

07-12-1617                 bap.     William, son of John Tomson; bur. 24-02-1618/19

10-10-1623                 bur.      John Tompson

10-05-1612: will of Stephen Bounde mentions that he is owed 5s. by John Tompson


26-01-16xx                  marr.    Frauncis Thomsonne and Elizabeth Hunnye

12-01-1616/17                        bap.     Susan, dau. of Frances Thamsun

07-02-1619/20                        bap.     William, son of Franc. tamsinsun

14-03-1623/4              bap.     James, son of Francis Tompsonn

02-12-1632                 bap.     George, son of Francis Thomson


17-01-1660/1              bap.     Josepth, son of John Tomsonne




09-04-1665                 marr.    Thoms Usmer and Geon Thurstone

1662-1664: Hearth tax: widow Thruston: 2 chimneys





son of William. Born 15-04-1542

will: DRb/Pwr 20, f.396: 22-12-1610; proved 24-4-1612

to be buried in the church of Snodland; 6s. 8d. to the bearers at his funeral

to Mary Bruer, dau. of my brother-in-law Richard Bruer of Ditton, my wivfe’s goddaughter, £20 at age 21.

to wife Margaret all goods, she to be executrix adn to have all messuages and lands in Snodland and Halling, then to son Francis; Francis to have £14. p.a. from teh rents of these for maintenance.

witnesses: Edward Goddin; [x] Robert Usher; Thomas Goddin

married Margaret, dau. of Richard Brewer of West Farleigh/Ditton; she bur. 16-10-1613: ‘Mrs Tilghman the wife of Edward Tilghman

son is Francis [he and Edward mentioned in will of John Trevett]

lay subsidy 1597/8: in lands: £8; 16s

lay subsidy 1611/12: in lands: £4; 5s. 4d.



son of Edward of Snodland

bequest of houses and lands in Snodland as godson of John Trevett (d.1610)

bequest in will of father Edward: 22-12-1610

witness to will of Francis Cheriden: 18-02-1611/12

U47/45/T48: 14-06-11 Jas. I : mentions lands at Pottins

4-7-1616: marriage licence: Francis Tilghman of Snodland, gent., and Margery Sprackling of Monckton, virgin. At Monckton. Robert Sprackling of St. Laurence in Thanet, armiger, bonds.



nuncupative will: 7 December 1616; widow; sick at East Peckham: PRS/w/16, f.145

[4th wife of William, d.1594]

being possessed of certain lands in West Malling, Snodland and East Peckham, where she died, she gave all to her son Whetenhall.

Witnesses: Henry Whetenhall; Arma Whetenhall; ?; ... Duboe

proved 8 July 1617 by Whetenhall Tilghman

she is buried at East Peckham



born 25-07-1576; bap. 29-07-1576; son of William and Susan (4th wife, nee Whetenhall)

07-02-1607/8              marr.    Whetenall Tylghman and Elenor Rinshinge

11-12-1608                 bap.     Mary, dau. of Whetnoll Tilghman

02-01-1624/5              bap.     Joseph, son of Whetenhall Tilghman

02-03-1627/8              bap.     James, son of Whettenall Tilghman

15-01-1633/4              bap.     Benjamin, son of Whetenhall Tilghman

14-02-1632/3              marr.    Zacharias Laurence of West Malling and Mary Tylman of

this parish on Thursday

15-12-1634                 bur.      Mris Ellyn Thilman wife of Mr Whenhall Tilghman

CKS: U522/T68: 25-05-44 Eliz. [1602]: lease of lands from Maximilian Dalison to his ‘servant’ Whetenhall Tilghman

11-09-1608: a member of the jury at inquest on Andrew White [Assizes]

10-07-1611: witness to will of John Emerson of Snodland

10-09-1612: witness to will of Robert Usher of Birling

E179/127/572 [1622] lay subsidy: Wll Tyllman: lands 20s; 16d.

26-06-1625: overseer to will of John Usher

E179/128/603 [1628] lay subsidy: Whetnall Tylman 20s lands; 8s goods

DRb At 70: witness to 1634 Glebe terrier for Snodland (signature)

CKS: U1515/T99: 01-12-1641: messuage in which WT now dwells and all other lands to son Isaac and his wife Lisbona, or to other children of WT - other sons named: Nathanaell and Samuel

CKS: U1515/T87: 01-11-1645: rent charge of 13s. 4d. (formerly from William Tighman, formerly from William Canon) to Z. Laurence (occupied by John Turke)

16-10-1650: Calendar of the Committee for Compounding: petition from Whetenhall Tilghman: ‘has always been faithful, is 80 years old, and has no other subsistence

19-05-1651: witness to will of Thomas Gore, citizen and merchant taylor of London



son of Whetenhall and Eleanor

16-06-1643                 bap.     Ellynour, dau. of Isaacke Tyllman

14-07-1645                 bap.     Elizabeth, dau. of Isaacke Tyllman (marr. Samuel Symonds of Murston, clerk)

21-12-1644                 bur.      Isaac Tylghman dyed Dec: 21 1644 and is buried under the Great Chancell Window at the East End in Snodland Church yard. Near If we can make any Guess his Father Whetonhall Tylghman of this Parish is deposited.



born 13-10-1582; son of William and 4th wife Susan; bap. 18-10-1582

25-05-1608                 bur.      Charles Tilgheman

will: PCC PROB11/112, f.57: 09-04-1607; probate 30-06-1608: of St Dionisis Backchurch; citizen and draper of London



born 04-10-1579

11-10-1581?               bap.     Oswald Tylghman, son of William

13-01-1611/12: marr. licence: Oswald Tilghman, grocer, of St Swithin’s, London Stone, bachelor, 32, father deceased, and Abigail Tayler of St Austin’s by St Paul’s Gate, maiden, 26, dau. of Frances Tayler, clerk, vicar of Godalming, Surrey, who consents; at St Michael Bassingshaw



Will: DRb/Pwr 19, II, f.78: 13-05-1619; probate 23-09-1620

the unprofitable servant of God

to be buried in churchyard of West Malling near father and mother

wife = Mary

sister = Mary Tylman

cousin = Thomas Williams; he to receive 20s.




19-10-1691                 marr.    John Gransden and Elizabeth Toackly, both of S




30-08-1610                 bur.      John Trevett gent

will: PCC 80 Wingfield (sentence 106) 28-08-1610; probate 14-09-1610:

lands at Snodland and Birling to godson Francis Tilghman, son of Edward:

=a tenement at Holborough (John Oliver occ.) with 2 garden plots; 4 acres ‘under the Lith’; Cordens Croft lying by Ladds: 4 acres; 1 acre in Highland called Pynkedall; two pieces (half an acre) in Northmead + in Birling: Okefeild and Motes (each c.16 acres), a tenement (occ. William T/Furley) with another tenement and outbuildings and orchard; 5 parcels of land thereto adjoining (occ. Robert Usher). If FT dies, then to nephew John Trevett, son of my brother George.

£40 to FT (which he owed JT), FT to pay to my cousins John and Richard, sons of Robert Trevett £5 each

FT to be executor and have residue of estate.
Lands at Compton, Surrey, to nephew John Trevett, son of brother George

Witnesses: Richard Brewer; John Astin (scriptor); Robert Ussher




18-10-1692                 bur.      Mary Tunbridge




07-04-1583                 bap.     John, son of John Turke

09-08-1612                 bap.     Bridgett, dau. of John Turke

14-01-1629/30            marr.    John Hickmoat and Alice Turk, both of S

05-12-1633                 marr.    John Turke and Mary Shorte, both of S

E179/127/569 [1611/12] lay subsidy: John Turke 20s. lands; 16d

CKS: U47/45/T48: 14-06-11 Jas. I: mentions lands of ‘John Tork

E179/127/572 [1622] lay subsidy: John Turke 20s. lands; 16d.

E179/128/605 [1628] lay subsidy: John Turke 20s. lands; 8s goods

CKS: U1515/T87: 01-11-1645: occ. land whose rent charge was given by Whetenhall Tilghman to his son-in-law Z. Laurence

CKS: U2685/T4: 01-06-1649: Mary Turke, widow, occ. of messuage and c.26 acres in Snodland [from George Scoles to Richard Burley, both of Chatham]




16-10-1631                 bap.     Richard, son of Richard Turner

05-02-1632/3              bur.      Thomas Turner, son of William of Strood

24-06-1634                 bap.     Mary, dau. of Richard Turner

03-07-1634                 bur.      Goodwife Turner, wife of Richard

02-04-1638                 marr.    Anthony Turner and Joane Judd


20-09-1685                 bur.      Elizabeth Turner




10-xx-1653                  bap.     Ann, dau. of Vinsonne Tyler




07-11-1693                 bur.      Roger Umiten

15-11-1693                 bur.      Joseph Umiten

27-10-1697                 bur.      Widdow Umiten




15-06-1679                 bur.      Hannah, wife of Robert Underwood





21-03-1591/2              bur.      Mary, wife of Alan Usher

28-03-1592                 bur.      Isabell, dau. of Alan Usher

07-04-1592                 bur.      Anne, dau. of Alan Usher

11-03-1597/8              bap.     Anne(s), dau. of Allen Usher

29-02-1601/2              bap.     Franciscus, f. Alen Usher

21-11-1602                 bur.      Susan the wife of Alen Usher

20-12-1611                 bur.      Allen Usher

A son of John Usher [d.1561]: bequeathed £10.

bequests in will of brother Josias (1573)

CKS: U1121/M21/2: 1s. received of Wm, Alleyn, and Josias Usshers, for Kingsmill feild, 1 ac. in S

A member of jury at inquest on Andrew Whyte, 11-09-1608 [Assizes]

Will: DRb/Pwr 20, f.300r: 18-09-1611; probate 10-01-1611/12:

to be buried in the churchyard of Snodland; 2 bushels of wheat for the poor of Snodland on the day of burial

my black cow to dau. Mary

a pied red bullock to dau. Annes Usher

the rest to be equally divided among five children: Thomas, John, Francis, Mary, Annes

my little house and land thereto belonging with one yard of land in holborough (occ. William Chittenden) to daughters Mary and Annes, then to son Thomas

to sons John and Francis: the rest of my land and my house, barn and stable in holborough (in which AU now dwells), they to pay £20 to Thomas.

Executors: John and Francis

witnesses: Abraham Coker; Thomas Lloyd (writer)



nuncupative will: 29-11-1613; probate 17-12-1613

all goods to dau. Elizabeth

to Alice Johnson, her daughter’s daughter 10s. at age 16

witnesses: William Willes; John Romny



14-07-1575                 bap.     William and Alse Usher, children of William

01-09-1577                 bap.     Margret Usher, dau. of William

19-07-1579                 bap.     Bridget Usher, dau. of Wylliam

15-10-1581                 bap.     Agnes Usher, dau. of William; bur. 25-05-1584

14-03-1585                 bap.     Elizabeth Usher, dau. of Wylliam; bur. 06-04-1587

24-06-1587                 bap.     Elizabeth, dau. of Wyllm Usher [?marr. J. Chapman]

22-11-1590                 bap.     Martyn, son of William Usher; bur. 03-05-1592

26-03-1608                 bur.      William Usher of Holborowe

02-12-1613                 bur.      Elizabeth Usher, widower

Son and heir of John (d.1561/2); £10 and executor for him

grandson of William (d.1545), mentioned in WU’s will

bequests and executor for brother Josias (1573)

CKS: U1121/M21/2: 1s. received of Wm, Alleyn, and Josias Usshers, for Kingsmill feild, 1 ac. in S

1571/2: lay subsidy: Willm Usher in lands 20s; 16d.

DRb/Pwr 20, f.418: 29-11-1613: nuncupative will of Elizabeth Usher



?of Birling

A debt to him in will of Edward Wadham of Halling (1582): is E.W’s son in law.

witness to will of John Trevett (28-08-1610)

witness to will of Edward Tilghman (22-12-1610)

DRb/Pwr 20, f.344: will of Robert Usher of Birling: 20-09-1612:

son Thomas

son John

dau, Annys



23-08-1618                 bap.     Susan, dau. of John Ussher

18-01-1626/7              bap.     Anne, dau. of John Usher of Hoborrow

02-12-1638                 bur.      Peter and Anne, children of John Usher

xx-12-1638                  bur.      John Usher, son of John

A son of Robert

14-09-1627: heirs of John Usher: tenants of manor of Potyns: 1/5½ and ½ hen: U1121/M21/2&3


Will: DRb/Pwr 21/164: 26-06-1625; probate 07-10-1625

10s. to poor of S; 4s. to bearers at funeral

all moveable goods shared between wife Margaret and daughter Susan

wife to receive half of my part of the house, barn, stable and land now in my occ. and of lands, etc. in Halling

daughter Susan to receive the other half, but also the wife’s portion if she re-marries

both to be executrixes

overseers: Whetenhall Tilghman; William Palmer

witnesses: Stephen Rolfe; John Ames



son of Robert:

U522/E3 (1633): Dalison/rent from John and Thomas Usher, sons of Robert

DRb/Pwr 21, f.103: Nuncupative will of Thomas Usher of Halling, yeoman: 26-10-1624: all to wife Alice, then to son Thomas; probate 19-11-1624

witnesses: Thomas West; Nicholas Parker


xx-07-1614                  marr.    Jasper Chapman and Elizabeth Usher

26-01-1668/9              marr.    Thomas Gull and Mary Usher, both of S

28-08-1671                 bur.      Anne Usher, widdow


28-12-1679                 bur.      William Usher, householder




09-04-1665                 marr.    Thoms Usmer and Geon Thurstone

14-06-1676                 bur.      Thomas Usmer, householder




02-07-1669                 bur.      John, son of John Vousden

15-12-1669                 bur.      Alice, wife of John Vousden

16-03-1669/70            bur.      Thomas Vousden, singleman, son of John Vousden

10-02-1672/3              bur.      John Vousden

U2685/T6: 20-12-1666: noted as occ. of messuage called Markehouse and 32 ac. in S

Q/RDz 3/1-17: 28-02-1732/3: noted as former occ. of messuage called Markehouse and c.30 ac. in S.



10-11-1672                 marr.    Stephen Vousden and Elizabeth Staynes, widow

04-01-1688/9              bur.      Stephen Vowsden

04-06-1691                 bur.      Elizabeth Vowsden, widdow

witness to will of William Loft: 24-10-1688 and apprized his inventory: 19-12-1688

Inventory of Stephen Vowsden, cordwinder: 29-01-1688/9: DRb/Pi3/105

Imprimis ready money and wearing apparel                                                                                        £2-10-00

In the Hall

Item 2 tables, three stooles, one cubbard, one setle, fower chairs, nine puter dishes, two

   porringers, ten spoons, two iron pots, two brass keetles, two spits, two pair of pot hangers

   one paire of andirons, on fire pan and tongues, one small case of doers, one gun                   £2-17-00

In the bruhouse

Item one furnace & fower tubs, six drink vesles, one cheese press                                                £1-07-00

In the milk house

Item two powdering tubs, one chauren, ten milk trugs, two other boles & one keler                  £1-00-04

In the Chamber over ye bru house

Item to bedsedles, two flock beds                                                                                                        £1-02-06

In the chamber over the hall

Item two bed stedles, two flock beds & one featherbed, bolster & coveleds belong theire

   two, fower old chests, three boxes, one furm, one pair of cole racks                                          

   for seven pair of sheet, two pair of pillow coats, three table clothes & one dozen of

   napkins                                                                                                                                                   £3-02-06


Item for goods in the shop                                                                                                                     £1-02-00

Item for corne in the barn                                                                                                                       £14-3-00

Item for fodder in the barn                                                                                                                     £2-05-00

Item for wheat upon the ground                                                                                                           £6-00-00

Item for three cow        )                                                                                                                           £10-0-00

Item for three bullacks )

Item for two mares, one horse and one colt                                                                                        £10-0-00

Item for one sow & pigs & fower sheep                                                                                              £2-04-00

Item for one plough & tackling therto belonging                                                                               £1-02-00

Item for one court, one cart, one pair of wheels & three harows                                                     £3-10-00

Item for one volle & one ladder                                                                                                                   10-00

Item for all out of sight & forgotten                                                                                                            06-08

                                                the total sum is                                                                                         £65-04-06

George Ray; Samuel Tiesdell


Q/RDz 3/1-17: 28-02-1732/3: noted as ‘- Vousden, widdow and Stephen Vousden’ former occ. of messuage called Markehouse and c.30 ac. in S (previously John Vousden and next occ. Ambrose Kidwell)